The show was just about over, and Sheamus was watching the final match of the night, which happened to be a diva tag team match. Kaitlyn and Natalya against AJ and Tamina Snuka. The bet with Seth Rollins still roamed in his head a little bit. He still didn't know why he jumped up like that and accepted the bet. Sheamus knew he should have just declined the bet like a gentleman. But, even though this kind of thing wasn't really him, it held interest. It made him wonder if he actually had feelings for Kaitlyn, or was this all for a show? Just to show the pricks in the locker room that Kaitlyn wasn't a prude? The whole thing still seemed kind of confusing for Sheamus, but he'd work out the kinks along the way.

The Irishman stood there, switching the weight of his body on either foot every now and again, wondering how in the hell he was going to go about doing this. He didn't care about the money, after all, he had more money than he needed, it was more of like a bragging right kind of thing. If Sheamus did win the bet, then he could rub it in Seth's face and shut the guys up for a bit. He just didn't like to hear the boys talk about the divas like that. It was way too disrespectful.

But was Sheamus stooping down to their level by accepting the bet. He tried to tell himself that he was doing the right thing, but his conscious told him other wise. Who knew? Maybe this bet could reveal some hidden feelings that he and Kaitlyn may have had. Maybe it would be a good thing after all. "Come on fella." Sheamus told himself. "You can do this, it's just Kaitlyn..." He mumbled. He knew her, well, he thought he knew her. The funny, quirky, nerdy girl who loved to laugh. The girl who wasn't afraid to say anything, and she liked to have fun, and Sheamus thought she was beautiful. After all, there were many things he liked about her, and deep down, he wondered if the feelings were mutual.

"Good luck Sheamo." Seth called out to the ginger from behind, then approached him to put a firm hand on his shoulder. The superstars were leaving the arena since the show was about over. Sheamus rolled his eyes at Seth, there was something about the shield member that he just didn't like. Maybe it was his cockiness, or his greed. Who knew? It was a mystery to Sheamus. "We all know you're going to need it, since you're dealing with Kaitlyn." Seth laughed as he walked away. The Irishman ignored the other man. He had to have a clear head if he was going to try and make a move on Kaitlyn tonight.

Instead, he turned his attention back to the television where the last match of the night was still going on. He watched Kaitlyn carefully, observing her almost. Boy, she sure was tough... With a final spear to AJ, she had won the match effortless. Her music blared throughout the arena as her hands were raised in victory. Sheamus knew he was running out of time, and he knew he was going to have to think of a game plan real quick. He watched as she made her way backstage, and he knew now that he was out of time. What was the game plan? Maybe he could just ask her on a date? Start from square one? Oh what the hell, Sheamus didn't even know what the hell he was doing. The last time he asked a girl out was to his high school prom, and even then he was rejected. He was definitely not the ladies man. Sure, he could be romantic at times if he had that special someone, but most of the time he was just nervous and stammering, and blushing all the time. What a joke. Oh well, he had to take a risk, and this seemed to be the best plan right now, and hopefully it would work.

Sheamus knew that Kaitlyn was probably back in the diva locker room by now, so he decided to head there first, his nerves already making him weak in the knees, and his heart pump a little bit faster. He turned the corner of the hallway, and that's when he saw her. She had just left the locker room with a duffel bag on her shoulder and was walking down the hall to leave. Good thing she was by herself, or his nerves might have gotten the best of him and he would have chickened out. The ginger then walked down the hall nonchalantly, until he was finally walking beside her.

It took a few minutes before the hybrid diva even actually noticed the big pasty guy walking beside her, "Oh, hi Sheamus." She smiled as she looked over to the ginger with her hazel eyes. It had been awhile since the two had last talked.

"Hey Kaitlyn." Sheamus greeted with an equal smile. They stopped in the middle of the hallway so that they could talk for a bit. "Nice match." He complimented, starting with a little bit of small talk. He noticed that she seemed a bit worn out from the night's events.

"Thanks." She replied. Sheamus had to admit, he did feel a tiny bit awkward standing here talking to Kaitlyn in nothing but his wrestling trunks, it was strange. He knew he should have put a pair of shorts on. "Is there something you needed?" Kaitlyn asked, not beating around the bush. She knew that he must have wanted something since they didn't speak to each other very often. Plus, she was tired, and she wanted to get back to the hotel because she was tired.

A blush rose to Sheamus' pale pasty cheeks and he brought his hand to the back of his neck and rubbed awkwardly, it was something he did when he was nervous or uncomfortable. "Actually yes." He said with a small grin. He didn't know if his heart was going to jump out of his chest or what, but it sounded like a fucking freight train.

"What is it?" Kaitlyn asked, sounding honestly curious.

He hesitated for a moment, not knowing how to word the question exactly, and he didn't know what he was going to say. "Would you...?" Sheamus started but stopped, feeling his throat get extremely dry. "Would you like to go on a date...? With me?" He eventually got out after what seemed like forever. He was so embarrassed right now, and that line sounded so middle school like. Why couldn't he be more suave?

Kaitlyn was quiet for a long time until finally she sighed, "Shit..." She trailed off.

Sheamus looked at her questioningly, "Shit?" He asked.

"I just... I don't want to date anybody right now." She told him as her perfect hazel eyes drifted down to the floor. In that moment, Sheamus wanted to run and smash something against the wall, but his feet wouldn't carry him anywhere. He felt ashamed, and embarrassed, and he knew that if the guys were here right now, they'd be laughing at him hysterically. "I'm sorry." Kaitlyn said.

"Ah, no... It's alright lass." Sheamus told her with a reassuring smile. "I'll see you around." He said and walked away. He knew next time, he'd have to try a lot harder. If he was for certain though, he knew he would eventually get Kaitlyn to go out with him.