first of all sorry for any mistakes my laptop has a virus so I wrote this all on my ipod

Kasamatsu stood up, "alright the second half is starting soon.
It was half time for the match against Haizaki's team, Fukuda Sohgoh, and Kise was telling Kasamatsu about his past with Haizaki and Kuroko back in middle school.
"Kise," Kasamatsu glances up at the blond, "you have a promise to keep with Kuroko, right? Don't break it."
Kise smiled, "of course."

Third quarter had ended. The scoreboard showed Kaijou 51 and Fukuda Sohgoh 62.
Kise was on his hands and knees looking at the ground in shock while Haizaki just stood behind him looking the opposite way with a grin.
"'It's not cheap' my ass," Haizaki said looking at Kise still on the ground.
"You sure talk big with that sort of skill. You're so bad that it isn't worth trying."
Kise's eyes widened.
Haizaki left and sat down on the chair on his team's side of the court. Kise did the same, but to his own side, slowly.

The fourth quarter began.
Kasamatsu started with the ball and passed it to Kise. Haizaki smirked. He was marking Kise.
Kise caught the ball and after a moment of hesitation did the exact move Kagami did when they first met; however, it didn't have its usual sharpness, it may have looked similar but it was completely dull. Haizaki Jumped and blocked the shot easily.

"I already saw that in the second quarter," Haizaki said smirking still. "It's no longer yours," he ran past Kise, "it's mine."
Kise was now on the defense and Haizaki was on the offense. They stood in front of the basket.
"I'll show you an example of the move you just used," said Haizaki as he preformed the same move only it was successful unlike Kise's.
Kise watched from his spot eyes wide.
As the ball moved so did Kise, even though he was in pain by his leg from the match with Aomine. He was on defense again with Haizaki on offense.
Up in the stands as they talked about Kise, Kagami stood up, worried. "No way," he said as a flashback of after their practice match with kaijou went through his mind, "but, still... There's no way he'll lose! To that sort of bastard..."
Kuroko's face showed nothing.
Kagami got more upset, "we promised that he'll win... and play on the next semi-finals... so he'll definitely..."
There was the sound of a dunk, Haizaki's dunk. Kise, who was marking him fell down.
Haizaki was back on the ground. "Oh, that's right," he smirked, "even back then you were on the ground like that too, right, Ryouta?" Kise said nothing. "That's right, that's right," Haizaki said looking down on Kise, "Didn't I also take your woman? What a pity sight, really. Well~ I just her away right after doing her. Hahaha."
Kise's eyes widened. Not only because his old girlfriend was stolen then discarded by Haizaki but because of that time, that time Haizaki was with Kuroko. His kurokocchi was cheated on.
"Hey, you," the referee said, "you've been saying too much! Any more and I'll-"
"Yes, yes," Haizaki said, "I'll watch out."
Up in the stands, where that confession and laughter was heard, Kuroko stood up.
"Kuroko?" Kagami said confused as to why his shadow was standing.
To the blond Kuroko yelled as loud as he could, "I believe in you! Kise-kun!"
Kise looked up to the stands, "Kurokocchi?" His eyes somehow met with Kuroko's even though they were so far apart.
The crowd became confused saying: "Did someone say something" and "who" and "where?"
Kasamatsu looked up, "that guy," he said realizing it was Kuroko.
Haizaki looked up also. As soon as he realized who said those words a pain in his chest formed. He remembered that one night with Kuroko.

"Tetsuya," Haizaki said sitting on the bed in his boxers. Kuroko was under the covers tired, they had just finished having sex for the fourth time since they started being together. "I'm just using you. You know that, right?"
"No, you aren't," Kuroko said without hesitation.
"Huh," Haizaki said a bit shocked that Kuroko didn't believe him, "Of course I am-"
"Haizaki-kun," Kuroko interrupted, "I believe in you." He smiled sweetly.

Tetsuya... Haizaki thoughts of the past became regret. They were soon interrupted by Kise, who smiled and stood up.
"...Let me say one thing before I beat you, Shougo-kun," Kise said, "you're misunderstanding about that girl. She kept bugging me and forced me to go out with her, but honestly, she was pretty annoying. She was so prideful and talked only about herself. She probably just wanted a status that said 'I'm going out with a model.' All you did was take one of the dumb chicks that came flocking for looks. Don't get so cocky."
"Huh?" Haizaki looked at Kise.
Someone passed the ball to Kise and Kise got in position to make a basket. A three pointer. A copy of Midorima's shot.
Haizaki's eyes widened as it went up and then down into the basket. A look of fear was on his face after it fell in.
"You can take whatever woman or titles you want," said Kise. Haizaki looked back at him, something was different. "But right now I have a much more important promise to keep. I'll definitely get there... Don't you get in my way!" Kise was in Perfect Copy mode now.

