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By the time school rolled round again Edward and I had become a slow going partnership. Edward was petrified of harming me by accident and I, while wanting to be with Edward, was have trouble getting over everything that happened in the past.

The school had all but isolated me the moment they saw me and Edward holding hands. It was like they could not handle that the hottest kid in school was not only taken by the new boy but that he was gay. It was all rather amusing for the Cullen's and me.

We had taken to using my house for some time alone and staying at his, with everyone else the rest of the time. It had become a familiar routine now to leave school, head to the Cullen's, do homework, eat, hang with a different Cullen, time with Edward (my house or theirs) than bed while they did whatever they did. Rinse and repeat.

We were playing baseball out in the open fields, while thunder shook Seattle. Me, Edward, Jasper and Emmett were the balling team, while Alice, Roselyn, Carlisle and Esme worked together on the batting team. I used magic to increase my speed and enhance my sight. It was also my magic that stopped the fighting over who reached base first.

Alice froze mid run, eyes glazed. Edward and Jasper concentrated on Alice as she stepped out of the vision. It was not uncommon for this to accrue.

"We have human company coming, eastside" Edward informed us as he brought the bases closer together to make it appear like a normal game and moved back to his place.

"Why would they be out here" Carlisle ask as we all went back to play at a more natural pace.

Alice shrugged "I only saw them approach but like Edward said they were human, two related, one not" she divulged.

We only got two more runs and one point in a human speed round, before the three people broke the clearing and joined us. The Cullen's all walked over, because I was a deep fielder I ended up at the back of the group, so could not see who it was until they spoke.

"Sorry to interrupt" The voice was deep and well pronouns, clearly British "but we believe our son to be here?"

I smiled and worked my way to the front of the group before anyone could reply. "Well then I would have to say you are terrible late, and really should have sent advanced warning" I used my best Draco voice as I looked down on them (which is very difficult considering they are all at least 4 inches taller than me.

"Then surely we should leave and try again another day?" Sev's voice was as silky as every as he went to turn, the others coping his lead.

I smiled and apparited in front of him, before pulling him into a hug.

"Missed you" my voice was muffled by the cloths as Lucius and Draco joined in. I did not realise how much I wanted to see them again to that moment.

Far too soon we broke the hug and I turned back to face my other family, they looked really confused but happy and amused at the same time.

"alright" I announced bouncing on my toes. This is great everyone was together.

"Family meet, new family! We have Dr Carlisle Cullen, Esme Platt-Cullen, Roselyn Lillian-Cullen, Emmet McCarty-Cullen, Alice Cullen, Major Jasper Cullen-Whitlock, and Edward Mason-Cullen. Guys this is Lord Lucius Malfoy, Heir Draco Malfoy and Lord Severus Prince." As I spoke each name I pointed to the person it belonged to. Finally I pointed to myself.

"You should also now that I am actually Lord Harrison Potter-Black as I'm sure it will come out now that everyone's here." I watched several of their faces slip into surprise before going neutral again. I had after all given them books on Wizarding history.

"I'm glad to finally meet you, but I do believe the rain is about to reach us, how about moving this conversion to our home?" Carlisle gratefully broke the silence.

I nodded "you guys run, they can follow my magic there. We will properly beat you." I smirked at the end, very much aware of Edward's annoyance to my mode of transport.

Carlisle agreed and we all divided, the Cullen's taking of at a run and me turning to grip each person before we group appriated with me guiding.