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Naruto, the Storm King


Prologue START

"Kurama!" Naruto yelled out as the nine-tailed beast was forced out of the blond's body. The blond recoiled backwards and began to fall from a height of fifty meters, immediately feeling the drain from the loss of the Bijuu in his stomach.

'A jinchuriki without their Bijuu will die. I can't let it end like this! When did I ever give up? I'll never give in! I'm not Hokage! I won't ever stop fighting back because I CHOOSE TO FIGHT BACK! EVERYONE IS RELYING ON ME!' Naruto roared internally to himself as he grit his teeth.

Naruto barely managed to right himself in midair; only with the strongest of determination did he manage to even move by himself. The blond reached into his back pouch and quickly removed a kunai and a seal tag with an intricate design as quickly as his deteriorating body would let him. Barely managing to wrap the seal around the kunai at a painfully slow speed before he hit the ground, Naruto threw the projectile at the retreating chakra body of the Kyuubi. This was all he could do; his physical condition was at its lowest, and his mind was shutting down. If he failed, that was it. He could do nothing more at this moment but hope.

'I'm not letting you go!'

Madara stared on impassively at the fallen blond and his approaching kunai, uncaring and indifferent to the fallen blond; all of his plans should now proceed smoothly with that problem child out of the way. He knew that Naruto was a distinguished user of seals, but he was certain that there was nothing that the 'weak' child could do now that all of the tailed beasts and the chakra construct of the Kyuubi were in his chains.

Naruto could only stare as his kunai went closer and closer to his partner. Time began to slow down. If the kunai reached the Kyuubi in time, then he might have a chance to win and survive. However, if the kunai did not reach the chakra construct of his Bijuu in time…then he would definitely die and the whole Shinobi Alliance would fall to the Moon Eye plan.

'Please make it!' Naruto screamed internally; at this point, he wasn't even able to move his mouth.

Right before Madara brought all of the chained tailed beasts to himself, a flash of light erupted, enveloping and spreading over the whole battlefield. All of the shinobi in the alliance force raised their arms to shield their eyes from the blinding light, despite the fact that they were miles away from the main conflict.

Madara Uchiha stared on passively, his eyes staring coldly at the light without batting an eyelash.

When the light had dissipated, the scene before the legendary shinobi made him widen his eyes slightly in shock, but he kept that emotion in check, keeping the ever famous stoic Uchiha look on his face. However, internally, Madara was going through a mental storm and could not understand how the blond had survived.

The blond was standing tall and proud once more, the last bits of orange chakra receding into his stomach as a haori with tattoos and lines appeared once more around the blond. His blue eyes that were a moment before closing from almost dying were now open wide with determination. His orange colored eyes with a cross looked up and zoned in on his final opponent, looking down on him from his tall summon.

"Nice job, Naruto. But what did you do?" Naruto let out a breath of relief when he heard that deep voice in his mind. The legendary shinobi still had not moved, and that unnerved the blond slightly, but he would bide his time to prepare.

"I threw a seal that attached to you which would immediately seal yourself back into me. It's a abberation of my Tou-san's Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God). Without technical terms, I can move the things that my seal touches near my own body, but in this case, I just redirected you back into my body. Because the seal was previously broken, however…there is no seal blocking you now." Naruto remarked with a slight frown, realizing that the cage was open. Not that he really minded; he knew Kurama would stand by his side and fight the 'cursed Uchiha'. The question was afterwards.

Kyuubi immediately began to laugh with glee and…was that sadism? The strongest of the tailed beasts walked until he was in front of the tall, metal bars that had prevented him from leaving for decades. Giving it an experimental push, Kurama was pleased with the results; it opened.

"I may not be the same level as my Tou-san or my Kaa-chan when it comes to seals, but with this development…we can completely merge and perform a true BijuuMode."

Kurama cackled in ecstasy, his laughter now reaching a new height of maniacal glee. Finally, the chance to get out of his cursed cage and destroy everything in his path was before him. He accepted it without a second thought; years of pent up energy was residing in him, and it was finally time for it to be let out him a giant explosion of chakra when he went all out.

