Of Sneaky Slytherins and Daring Gryffindors

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A/N: About a year ago my friend introduced the idea of Harry going to the founder's time and then going back to his own time taking two founders with him. During school time (not the lessons of course) we would then talk about ideas and start writing scenes, but they were a bit disjointed and logicless (is that a word?) so we never actually made a proper story out of it, but now I picked up the idea again and dedicate the story to Kyong Kybis, my really awesome friend who has so many great ideas for stories.

Chapter 1 - Saying Goodbye

"Goodbye, we'll miss you Harry." The teary eyed redhead said, holding on to her black-haired companions arm.

"I'll miss you too, Helga, Row." Harry said smiling sadly. He looked at the four friends he had made over the past year.

First there was Helga Huffflepuff; blond with curls and always smiling. She was a pacifist, but don't think she wasnt capable of defending herself. She was more than capable, Harry had had to learn that the hard way. She was a healer apprentice and Harry wished her the best of luck with her chosen path.

Next there was Rowena Ravenclaw; hair so black it shimmered blue in the light and so long it reached down to her hips when open so it was usually held back in a braid. She had eyes of the brightest blue, that aways seemed to search ones soul. Filled with wisdom beyond her years, those eyes always made Harry think of Albus Dumbledore. He was unsure what it was Rowena wanted to become, it had changed over a dozen times during his stay. At times she wanted to be a teacher, other times a spellcrafter and once even a warrior like Godric.

Which brings us to the third person: Godric Gryffindor. With hair as flaming red as his he looked like a Weasley. He was a jolly person to be around, but the fiercest fighter Harry had ever met. Godric had large amounts of raw magical power, but if you think he only used blunt force you would be wrong. He was a skilled dueller and tactician and could be called brilliant, were it not for his exceedingly stupid actions, like tickling a sleeping dragon or renaming the castle he inherited from Ravensreach to Hogwarts, just because there was a dead warthog once upon a time on the front steps (Godric's fifth birthday).

Lastly, there was Salazar Slytherin; with his ravenblack hair and green eyes he looked rather like Harry, just less scrawny and with more aristocratic facial features. Salazar was a genius. At sixteen years of age he was already a well known potions master who had created many of his own potions. He was also very gifted in the dark arts and had the willpower not to let it control him, something most who dabbled in that particular category of magic lacked.

Harry wondered how different his life would have been had he not been transported back in time. Would he have ever given up his prejudiced views regarding all things Slytherin? Probably not. He would probably still think Salazar Slytherin was an evil dark wizard and all Slytherins to come later devil's spawn. So many historical facts had been messed up through time, becoming so twisted they were nowhere near the truth. He would still be the naive boy he had been before and he would have no knowledge of the horcrux residing within him.

There were things like; why did Salazar Slytherin hate muggles and muggleborns? Fact is, he didn't. He had just had bad experiences with them and disliked them for their close minded ways. Muggles believed everything bad that happened was witchcraft and muggleborns denied their heritage, not wanting to be different from their family and friends.

Over the past year Harry had grown, in body as well as mind. He wondered how he would explain these changes to Ron and Hermione. The Spell Rowena and Salazar and invented should bring transport him to the time and place he had been before his time jump. It wouldn't be too exact, seeing as Harry was unsure what time he had disappeared and the pace could ony be estimated, with Hogwarts having changed slightly over the years. But it should work out.
"I guess this is farewell," Godric's voice ripped Harry from his musings. The redhead looked downtrodden and sad, as if someone had killed his puppy.

"I guess it is." Harry answered just as sad. He went to the girls and hugged them tightly, before making his way over to Godric and tackling him in a bear hug. "Don't do anything stupid when I'm gone."

"I never do anything stupid!" Godric denied loudly.

"Of course not." Salazar said dryly from where he was watching. "Just like you never drank my gender reversing potion to prove its inefficiency."

Godric went bright red at the mention of that rather amusing, or for him embarrassing, moment.

"Now, Sal, don't be mean." Harry said, making Godric look up in relief. "You can do that when I'm gone." The relief was short-lived.

Harry went over to the last of his friend to say his goodbyes.

"I hope you reviewed your memories so you're up to date on the events." Salazar, always saying the exact thing needed to embarrass someone.

"Sure." Harry said, smiling innocently, only making Salazar raise an eyebrow.

"So, when were you planning on doing it? I mean, it is of no real interest to me, but I just thought it would be good for you to know what was happening before you came here. Just a thought." Salazar said, shrugging nonchalantly, making Harry sigh in defeat.

"I know, I know. I just forgot. I started, but then Godric came and..."

"Don't pull me into this!" Godric interrupted quickly.

"Now, now Ric, I'm very interested in just what it was you did." Salazar said in his usual uncaring way, which you only managed to understand and sort into feelings if you knew him properly. And this was his 'I want to know and you are not getting away with not telling me' face.

"I... I ugh,... you know..." Godric stammered, gesturing wildly.

"Boys!" Rowena hissed, "We don't have time for this. Harry has to go."

And that is what he did. Helga and Rowena started chanting in Latin, Helga saying what would take him to the right place and Rowena the time. At the same time Godric was pouring magical energy into the crystal Harry was standing on, to power the spell. Salazar was walking directly around Harry and doing the most difficult and dangerous job; he was inscribing runes into the air surrounding Harry to make the journey through time as safe as possible.

The difficult part was to get thee runes right without seeing them and the dangerous part was, if Salazar didn't leave the circle quick enough he would be pulled forwards in time. He couldn't just do the runes go away and let the girls finish the spell, because the runes had to be placed at the right time, in tune with the spell.

It would have been nice to say everything went well. Salazar finished the runes and got away in time. The spell was cast correctly and Godric had put enough energy into the crystal. Everything went downward thereafter. Godric tripped over the hem of his robes and fell right into the retreating form of Salazar, causing both of them stumble into Harry just as their was a blinding light and the three of them were swallowed by it.
When the light receded the room was missing two more boys than planned.

Said boys plus Harry were tumbling through time, a process that reminded Harry more of the floo network than he would have liked.
It was funny; you would think time-travel was a process you wouldn't realise was happening, but in reality it must have taken a few minutes, enough time for Salazar to punch Godric (there was space in time as well, if that makes sense) and tell him off for his stupidity of wearing long robes for such a fragile procedure.
The time sadly wasn't enough to prepare them for their rather unfortunate landing on the Slytherin table, right into the food, during the Halloween feast.

Sitting at the Gryffindor table, Hermione Granger was getting worried. She hadn't seen Harry since he had gone off to find the Chamber of Secrets, to see if it was suitable for the DA, or Dumbledore's Army, a defene association they, meaning she, Ron and (reluctantly) Harry, had founded as a counteract to Umbridge's terrible lessons.

The three founding members had been looking for a suitable place for quite a while, but had yet to be successful. Harry, after nearly giving up hope, had decided to checkout the Chamber of Secrets. That had been hours ago and after the feast had begun Hermione had been having horrible visions of what could have happened to her ravenhaired friend.

"Stop fretting, Hermione, he'll turn up, he always does." And at exactly that moment there was a crash from the Slytherin table, followed by silence, a loud groan and a "get your foot out of my face". Then more silence.

"Told you he'd turn up." Ron commented smugly, pointing at the custard covered figure now discernible as Harry Potter.

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