Shit, Haizaki thought as Kise was copying one of Aomine's formless shots, damn it. Even I can't steal their moves!
The basketball made it into the basket.
"Don't give me this crap," said Haizaki as he ran to the other basket with the ball and used his teammate's scoop shot. Kise blocked it exactly like Murasakibara. Someone on Kaijou took the ball and got it in.
Kise got the ball again and copied Midorima's three pointer again.
So you're telling me, thought Haizaki, it's just like Akashi said... but... I guess I'll have to admit it too, huh?
Haizaki grabbed the ball, he was marking Kise again.
Ryouta, Haizaki said inside his mind, you're strong... Then I don't give a shit as to what happens now! I'm gonna crush you into pieces!
Haizaki ran past Kise, stepping discretely on Kise's foot.
Did you think I didn't notice that you're hurting your leg?
Haizaki smirked as Kise grunted in pain. A surging wave of pain was escalating through Kise's body.
Number six, Haziaki, yelled, "This is the end!" As he jumped to dunk the ball in.
"I told you already," said Kise running to the basket, "don't you get in my way! You're not the one who's going to win! It's me!" Kise smacked the ball out of Haizaki's hand.
Kasamatsu grabbed the ball and Kise ran to the other basket, "Go, Kise!" Moriyama yelled as the ball reached Kise's hand and said boy dunked the ball in.
"Time's up!" yelled the referee.
Scoreboard: Kaijou 75, Fukuda Sohgoh 72.
Kaijou cheered and Kise breathed in then out before stretching out his arm, hand in a fist, at Kagami and Kuroko.
The other team was upset and number six's face was in anger and hatred.
Up, not in the stands, but still watching the game, Aomine and Momoi stood.
"Go back without me, Satsuki," said Aomine walking away.

Later that evening, Haizaki stood in the bushes, near the doors, waiting for a certain person.
"If you're thinking of taking revenge on Kise," Aomine said walking up to Haizaki from behind, "Give up."
"...Daiki," said Haizaki surprised but not showing it.
"I heard what you were up to from Kise on my way here," said Aomine to Haizaki, "If you go back quietly, I'll let you go."
"Like I give a shit," responded Haizaki, "I can do whatever I want."
"If it was basketball," Aomine said not looking away from Haizaki, "I can't say anything regardless of what you do. But don't you dare interfere with their battle in any other stupid way. You can tell from looking how hard Kise or Tetsu have been working up until now. Don't do anything stupid anymore."
"I see..." Haizaki smirked, "then I better go break them even more. I told ya, I don't give a shit. Unlike you guys, I don't give a damn about basketball. If you want me to give up, you better do it by force." Haizaki ran towards Aomine about to throw a punch at him.
Aomine closed his eyes tightly then opened them and punched Haizaki's face, "as you wish then."
Haizaki fell down to the ground unconscious. Aomine looked at him almost in a way of sympathy.
"Let's see," Aomine turned away, "now what should I do? Well... guess it'll work out, somehow."

"So Tetsuya," said Haizaki sitting on his bed which Kuroko was lying on. Kuroko was fully naked but was under the covers while Haizaki was in just his boxers, "I cheated on you with some girl."
"Some girl?" Kuroko rolled over from on his stomach to his side to face his lover.
"Yeah," Haizaki nodded, "I can't remember her name I just fucked her then left her house without a word."
"Well first," Kuroko said, "you got to stop saying these type of things after sex. It's like you're trying to just do it then have me leave you. As if you're unable to let yourself be happy." Haizaki looked away from the bluenette. "And second," Kuroko continued, "I already told you, I believe in you. I don't care if you do it with other girls as long as you're with me." Kuroko smiled gently.
"Tsk," Haizaki crawled ontop of Kuroko, "saying stuff like that and smiling like that... Let's do it again."
Kuroko blinked and his smile turned into a frown, "you really are turned on easily."
Haizaki smirked, only by you, he thought to himself.

Haizaki woke up. It was night time and everyone had already headed home.
"Tsk, why," he asked himself, "why did I have a dream about that?"
Haizaki out his hands in his pockets and left to go home.