"Naruto, I'm warning you right now. This will be extremely dangerous. We will be merging our chakras for the short time we go into our complete transformation but…"

"Shut up and do it already, you damned fox! You know nothing is going to stop me now! Not you or even my parents, so let's get this damn show on the road, 'ttebayo! That bastard is going down!" Naruto interrupted Kurama, his voice resonating in his mindscape. Kurama simply chuckled, having expected that answer from his container.

"You don't disappoint, Naruto. Then-"

"Let's get WILD/Let's do this, 'ttebayo!" The two roared at the same time.

Madara, who was still looking on impassively, suddenly took on a battle stance when he noted the blond's chakra levels increasing to exceptional levels. It quickly rose to the capping point of his Bijuu Sage Mode. However, instead of slowing down or stopping at the peak of his chakra level, the blond's chakra continued to explode, growing larger and larger, now exceeding Madara's and Hashirama's chakra levels combined at their primes. By the time the chakra growth finally began to slow down, its density was at such a level that it actually began to pressdown on the legendary shinobi, and he ground underneath the blond began to crack and split from the intense pressure.

"Here I come!" The blond snarled in a somewhat demonic tone. His voice had converged with the Kyuubi's, making it seem as if the two were speaking together. Naruto flashed forwards, the ground exploding under his feet. Not even a moment later, Naruto appeared in front of Madara in an orange flash, a Rasengan already fully formed in his right hand. Anyone else wouldn't have been able to see the blond's insane speed or movement, but Madara wasn't normal by any stretch of the imagination; he had the Rinnegan and the highest echelon of the Sharingan.

Madara dodged the incoming Rasengan and immediately retaliated with a lightning-fast punch that made Naruto go flying back. However, 'Naruto' dispersed in a cloud of smoke after taking the solid hit, revealing that it was a clone.

'When did he make a clone? I couldn't even notice with my Rinnegan!' Madara thought to himself; although he had experience and technique under his belt, he would now have to act cautiously. It may just save his life in this case, now that the blond was much stronger than moments before.

However, the black haired shinobi received no respite. A fully formed Rasenshuriken was already homing in his direction from behind. The targeted shinboi felt a small feeling of disappointment hit him; the blond was still acting so predictably, so victory wouldn't be too difficult. And here he thought he would have a challenge that equaled or surpassed Hashirama.

Simply moving his hand towards the dangerous kinjutsu, Madara began to absorb the kinjutsu. However, the deadly attack suddenly dispersed into smoke, revealing a smirking clone with another Rasenshuriken at the ready. Madara widened his eyes in surprise, immediately moving up both of his hands in a position that Naruto knew too well.

"Shinra Tensei!" The clone flew backwards, dispelling in a cloud of smoke. There was no other way for Madara to prevent that attack from hitting him. The speed at which the clone was approaching him was ridiculous, even faster than the Raikage with his Lightning Armor activated. If the attack had hit, there was a very small possibility the legendary shinobi would have survived; the fact that his chakra points would have been destroyed only increased the high chances for his death.

However, again leaving no time for Madara to muse on his situation, another Bijuu Mode clone suddenly appeared behind Madara, his body glowing an even brighter orange. The Rasenshurken in his hands began to turn somewhat purple as two chakra arms rotated around the spinning sphere, eventually creating a Bijuu Rasenshuriken. Strike the small possibility for survival; anyone hit by that ability would surely be killed. Madara could see the amount of chakra placed into the ability and how deadly the technique truly was with his Rinnegan; for Kami's sake, even without his eyes, he could feel the ridiculous amount of chakra placed into the ability. There was no way he would let himself by hit by that technique.

"Your five seconds aren't up yet, so TAKE THIS!" Naruto yelled out as he threw the gigantic spiraling sphere.

'This has to finish it!' Naruto decided internally, only to widen his eyes in disbelief.

Madara once again merely moved his hands in front of him to suck in the chakra intensive ability.

'What the hell! His eyes are so ridiculous! There should be a limit to how much his ability can absorb!' The blond complained. Seriously, the Rinnegan was stupidly overpowered.

