Chapter 10: Natsu, The Flame King of Fairy Tail


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Chapter 10 START

Year X784

"Hargeon Port? I think this is it, Natsu!" Happy said. Natsu groaned in response from his spot on the train, suffering from a stomachache of epic proportions. He was doubled over on his seat, trying to become comfortable, but it was extremely difficult. Something important to know about dragonslayers: the stronger he is, the more he will feel uncomfortable with any kind of motion. Natsu, who was currently an S-class mage, was feeling the motion sickness quite heavily.

"Ugh…I don't think I can make it…" Natsu said in his misery, making another groan when the train suddenly stopped. The dragonslayer fell off of the seat and thudded on the car floor before speaking again. "It's finally over…the torture."

Happy jumped to the ground and started pulling on Natsu's sleeve to try and gain his attention.

"Let's go, Natsu. We don't want to miss our stop. You don't want me to use the medicine Naruto made for you, do you?" Natsu suddenly stood up, a stark contrast from his previous state from a moment before, but his face was pale with fixed lines of exertion. He forced himself to walk to the exit of the car and walk down the alleyways, barely making it out of the train before it left the station.

"…Never again. I can't understand how Naruto can cook so well but give me crap for medicine." Natsu said with a shudder. The blond had made a medicine to Natsu to deal with his motion sickness, and it worked wonders, but it was the most disgusting flavor that Natsu had ever tasted in his life. And considering the fact Natsu ate a large variety of food since he always grabbed whatever he considered food and ate it, the fact that the medicine was the most disgusting thing he had ever tasted said a lot.

"But he makes reallygood food!" Happy said on Natsu's shoulder, sitting on it with a large grin on his face. Natsu agreed to that statement whole-heartedly as he took his first steps into town, walking up the stairs from the station to enter the streets of the town. It was the generic town; the floors were made of cobblestones and the buildings were made with an amalgam of construction materials: wood, metal, nails, and other specific materials. Natsu found himself smiling as he walking around town, taking in the air and the sights, especially the large ocean, its waves lightly crashing against the port and beach.

Suddenly, Natsu's ears twitched as he heard feminine screaming, but it wasn't from fear. He immediately blanched before sighing and pinching his nose, closing his eyes. But he had to do it; the location of screaming probably had a large congregation of people, meaning his best chance to get information was currently at the location of the cursed thing called fangirls.

"Are you going to go there, Natsu?" Natsu sighed again and nodded his head.

"Yeah, but I really wish I didn't." Ever since Natsu had become an S-class mage, he had entered the Sorcerer's Magazine and had quickly become popular due to his cheerful personality. It helped that he was also attractive to the majority of the ladies, and his pink hair, for some reason, attracted even more. This brought about the bane of Naruto's, and now Gray's and Natsu's, existence: fangirls.

At first, Natsu was okay with it, basking in the attention and gloating his rise to S-class…until he realized how crazy the fangirls truly were. Seriously, finding out where he lived and surrounding his house with signs and posters of his face was…a somewhat traumatic experience for the dragonslayer. It only got worse when Natsu entered the top ten list for mages women would want as their boyfriends; he actually began to feel bad for his prank against Naruto in the past.

The fiery-haired dragonslayer sighed again before quickening his pace, wanting to get over with what was going to happen next. A few minutes of walking, the sounds of fangirlism and exuberant and excited chattering entered his ears before he even saw the large crowd, but one thing was a constant.

"It's Salamander!" Natsu's eyes twitched. Suddenly, he stopped, thinking about it for a second, his finger pressing against his chin as his eyes drifted upwards to the sky. "Do they mean Igneel? I hope so…" The pink-haired dragonslayer's eyes gained a glint of hope as he again increased in pace to reach the epicenter of the screaming. When he saw the large group which consisted of mainly girls, he balked.

'That's…a lot of girls. I think I'll useTransformation Magicto make sure I don't get noticed. But I know it's not Igneel now…because he's a dragon…sooooo, who the hell is this Salamander?'

