"Mine~" said Shougo Haizaki as he grabbed the meatball off of Tetsuya Kuroko's plate. He lifted it up and placed it in his mouth.

Daiki Aomine frowned, "If your hungry, get an extra-large one or go get more food." He pointed at Haizaki annoyed at him, "Don't go stealing other people's food everyday!"

Kuroko looked at Haizaki and then at Aomine. "I don't particularly mind," he said.

"Haizaki!" Aomine said ignoring Kuroko's statement.

"C'mon, its no big deal," Haizaki said as he chew, "besides you steal other people's food too."

Shintarou Midorima joined the conversation by saying, "also don't make sounds when you're chewing." he then criticized Atsushi Murasakibara's way of holding his chopsticks.

Seijuurou Akashi sighed.

"Do I have to say this everyday?" Haizaki said smirking, "it's not 'cause I'm hungry. It's just that food on other people's plates look more delicious. I can't help it."

Kuroko stared up at Haizaki.

Aomine scoffed, "I don't go taking food when I'm not hungry."

"That's right. There's a second year who's moving up to first string today." Midorima said changing the subject, "apparently, he started just two weeks ago. He's been advancing as fast as we were. His name is Ryouta Kise."

Aomine cut in, "eh? Ah! I know that guy too! I met him before."

"Hmm….Ryouta Kise….huh." said Haizaki thinking.

Midorima looked up at Haizaki, "that's rare, for you to remember other people's name."

"Well…it's an inkling. But just in case." Haizaki said, "sounds like he'll do pretty well…and…doesn't sound like we'll get along well."

He did not see the blonde boy walking past the lunch room with a bored face.

Kuroko walked to the gym of the first string and say a blonde boy talking with different people. When he turned around Kuroko avoiding eye contact he didn't know why but it was almost automatic.

"Hey, they're here!" said the blonde boy. He took a step forward in front of Kuroko, "I was really looking forward to this! After all, I joined the basketball club so I could play with you! Aominecchi!" that was when Kuroko realized he was talking to his best friend beside him.

"Cchi?!" said Aomine confused. He raised his hand, "uh…sure, looking forward to it, Kise-kun! Ah. You should probably greet this guy! He's apparently going to be your mentor from now on."

"…huh?" said Kise confused.

"He's right next to you." said Aomine.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." said Kuroko after moving to Kise's left side. "I'm Tetsuya Kuroko."


Kuroko calmly replied, "I'm Tetsuya Kuroko. I've been here since a while ago."



Kise just froze thinking.

Aomine walked past Kise, "make sure you listen to what he says! Even though he looks like that, he's a fully-fledged regular!"

"REGULA-?!" Kise's mouth was left open unable to come up with anything to say but… "NO WAY!"

"Kise-kun about cleaning up, the equipment room is…" Kuroko began to say.

"WHOAH!" said Kise surprised Kuroko was next to him. "no, wait a sec. before that… I want a different mentor." he looked away with a frown.

Kise's head got hit by a basketball, by Aomine. "didn't I tell you to listen to him?"


"What do you mean you 'want a different mentor'," said Aomine.

"I don't wanna! I can't learn from someone who sucks more than me!" yelled Kise.

"I'm telling you, Tetsu doesn't suck!" yelled Aomine.

"Then tell me, did he do anything cool during today's practice!?"

"Well, yeah…not really!"

They continued to argue.

That day Kuroko and Kise played a practice match against another school together.

While walking home after the game Kise said, "I think…I got a bit of what you said. But still not everything. The part about what one should do is aright. But sacrificing oneself for it? I can't agree with that. I know you're amazing Kurokocchi but is it fun to play like that?"

Kuroko paused, "it's not. But losing is even less fun." Kuroko smiled at Kise who was behind him. "Besides what's with Kurokocchi?"

"A nickname I add to people I like." Kise smiled.

"Stop that." said Kuroko.

"Aominecchi, Kurokocchi! Wanna stop by the convenience store for ice-cream on the way back?" asked Kise smiling as he approached Aomine and Kuroko.

Aomine sweat dropped, " you sure changed your mind really quick! What happened to yesterdays attitude?"

