A/N: Just a little drunk!bechloe one shot for you all based on Beyonce's 'Drunk In Love'. Obviously rated M for smut.

The air is thick, loud and heavy with the heat and the sweat of too many bodies. Way too many bodies. It's dark, as any good club should be, and the bass is so loud that Beca feels it reverberating in her bones. Flashing lights in her face everywhere she looks. They're playing a song that she would normally recognize but is too drunk to even think about at the moment, and it doesn't matter anyway because it's a terrible song.

After a tap on her shoulder, she turns around to see her girlfriend of ten months looking - more like staring - at her with her typical Chloe Beale puppy-dog eyes.

"Dance with me, Becs."

And she should have known that once Chloe jutted her bottom lip out that she'd be a goner.

She drinks the shot in one big gulp, shakes her head with the sensation of alcohol burning down her throat, and looks back in Chloe's direction. The redhead is already pulling her towards the dance floor. And yeah, the further they get out onto the floor, the sweatier and more cramped it gets. And Beca can only form half-coherent thoughts right now.

She doesn't trust her mouth when she feels her girlfriend's breath against her ear, telling her to actually dance properly and not act so shy and awkward. She finds it annoying that even Chloe saying that can turn her on. Damn her and not being able to handle her drinks.

And to make it worse - or rather, to make it better, - Chloe's other lady jam comes blasting through the club speakers, the bass pounding straight through them both.

I've been drinking, I've been drinking
I get filthy when that liquor get into me
I've been thinking, I've been thinking

Obviously, it doesn't surprise her when Chloe's eyes seem to darken, despite the flashing lights surrounding them. And the redhead starts to rub her body against her, their hips occasionally brushing against each other in perfect synchronization to the song.

She leans in to kiss her. In what is supposed to be a soft, gentle kiss. But Chloe's hands grip the back of her neck she she pulls her in. Their tongues massage and explore one another's mouths as their bodies move in tandem to the beat, spurred on by the electricity and chemistry between them.

Why can't I keep my fingers off it, baby?
I want you, na na
Why can't I keep my fingers off it, baby?
I want you, na na

She just can't seem to form words. Not when her girlfriend is grinding on her and biting and sucking at her lip in a way in which she knows drives Beca crazy.

Hands on Chloe's hips, cocktail glasses and beer bottles littering the tables around them, mouths pressed against each other, people shouting over the noise. It's nothing she hasn't seen and done before. Their skin is flushed and damp, and Chloe has her arms around Beca's neck. The brunette's limbs feel heavy and light at the same time, her own hands gripping the redhead's hips as their bodies move against each other.

Cigars on ice, cigars on ice
Feeling like an animal with these cameras all in my grill
Flashing lights, flashing lights
You got me faded, faded, faded
Baby, I want you, na na

As the thrum of the music mingles with their heartbeats, Beca finds herself thinking that it's pretty ironic and practically destined that she discovered the love of her life while DJ-ing at this exact club. And now they're here. Dancing exactly like they did ten months ago.

It's just them, moving and laughing and dancing close. Really, really close. Chloe's mouth is next to her ear now, almost touching the lobe, and she can feel the heat of her breath even in the overheated club. It feels like a drug. Makes something in her coil. Makes her lean in closer. It's like there's only them in the room.

(Realistically, there's hundreds of other drunken people surrounding them. But she still feels like it's only them. It's something to do with love. The cliche 'it-feels-like-we're-the-only-two-people-in-the-world' when they kiss. That kinda love.

And yeah.. she fucking loves it.)

We woke up in the kitchen saying,
"How the hell did this shit happen?"
Oh baby, drunk in love we be all night
Last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies grinding up in the club
Drunk in love

Chloe suddenly pulls her mouth away from Beca's ear. She turns around, and she starts to grind her backside into her girlfriend and Beca has to bite her bottom lip to stop the moan from tumbling out of her mouth. She's pretty surprised that her lip isn't bleeding due to how hard she's biting it, too.

She starts to loosen up though. She dances along, reaching forward and grabbing Chloe's hips with both hands, digging her nails in just lightly enough so that she hears Chloe's breath catch. She presses in closer behind her and leans in, their cheeks touching, their hips moving together. Then she moves back just a little, enough to lightly nip at the redhead's earlobe.

