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I walked through the hallways of the high school, my books in my arms, my back pack bouncing against my back with each step. Maria was at my side, though she was a year younger than me, were both Juniors. It was the end of the day, and we were trying to get to the student parking lot. The halls were emptying pretty quickly, and when we finally reached the doors leading out into the parking lot, a voice rang out that stopped me in my tracks.

"Yo, guys. Look, it's Toretto, and her cousin O'Connor." Maria and I turned in unison, both popping our right hip out. We could really pass for twins. "What do you want, Mason?" I demanded, impatiently tapping the toe of my combat boot. "I've told you what I want; me, you, two cars, and the deserted black top." I shook my head.

Ever since my stunt sneaking out of the house to go racing, then wrecking, I wasn't allowed to have my cherry red charger. Maria and I was allowed only to use one car, - a crappy car at that- to drive to school, stay there, then drive back. Nothing else.

"I've already told you, Mason. I can't no, scratch that. Won't race you." I looked at Maria, and we again turned for the doors. Before I could slam the doors open, I felt a hand slide down the small of back and cup my ass.

"If you won't race me on the black top, then I'm sure we could figure out something else." His voice made me shudder, and not the good kind either. Before he could squeeze another time, I threw an elbow back into his stomach, then while he was bent, I turned and hit him under his chin as hard as I could, sending him back.

I glared and hissed, "Don't ever touch me, you ass!" As he ran his tongue over his teeth to make sure they were all there and spit blood out of his mouth, he growled to his two goons, "Well, what are you waiting for? An invitation?"

Maria and I both dropped our bags and school books. "Ready for this?" She whispered, and I mutely nodded. The one on the right swung at me, and I expertly dodged, landing a good punch on him in the nose, smiling when I heard it crunch under my fist.

He roared, and with a strength I'd never been hit with, -and that's something, considering how many fights I'd been in- and I flew into the lockers. My head bashed against them, and I saw stars. Shaking the dazed feeling, I quickly jumped up, grabbed my school book, and hit him over the head. He fell to the tile, out cold.

That's when I noticed that the other goon had Maria by the throat against the wall. Growling, and with a strength I didn't know I had, I hit the last goon over the head as hard as I could. He, like his goonie, fell to the floor, out cold. Maria and I looked each other over, and we both let out sighs of relief when we realized it wasn't anything too bad. "How ya feelin' Bells?" She asked.

I smiled, entangling our arms together. "Five by Five."