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Beca is sat on a stool in the kitchen of hers and Chloe's shared apartment. The redhead had finished filming yesterday, and they are now having the wrap party. It would have been at a club but the venue cancelled last minute, which led to Chloe asking (okay, more like begging) if they could have it in their apartment rather than cancelling it. Of course, it took minor persuasion, but Beca came around eventually.

Now, Beca is watching her girlfriend dance in their living room. There are quite a lot of people here, enough of them to fill the house completely, as well as some of them being outside. The Bellas are all here too, as well as all the people involved with the movie, and a few other famous friends of theirs.

She takes another sip of her vodka cran, looking around to see if the house is still in an okay state. Of course, there are random cups strewn about, and food and drinks dotted around haphazardly. And all Beca can think about is how long it'll take to clean in the morning. Which is stupid to think about, because she's supposed to be having fun. So with that thought in mind, she downs the rest of her drink, slamming it down on the table before standing up. She walks over to the fridge and pulls out a beer, opening it and throwing the cap on the floor before taking a big gulp.

She then notices her girlfriend again, dancing with Angie, whom is involved in the movie. Chloe and her had become close on the first day, and seemed to be inseparable ever since. And you'd think that Beca would be jealous that her girlfriend is dancing so provocatively with this woman, but surprisingly, she isn't. Because she knows Chloe, and she knows that the redhead means well, and that she would never hurt her on purpose.

She stumbles over to the redhead, pushing past a few people, already feeling the alcohol heading straight to her brain.

"Hey!" Chloe shouts over the music when she finally notices Beca. The redhead wraps her arms around the brunette, laughing at the goofy grin Beca has on her face.

"You look beautiful." Beca grins, putting her hand on Chloe's hip as the redhead starts to dance in front of her. She pulls her girlfriend closer, and starts to dance with her, their bodies moulding together perfectly. She can feel the music, the heat, the touch of her girlfriend, all the way through her core. It shouldn't have surprised her that her girlfriend had such a huge impact on her already.

The songs go by in a blur, and her bottle of beer is discarded somewhere in between. Their bodies are close together, and Chloe is starting to show off a little. Beca knows she is showing off, because there is a playful tease in those blue eyes the whole time she stares at her. The woman is gorgeous and she is definitely, fully aware of it.

Suddenly, Chloe turns around and presses back, and Beca automatically pulls her closer by her hips. It's impossible to ignore the pleasant throb that hums through both their bodies. Both sets of blue eyes seem to darken, and slower pulses from the music make their movements feel more sensual. Especially as Chloe seems to guide Beca through their dance, not caring about the people around them. Chloe has always been good at this.

Beca lowers her head and buries it in the column of Chloe's neck as the redhead presses against her again. And automatically, Chloe's hand reaches up behind her and threads into Beca's hair, and she instinctively turns her head to give Beca more room as she feels her girlfriend place kisses on her skin. She feels Beca inhale, grinding herself more firmly against her with circling, rolling movements of her hips.

A hand slides up Chloe's arm until she can feel the brunette's fingers holding onto her shoulder, as her other hand grips her waist. Beca is kissing Chloe's neck, and the redhead's pretty sure that Beca's never turned her on so fast before. The brunette's hand which was resting on Chloe's waist, slips around to her stomach, pulling the redhead's shirt partway up her stomach. And Chloe carries on dancing, circling her hips firmly, as she struggles to stop the soft moan escaping her throat at the feeling of Beca's warm hands on her.

Chloe's eyes roll back when she feels Beca's other hand move to her stomach, so that both of her hands are stroking her soft, sweat slicked abs. She drops her head back onto Beca's shoulder, releasing an irritated groan.

"You drive me crazy." Beca whispers against Chloe's skin, her hand continuing to roam up and down Chloe's stomach. Never too far, but the friction makes Chloe restless, and she knows that Beca is teasing her. It's what Beca does, and if she wasn't so hot and excited right now, she wouldn't be so bothered by it.

Chloe turns in Beca's arms so they're facing each other, and there's barely a second for their eyes to meet before Chloe surges forward and kisses Beca; hot and fast, making the brunette breathless already. Beca clutches at Chloe's hips while the redhead holds onto her shoulders, and she breathes out a heavy sigh when she feels a leg press between her own.