Her grip tightens when she feels Chloe's ass grind harder into her crotch. She's clutching her hips so tight, inching them up the material, fingers stroking against the dress. Chloe can hear and feel her girlfriend's breathing get labored, hot against her ear as she grinds onto her.

We be all night,
And everything alright
No complaints from my body, so fluorescent under these lights

A few hours later, they're still laughing and dancing and completely wasted. Even more so than before. They've been on the dance floor for most of the night, flirting, swaying and having a great time together. Weirdly, Beca is gripped by a possessive rush that she doesn't usually let overtake her. It's quite a silly instinct, really, when your girlfriend is the hottest girl at Barden. But she can't help it.

God knows what's in store if someone decides to flirt with Chloe tonight.

Before she can even comprehend what she's doing, Beca slips down the strap of Chloe's dress on her shoulder. Immediately, she dips her head, pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses to the bare skin. They're going to start attracting attention soon, Beca just knows it. But honestly? She can't bring it in herself to care. Not when she can hear Chloe moaning only loud enough for her to hear.

And Jesus Christ, does it sound amazing.

She's drunk and sweaty and in the middle of the dance floor basically dry humping her incredibly sexy girlfriend. And she's so turned on that, for once, she can't even consider the circumstances. Can't think about the consequences or the reasons, the whys and hows and why-nots. She just wants. She needs.

It's surreal, almost. She's drunk and horny and pressed against her girlfriend in this loud, popular club, and she can't even bring it in herself to care. It must be the alcohol loosening her up, but the idea of someone seeing, of getting caught, just adds to the buzz beneath her skin. Her hand slips lower as she carries on kissing and biting Chloe's shoulder. The redhead's hands come behind her to try and pull her closer by her shirt as she feels her stroking the skin on her thighs, just below the bottom of her dress.

(Chloe has never been more relieved to be wearing her LBD.)

The brunette knows just where to touch her girlfriend. What to do to drive her wild. They've done it so many times that now, Beca can probably get her off in seconds. Even the slow, smooth stroking of her fingers against Chloe's thighs is making her hot and tingling as she reaches behind her and runs her hands over Beca's back, pulling her closer and wishing that she could feel her skin against her own.

"Baby, we gotta stop." Chloe murmurs, feeling Beca's breath hitch against her ear, and she grins at the effect it has on her.

So she obviously uses it to her advantage.

"If we don't stop, I'll end up fucking you right here in front of everybody."

"That's not so bad." Beca whispers with a little moan as Chloe turns her head so that their mouths are close enough to kiss, but neither of them make the first move as their bodies carry on grinding against each other.

"I want to take you home. Please baby, I want to take you home and fuck you and I don't think I can wait. I need you so bad and-"

And she doesn't even have time to finish her sentence before Beca pulls her through the hoard of people dancing around them.

It's one of those nights when they're kissing messily before they even make it through the front door. Hands spilling and caressing everywhere, too frantic and way too fast. They seem to stumble through the kitchen expertly, obviously knowing that they've done this so many times before. A hard push from Chloe, and Beca's back slams against the fridge. Chloe's lips are on hers before she can even respond.

Beca loves these nights.

(And they don't even notice the fact that all the fridge magnets have fallen on the floor, or that they've knocked some DVD's over en route to the kitchen.)

Chloe's lips are softer, fuller, than any lips Beca's ever kissed before. She finds herself thinking that she'll never get bored of them. (Ever.) She sucks on her girlfriend's bottom lip, while her fingers slip over the fabric of her dress, seeking out the bare skin on Chloe's back. She lets her tongue slip back and forth, feeling the texture, tasting the alcohol and the fruity sweetness of her last drink. She bites and she sucks.

She doesn't have it in her to take her time.

Chloe presses her forehead against Beca's, head moving as if to dive in for another kiss, but then pulling away again, hands sliding from her hips down her thighs. She slowly lowers herself to her knees. Her fingers skim up Beca's hips, wanting nothing more than to feel her bare skin against her fingers. One deft hand moves up quickly and finds the waistband of her jeans, slipping in. She cups her for a moment, squeezing lightly, the soft pressure making Beca squirm as she pushes into Chloe's hand.

