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Chapter 1: The High School Bully


Felicity ducked her head to avoid the laughing faces of the girls, leaning against the lockers and watching as she hurried down the hallway with an armful of books. She was used to it, the bullying had followed her from middle school right up into her senior year. She told herself they were just jealous of how smart she was, of the fact that she had never gotten below an A- on an assignment. (And that minus had been the week that her grandma had passed away so she hadn't had time to study.) But she knew she was just kidding herself, the beautiful girls who tortured her had no reason to envy her. They had friends, they had lives outside of books and college applications, they had boyfriends and party invitations and everything that felicity had never had.

The fact that she had skipped two grades didn't help, she was only sixteen while all her classmates were celebrating their eighteenth birthdays. She was an outcast in every sense of the word. But she never faltered in her goals, never tried to make herself seem less smart than she was, never put up with the discomfort of wearing contact lenses just to be prettier, or wasted time that could be spent studying to spend hours on her makeup. And she had the dozens of early admission college acceptances to show for it.

She gasped as someone bumped into her hard enough to send her stumbling back against the wall of lockers, her shoulder screaming in protest as it took the brunt of her weight. The books she'd been holding went crashing to the floor and she watched in dismay as the football player who'd crashed into her, kicked them across the hall with his boot. The scene began to attract a bit of a crowd and she blinked back tears as she heard the snickers and whispers surrounding her.

"On your knees, bitch!" The jock, she thought his name was Brent, leered, gesturing to her strewn books. Swallowing her pride, she dropped to her knees and began to gather her possessions. Trying to block out the lewd jeers surrounding her.

"Hey!" She looked up at the unfamiliar voice, and her eyes settled the angry face and hulking figure of an older boy shoving his way through the crowd until he stood toe to toe with her tormentor. Considering the fact that she didnt recognize him, and she knew everybody at this school by face, she knew he had to be the new transfer student she'd heard so much about. He'd been the talk of the entire school ever since he appeared unexpectedly the day before. She hadn't been included in any of the gossip sessions but she'd overheard quite a bit. From what she'd gathered, his name was Oliver Queen; he was at Coast City Academy because he'd been kicked out of every private school in starling city. He was richer than God, and impossibly gorgeous. She had to concede on that last point, as she watched him stare down the smaller guy in front of him.

"Where I come from, we don't find knocking a woman down amusing. Clearly, I've not only traveled to Coast City, but I've somehow managed to time travel to the Stone Age. It's really the only explanation I can come up with as to why I've found myself face to face with a Neanderthal." His voice was calm, but very low and threatening.

Felicity could see the other boys face hardening in anger, but he wasn't brave enough to try anything.

Oliver Queen turned his intense gaze on her then, his eyes softening slightly as they settled on her wide ones. He moved away from Brent, and held a hand out to her.

"Get up." The words were commanding, but his tone was gentle. She hesitated only a second before she took his offered hand and clambered to her feet. "Are you ok?" He looked her over as though checking for injuries and she felt herself flush under his heated gaze.

It wasn't until she nodded hesitantly that he turned back to Brent, who still stood staring at them, looking very confused. Almost as confused as Felicity herself.

"Pick up her books." This time Oliver's tone matched his words as he barked the order.

Felicity watched in shock as her bully reluctantly stooped to hastily gather her books from the floor. He handed them to her with barely disguised disdain, and she felt a sinking in her gut as she realized that the second Oliver had gone, she was going to pay for this.

"This isn't over." He snarled.

Felicity wasn't sure if he was talking to her or Oliver, or maybe both of them. But with one last scowl, he stalked off, shoving his way through the crowd and disappearing down the hall.

Oliver turned his attention on the gaggle of gaping kids surrounding them and rolled his eyes.

"Show's over. You can get back to your little lives now." He said loudly.

Felicity watched the crowd disperse for a second before turning back to look up at him.

"You didn't have to do that." She said quietly.

"I wanted to." He gave her a small smile, which she returned hesitantly. "You don't have to put up with them you know, why not fight back?"

She sighed and dropped her eyes to the floor. "I've learned from experience that that only makes it worse. It's easier to just walk away."

"Well maybe I'll just have to assign myself as your personal bodyguard then." He smirked. She looked at him in surprise and he chuckled at her expression.

"Oliver Queen." He held out a hand towards her and she felt herself smile as she took it.

"Felicity Smoak." She replied softly.

"Well, Felicity Smoak, what's your next class?"


"Mine too. You want a partner?"

And that was the moment that both of their lives were forever altered.

Felicity spent their senior year talking Oliver down from fights and persuading him to spend his nights studying with her instead of out and getting drunk. Which resulted in Coast Academy being the only school he wasn't kicked out of. When he graduated with honors Robert Queen actually hugged her in gratitude.

Oliver spent their senior year bullying off anyone who gave Felicity a hard time, and any of the male species who even looked at her twice, much to her irritation. He also managed to convince her that setting aside Saturday nights for fun as opposed to studying was a vital part of living. He was the one who got her drunk for the first time, teasing her for years afterwards about how she'd spent the whole night pronouncing her own name 'Lificity'.

When they graduated, he followed her all the way to MIT, where they shared a campus apartment for three years. She studied computer sciences while he did the business degree his father wanted him to. He had no intention of ever taking over his father's place as CEO of his company, but it was Felicity who told him that the degree would come in handy with all of the business endeavors he did want to do. Like opening a nightclub.

He put up with her first boyfriend, but not without threatening the poor kid very thoroughly on how dangerous it would be to his health if he were to hurt Felicity. It was she who ended the relationship after nine months, and Oliver took her out to an expensive restaurant and listened as she ranted and rambled about why she'd had to break up with him. He then sat and watched Iron Man with her while she sobbed onto his shoulder. He later denied any knowledge about why her ex was sporting a black eye the next day.

Oliver didn't have any serious relationships. But Felicity was well aware of the long list of girls he'd spent the night with. She tried not to think about it for the most part, but would have been lying if she said it didn't bother her. There was only one girl who ever stayed around for any length of time. Laurel. They were never in a proper exclusive relationship but she stuck around for a few months and he seemed to genuinely care for her. Until one morning after she'd spent the night at their apartment, she managed to bring Felicity to tears with a scathing comment about a rumor she'd heard (or started). Oliver told her to leave and he never saw her again.

And finally on graduation day, she'd stumbled off the podium, diploma in hand and raced towards him with a grin that stretched from ear to ear. He caught her in his arms and twirled her around, while she giggled with excitement. And then he'd set her down and kissed her like it was something they'd be doing for years. She kissed him back in the exact same way.

And nothing really changed, except that there were never any other women in Oliver's life after that, and when they moved into their next apartment back Starling City, the second bedroom was turned into a gym/computer lab.

Then there were club openings, and software design launches and galas and family dinners and eventually a spontaneous proposal while they were cooking mac and cheese on a Thursday night.

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