The brunette pulls back from the kiss, watching Chloe's face closely. Her eyebrows are knitted, with a wavering concentration as her eyes dart back and forth between her eyes and mouth. Her mouth is parted, and there is a slight smirk on her lips as she moves her mouth beside Beca's ear. And they both find it a struggle to stay dancing in time with the music, as their centres press more intimately against each other's thighs with each movement. And then Beca's eyes wander down to Chloe's chest, which heaves with each heavy breath she takes.

She wants to say something. She wants to tell Chloe how beautiful she looks tonight, and she wants to tell her how proud she is that she's filmed another movie, which is probably going to be awesome, because come on now; she's Chloe freakin' Beale. She wants to tell her that she wants her, and she needs her to touch her, and feel their bodies against each other, more intimately than this. She has all these thoughts running through her head, but when she opens her mouth to speak, the only thing she can say is, "fuck" as she feels Chloe's hot breath against her ear.

They continue to move as one. Chloe's mind is hazy as her arms slide around to the back of Beca's neck, and she succumbs to the urge to duck her head under the brunette's chin, burying her face there. She whimpers when she breathes in Beca's scent, and the warm skin pressed against her; it's nearly all too much.

"I want you." She whispers against Beca's skin as the song changes. Her hands stroke up to the brunette's thick hair, and she runs her fingers through it as she feels Beca's strong arms wrap around her. One arm curls up to grip her shoulder, locking her in, and the other stays resting on her hip. Chloe presses in closer, fully melding against her girlfriend. They fit so well together. It's so easy and so good for them to curl into each other.

"Come on." Beca says quickly as she grabs Chloe's hand, and the redhead grins when she sees where Beca is leading her. There are people stood at the bottom of the stairs, and Beca's actually surprised that nobody has been upstairs, despite how many times she's said that upstairs is out of bounds.

They make it into the bedroom in what seems like seconds, the door slamming behind them as their lips crash together. And Beca's good at this, Chloe knows it. She can rip Chloe's clothes off in a matter of seconds if she wanted to. They've had a lot of practise.

Their bodies stay pressed against each other as much as they can as they make their way to the bed, Beca immediately pushing Chloe down on it when they reach it. Their hands are fumbling, and their bodies are trembling at just the thought of having sex when so many people are downstairs, but eventually, they manage to strip each other of their clothes.

"Did you lock the door?" Chloe breathes out into Beca's mouth as she feels the brunette's naked body grind down on top of her, and her fingers unconsciously dig into the brunette's shoulder as she feels her hands running up her stomach.

"It doesn't matter." Comes Beca's response as she pulls back, and drapes the bed sheet over them. At least then, if someone decided to walk in on them, they wouldn't see them completely naked.

Chloe lets out a soft laugh as Beca's fingers dig into her sides, which is then followed by a moan when she feels her girlfriend's mouth on her stomach, marking her all the way down to her abdomen.

She loves this about Beca. How she can make her feel so good without even trying. How one look, or one word, whispered huskily into her ear, can make her feel so... alive. And yet, it shouldn't surprise her. Not when she feels Beca fingers at her entrance, and not when she feels the brunette's tongue snaking out and licking over her arousal. It shouldn't surprise her, because this has happened so many times before, yet when it does happen, she doesn't even try and stop the loud groan from escaping her lips.

And she has to bite the back of her hand to keep from letting the whole house know that she's getting fucked, because Beca's so damn good at this that she can't even help the loud moans tumbling out of her mouth. With one hand resting against her own mouth, occasionally biting it to keep from screaming out, she runs her other hand down her body until she reaches Beca's head, and she twists her fingers in her brown locks, her back arching off the bed when Beca hits a sensitive spot.

The Beca slips two fingers in, and she starts to fuck her with sharp, rapid thrusts. And Chloe has to bite her hand even harder as she chokes on a moan. She's pretty sure that the alcohol in Beca's system has boosted her ability to make Chloe feel even better than she normally does.

"Beca. Oh god, Beca," she whispers in a raspy voice. "Fuck, right there."