It takes some time, and a lot of frustrated grunting from Chloe and drunken laughing from Beca, but the redhead manages to get Beca's jeans off. Not even bothering with her underwear. No, she pushes them aside and she finds herself moaning at how wet Beca is for her.

And she goes slow.

Of course she goes slow. She pays no mind to the way Beca juts her hips forward or to the way she spreads her legs. Instead, there's teasing, tingling butterfly kisses and soft licks all over her body as she lowers herself to where Beca needs her. There are hands massaging Beca's ass, keeping her in place. There's filthy praise murmured against her skin and Beca's hand comes up to slap against the fridge door at the feeling of Chloe's breath against her.

"Fuck!" The brunette falls back against the fridge, throwing her head back in pleasure as she feels Chloe's long fingers stroke through her. Her breath is so heavy, coming out in gasps and small cries, and she's so goddamn wet, even as Chloe starts licking and sucking and moaning at how good she tastes, how hot she is, how much she's wants to fuck her.

It turns Beca on even more, makes her moan louder, gets her impossibly closer.

And then the redhead pulls her mouth away and stands back up. Roughly, she pulls Beca close. And the brunette doesn't even have time to ask why she has stopped before she feels Chloe smash her mouth against hers, making their teeth click and their tongues tangle as she pushes the brunette's own taste into her mouth.

They kiss again, slow becoming fast, tender becoming rough, tentative becoming urgent, and she slides her leg between Beca's thighs. She can feel wetness there, can feel it cling to her own skin, and it winds her up higher, makes her want to go down and taste her again.

She pulls Beca's shirt off messily, throwing it behind her and it lands somewhere on the kitchen table. She let's out a soft whimper, lowering her head to suck at Beca's collarbone as her hands rub all over her body. It's weird how much she knows Beca's body. How much she knows that this is all turning Beca on, and that she could probably come just from having the redhead's lips sucking at her pulse point.

Beca's hands scramble to find something to hold onto once her bra is discarded and Chloe starts sucking and biting her breasts, leaving dark marks in her wake. She scratches her fingers up the redhead's back, noticing that her girlfriend still has her dress on.

Without even asking, she unzips it at the back, fighting the urge to high five herself after she manages to pull it off smoothly without ripping it. (Seriously, she's made that mistake before, and she's promised herself to never rip one of Chloe's dresses again during sex; no matter how turned on the redhead is, she get's mad.)

Thinking that she's being too submissive right now, and not liking the feeling, Beca pushes Chloe backwards until her butt hit's the counter, but somehow, she finds herself being pushed back against the fridge again, this time even rougher.

"No." Chloe breathes out against her neck. "I want to fuck you."

And something about the way her girlfriend growls that into her ear makes the brunette whimper, her eyes squeezing shut tight enough to see swirls and stars and all sorts of random patterns behind her eyelids.

So without hesitance, Chloe pushes two fingers in to her girlfriend and begins thrusting into her; powerful, but still slow. She sucks at her neck, making sure to leave a mark. It's good, Beca thinks. It's fucking amazing. The light stretch, the ever-so-slight burn and she feels herself clench around her, feels the urge to draw her in deeper.

"Please. Oh my God, faster baby," she groans and Chloe speeds up. Her thumb juts out and presses against Beca's clit, uncoordinated and messy and unpredictable, sending those tiny electric charges through her on every rub. On every little move. She moans out, her whole body shaking as she comes onto Chloe's hands with a shudder.

Chloe keeps thrusting into her, though, and Beca is nearly sobbing with pleasure when the redhead finally tilts her head up and kisses her again, sliding one finger inside her all the while, massaging her with her thumb and thrusting her tongue into her mouth.

"Chloe baby." she moans into her mouth, her body shaking. "Oh, God - no more! Baby, p- please."

"I want to hear you scream for me." The redhead grins wickedly, still moving two fingers in and out of her girlfriend, her other hand holding her hips still as she tries to push away. The brunette cries out obscenities, ranging from begging Chloe for more but also pleading her to stop.

"Oh my God, I'm coming! FUCK!" she throws her head back and it cracks against the fridge, but she's too busy riding Chloe's fingers to care at the moment. She's pretty sure that this is the most intense orgasm Chloe's ever given her, and all she can hear is white noise as Chloe's lips bite at her shoulder and she holds her upright.