Natsu quickly transformed his face and clothing, changing into a nondescript person. Changing his spiky pink hair into black, and his eyes to coal-colored eyes. His clothes changed from the standard clothes and sandals of Natsu to something Naruto would wear; he wore a long black coat with, his pants turning into long black jeans, his sandals changing to light blue shoes. With his transformation completely, he shoved his way through the crowd of girls, receiving some rude remarks and exclamations, but he ignored it until he reached the front, dropping to his knees when he was suddenly pushed and ended up right in front of the Salamander.

Natsu's hopeful grin immediately vanished when he saw the person the girls were calling Salamander. That wasn't Igneel…obviously, but who the hell was this guy? The spiky-blonde-haired man had a sort of black cape that was only tied at his neck. There was a white collared shirt under the cape made him seem formal, but Natsu didn't care.

"Who the hell are you?" Natsu asked bluntly, his eyes boring into the man's own. Immediately picking up his flair, the blond-haired man smirked and pointed at himself.

"You may know me as Salaman-hey, where are you going?" The man didn't even get to finish when he saw that the transformed Natsu was already trudging away from the crowds slowly with a cat bent over in a sorrowful position on his shoulder, a stark contrast from the women smiling at him with hearts in their eyes.

"Hey, you're so rude to Salamander."

"He's a great mage!"

"Apologize to him!"

A few of he girls around the edges of the crowd grabbed onto his scarf or the edges of his clothing, pulling him back to the epicenter of the crowd unceremoniously.

"It's alright girls. He didn't mean it," Salamander said in a calming manner, winking at the girls in a show of flair. The girls soaked it in as they screamed and swooned. He pulled out a whiteboard and marker and quickly wrote something on it, handing it to Natsu, who was calmly and lamely staring up at the man from the floor.

"What now?" Natsu asked in a tired tone. The man ignored it as he gave Natsu the whiteboard, handing him his…signature?

"Here, I'll give my signature to you. Show it off to your friends," he said, finishing with a silent undertone of haughtiness. All of the girls swooned again, speaking about their envy of the dragonslayer who was receiving the famous Salamander's signature. However, instead of accepting it with excitement and happiness, Natsu simply turned around on his knees and said –

"I don't want it." Suddenly, Natsu found himself thrown out of the circle and skidding against the town's street. However, the pain of skidding on his neck and stomach didn't hurt as much as the disappointment he felt building up in his stomach; he had been waiting for so long to see his dad.

"It wasn't him…" he mumbled to himself before shakily getting back up and turning around, watching the mage say some words about a party at the port before snapping his fingers and flying away on a flaming cloud, leaving with many of the girls promising to be at the party. Natsu clicked his tongue in distaste.

"That…is some of the ugliest and worst made fires I have ever seen."

"What is he?" Natsu said quietly, staring up at where the man was last seen before disappearing from his vision.

"He is really disgusting."

Natsu turned around and saw an…extremely beautiful girl with blonde hair, one ponytail on the side of her head. She was extremely curvaceous with large breasts, and his clothes weren't hiding that fact, but rather accentuating that detail. Her shorts were high on her thighs, but Natsu ignored it.

"Hmm?" The girl smiled at him.

"Thanks for earlier." Natsu raised his eyebrows. Happy just stared up at the girl with a questioning look on his face.


(Location: Restaurant in Hargeon Port)

"Bleh blah uzurl blah (You're a nice person)." Natsu said as he continued to chew and glug on his food, eating without restraint. Happy was doing the same, but he was complaining about the quality of the fish.

"Haha, it's okay. But can you please not eat like that?" Lucy asked, although she received no response or any change from his actions. Natsu suddenly stopped grabbing food and swallowed before talking to his faithful Exceed partner, who Lucy thought was just a talking cat. It had surprised her at first that the cat could talk, but this was a world of magic! Anything was possible.

"You know the fish will never be as good as his, Happy. Restaurants just don't make it the way you want," Natsu pointed out before grabbing a large piece of chicken and biting out a large chunk and began to chew with enthusiasm. The flavor suited him at least. Natsu glanced down and saw Happy pretending to be a dinosaur this time as he ate his fish, or more specifically, like a T-Rex. The Exceed was smashing his head against the fish, pretending that his arms were too small to grab onto the food. Natsu immediately spit out the food in his mouth out of laughter, and it shot out straight forwards…to Lucy.

