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Chapter 1: Meet the Actors

The camera fades back in, showing Chris standing at one of the back doorways. "Welcome back to Total Drama Theater, folks. You're just in time to meet our 22 NEW contestants, 'cause here they come now!" The large black door at the back of the theater opened up to let the contestants in and introduce them to their 6-week-long-lasting home.

The first teen to come out was a black guy who stood about 5'7". He had short hair and a normal build. He carried a small black backpack and wore a black brand name sweater, red and black running shoes and dark navy jeans that, from a distance could almost be mistaken for black jeans.

"How's it goin', Eric," the host asked.

"Meh, I guess I'm okay, but I'd rather be around my bros," Eric answered, sounding a little bummed out.

"Fair enough," Chris replied.

Eric walked into the theater and took a seat in the front row as the next player came out.

This Caucasian female stood at around 5'1", wearing a military-style uniform, including a beige uniform button-up with certain badges and green pants around her slim figure, and shiny black shoes along with her black hair in a bun and black glasses resting on her face.

"Welcome to the theater, Karla," Chris greeted.

"For the record," Karla told him in a strict voice. "You will not be my commander here. I am my own person in this competition." She strutted away with her head high and took a seat in one of the middle rows.

"Yeah, good luck with that," Chris said as he smirked and held up her contract.

Just then, a rather nerdy-looking girl walked in. She had the skin of a Guatemalan, long black hair that went down to her shoulders and curved at the end, a plump figure and a height of 4'9". She wore a zipped-up Superman sweatshirt and baggy, light blue jeans, and black sneakers with vibrant, neon pink and green laces, along with black, thick-rimmed glasses.

"Our next contestant is Kimberly," the host introduced.

"Oh, my god," she screeched as she runs into the theater in amazement. "I'm so excited to be here!"

"Great to hear," the man replied with an amount of sarcasm. Kimberly ran all the way to the front of the theater with elation.

"But I'm pretty sure that won't last long," he added to himself with an evil smirk.

"What won't last long," the next contestant asked with a lisp that made "last long" sound like "wath'd wong."

He was thin and stood at about 5'5" with dark black skin. He had short, black hair and wore a blue zip-up sweater along with a pair of blue jeans and thin black glasses with blue sneakers.

"Oh, uh... Just talking to myself," Chris replied. "Which brings us to our next contestant, Seth!"

"Thay, this is a huge theater," Seth noted as he walked in.

"It's a theater. It's supposed to be huge," the next contestant remarked from behind.

This contestant who wore a skeptical look was a portly male with white skin, combed blonde hair, and a height of 6'1". He wore a large, yellow-brownish, thick polo and tan pants with suspenders underneath the shirt, along with black dress shoes.

"Well put, Matt," Chris added. "And welcome to the theater."

"Err, thanks... I think," Matt spoke with skepticism as he shuffled into the theater.

"And up next, we have Nicole!"

A 4'11", thin, white girl with long crimson red hair (dyed, of course) walked in on cue with a scowl on her face. She wore light blue jeans and a pastel pink t-shirt, plus red flats with white socks.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, just let me in here so I can just do what my mom wanted me to do," She spoke bitterly.

"O… K," Chris replied with a little disturbance as she stomped in.

"Luckily, on a much lighter note," Chris murmured. "Our next contestant is Andrew!"

When the name was called, Andrew walked in with a prideful strut. He was well built with brown skin at 6'4", had black hair in a buzz cut, wore a black North Face sweater, along with dark green khaki shorts, and had small black-framed glasses plus high-quality white sneakers on.

"Woo! What up, y'all! Andrew in the house," he shouted with elation.

"How, you doin', bro," Chris asked.

"Epically, McLain," Andrew boomed. "Now, if you need me, I'll be parking my carry-on over there," He said while pointing to one of the seats.

"Park away, buddy. Park away," Chris replied as Andrew walked inside.

"Hey, how's it goin'," the next contestant spoke with a perky voice.