She gasps and jerks, the aftershocks making her push against Chloe's body. She rides out her orgasm with soft moans, and the redhead pushes up against Beca until, finally, they both grow still, breathing labored. Chloe's hand slip out of Beca and her body is leaning heavy against her, mouth still hot against her neck.

Seconds after coming down from her high, Beca roughly pushes Chloe back until she comes into contact with the counter once again. The brunette doesn't hesitate to undo her bra, quickly diving in to attach her lips to her girlfriend's breasts. She sucks and bites and smiles against the redhead's skin when she feels her breathing become labored underneath her. She reaches her hands down and dips the tips of her fingers into Chloe's underwear, pulling back so she can see what she's doing. She tugs at the material, and she feels Chloe's hands scratch her bareback, urging her to get her off.

"Fuck, I need you." she groans out as she grips the edge of Chloe's thong, and before she can even think about it, she tears the material in half, haphazardly throwing it behind her. (Not noticing that it lands on the light hanging off the roof.)

Taking the redhead's shudders and quiet moans as a sign to continue, she presses her forefinger to her clit, circling around it before occasionally pinching it between her thumb and pointer finger. The redhead's whimpers spur her on, and without hesitating, she slides one finger inside of Chloe, angling it just right so when she thrusts it in, it rubs hard against her sensitive clit.

By now, Chloe has turned into a bit of a writhing mess, Beca's name hot on her lips and her hands scratching up her girlfriend's back. For too long, Chloe held the upper hand and now it's Beca's turn. She teases her, keeping the redhead on the edge of an orgasm as long as she dare, the moans and whines nearing too much for Beca to handle.

"Baby, please." Chloe moans out, throwing her head back as Beca's fingers thrust deep inside of her. Suddenly, the brunette pulls out and her hands come down to grip the back of Chloe's thighs, lifting her up so that she is sitting on the counter in the middle of the kitchen. Then without warning, she plunges her fingers deep into her girlfriend again, tilting her head so she could capture the redhead's nipple in her mouth.

"Oh, fuck. Oh my God!" Chloe's hips lift off of the counter as her arms come to rest behind her, holding her up in a sitting position, and Beca's hot, swollen lips kiss down her body. She trails them down her stomach as she carries on thrusting two fingers inside of her, until her lips reach the redhead's center.

She attaches her mouth to Chloe's pussy, looking up and making eye contact with her girlfriend as she thrusts her tongue inside of her. The redhead's eyes roll into the back of her head, the pleasure wracking her body unlike anything she's known before. It makes her knees weak, and she's grateful for Beca's hand on her back, keeping her from falling backwards off of the other side of the counter.

"Holy fuck, I'm soclosebabydon'tstop." she rushes out. One of her hands scramble to find Beca's hair, and she can't help the way her hands push her closer, harder to her center. The brunette adapts to the feeling of Chloe's hands pushing and pulling at her hair as she fucks her with her tongue, as quickly and as best as she can.

It doesn't take long, with the combination of Beca's fingers and Beca's mouth, ranging on sucking and licking at her clit, to send Chloe over the edge. Her grip tightens, and for a second, she's worried that she's hurting the brunette. But she can't help it, as Beca's eyes lock onto hers again, and the pleasure takes over her

She screams out, rocking her hips forward onto Beca's tongue as she comes down from her high. The brunette slows down, finishing up by pressing loving kisses to the inside of Chloe's thighs and up her stomach. She pulls away, chin wet with arousal, and she wipes it with a soft, out-of-breath and drunken laugh.

When both their breathing has evened out, Chloe looks down at her girlfriend from where she's sat on the counter, stroking a damp strand of hair from the brunette's face. Her expression is tired and satisfied, and Beca is thankful that she's able to sense her emotions. She brings her hand up to Chloe's cheek, smoothing some wild curls back and she smiles adoringly up at her.

"I love you so much. You know that, right?" she asks, and Chloe grins at her before reattaching their lips and pulling Beca on top of her, mumbling "I love you too baby" into her mouth.

They both seem to fit on the counter together, and although it's freezing cold and hard against their skin; they both fall asleep on top of of it, their bodies tangled together and their minds foggy from the alcohol in their system.

We woke up in the kitchen saying,
"How the hell did this shit happen?"
Oh baby, drunk in love we be all night
Last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies grinding up in the club
Drunk in love