"Ugh…" The blonde said in disgust, wiping off the grime and food off of her clothes and face with a napkin. However, she managed to keep a smile on her face as she continued to talk, despite the fact that Natsu and his partner had already created a hole in the blonde's wallet.

"That Salamander guy was using a magic called Charm, a magic that was banned several years ago because it causes other people's hearts to be attracted to the caster," the Lucy said in contempt. She looked out the window and stared at the streets as her eyebrows furrowed in her increasing disgust. "But trying to get girls with magic…especially banned magic…how disgusting." Suddenly, the girl's demeanor changed as her tense face took on a smile as she turned back to the duo. "But because you two jumped in, the magic wore off on me."

"I zee…(I see…)," Natsu said with his mouth full, not really paying attention. The food was top priority at the moment. Fill his stomach, talk later. Lucy ignored the fact that Natsu didn't seem to be paying attention and continued.

"I may not look like this, but I'm a mage, too. I'm looking at guilds and want to be part of one. I'll get to take missions, and I heard there are some really strong guilds out there…especially the one I want to join." Natsu just continued to listen silently as he ate his large meal, now guzzling down a drink before slamming the cup down on the table and asking for more.

"That's cool," Natsu said, waiting for his drink to come before starting on his meal once more; he was only halfway through the plates that filled the table. Lucy had stared at the transformed Natsu incredulously when he had ordered so much food, but was shocked to find that he was actually able to eat it with no problem. Not only that, but the speed at which the dragonslayer ate was…scary.

"So…why are you here?" Lucy said, trying to start a conversation with the "black-haired" nondescript person who had helped her. Natsu looked up and smiled widely.

"I was looking for Igneel!"

"Who's Igneel?" Lucy asked, thankful that he had finally responded to something or started a conversation.

"He's my dad," Natsu immediately replied. Saying that his dad was a dragon was a bit…stupid even on his terms currently. Naruto had forced some common sense into the somewhat dull dragonslayer's head…before he left. Well, he always returned, but two years ago, the blond S-class mage left and hadn't come back to the guild since…ever since he saved Gildarts during the man's SS-class mission.

"Ah…well, I hope you find him. What's your name?" Lucy asked mainly out of courtesy.

"Natsu," he replied, not saying his last name lest he gather the attention of possible fangirls. Kami, those things were everywhere! They were worse than the media for Kami's sake. No matter what, he couldn't shake them off somehow.

"Well, thanks for saving me, Natsu. I'll be leaving. Bye!" Lucy said as she placed some money on the table before getting up and walking away. Suddenly, Natsu and Happy got off of their seats and started bowing on the restaurant floor.


"Stop that!" Lucy shouted in embarrassment before running out of the establishment. Natsu and Happy stopped bowing as soon as the blonde left and looked at each other before cracking up, laughing without reserve. They didn't care if the customers were staring at them; they could stare all they want, but they can't ruin a good time.


(Location: Somewhere in Hargeon Town)

"Haha, these guys are too much! Man, I really want to be in Fairy Tail now. It just seems so great…and free." Lucy looked up at the sky and raised her hand to block the small glare that was flickering into her eyes. "Yeah…being a Fairy Tail mage would be the best, huh? And they have some pretty amazing people, too!"

"I see. So you wish to be part of Fairy Tail?" Lucy immediately went on guard, closing her magazine and turning around swiftly to see who had snuck up on her.

"What do you want?" She asked as soon as she saw Salamander, glaring at the man. In response, he just raised his hands in a sign of peace before speaking again.

"I just wanted someone beautiful like you to be at the party. It would be a shame if you didn't come, hmm?" He said with one of his eyebrows raised in a provoking manner. Lucy held in her disgust when she responded.

"Don't think you can fool me. I know you used Charmmagic on all those girls. The problem with that magic is knowledge, and since I know that you used it, it won't work on me." If anything, Lucy's statement seemed to make the Salamander grin even wider.

"Perfect. I knew you were a mage the moment I saw you! That's perfect!"