This female wasn't very tall at 4'11", but had fair white skin and long blonde hair in the form of a ponytail that went down to her hips. She also sported a maroon-and-grey cheerleader outfit-which included a skirt that went past her knees and clear tights and a short-sleeved shirt of a matching fabric-along with small, white sneakers.

"Alright, it's our cheerleader, Rose!"

"I can already tell this is gonna be cool," Rose said as she literally skipped and cartwheeled into the theater.

Seconds later, another female contestant walked in. She had skin of a Caucasian, a thin figure, and a height of 5'6". She had short, black hair, large glasses, and a serious look on her face. She wore a navy blue sweater over a white blouse, grey dress pants and black leather shoes.

"How ya doin', Victoria," Chris asked.

"Honestly," she started. "I'm appalled at the behavior of these hooligans. I must approach with caution." Victoria then strutted into the theater.

"Oh great, a nitpicker," Chris mumbled to himself.

Luckily for Chris, the next contestant was a lot less uptight.

"Keith! How's it goin', my man?"

Keith had white skin, a thin frame, and a height of 5'5". He had black hair, which was pretty long for a guy, as it simply hung down all the way to his shoulders, along with a slight amount of stubble. He wore an AC/DC t-shirt with a thin, black leather jacket, tight black jeans and black Converses.

"Pretty relaxed, actually," Keith replied. "I just hope no one tries to boss me around."

"Excuse me, but could you tuck in your shirt," Victoria shouted to him from afar.

"Oh no," he mumbled. "This is gonna be a long six weeks." Chris snickered at his comment as Keith walked in.

The next contestant rushed in as if she was in a hurry to get somewhere.

She was thin, with a height of 5'3" and white skin. She had short, straight brown hair that went down just past her earlobe and small yet thick glasses. She wore a light blue t-shirt and blue jeans with a few tiny holes, along with simple grey sneakers.

"Hey, Britney! How you… umm…" Chris said as she ran right past him in a panic.

"Well, that was… strange…"

As Britney ran in, yet another contestant walked into the large theater.

"Amanda! How are ya?"

Amanda was 4'8" with a wide figure and white skin. She had brown hair that went down to the middle of her back. She wore a small, unbuttoned black sweater over a Beatles t-shirt, beige khakis, and blue Converse. She rocked to the music on her IPod as Chris tried to talk to her.

"Uh, Amanda?"

She simply struts past him without a word.

"Yeah, everyone's ignoring McLain today. Very funny," He angrily spoke with sarcasm.

Thankfully for Chris, the next contestant was a lot more social than the last two.

This contestant was another white girl, with a thin figure, a height of 5'0", and brown hair that went down to the middle of her back. She wore a long-sleeved green knit sweater over a white t-shirt and basic blue jeans with simple white sneakers.

"Hey, how's it going," she spoke with her soft voice.

"Pretty good, Kerrigan," Chris replied. "Thanks for actually talking to me," he said while amplifying his voice towards Amanda and Britney, who ignored him. Everyone else just looked at him in confusion.

Kerrigan stepped inside while taking a look around while the next contestant entered.

This enthusiastic teenager seemed slightly younger and stranger than the rest. He was 4'10" and thin with super dark skin and short black hair. He wore a t-shirt with horizontal red and green stripes, beige khakis, and hiking boots. He definitely seemed like an odd person.

"Next up is Z!"

"Hello, people of the theater," he shouted while he held his arm in the air. His voice sounded like it belonged to a ten-year-old.

"Erm, right," Chris replied with disturbance as Z walked in and tried to start a conversation with- well, everybody.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the next contestant shouted from outside the door. "Please put your hands together for… the incredible Johnathan!"

On cue, Johnathan strutted into the theater with his arms out and his mouth smiling, as if he was greeting an audience. He then turned his head left and right in a confused look.

Johnathan was tanned and slightly muscular, with short black hair gelled up in the front and a height of 5'8". He wore a light blue buttoned shirt with long sleeves, blue jeans and white sneakers.

"Hey, where's the audience," Johnathan asked, still in his pose.

"They're not here until the finale," Chris told him.