Her whole body feels like it's on fire. Her eyes squeeze shut, and her breath hitches with every thrust. And then Beca carries on flicking her tongue over her clit, while simultaneously slamming inside of her, and Chloe's pretty sure her heart is gonna stop beating.

Beca smirks, and Chloe can feel it as she writhes above her. Her orgasm washes over her, and pulses with every flick of Beca's tongue, and thrust of her fingers. And she screams into the back of her hand when the brunette's fingers speed up, not even giving her chance to come down from her first orgasm, before she's all but catapulted into the next one.

"Come on baby." Beca whispers as she shimmies her way up Chloe's body, still thrusting two fingers inside her. And then she adds another, and her fingers speed up, and Chloe goes silent. Her mouth forms an 'o' shape as she whispers a breathless "holy fucking shit", and her back arches off of the bed.

"That's it. Come for me." The brunette breathes out against Chloe's lips, "Let go."

The redhead lets out a scream, and her legs shake as she comes, her cunt pulsing around Beca's fingers, and her breath coming out in short, ragged breaths. She has her eyes closed, and it's like every muscle in her body locks down as her pussy clenches around Beca's fingers, coming hard as she gasps for air.

"God, you're so hot." Beca whispers, her fingers gradually slowing down until Chloe is no longer shaking underneath her. She leans down to kiss her again, and she smiles when Chloe's lip trembles into a soft moan.

"You're too good at that." The redhead breathes out, followed by a gentle laugh. She feels Beca's fingers on her cheek, stroking over her soft skin in a comforting manner.

"Open your eyes."

The redhead does as she's told, immediately smiling when she sees Beca looking down at her, with enough love to almost make her cry. And even though it's dark in the room, and Chloe's vision is still hazy from the mind-blowing – and she doesn't use that word lightly – orgasm she's just had, she can still see the love that Beca has for her as the two of them lay together, their bodies pressed against each other, and their breaths mingling.

"It's your turn." Chloe whispers as she leans up to kiss Beca, immediately flipping her over so she is laid on her back underneath the redhead.

Their bodies move together perfectly as they kiss. Chloe spread Beca's legs enough to fit her own thigh between Beca's, and she moves her hips upwards as she presses her leg up into Beca's crotch. The brunette breaks the kiss, moaning into Chloe's mouth when the redhead's thigh pushes against her in the best way possible.

The redhead rocks her hips forward again and again, and Beca's breath hitches at the sensual movement. She scrambles for a hold on her girlfriend, settling on gripping Chloe's shoulders as she thrusts forward again.

"Jesus, Chloe," Beca breathes out. But it doesn't deter Chloe. The redhead just carries on, repeating the action over and over as she lets the sensation wash over them both. She keeps her speed constant, and she can feel the wet drag of each movement, as Beca's crotch grinds up to meet her thrusts.

Chloe grips onto Beca's leg as tightly as she can as she pushes herself forwards over and over. And Beca's eyes squeeze shut as her girlfriend repeats her movements until they eventually get a rhythm happening. The brunette can feel her orgasm building in the pit of her stomach. Every one of Chloe's movements; the way she digs her fingers into Beca's leg, the way she thrusts her hips forwards rhythmically, the way she breathes out low guttural moans, even though Beca's the one receiving all the pleasure. Everything about Chloe in that moment, sent Beca tumbling over the edge.

And Chloe watches Beca closely and carefully, taking in every sharp inhalation of breath and every lip bite and every moan escaping her lips. And she presses as close as she can to Beca, kissing her hotly as they move together in almost perfect synchronization.

Slowing down her movements, Chloe smiles as Beca hums happily and kisses her, her tongue slipping into her mouth. The redhead's hand comes up to move the hair from Beca's face, and the brunette's eyes eventually opens when she pulls back for air.

"That was incredible." She breathes out with a grin, her breathing still laboured as she comes down from her high.

"How much do you bet that everyone knows what we're doing up here?"

"Oh God, who cares." Beca smiles, pulling Chloe closer to her as she places a soft kiss on her lips. "We're never leaving this bed."

And unsurprisingly, Chloe was completely okay with that. Especially when Beca flipped them over again and started to kiss her way down the redhead's body.

Yeah, leaving the bedroom sounded like a terrible idea.