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"I don't want to go." You find yourself whispering to Hannah as two orderlies stand just outside your room. It has been four days since the event involving the bed, the fight, and you breaking the pompous doctor's nose; and this morning the staff had the nerve to drop another ball on you. They are transferring you to another facility- a behavioral health hospital as they call it. A place that specializes in mental health. Great.

"I know, JJ." Hannah sits next to you. "But we do not have a choice. We've done everything we can for you here.."

"I'm getting better.." You try, not willing to admit that you are terrified to leave the safety the hospital has provided.

"And we want you to continue to do so; we want you to get back to your life, to become that kick ass agent we all know you are." You don't smile often anymore, but Hannah manages to bring a small one out. You have learned to trust her, relay on her, believe her. She has become sort of a liaison between you and Hotch; telling him your concerns so that you did not need to worry about them. And it has helped.

You watch as Hannah leans closer to you and smiles a bit. "Besides, we want this guardianship crap to be over with." She winks and you cannot help but laugh. It's true, you want your rights restored and are realizing the only way that is going to happen is if you agree to get some help.

Not that you really have any choice. You don't get a choice in consenting to, or declining medical treatment, you don't even have the legal right to sign your own consents right now, that is all Hotch. And according to the law, what Hotch says, is what is done. You can fight all you want, it won't make a difference unless Hotch changes his mind.

Hannah must know that you are terrified because in the moment the men start walking towards you to load you on the ambulance, she gently takes your hand. "I'll walk down with you."

And you couldn't be more thankful for her.

It isn't ten minutes later that you find yourself in the back of an ambulance. Hannah is sitting inside next to you, trying to distract you. You are shivering from the cold and simply want to get this over with. Somewhere, deep down in your gut, you know something is wrong.

It might be instinct, or your training, but you know it. You try and calm yourself and your breathing, try to listen to Hannah's soft words. She is trying to calm you, and you are desperately trying to hang on.

And when a mask is suddenly slipped over your nose and mouth, you panic. Something is very, very wrong.

"JJ, it's okay!" Hannah grabs hold of your arms, not allowing you to reach for the mask. "It's oxygen, JJ." She tells you.

You shake your head, you know it isn't oxygen, oxygen doesn't make you suddenly exhausted. You shake your head harder trying to dislodge the mask. You watch as Hannah moves out of your way, and stronger arms take her place, holding you down.

It's getting harder to keep your eyes open, but with your last conscious thought you make eye contact with the paramedic.

"I've missed you, Agent Jareau." He whispers, brushing your hair back. "Don't worry, love, the gas will make sure you take a nice long nap." Your eyes are closing and you cannot do anything as the man who murdered your family leans down and kisses you on the forehead.

It is the last thing you remember before your world once again turns black.