"How is it perfect that I know that you were using a banned magic on the girls back at the town area?" she asked. Salamander smirked again, his grin becoming even wider.

"Because I'm a part of Fairy Tail." Lucy's eyes immediately widened in surprise. This man was a part of Fairy Tail, the guild that constantly creates destruction and havoc, but also one of the most powerful guilds of Fiore?

"You're a part of Fairy Tail?" She asked just to make sure she heard correctly.

"That's right. I'm the Salamander of Fairy Tail. So, if you come to the party and keep the magic thing our little secret, I'll put a good word in for you with the master so that you can get in." It didn't even take a moment to think for Lucy to respond.

"Of course!" The blond male smiled and snapped his fingers before disappearing on his flame cloud, but not before saying –

"I'll be waiting then."

Lucy took a moment to watch him fly away before thinking to herself.

"It's just to get into Fairy Tail. I'll deal with that idiot to get in."Suddenly, her expression lightened when she smiled brightly.

"Fairy Tail! I'm going to finally be a part of Fairy Tail!"


(Time Skip: Two hours)

"Man, I'm full! That meal was good!" Natsu said as he patted his stomach. He and Happy were now walking along the streets, basking in the afternoon twilight. The sun was slowly going over the ocean in a lazy arc, its orange light reflecting against the water's surface, creating something beautiful that couldn't even be described by the viewer. It was as if flames were dancing on the water's surface, never staying still for more than a moment.

"Aye!" Happy said, patting his stomach in the same motion. The two decided to walk around the town until the last train came to take them back to Magnolia Town. Part of the reason was to enjoy the rest of the day and just relax, and the second reason was because Natsu wanted to put off the pain of riding on a train for a long as possible.

For nearly half an hour, the two ambled through the streets without any sense of direction, simply walking towards whatever seemed to have the most attraction or appeal. After a while, the duo got bored and decided to start heading back up to the train station until they heard two girls gossiping on the party that the Salamander was hosting.

"Did you hear?" One of the girls began in an overly exuberant tone. "The great mage Salamander is hosting a party on one of his boats at the port!"

"Really?!" Natsu and Happy both clamped their hands over their ear from the sudden shriek before slowly releasing their holds, grimacing slightly in pain from their sharpened senses. The two then began to walk again, but at a slightly quicker pace, wanting to get away from the two strident girls. "Wow…I wish I could've gone."

"Yeah, me too," the first girl said remorsefully before perking back up again. "Oh yeah. I even heard he's a part of that famous guild called Fairy Tail!"

Stop. Natsu's ears barely picked it up, but he heard it.

"What? He said he's a part of my guild?"

Natsu looked down at Happy, the Exceed staring up at him with a serious expression. Then, the two nodded in unison before turning their gaze to the boats on the port.

"Happy…pass me the disgusting medicine. We have a party to crash."


(Location: Boat)

Lucy's first impression of the party was that whoever set it up really did not hold back at all. There were tables with tablecloth, a plethora of fine wine, food, and refreshments, and even entertainments. Some people on the side of the boat were playing a variety of relaxing and enjoyable music to set the mood of the party.

Not only that, but all of the people at the party was dressed formally, giving the party a feeling of elegance. But then again, Lucy was used to these sorts of events due to their family status…but no one needed to know that. Either way, she somewhat enjoyed herself for the first half hour of the party, but the possibility of joining Fairy Tail was much more exciting to her than the party.

Currently, she was inside one of the rooms inside of the ship, sitting on a couch as she made small talk with Salamander.

"So your name is Lucy, huh? Such a pretty name," he said in a flirtatious tone. The pretty blonde took it in stride, smiling and thanking him.

"Thank you," she said with a cute tilt of the head. The blond haired man nodded before raising his right hand, a glass of wine held up by two fingers on the stem.

"You're welcome. So…how about we start this evening together with a glass?" Lucy raised her eyebrows, but she wasn't totally new to the idea of drinking. She had drunk wine before, but it wasn't as delicious or addicting as she had first expected. Besides, sweets were better, way better.

"Don't you have to attend to your other guests?" Salamander just shook his head with his eyes closed, as if he were speaking with a child.