"What are you talking about! I'm a man who shows proper respect to people I admire! Right, Kurokocchi!" said Kise.

"Sure," said Kuroko.

"uh…well I don't really get it, but I guess its all good, so long as you acknowledge Tetsu?"

And so they, Satsuki Momoi and Murasakibara left to get ice cream.

"Mine," said Haizaki as he stole a bite from Kuroko's food.

Kise and Aomine frowned, "Don't steal his food!" they both said.

"I said before I don't mind." said Kuroko looking up at Haizaki then at Kise and Aomine.

"Really?" asked Kise. Then he smiled, "so I can have some too?" he reached across to Kuroko's bread. Kuroko slapped Kise's hand away.

"No you can't." said Kuroko.

"But why Kurokocchi!" cried Kise.

Haizaki snickered and walked away, "I'll see you later," he said as he waved bye.

Kise and Aomine glared at his back and Kuroko just finished eating his food.

After school Kuroko walked to the back of the school and bumped into another person. "oh sorry- Kise-kun?"

"Kurokocchi! What are you doing here schools over," said Kise surprised at the presences of the small presence boy.

Kuroko avoided eye contact, "…I forgot something. Why are you here?"

Kise smiled and rubbed the back of his head, "well…I got confessed by a girl." he chuckled.

Kuroko kept avoiding eye contact with Kise, "oh is that so…"

Kise nodded, "say do you want to walk home together? You got what you forgot right? Even if you didn't I can wait for you." he smiled.

Kuroko stayed quiet. "…Kise-kun sorry but I can't."

Kise frowned and looked down, "okay…"

Kuroko walked past Kise and behind the building bumping into another person. Haizaki.

"You're late," Haizaki said smirking. He grabbed Kuroko's chin and lifted it up. He slowly caressed Kuroko's lips with his own. To put it bluntly Haizaki kissed Kuroko.

Kuroko closed his eyes and let Haizaki kiss him.

From the corner of the building eyes widen, shocked at the sight he saw. It was Kise, he was wondering why Kuroko was avoiding eye contact and decided to follow him. Kise turned around and ran too shocked to do anything else. He needed time to think.

Haizaki broke the kiss and opened his eyes seeing the blonde run away. He smirked. "So he saw…"

Kuroko opened his eyes when Haizaki lips left his own. "who saw?" Kuroko's eyes widen fearing being seen.

"Mm, no one." Haizaki said smirking and swinging his bag over his shoulder. "Let's go to my house."

Kuroko nodded.

Naked, Kuroko went on his hands and knees. "be gentle this time, Haizaki-kun," he said looking up and the other male who was taking off his shirt, becoming fully naked.

Haizaki chuckled, "When am I ever gentle?" He then pushed his member into the smaller boy.

Kuroko gasped and tightened his grip on the bed sheet. It wasn't quick and painless but quick and painful. This was the way Haizaki would always give it to Kuroko, but Kuroko didn't mind, each time they did it Kuroko started to like Haizaki more and more; though, he doubt Haizaki felt the same way.

Haizaki grunted at the tightness he felt as he inserted his member into the blue haired boy. He lowered his head down to Kuroko's head and whispered, "relax Tetsuya."

Kuroko blushed at the close proximity and looked away trying to relax and let Haizaki thrust into him. As he did Haizaki soon found Kuroko's sweet spot and made Kuroko moan loudly and cum.

Haizaki took out his member from inside Kuroko and let the boy fall on the bed. Haizaki kissed Kuroko's cheek then licked some of the cum off of Kuroko's member. "Thanks for the meal," he said with a smirk.

"What about you?" asked Kuroko sitting up but immediately regretting it.

"I can jerk the rest off in the bathroom," he replied and scratched his cheek sheepishly.

"I can give you a blow job…" Kuroko said.

Haizaki laughed and shook his head when he stand up. He threw the bed sheet over Kuroko. "Just go to sleep, you're tired aren't you? You need to recover." and with that Haizaki left to the bathroom.

Doing what Haizaki told him Kuroko laid down and fell asleep.