I don't own the fast and furious movies, though I do own Bella and the Idea. This is just going to be a bunch of one shots based on Bella's life being a Toretto. What I think Dom would be like, like a father. Reviews are welcomed and appreciated! Any ideas you might have, I will also appreciate!

Dom paced the hospital room, hands clenching and unclenching at his sides. He'd been in this waiting room for hours, waiting to see if Letty was going to be alright. He was more scared now than when Letty had first told him that he was going to be a father. It'd scared the hell out of him. But she reassured him it was going to be alright.

"Dom!" Mia said as she came out of the room, a bright expression on her face. She stopped in front of him, and wrapped her arms around him. "Letty?" He asked gruffly. All he was worried about was her. He'd lost her once, he wasn't going to lose her again. "Fine. Fine, they're both fine. Your two beautiful girls. They're okay!" She smiled up at him. His knees about hit the floor, to thank God that they were okay.

He felt Brian come up behind him and squeeze his shoulder. "Go in there man, go see Letty." He said as he shoved him toward the door. Dom threw a smile over his shoulder, then pushed the door open into the quiet room that wasn't so quiet an hour ago. They'd kicked him out when he'd yelled at the doctor to something about the pain that Letty was going through. Apparently, he could be very scary. He smiled as Letty's brown eyes connected with his.

"Come and see her," She whispered, and Dom followed the sound of her voice to the side of her bed. Bending over and kissing her head, he sat down on the edge of the bed. The pink bundle she had in her arms was moving slightly and making mewing sounds. "Hold her," Letty said, holding the baby out. Dom was scared. He was scared he might hurt her, or break her. "It's okay, just make sure to support her head," Letty said with a weak laugh as she put the baby in his strong arms.

He looked down into the bundle and saw the dark brown eyes, and the puff of black hair on her head. It hit him like a blow then. He loved this little girl, and would do anything for her. She already had him around her small little finger. "Have you decided on a name?" He asked Letty without looking up from the baby. "No," She replied. Dom smiled. "Bella. For beauty."