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It was another bold and booming Monday Night Raw, and everyone was getting ready for the show. Superstars, divas, tech guys, and the whole creative team was preparing for another great and fun filled night. Tonight, the air was filled with some kind of different excitement, like it always was. The arena was packed and ready to rumble as the superstars and divas prepared for the show in their different locker rooms. The superstar locker room, however, was filled with an unusual ruckus that night, and most of the guys were goofing off. After all, they loved life, and were always having a good time.

"Okay, okay..." Seth Rollins started as he and some of the other guys of the WWE were sitting around and talking while they waited for the show to start. "What about Cameron?" He asked, referring to one of the girls of the Funkadactyl group. This was what they always did, every Monday Night Raw, every Friday Night SmackDown, every house show, it didn't matter. It seemed as if they had nothing better to do but to talk about the different girls of the WWE. Last week it was Summer Rae, Naomi, and Aksana.

"No way." Roman Reigns replied as he shook his head with a grin on his face. He couldn't believe that Seth had just suggested Cameron.

"You got that right..." Dean Ambrose chimed in.

"Oh, why not?" Seth asked, "She's kind of cute..." He added.

"Have you heard that mouth of hers?" Dean said, "No damn way I'm putting up with all of that..." He muttered as the other guys laughed. "How about Layla?" He then asked as he looked over to the other superstars, referring to the british diva.

It was silent for a moment until somebody started laughing. "You can't be serious." Dolph Ziggler asked as he took a towel and dried some of his wet hair. He was usually always in on this type of conversation.

"What?" Dean asked incredulously.

"Isn't she kind of old?" Dolph asked again with a slight chuckle. "Like, in her forties?" He then asked again. Nobody actually knew her real age.

"Okay fine..." Dean retorted, "Who would you want to sleep with?" He then asked. Meanwhile, Sheamus was in the back of the locker room getting ready for a match tonight. He couldn't help but to chuckle at their conversation every now and again, but he usually wasn't involved. He couldn't believe they actually just sat around and talked about women like that.

"I don't know..." Dolph pondered. "Maybe Summer Rae, or one of the Bella twins...?" He said as he continued to think about if for a moment. "Or maybe Kaitlyn..." He trailed off. Now that name caught Sheamus' attention because he and Kaitlyn went way back. He supported her throughout her NXT days, and albeit they weren't close friends, they could still have a friendly conversation every once in a while. He liked to joke around with her, and they messed around back stage sometimes. WWE Creative was thinking about putting them in a storyline together, but they changed their minds.

"Good luck with that." Seth commented again, jumping back into the conversation.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dolph asked. "I think Kaitlyn would be okay." He added as he looked over to the other guys.

"Kaitlyn never puts out." Randy Orton jumped in the conversation as he was already ready for the nights events.

The show off scoffed, "And how would you know?" He asked.

"Been there, done that." Randy replied. "She's a prude." Now at this, Sheamus had to laugh just a bit, he couldn't wait to tell Kaitlyn what the guys were saying about her. He didn't think she was a prude, but she just wouldn't go around and sleep with any old guy. "I'll bet that she's a virgin." He then said.

"Did you ever think that she just didn't want to sleep with you?" Dolph retorted with a grin.

"Shut up." The viper laughed. Sheamus just wanted to bite his tongue and let them move on to a different girl, but a part of him felt like he should stand up for Kaitlyn, after all, she was one of his friends. He then walked out to the main part of the locker room where all the guys were sitting.

"Kaitlyn's not that bad." Sheamus told all of them as a matter of fact.

"You hit that?" Seth asked and the Irishman couldn't help but to let out a small guffaw at the thought of he and Kaitlyn even being together and intimate in that certain way. "Did you?" He then asked again and Sheamus shook his head no, "Then how would you know?" Seth retorted .

"She's my friend." Sheamus tried to say, "I just know she's not a prude, but she's not some kind of floozy who just goes around a sleeps with any old fella." He then added, being sure to defend his friend. "And she definitely would not sleep with any of you." He added, changing the tone of his Irish voice. This time, it was Seth's turn to let out a laugh.

"You think she would sleep with you?" Seth asked as Sheamus' cheeks flushed a light pink color. He was not interested in anybody romantically right now, especially not Kaitlyn.

"I don't know, maybe?" He replied and this caught the rest of the locker room's attention. Of course, there Sheamus went, putting his big foot in his mouth again.

"You up for a little... Wager?" Seth asked, raising an eyebrow to the pale man.

"What did ya have in mind?" The Irishman replied.

"If you can get Kaitlyn to sleep with you, I'll give you a hundred bucks." Rollins offered, and this really caught Sheamus off guard. He never even knew you could make bets like that. He stood there in the middle of the locker room, shifting his weight from foot to foot, contemplating his decision. On one hand, he'd be doing good for sticking up for his friend, and she might even have some feelings for him without him even knowing it. On the other hand though, Kaitlyn might find out about it and get angry. Sheamus didn't know what to do, but he figured that you've got to live life with some kind of risk.

"You're on." He said as he shook Seth's hand. It was time to get lucky.

A/N: To be continued...?