However, instead of feeling disappointment, Naruto's frown slowly grew into a smirk, his feral features becoming even more sinister and animal-like.

"Caught you," he said before dispelling. Madara heard this right before being struck from below, a Rasenshuriken appearing from under the ground. The moment that he was hit by the Rasenshuriken, he stopped absorbing the Bijuu Rasenshuriken from the sudden impact. The Bijuu Rasenshuriken flew forwards once more, and this time struck true. A large explosion rocked the very earth for miles around, creating splits and cracks on the ground, some areas splitting up large enough to make a fissure.

"What happened?"

"What's going on?"

Many of the remaining ninjas of the Shinobi Alliance were confused and worried about the impact. If Madara had that kind of potential, which they knew he had from the fact he could make meteors fall out of the sky, then what was awaiting them? However, Hinata's next words brought relief and exhilaration to all of the ninjas and the Kages.

"It was Naruto!" The lavender-eyed Hyuuga stated, yelling it so that all of the ninjas could hear. The ninjas began cheer, seeing the possible end of the battle.

Back at the battlefield, a large cloud of dust screened Naruto's view. However, that small detail didn't prevent jinchurriki from creating clones and throwing hundreds of kunais with specially made explosive tags. Again, another heavy explosion shook the earth, but the level of destruction was not comparable to that of the Bijuu Rasenshuriken. After he had thrown all but a few of his weapons, Naruto waited, staring intently into the clouds of dust to see what happened to the Uchiha. Naruto quickly allowed himself a moment to think about the other Uchiha, Sasuke.

'I can feel Sasuke's energy returning. Good…he's alive.'

Naruto's Sage Mode disappeared when its time ran out. Heavy exhaustion immediately took its place, but the Bijuu Mode continued to remain on Naruto, and it didn't seem like it would be disappearing too soon.

"We can only hold onto this transformation for about another minute now that your Sage Mode ran out, Naruto. What will you do?" Naruto smirked in response as he crossed his arms.

"Don't tell me you didn't see it, you almighty fox?" Naruto taunted, a wide smirk in place as his orange eyes zoned in on where he felt all of the negative emotions coming nine-tailed fox snorted in response, but inwardly, he was curious. What did Naruto do that even he, the almighty demon, couldn't see?

When the smoke and dust had cleared, Madara was standing, but obviously with some difficulty. Instead of succumbing to the torturous pain, the man began to yell with exertion as his perfect Susanoo appeared over him, looming hundreds of feet tall over the blond. Naruto just shook his head, his smirk still in place.

"You lose. Fuuin (Seal)!" Suddenly, Madara's ultimate defense disappeared. The last enemy felt himself begin to lose his chakra and his body begin to disappear into another realm, knowing the feeling from using Kamui on himself. He looked up at the blond with hatred when he felt that he couldn't prevent the teleportation.

"What have you done?" He said in an ice cold tone, but even Naruto could see the cracks starting to become apparent. The shinobi in front of his was going insane from rage now this his grand plans seemed to be at an end. Naruto released his Bijuu Mode, his glowing orange eyes turning to cold, dead blue eyes. He immediately felt the strain of using the completed Bijuu Mode but kept the pain and stress hidden under his composed gaze. He stared at Madara and looked down at the laying figure of the legendary shinobi.

"I'm only paying you back with interest. You have killed my friends and my family. And so, I have decided that your punishment would be to be sealed in my creation: a pocket dimension where you can't use your own teleportation techniques because your chakra would have already been sealed away, never to be in your grasp again." At this point, Naruto's composed gaze changed to one of sarcasm and anger. "Perfect, isn't it? The very cursed eye that could help people to teleport cannot be used in my realm. Humiliation for such a legendary shinobi is fitting for someone like you! You won't be able to use the Rinnegan because you have no ability to use chakra anymore. You won't be able to kill anyone anymore. In fact, you only have another twenty seconds until all of your chakra disappears, becoming latent in your body until the day you die in my dimension. You, Madara Uchiha, have failed." Slightly panting after his short speech, Naruto took a moment regained his breath.