The next day Kagami's shoe broke. It was so ruined that he had to get new shoes. So he and Kuroko went to go shopping. When they couldn't find any shoes for Kagami Kuroko suggested that they ask Momoi.
At the street ball court Kagami and Kuroko met up with Momoi and Aomine.
Angry or annoyed at the fact Aomine was there Kagami frowned, vise versa for Aomine.
Momoi explained why he was there, "Dai-chan got a lot of basketball shoes so he said he'll give you one."
"What the heck," Aomine yelled, "I've never said that. Don't mess with me, Satsuki!"
"You both have the same size, right," Momoi asked still smiling.
"How do you know?!"
"Here," she handed over the shoes.
"Woah! Don't take my Jordan's without my permission!" Aomine yelled.
"This is..." Kagami stares at the shoes, "it's the same as the one I'm using."
"He had a spare one," Momoi spoke, "although the colors a bit different, Kagamin likes to keep on using the same model, right?"
Kagami admired the shoes.
Aomine sighed, "geez, it can't be helped." A basketball spun on his pointer finger, "I'll give it to you if you beat me on one-on-one."
"How did it turn out like this!?" Kagami shouted shocked. "I have to be in a match pretty soon!"
"Just a three basket match," Aomine said nonchalantly, "it won't take long."
"I told you..."
"Just do it," Aomine walked past Kagami, "while we're at it, I'll give you a small lecture."

"Ah, but no zone, okay? It's tiring."
"I can't go in like you, anyways!"
And so they started playing against each other while Kuroko and Momoi sat on a
bench talking.
"Aomine-kun punched Haizaki-kun...?!" Kuroko said shocked.
"Ah, but," Momoi said, "it was for saving Ki-chan, so he had no choice and..." she paused, "Haizaki did it because he missed you, I think"
Kuroko looked at the two lights playing, he decided to ignore that last part, "won't it be bad if the word gets out?"
Momoi frowned at being ignored, "...yeah, but I feel like Shougo-kun won't do anything."
Kuroko looked at Momoi confused.
"I can't say it well," Momoi said, "but I'm sure there's a part of him that feels relieved for getting stopped by dai-chan. He's got a bad personality and he's quite twisted but, still, we were part of the same team, wearing the Teiko jersey and it's just my intuition but it's just," she paused to talk more quietly, "I think he still loves you. But regardless," she changed back to talking normal, "something like that wasn't good, huh?"
"...Momoi-san," Kuroko spoke quietly, "you're the only one who knows about me and Haizaki-kun, thanks to your women's intuition, but do you really think Haizaki-kun even loved me in the first place?"
"What are you saying of course he did!" Momoi almost said in a normal voice loud enough for Aomine and Kagami to hear. "Oops," she quieted down, "Tetsu-kun you should have seen the way he looked at you. Sure there was some lust but there was love. Tetsu-kun he loved you. He loves you even now, I'm sure."
Kuroko stayed quiet, "I'm not sure if I can believe you," he smiled pitifully.
"You still have his number, right? You haven't talked to him since he quit, you should call him."
Kuroko pulled out his phone. Sure enough his number was still there. He tried deleting it before but never could, it was something he could never give up. That person was his first love.
Aomine walked in front of the bench, Kuroko hid his phone in his pocket. "I'm done," said Aomine calmly, "so let's go Satsuki."
"Isn't that too fast!?" Momoi said, she wanted to keep talking with Kuroko.
"I told ya," Aomine said bored, "it won't take long."
"How was it," asked Kuroko looking at Aomine.
"I destroyed him," Aomine said with a face that showed it was no big deal.
"Hey wait a sec. Hey!" Kagami yelled at Aomine angry, "one more! One more time! I want those shoes, and more importantly I can't stand losing to you. One more match!"
"Don't you have to be in a match," Aomine responded, "don't be ridiculous." He threw his shoe box at Kagami, "here."
"Huh?" Kagami glared at Aomine, "what is this!?"
"Take it," Aomine said not looking at the red head, "I don't need it, anyway."
"What?" Kagami thrust the box to Aomine, "like I'll take it after losing! Here!"
"Just take it dumbass!" Aomine looked back at Kagami, annoyed at his childishness. He calmed down, "I told you, that's the way you should be. Moreover, you're playing Kise, right? I'm gonna murder you if you put on a sloppy match because you don't have proper shoes. I'll let this match be on hold."
"Kagami-kun," said Kuroko.
"Fine," Kagami looked at the shoes, "my bad, I'll take it. But it's just on hold, okay!? Don't you forget!"
An angry vein was visible on Aomine's forehead, "Just go damn it!"