"I just felt like I wanted to have a drink with you, someone that is so pretty. Here," he said, snapping his fingers. Some droplets in the glass of the wine rose in the air. Lucy watched in slight fascination. Then, it slowly started moving towards her face. "Try opening your mouth; they'll come in one by one." Lucy inwardly screamed in frustration; she just wanted to finally be a part of Fairy Tail! When would this idiot let her join the guild? But she relented, opening her mouth slightly.

"Just a little longer. If I deal with this guy a little longer, I can finally be a part of Fairy Tail. Come on, Lucy, you waited for so long. Just a few hours couldn't hurt, right?"

However, right before the droplets entered her mouth, she suddenly moved back, pressing her back against the couch before swiping in her hand in front of her. Then, she stood up and glared at the man in front of her.

"This is a sleeping drug, isn't it? What are you planning?" she asked in an angry tone. Salamander just smirked in her face, immediately changing his smile into a sinister, sickening grin.

"Oh, and how did you know?" he asked tauntingly. Lucy ignored the tone and increased her glare.

"Don't get me wrong; I want to join Fairy Tail. But I have absolutely no intention at all of becoming your girl. Are we clear?" she said, trying to set her own stipulations. Lucy knew what would have happened if she fell asleep. She would've waken up sometime later…and possibly in a bed and room that she didn't know.

Salamander's smirk widened even more as he leaned forwards, grinning savagely. For some reason, the lights in the room seem to darken with his character as his face became shadowed.

"You've been a bad girl, Lucy. If you had fallen asleep peacefully, everything would have gone smoothly. But since you've been bad, you need to be punished…" he finished, leaving the girl wondering what he meant.

"What are you talking ab-AH!" Suddenly, two powerful hands grabbed onto her arms, preventing her from moving from her position. She turned to see what was behind her to find that the curtain behind was removed, revealing multiple large men with ugly smirks plastered on her face.

"Nice job, Salamander-san! This one's real pretty!" The man gripping her left arm said.

"We haven't had one that was so pretty in a while," the other hulking man to her right said, saying the words in a certain tone that sent a bad shiver down the blonde's spine. She didn't like where this was heading towards, and it was going down that path fast.

Lucy looked forwards and heatedly glared at Salamander.

"Who are you?! What are you doing?!" She yelled at him, unable to understand why they were placing her in such a position. Before he responded, Salamander moved up closer to her and gripped her face by the cheeks with one hand before leaning in close so that their faces were only inches apart.

"Welcome to our slave ship. I must ask that you remain…silent until we reach Bosco." Lucy's breath hitched when he said the word slave, but her heartbeat was drumming when he said Bosco.

"Wait, why Bosco?! What happened to Fairy Tail?!" She asked in a frightened tone. The next words made her dreams shatter and crash to the depths of despair, the abyss of impossibility.

"I told you…this is a slaveship, not a ship to Fairy Tail. You were never meant to join Fairy Tail in the first place!" Salamander said in a chaotic tone, his voice becoming more sadistic by the word until he was cackling as he talked. "I BROUGHT YOU IN AS MERCHANDISE, A TOOL FOR MEN, FOR PLEASURE! HAHAHA!" Suddenly, he stopped cackling and laughing, but the smirk never left his face as he leaned in once more. "Just…give…up, little lady."

Lucy could only stare back at the man with a dumb gaze in her face. She had been completely duped. Instead of spending the next few years enjoying life in a guild…she would be spending her days with men…never the same man for more than day. Disgust at the man in front of her and anger at her own self started growing in the pit of her stomach. The possibility of joining the guild she had always wanted to be a part of had blinded her to the maliciousness of the man in front of her.

"You thought this out well, Salamander-san," the man behind her said. "When girls fall for your charm, they all fawn over to you and become perfect merchandise. Hehe…such an easy job."

"But…it seems that the Charmwon't work on this little lady here. So, should we trainher a little?" The implications of his words were clear. The whole time the men behind her discussed what they would do to her body to train her, Lucy's head went further and further down. This couldn't be her reality, could it? Just a few hours ago, she was enjoying a meal with a stranger named Natsu.