"You were saying that you weren't a Seal Master? And it's good to know you're taking that sadist nature from me." Naruto coughed mentally and told Kurama to shut up.

"I see…I don't need to know when you did it but…this will be my final action then before I leave this world forever," Madara grunted him his position on the floor, already knowing the futility of fighting against a seal that had been placed against him. Naruto suddenly felt the chakra in the vulnerable shinobi increase to heightened measures.

"He's going to kill himself if he uses chakra to that level when he's that low!" Naruto thought to himself in confusion; Kurama, unlike his container, already knew what the insane man was doing.

"Naruto, get out of the way!" Kurama warned. Naruto tried to respond, but too late. His body was already being sucked up by the Uchiha's last jutsu. Madara, seeing the blond's body slowly swirling into a portal that he created, closed his eyes. Naruto was too drained to move freely, and like Madara, already knew the futility of fighting back this time. He sure as hell wasn't one to give up, but even he wasn't that stupid. Fighting in the war and seeing his friends die had made him more realistic and understanding of situations. And his situation right now was…unavoidable.

"If I will die, then the shinobis will never have their hero back." Madara stated with a final smirk before dying. The only sign that the man had gone to the next life was that Naruto could not feel Madara's chakra any longer, which was a relief. His friends and family would finally be able to live, and his purpose in life seemed complete. Peace.

As his final action in this world, Naruto slowly scrawled out a last message onto a sealing paper and dropped it on the ground wrapped around a kunai. Right when the kunai hit the dirt, Naruto disappeared.

Hinata, who had seen everything occur, rushed from her position and sprinted to where Naruto last stood. Despite the pain of overexertion and chakra exhaustion taking over her body, she continued to run. When she reached the scarred battlefield, she ignored the deceased enemy and went straight for the paper and kunai. On it were scrawled two barely legible words in Naruto's handwriting that would make all that were close to the blond cry from the loss of a precious person.

"Goodbye, everyone."


(Location: Mindscape)

"And I'm back in this sewer again. How'd I do, Kurama?" The fox snorted, but grinned with a feral smirk.

"Not bad, kit. Not bad at all. We finally killed Madara and ended the war, even if the consequence was that you had to leave the Hidden Nations." Naruto stopped floating in the sewer water and got off his back in favor of standing on top of the water.

Giving the fox a confused look with a tilted head, he asked, "What are you talking about just "me" for? Aren't you in the same boat?"

As if to answer his question, the fox's body started to glow, becoming ephemeral. Chakra began to escape from the body of the fox, but instead of the normal red and deep crimson, it was a gold color…the color of purified chakra.

"Bijuus like us cannot leave dimensions. We would mess up timelines and create huge paradoxes, which you would have known if you had actually carefully read your father's notes about space/time techniques. The fact that you are even able to leave with your status as jinchuriki is strange by itself. In fact, there are already changes being made to your body." Naruto looked down at his body and noticed that his hands were smaller and that his favorite jumpsuit and sage clothing had strangely become too large for him. What he was noticed was that the Kyuubi's chakra levels were increasing. The blond looked up at the fox with a worried and devastated look.

"NO! You can't do that, Kurama! We're partners! A jinchuriki isn't one without his Bijuu!" Naruto cried out, his voice cracking. Tears made its way to the blond's eyes, but he didn't rub them away. It was just water…men don't cry…that's what he told Inari…he wasn't crying.

Despite the fact that the fox had given him hell in his early years, Kurama was the one constant in Naruto's life that had never left him. Especially in their last year together, the demon fox and the sage had become somewhat close to friends, relying on the other and helping the other complete their goals; one wanted to destroy Madara, and the other wanted to bring peace to the nations. Both had succeeded.

Kurama's smirk dropped slightly at Naruto's plea and the sight of tears running down his face, but his grin returned when he noticed Naruto was still shrinking in size until he returned to his early teen years.

