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Back to School + a Vampire

A relieved sigh escaped his lips as his test paper was returned to him. The loud chatter in homeroom was ignored by him as he looked over the sheet, graded in red ink. It was close to the end of the period and the class received the tests they did last time in class.

"A 'B+'. Thank goodness," Tsukune muttered, letting loose a sigh of relief as he realized how well he actually did on his History test. He quickly skimmed through the answers, stopping momentarily to read a footnote left by the instructor. He aimed a sidelong glance behind him to look at his savior, Moka Akashiya. There was only one other time where he'd seen "Inner" Moka attending classes like any other student. But he couldn't think of her as "Inner" anymore. He couldn't help it, but it was kind of depressing to not have the both of them present simultaneously, even if one of them was technically her mother.

He still wasn't sure if he'd ever get over the very idea. Getting a good look at her, Moka was also looking over her own test paper, her head resting on one hand. He could distinctly notice a "100" inked over the first page.

"Thanks for your help, Moka! If you hadn't helped me with that last minute study-course, I'd have failed!" he said after turning to face her completely. The silver-haired vampire's expression didn't betray any thoughts when she raised her head to look him in the eye, but her cheeks colored, nonetheless. Tsukune observed briefly that compliments wouldn't have fazed her much a month ago. After the ordeal with Fairy Tale, she seemed to open up more now that there wasn't any imminent danger around the corner. His thoughts were interrupted by the school's bell, which was then accompanied by shuffling papers and the opening and closing of backpacks.

"It was nothing, really!" Moka smiled, grabbing her bag from the chair as she stood up. Tsukune grinned as well, following her example and grabbing his own bag from the floor.

"After the whole thing with fairy tale, I hadn't gotten any studying in. The teachers really don't cut any breaks, even if our absences were technically excused."

"You know how it is. A lot of the instructors don't really seem to care much about the students' well being anyway," Moka agreed with a shrug.

"That's true. Half the faculty's tried to off people for various reasons," Tsukune conceded. It was actually kind of disturbing from his point of view, but seeing as how it was a Yokai academy, it shouldn't be too much of a shock to him. Once he became Chairman, there would definitely be some administrative changes.

"Besides, if they bother either of us, we'll show them their place," Moka smiled knowingly, making Tsukune's expression break out into another grin. As his thoughts turned specifically toward Moka, it felt like he was getting to know her all over again.

Tsukune watched her intently as they continued to speak. They had passed several classrooms already and were headed to the newspaper club. Moka definitely looked disarming when she smiled more often, mainly because the smile he was used to seeing on her was more of a smirk or a deadpan expression. The past few days, he'd basically been staring at her, though she made no mention of it. Ever since the "False" Moka vanished, he'd resolved to definitely get to know the real Moka. In an odd sort of way, he was back at square one.

Today he was going to ask Moka out on a date. He might as well pop the question now. None of the other girls had shown up yet. Even though they were also affected by the real Moka being here to stay, Kurumu declared that he had confessed to Pink-Haired Moka and not Silver-Haired Moka. In other words, Mizore and Kurumu had an excuse to keep fighting over him, as strange as the reasoning was.

Technically, he couldn't argue with the logic, mainly because he couldn't think of a good retort. But he'd never tell them that. Moka didn't seem annoyed by the renewed rivalry at all. One could say she wasn't worried in the least.

"So, Moka, I was wondering. You know, if you didn't have any plans this weekend..."

"Depends. What kind of plans did you have?" Moka replied, snaking her arm around his. It was Tsukune's turn for his face to flush slightly.

"Well, I know how much you like the mall and I figured we could-"

Tsukune's statement was interrupted by rushing footsteps and two very soft pleasant feeling objects squishing against his shoulder, complemented by hugging arms from behind.


Both Moka and Tsukune's trek through the hallway was cut short by Kurumu's usual greeting to Aono, namely, rubbing her breasts on him. Tsukune struggled to keep the blood rushing to his face in check before it escaped through his nose while Moka sighed, irritated at the ruined moment. Many of the students that passed by were aware of the obvious Harem that Tsukune had wrapped around his finger whether it was wanted or not, so they paid no mind to this rather common occurrence.

"Hey Kurumu," Tsukune replied amiably, getting his flushed face under control. While Kurumu's affection was awfully touchy and she was rather attractive, Tsukune felt that he liked Moka the most. While he enjoyed all of his friends' presence, it was very difficult to keep a cool head when a Succubus is basically throwing herself at you.

"Oh please, cut that out already!" Moka frowned. She had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. Tsukune wasn't the type to invite that type of behavior, but that seemed to only encourage Kurumu and the rest of Moka's rivals, much to the young Vampire's annoyance.

Kurumu sighed, obviously expecting such a request. She removed herself from Tsukune before Moka could pull her off of him or possibly injure her, all the while aiming a disapproving headshake at Moka.

"What?" the vampire asked in veiled exasperation. Kurumu was looking at her disapprovingly like she had dug up dirt on her.

"And why can't I simply hug him, while you always drain him dry without asking?"

Kurumu smiled triumphantly when Moka's face flushed yet again with her brows cast downward. She looked away imperiously so Kurumu wouldn't notice.

