Sacharissa adjusted her bra... and it collapsed! She was so large in the boob department, she practically needed a da Quirm to engineer a new support structure other than creaking whalebone. It needed an under-carriage, an over-carriage, a stem-structure, and an engine.

The dwarfs were still scratching their heads over it. Almost every design fell flat.

Sacharissa walked out of the brassiere shop in disgust.


Adora limped over to the cigarette vendor, bought five packs, lit up one sixth of the first, before hurrying back to business. She was a millionairess these days. She bumped into Lady Sybil before she made it home.

"I'm having a party!" announced Lady Sybil. She was wearing a very dashing layered wig in glam-rock colours. A swamp dragon zoomed around her feet. Young Sam dangled from her wrist in an elasticated leash.

Adora lit up a wedge of twenty-dollar bills and waved it around. "What time?" she asked.

"About ten," replied Sybil, pushing up her bra.

"Is it fancy dress?" asked Adora.

"No," said Sybil. "But it's women only, leave your husband and baby at home, and bring the girls!"

Adora paused with her key in the lock, and two fags in the mouth. "Who's invited?"

"Cripslock, de Syn, Christine, Madame Sharn, Lady Margolotta, Rosie Palm, Sandra Battye, Mrs Cosmopilite, Mrs Cake—"

"The Mrs Cake?" A cigarette dropped out of her mouth. "They're a bit old, Sybil," she said, dropping the lady and feeling daring. "What about Ludmilla?"

"Yes, her, too. And Angua and Cheery and Sally and Susan Sto Helit. And the poo lady, Ms Beedle."

"That's all right," sighed Adora. "I'll be there at eleven."


Ludmilla noticed that Angua came back along Elm Street wet and shiny. Her fur streamed out behind her, as per that wizard advert about golden retrievers. She left elongated stride pawprints along the pavement.

"Mum," whined Ludmilla, pawing the window shut, "do we really have to go?"

Mrs Cake was wearing a cream dress and a large cream-white bonnet decorated with ghosts. She wore high heel boots in navy and also navy stockings. Her garter was showing off messages from the afterlife, scrawled in neon magic. Her bloomers were just visible under her skirt, and apparently she hadn't noticed.

Her mother squawked, and immediately tore off the cream dress and changed into another. Ludmilla wondered if fur and only fur was acceptable.

Ludmilla had a shave and tried to feel undead or normal. She wore a long white and black striped dress that matched her cherry-brown fur the best. The white was see-through, and the black was powdered coal-coloured. She wore kitten heel orange-red shoes and no socks. Her knickers were black, white and drawn in red flowers that looked like lipstick stains. She wore no hat.

Her mother, Mrs Evadne Cake returned back to the main dressing room. She was now wearing work black, and a long cream skirt to her calves. She wore lots of witch silver bangles and a gold stopwatch dangling on a long chain tied to her wrist. She had red earrings and delightful makeup.

Both wore the same perfume; it smelt like fuchsias.