"You're such a loud brat again, huh? I may be powerful and almighty, but even I cannot go from dimension to dimension. However, my other half is rejoining with me, meaning that you will have full access to my chakra in whatever new dimension you end up in. Keh, you won't even need to ask me for permission anymore." Kurama explained, trying to lighten the mood. Naruto stared up at the fox in its cage in silence, hiccupping from trying to force down his rising emotions. When he felt he had regained control of himself to an acceptable level, he slowly walked up to the cage and raised his fist, tears silently running down his face.

"Thanks Kurama…for everything. For being an asshole. For making me suffer in my early years but giving me the best last year a shinobi could ask for. For being my partner…and my friend. But what will happen to you when I disappear from this dimension, then?" Kurama's smirk widened as he brought his fist forwards to meet the blond's in a fist bump.

"I'll finally be free, roaming the Elemental Nations once more with my chakra complete once more. I'll be seeing you, Naruto." And with that, Kurama disappeared, his golden chakra dispersing from the cage and escaping into the whole sewer. Naruto kept his fist raised before he broke down and began to cry uncontrollably, the hiccups returning as dropped to his knees as slammed his fist on the ground repeatedly, each strike shaking the mindscape from the extraordinary force from each strike. The implications of leaving his home finally hit him like lightning. No more friends, no baa-chan, no Sakura, no Shizune, no Shikamaru…and not even Kurama. His constant was now gone from his life.

The dam of emotions flooded. What would happen in the new dimension he would end up in? He could end up anywhere, and anything could happen to him. Would the people he would meet have the same values as he? Would they even be people? Eventually, the blond calmed down and forced himself to smile; sulking and acting depressed were for the weak with nothing better to do. Naruto regained his composure and began to think methodically through the infinite possibilities, but ended up sitting down and resting his chin against his palm as he waited (im)patiently

"Well, if worst comes to worst, like ending up in space, I can go into my own dimension and study my tou-san's signature technique to teleport to a world. Do I still have the notes? Wait…" Naruto's mood lifted as he remembered that he had not only copied the notes for the Hiraishin, but also the whole jutsu index inside the Forbidden Scroll when he was preparing for his final battle… which he had sealed into his skin. When training, he had learned a surprising amount of techniques due to both the Kage Bunshin and a surprising development: he realized that he not only had a major affinity for wind, which he already knew, but also two slightly smaller affinities for lightning and water. Those two extra affinities made training different elemental jutsus that much easier, but he had not yet mastered the complete manipulation of his sub-affinities yet.

Suddenly, Naruto was forced out of his mindscape. Opening his eyes in surprise, he was exposed to his new surroundings. His blue eyes noticed spinning circular gates, which he was in the center of as he floated in this endless loop of space. The gates never ended, and he noticed that he wasn't able to leave the large circles, no matter what he did. The horizon, if that was what it was, was black and orange, consistently changing as he went along the gates.

"Woah…this is pretty cool. But where am I? Well that was a stupid question…no one's going to answer me because I'm alone in here." Naruto said to himself with a pout, his normal attitude already showing signs of returning.

After nearly thirty minutes of continuous floating, a small tear opened up in the space, which Naruto fell into. For some reason, the blond knocked out when he fell through the small space gate, but that reason remains unknown.


(Location: Fairy Tail's Guild Hall)

Makarov, the third guild master of Fairy Tail, took a large sip from his cup of beer and set the cup back on the counter. He was currently relaxing as he stared at his guild members, his children, fighting again and creating another ruckus. The old man let out a sigh of content, completely fine with letting the bar fight continue as long as it didn't get to out of hand.

Mira was having one of her usual fights with Erza. As the two butted heads, lightning cackled between the two in a show of heavy rivalry. Gray and Natsu were also having their famous rivalry battle in another part of the guild hall, although neither of the two was using their respective magic. And of course, the rest of the guild was fighting as well, throwing beer bottles and tables, quickly making the small skirmish into an all out bar battle. Makarov took another sip of his beer and looked up. Laxus had his headphones on and was staring down at the bar fight with an apathetic look, but Makarov could tell that even his usually stoic grandson wanted to get into the middle of things. However, there was no one really strong enough in there to make him interested since Gildarts was currently taking a mission that would last another month.