"Then I'll see them in the finale!" Johnathan then seemed to side-step into the theater.

"As least he knows what he's getting into," Chris said to himself.

Just then, the next contestant walked into the theater smiling and giggling.

She had white skin, a height of 5'5", and a thin yet busty figure, with dark brown hair that was slightly teased and hung down to her lower back. She wore a white graphic t with a sparkly design saying "OMG", a red skirt with black tights, black boots, and a sparkly black beret.

"And now for the guys watching this show, here's Melissa!"

"Hey, guys," she said while waving to the camera. Suddenly, there was a buzz and ring tone, coming from her pocket.

"Oh, hold on. I gotta take this," she said as she pulled her phone out.

"Ah! OMG, XD, LOL," she typed aloud as she walked in.

Chris then faced the camera. "Gotta tell ya, I'm already loving the cast this season," he chuckled. "So hilarious!"

"Well, you better not be laughing at me," the next contestant scolded.

The male was well-built with white skin, a height of 6'3" and brown hair in a buzz cut form. He wore a maroon and grey sports jersey with the number 47 on it, tattered blue jeans, and white sneakers.

"Thales, of course I'm laughing at you," Chris told him while trying to hold down another laugh.

"Well, let's see if you're laughing at me by the end of the season," Thales replied while shoving Chris aside and walking in.

"I probably will be."

As Chris spoke those words, another jock made his entrance.

This contestant was muscular at 6'5" with brown skin and extremely short black hair, along with a thick amount of stubble on his cheeks, chin, and under his nose. Like Thales, he wore a maroon and grey sports jersey, only it had the number 19 on it. He also wore black jeans and grey cleats.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he hollered while striking an athletic pose. "The winner has arrived!"

"Not 'til the finale, Shawndy," Chris told him.

"Meh, no need for a finale," Shawndy gloated. "I know I'm gonna win this."

Chris then got curious about something. "You do know this is an acting competition," he asked with a smirk. "Right?"

"Huh?! An ACTING competition," Shawndy replied in a surprised tone. "I thought performance meant ATHLETIC performance! Great, just great."

Chris gave a loud laugh as Shawndy walked in disappointedly.

"Ah, this show's gonna have some juicy secrets here, I can feel it," the next contestant said excitedly.

This female contestant was thin with dark brown skin and a height of 5'2", along with black hair that went down to the middle of her neck. She wore a crimson blouse with tight black jeans and red flats, along with thin black-framed glasses.

"I'm sure you will, Kelsey," Chris replied. He then leans in to whisper to her. "But if anything about me gets out, you know what'll happen," he whispered suspiciously.

"Yeah, I know, I read your contract," she retorted aloud as she walked in. "I'll just find some other secrets."

"I might be able to help you with that," the next contestant remarked from behind the doors.

This female contestant with the evil look on her face had a thin, yet slightly busty figure, with dark brown skin and a height of 4'11", with her dark brown hair in the form of a ponytail the went down to her upper back. She wore a black t-shirt and long black khakis, and red flats.

"I was waiting for the villain to arrive, Nirobis!"

"Well, she's here now," Nirobis told him. "So, don't worry."

Nirobis then walked inside, observing the theater rather closely.

"Alright, one last contestant; and here he comes!"

The final contestant was a thin, nerdy-looking male with short blond hair, white skin, a rather pimply-looking face, and a height of 5'1". He had braces on his teeth and wore a dark grey t-shirt with the design of a Super Nintendo controller, plus blue jeans and grey sneakers.

"Hey, Chris," the contestant said with a lisp that made his "s" sound like a "th".

Chris wiped the spit of his face with a disgusted look. "Hey Ryan," he replied.

"It feels so awesome to-," Ryan said before Chris interrupted after shielding his face.

"Err, yeah... please just get in the theater already,"

"Erm, okay…"

Ryan then entered the theater with a look of confusion.

"Well, that's all of them," Chris said looking to the camera. "When we come back, we give a little tour of the theater to our victims- uh, contestants! Stay with us here on… Total… Drama… Theater!"

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