If I Told You

A/N: I've been on a rather lengthy hiatus from writing Pitch Perfect fiction but I've missed it and I do hope you'll enjoy this one. I had just planned for a one-shot but after the idea came to me it spiraled into a multi-chapter fic. As always your feedback is greatly appreciated, reviews here or messages on Tumblr (shesamarshmallow) are welcome.

The sun shone through the windows of the shiny silver car as it drove towards the port. Chloe had always loved the way the wind whipped through her bright red locks when they drove with all the windows down. It was early morning and they still had plenty of time before they had to be at their destination. With Aubrey though early was never early enough and they were making their way to the port a few hours early. They could people watch the blonde had promised her and learn all of the details of where they would be staying for the next few days. Chloe had been skeptical about going on a five-day cruise but as it had been a birthday present from the blonde she had agreed.

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather be spending the week sun bathing with that tall, dark and handsome boyfriend of yours?" Chloe teased her friend.

"I've told you a hundred times Chloe, I wanted to do something nice for my best friend. If only she could be happy about it," Aubrey raised an eyebrow in her friend's general direction.

"I'm sorry Aubrey, of course I'm happy. You know me though, I'm just nervous about everything."

Aubrey smiled softly, "I know. We are going to have so much fun though and hey, maybe you'll even meet someone tall, dark and handsome of your own."

Chloe couldn't help but scoff. She had agreed to go on the cruise with Aubrey but she hadn't agreed to any of the not so subtle hints her friend had dropped recently. Aubrey had tried to set Chloe up numerous times over the years but Chloe always had an excuse. Aubrey's cousin was too tall and didn't appreciate classical music, Aubrey's boyfriend's brother was too short and hated Greek food, her co-worker talked about politics too much and that hot girl they met at the laundry mat had a strange look in her eyes. Chloe would come up with any excuse to get out of a date Aubrey had set her up on. Maybe this time though things would be different, in a different atmosphere maybe Chloe would be more relaxed, more open. One could only hope, Aubrey only wanted her friend to be happy.

When they finally arrived Chloe was more than happy to get out of the car and stretch her legs. The warm sun beat down on her cheeks as she took a quick look around the port. Men and women were milling about dragging their luggage with them. She laughed at the people who seem to have packed for a five-week getaway rather than the five days they would be at sea. One bag and one bag only Chloe had promised when Aubrey told her about the cruise. Chloe had never been on one but Aubrey had advised her that the sleeping quarters on a cruise could be a little small albeit nice. Not really the place you'd want to cram in multiple huge suitcases.

As Aubrey went to check them in and grab as many pamphlets as she could get her hands on Chloe wandered away from her friend. The water from where she was standing looked stunning. The bright blue of the ocean water matched her own eyes and Chloe could help but stare off into the abyss.

"Beautiful view," Chloe was startled by the voice that came from behind her.

She turned around cautiously coming face to face with a short brunette who was smiling wide at her.

"I guess it is isn't it," she responded returning the stranger's smile.

"I was talking about you but I guess the ocean is nice too."

Chloe blushed, the young woman was so confident. She managed to get out a quiet "thank you," after a few seconds of awkward silence.

"I just call things like I see them. I see a beautiful woman and I can't help but tell her…err, not that it happens often," the brunette stumbled over the last few words, suddenly much less confident.

Chloe couldn't help but stand there and smile. She hadn't had butterflies in her stomach like this since she was a teenager. She felt somewhat silly, blushing like a high-schooler in the presence of someone she just met.

After a few more seconds she broke the silence, "I'm Chloe by the way."

"Beca," the brunette said, reaching out her hand to formally introduce herself. "Very nice to meet you Chloe and can I assume you'll be joining me on this fantastic cruise ship?"

"That I will, I'm here with a friend."

"Me too," Beca said gesturing towards a tall brunette man standing just a few feet to the left of her own friend.

Chloe's face fell visibly at the sight of Beca's friend. She was sure the woman had been flirting with her just a few moments earlier but perhaps she was just being friendly. Do women often go on vacations with their platonic male friends? Chloe wouldn't know, she hadn't had any male friends since Tom and their relationship was anything but platonic.