For a moment, Makarov noted a high level magical release, but he quickly dismissed it. He assumed that someone was training or currently on a mission. However, when he felt the magical release fluctuating uncontrollably and approaching the guild building, Makarov dropped his content expression and became serious. He spread out his senses and realized that it was coming from above the building, and it was coming fast. In fact, it should have struck about –

"WAAAH! WHAT THE HELL!" The guild members yelled out or shrieked in unison. All of the members raised their weapons or got into a fighting stance, prepared to take down the intruder. However, when the smoke dispelled, what was revealed to crash through the ceiling and create a small crater on the guild floor was –

"A child? What's a kid doing here?" One of the members asked. The rest of the guild members just shook their head in a similar state of confusion. No one had the slightest idea what a child was doing in the guild, especially one that had fallen through the ceiling.

"FIGHT ME!" Natsu, being the idiot that he was, yelled out his challenge as he lit his hands on fire to fight. He was promptly struck down when an irritated Erza punched the pink-haired dragonslayer in the jaw, sending Natsu crashing into one of the guild's walls. Gray immediately began to sweat profusely as Erza turned her sights onto the ice mage.

"Were you fighting with Natsu again?" Gray shook his head over and over again. Screw his pride; Erza was a monster and hit harder than Elfman when she was pissed.

The guild members continued to stare at the child, all of them sympathetic for him when the smoke had completely cleared to give a perfect view of the platinum-haired youth. They all ignored their previous defensive thoughts and ran towards the unconscious boy, noting that all of his clothes were torn and were much too large for the small child, making the older guild members wonder what the small blond had gone through in his past. When they were directly above him, a small detail that everyone noticed was that he had three small whiskers on each cheek.

Makarov was still sitting on the bar counter, but now he was staring at the child in interest and worry. Interest because the child had been the one to give off enough magic presence to indicate he had at least A-class mage reserves, and worry because the child was injured and unconscious. However, he was probably the only one to notice that before the small child had crash landed into the guild hall, a golden thing instinctively wrapped around the unconscious blond and created a sort of cushion and extended to the ground to slow down the fall, completely nullifying any damage that could have happened to the small child. If he had fallen without any cushioning…it was quite safe to say that the youngster would have been severely injured.

Many of the women in the guild squealed when they heard the blond purr. One of the interested girls, Cana, had scratched a whisker on the blond's cheek, eliciting the somewhat feline response. The brunette giggled and continued to play with the unconscious blond's whiskers, resulting in the same response each and every time, much to the delight of the female side of the guild. The boys and men began to pout as rain clouds formed over their heads from the lack of attention from the opposite sex…except for Natsu who was still cowering against the wall, staring frightfully back at Erza alongside Gray. Not exactly the attention the any man would be aiming for.

Makarov looked up once more to the second floor and saw that his grandson had lost his apathetic and stoic look and had taken one of interest. The lightning mage had noticed that inner strength that the small child had and was immediately interested but was slightly disappointed when he noticed that the blond was unconscious. However, that didn't take away his interest or his confusion as to where the small child had come from.

The guild master took another drink from his cup and stared at the large circle in the middle of the guild hall. He smiled for a moment.

"Fairy Tail really does treat everyone like a family, even if they don't know them."

Many of the women were talking about how cute the blond was. Makarov began to cry to himself as well, tears comically streaming down his face from the lack of attention as master of the guild. How the blond had taken all of the attention away from every single man in just a minute was a true question. No man should ever allow that to happen…especially Elfman. However, the master got over his major issue quite quickly, deciding to deal with getting attention from the women later on. There were more pressing issues, for example –

"GET THAT CHILD TO THE INFIRMARY!" Makarov ordered loudly from his position, loud enough for the whole guild to hear. Immediately, all of the women responded, every one of them carrying the blond as if he were the most delicate thing in the world. The ones that weren't carrying him were just following and staring at the adorable face the sleeping blond made. Somehow, the men's depressive rain clouds became larger, and Makarov's stream of tears became even wider and stronger, creating a puddle beneath the small man.

Yes, things would definitely get interesting in the guild in time.

Chapter End.

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