"At least I'm modest about it-"

"Girls, it's okay," Tsukune pleaded with hands raised in a gesture of placation. "It's still too early in the morning. Let's just take it easy," he advised with a winning smile. The two girls exhaled simultaneously, letting their minor annoyance with each other blow over.

"Yeah. You two are way too clingy with my future husband."

Tsukune's body reacted before his mind did, and he jumped in surprise at the sudden voice that was suddenly directly to his side. He decided he'd never get used to Mizore's apparent stealth ability.

"Mizore." His voice came out weaker than he'd have liked. Even after learning how to sense Yokai energy from Inner Moka, the snow woman still seemed to somehow be "off the radar". The snow fairy was standing silently in a nook directly next to Tsukune. The space was dim, which only served to make Mizore's sudden appearance all the more creepier.

"Keep dreaming! It's only a matter of time before Tsukune confesses to Moka!" a new and younger voice sounded before Moka or Kurumu could argue with her.

The male vampire looked behind him to see Yukari running up to the group of students, her large witch hat somehow not falling off from her rapid movement. Tsukune silently appreciated the vote of confidence, but he figured she wanted him and Moka to to get together for a less than modest reason.

"And when he does, when they give in to their passion, I'll be right t-there in between the both of them!" the young witch stuttered. She seriously looked seconds away from drooling.

And there it is. Honestly, Tsukune wondered how in the world she had ideas like this at 12. Her parents seemed like good people, but where else could she be getting that behavior from?

I'm not going to ever get my chance if all of this keeps up, Tsukune thought miserably. He scratched his head, glancing at Moka, noticing her hand on her hip and her eyes rolling.

Kurumu sighed as though pitying the young witch.

"I've told you many times before, Yukari. Tsukune is not interested in a flat chest," she said sadly, as though scolding her. The witch grumbled and raised her wand. But the succubus was prepared this time. A pan dropped from the ceiling, only to miss and crash to the floor.

Kurumu blew a raspberry while making the peace sign.

Tsukune felt he should intervene, but that would most likely end up in him getting accidentally knocked on the head by a magic pan which he's experienced enough in one lifetime. None of the others were trying to help either. Kurumu would get hit by the second pan and the rest of the day would continue.

But Kurumu avoided the second, to Tsukune's mild surprise.

"You can't keep using the same old move," the succubus chided with her eyes closed.

Big mistake.

The third pan came not from the ceiling, but flew in from the window directly across the hall from them, crashing into Kurumu's side. Tsukune's eyes widened then instantly cringed. He wasn't even expecting that.

It was Yukari's turn to blow a raspberry before turning to retreat towards the newspaper club room.

"Get back here!" the blue haired student roared, recovering rather quickly to sprint after her.

"Well, now that that distraction is out of the way, what were you going to ask?" Moka hugged Tsukune's arm again.

Moka already knew what Tsukune's question was, but wanted to hear him spell it out for her. They continued to walk and Tsukune resumed his dialogue.

"When we went on that "not really a date, but training" outing, I figured we could go there just for the heck of it, since you liked the mall so much? I could take you shopping."

"Hmm," she wondered, tapping a finger on her lower lip as though thinking it over. Tsukune suppressed his smile. She could be extremely cute when she felt like it.

"Why not? Especially if your buying, how could I pass that up?"

"So it's a date, then?"

Moka flicked his nose as they neared the clubroom door. "Yes."

As they entered the clubroom, Mizore was somehow already in the room, specifically next to the door as the duo entered.

"You should take me out on a date as well, Tsukune."

Tsukune inwardly facepalmed. When did she hear him? Tsukune closed the door after Moka entered, glancing behnd him inconspicuously to see if Kurumu had overheard.

"I don't know, wouldn't it be kind of..." Tsukune paused, trying to find the right word. He was going to say innapropriate, but that would probably come out wrong.

"Go for it, Tsukune."

"Huh?" the male Vampire's brows shot up. Why was Moka agreeing? "Uh..."

"It'd only be fair if you really got to understand each of us one on one," Moka shrugged. "Then you wouldn't have any regrets."

"Exactly," Mizore cosigned, even though that wasn't what she had in mind, but that explanation worked too.

Tsukune thought it over. That was very insightful. It was true he didn't want to rush into things and make a decision he'd regret.

"Well, I guess there's no harm in it, then," he finally relented. He and Moka took a seat at the large round table, noticing that Gin wasn't present, while Mizore retreated to the back of the room to leer at the back of Tsukune's head.

"Anyone seen Gin?" Tsukune picked up a pencil and a checklist as he asked this.

"Probably perving around like he usually does," Kurumu exhaled tiredly. "What else could possibly be so important for him this early in the morning?"

Aono simply smiled as he looked over the checklist. Gin was absent very often in the morning. The reasoning behind that was self-explanatory.

"Alright then. Since we don't have much time to really write anything today, anyone have any ideas for the next publication?"

"Maybe we could write an article on the late Chairman! I bet no one in the school knew he was a Dark Lord," Yukari suggested after a momentary silence. Everyone else present made general sounds of approval.

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