"He's just a friend," Beca spoke up suddenly as if she could read the other woman's thoughts, "and business partner. We started our own company together a few years back. Besides, he's married to a gorgeous woman. She dispenses fashion advice on E network and owns a chain of nail salons. She's here with us too."

Chloe laughed, she shouldn't really care about the personal life of a random woman she just met but she was relieved to know that she and the handsome man weren't a couple.

"Good to know," Chloe said with a wink, her confidence building up steadily during her conversation with the beautiful stranger.

"Well I should get back to my friends, lots of third wheel duties to perform," Beca chuckled.

"See you on the boat," Chloe offered hopefully.

"I sincerely hope so. See you later Chloe." Beca smiled and offered a small wave before walking back towards her friends.

Chloe felt herself skipping slightly as she made her way back toward Aubrey. The blonde had now amassed a stack of pamphlets about the ship. On the top of the pile Chloe could see the one about dining on the boat. She remembered being amazed when Aubrey told her how many restaurants one cruise ship could host. They had fine dining establishments for romantic evenings and places with more casual family fare for people who in Aubrey's words were "bizarre enough to bring kids on a cruise." They had restaurants with live entertainment and places just to grab a quick bite.

The red head looked up at the beautiful ship, much more hopeful about the week ahead than she had been on the way there. Maybe a few days at sea were just what she needed and if she ran into Beca again it would be that much more exciting.

"Well isn't someone excited," Aubrey said enjoying the spring in her friend's step.

"See I knew you would enjoy yourself once you saw this magnificent ship. Gorgeous right?"

"Yeah, gorgeous."

It didn't escape Aubrey's notice that her friend was staring in the general direction of an attractive brunette. She thought better of mentioning it though, not wanting to scare Chloe off. She wasn't keen to discuss her romantic life and Aubrey wasn't exactly a matchmaker with a solid track record.

"So," Aubrey started, completely ignoring Chloe's daydreaming and changing the subject. "Our room has an under the sea theme, there is coral on the walls and in the shower. Totally cute."

"Sounds nice. Is there a pamphlet in there about the social events on the ship?"

"Social events?" Aubrey raised an eyebrow, "Chloe wants to be social? I don't think I've seen you willingly go to anything that could be classified as a social event in what, 5 years?"

It wasn't really a question and Aubrey knew she wasn't getting an answer when the red head just glared back at her. The awkwardness of the moment was quashed only by the signal that it was time to board the ship.

As they unpacked a few of their belongings and placed them in the drawers of their deep sea room Chloe discovered just the information she was looking for; the social schedule for their five days on the ship. She glanced over it looking for anything that struck her fancy. Tonight there was a meet and greet dinner in the main ballroom, all of the ship's guests were invited and strongly encouraged to come. They could grab food elsewhere if they wanted but if everyone was invited to the main room that's where Chloe wanted to be. Surely Beca would do take the opportunity to mingle with people other than her two married friends, and Chloe was right.

As she walked into the room the first person that caught Chloe's eye was the tiny brunette from earlier. She hadn't noticed on land how short her new acquaintance really was, not that it mattered, she just hadn't noticed. Beca certainly hadn't dressed up for the event but to Chloe that was sort of endearing. There were plenty of women in the room dressed in evening gowns but Beca had opted for a pair of jeans and what appeared to be black Converse shoes. She chuckled slightly, this woman had to be at least twenty-five and here she was dressed like a teenager. Chloe couldn't help but find it cute though and she wasn't exactly dressed to the nines herself.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

Chloe recognized the voice as the same sweet one that had come up behind her earlier in the day. She had gotten so lost in her own thoughts that she hadn't even notice Beca leave her spot at the bar and come up behind her.

"I was just thinking about a beautiful woman I met earlier," Chloe answered without missing a beat.

"Oh really? Tell me about this beautiful woman."

"Well she's a brunette, kind of short but gorgeous and she has this somewhat intimidating spike through her ear, though that's kind of hot."

"I wouldn't worry about the spike, she's probably overcompensating."

Chloe laughed and again found herself with a smile she couldn't shake. The confidence this woman exuded was hot, exciting and somewhat awe-inspiring.

"She might be, but would she like to grab a drink with me?"

"I thought you'd never ask."