So, yeah I'm starting my very first fanfiction! Note: Haters will be used for fuel and burned. Costructive criticizers will not.

Total Drama Theater


The camera faded in on a large high school-esque theater, as if viewing from the audience. After a few seconds, the camera then zooms in slightly to the left side of the stage, where a man with a tan and windblown black hair wearing a navy blue button-up with kakis came out. "Heyo, Chris McLain here yet again for yet another season of Total Drama. This year, we've migrated down from Ontario, Canada to the city of Lynn, Massachusetts," the host states.

"And yes, I know it's a crappy city," he mentions. "But it was either this or Manhattan, New York, and producers told me that 'the budget cuts got in the way.'" Chris rolled his eyes at his own comment.

"Budget cuts, my arse…"

"Anyway, the rules will remain the same. A group of unprepared teenagers will spend 6 weeks there," he says while pointing to the balcony of the theater. "In the lofty, cluttered, and air-thin balcony. However, game play will make a change this season. Each week they will be given a scene to act out. They must choose the actors, play their part, memorize the lines, and, when it's all said and done, only one will be left standing," Chris said confidently while the camera switched to numerous angles of the theater. "Every 3 days, one team will step onto the stage, where all but one person will receive the script for next week. That person will then take the curtain call of shame," he mentioned. "And they will leave the Theater. Forever," he added with major emphasis.


(cue intro)

The intro shows cameras popping out at different places in the theater, such as up at the balcony, in the dressing room, and at the front door of the theater, where a clapper pops out and claps, signaling the start of a take.

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doin' fine,

The camera rushes through the audience's seats, over the orchestra pit where Chris is sitting, on the stage, and then backstage.

You guys are on my mind

Backstage, the camera shows Thales lobbing a football across the stage.

You asked me what I wanted to be

The camera whooshes to the other side of the stage to show Shawndy and Eric, both ready to catch the ball when it instead hits Z in the stomach as he's talking. Shawndy's eyes widen with a look of concern while Eric just falls over laughing.

And now I think the answer is plain to see

Z glares at the 2 of them while the camera cuts to the side door where Rose is practicing a cheering routine while Karla, standing a few feet away from her, works on a marching routine. Kerrigan watches the 2 from the wall surrounding the orchestra pit while wearing a grin.

I wanna be famous

Ryan comes in from the side, playing on a portable game system, and not paying attention to where he's going. He slams into Karla, knocking her and Rose over in the process. Ryan fixes his glasses to see a furious Karla. In fear, he runs and Karla tries to give chase. Kerrigan, however, holds her back. Rose just looks on in confusion.

I wanna live close to the sun

The camera then cuts the to audience seats, where Seth and Matt are arguing about an arithmetic operation. Melissa sits one row behind them, texting all her friends about how the competition's going. Kimberly is sitting one row ahead when she slaps Matt on the top of his head, telling both of them to not bother her while she plays a video game. Matt rubs his head while Seth just looks on in shock. Melissa, with excitement, texts the event.

Well, pack your bags, 'cause I already won

The camera once again cuts, this time to the table at the back of the theater, with Keith slouching in a chair with his feet up on the table. Johnathan is seen standing next to him, practicing some lines from Hamlet. Nicole sits next to Johnathan with a frown on her face, along with Edward sitting next to her, reading a novel.

Everything to prove, Nothin' in my way

Britney runs behind the table in a panic while slamming her foot into the leg of Keith's chair in the process. Britney yelps in pain as Keith topples over, startling Nicole, Johnathan, and Edward all at once.

I'll get there one day

Over at the other side of the theater, Andrew, Kelsey, and Nirobis are seen passing gossip and giggling over it. Meanwhile, Amanda sits beside them, rocking out to her iPod.

'Cause I wanna be famous

Then the camera cuts to the near front of the theater seats as Victoria shakes her head at the misbehaved group of teens. The "musical number" alert beacon sets off a light and all the contestants notice it very clearly.

Na Na Na Na Na Na

The contestants all run up on stage as fast as they can, which, in some cases, is not very fast at all.

Na Na Na Na Na

The contestants all get in their places, with some people looking more ready than others.

Na Na Na Na Na Na

From the balcony, a number of spotlights turn on, shining down on the contestants.

I wanna be, I wanna be,

The actors start dancing while clapping the beat and lip-synching the lyrics.

I wanna be famous

The performance continues.

I wanna be, I wanna be,

The actors start to strut together in a group and gather, still clapping and lip-synching.

I wanna be famous

The entire cast poses in a group shot and the camera zooms out, showing a large sign with bright lights and saying "Total Drama Theater."