"I wish that he was the Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail."If she couldn't do anything now or look forward to her future, she could at least wish for something from her past. She couldn't grab her keys since her arms were unable to be moved from the iron grip of her possessors currently.

Useless…she had never felt so useless before. Pain. Sadness. Loneliness. But not uselessness. There was nothing she could do in this situation.

"Why…would someone do this? How can they…do something like this?"

Salamander moved even closer, patting her over and reaching into the cut in her revealing dress, before his eyes brightened when he heard a jingle of keys. Pulling out what he found, he was slightly surprised at what he saw but smirked nonetheless. She really was a mage.

"The Keys of the Gates…so you're a stellar spirit mage, hmm?" The blonde slaver said mainly to himself. The men holding onto Lucy and behind her heard him, their interest piqued.

"Wait, what's a Stellar Spirit? We don't know anything about magic," one of them said. Salamander just shook his head; they were wasting time. By this time, all the women on the boat should have been subdued and primed for their slave trade.

"Don't worry about it. Only contracted mages can use this," he said, jingling the keys in the air, twirling with the ring before suddenly throwing it out of the window, a splash indicating the keys falling into the ocean…into the empty abyss. Lucy felt the same as her keys, her heart and hopes absolutely sinking into despair. Now there was trulynothing she could do. She was in no ways physically powerful, and she had no other real magic other that her Celestial Keys. Tears brimmed around her eyes as her hopelessness resounded in her chest.

"So…this is a mage of Fairy Tail…the guild I've been dreaming for so long to join."She heard Salamander say that she was about to be branded as a slave, but she was more focused on her thoughts. She just wanted to be alone…but that would probably never happen in her life again. To be with men, forced with them for money, for her life and until death or until she became useless…that would be her future.

Hope…would probably never happen again to her.

"BASTARDS!" Suddenly, the top of the room crashed inwards, wooden planks and pieces of metal falling to the ground. Lucy recognized the person that dropped to the ground immediately.

"Natsu?!" She asked, wiping away her tears. The men holding onto her arms had let go in their surprise; even Salamander had backed off in surprise, staring at the intruder. Maybe…she could hope. But, was he even a mage? What could he do in this situation when he was outnumbered against mages and men with strength?

"The brat from earlier?" Salamander yelled in surprise, pointing at Natsu, who slowly got up from the ground after crashing on the ground. He raised his fist from the cratered floor, glaring at the men in front of him. He wasn't an idiot; he immediately knew what was happening in a moment when he took a quick glance at his surroundings and the room. Not only that though, but he heard one word before crashing through the roof with his enhanced hearing: slave. That was more than enough to make him enraged when he saw that the girl he had met was becoming slaved by the men in front of him. Putting two and two together in this situation was not difficult at all for Natsu.

"Happy," the dragonslayer said with an air of authority. The Exceed saluted to the still transformed S-class mage before using a short burst of magic to bring out his wings. Suddenly, Happy moved, and in a burst of speed, was in the air with Lucy in tow.

"Huh?" Lucy said. But she felt it. Just like as she was physically being lifted from the ground, her hope of rising. She would escape. Now…if she could just possibly get her keys somewhere in the ocean, then all the girls could possibly be freed as well.

Salamander regained his bearings quickly; seeing someone crashing through the roof was a surprise, but seeing a talking cat with wingswas definitely even more jaw-dropping. He shot a large flame at the flying duo, but his flames missed by a small margin. He gritted his teeth in annoyance before turning to his subordinates.

"Don't let that woman get away! It'll be a problem for us if she reports this to the council members or the Rune Knights!" Salamander said authoritatively. Instead of moving to stop the men, Natsu stared on, his arms crossed over his chest. He trusted Happy would easily be able to deal with these guys, even with their projectiles.

"Oh, look. It's a gun!" Happy said, his eyes flicking downwards from the air. Lucy looked down and immediately shrieked when she heard the report of a bullet whizzing through her ear. Happy didn't seem to be fazed at all by this dangerous situation. If anything, he seemed to smirk instead of smile. "Shall we dance, Lucy?" Suddenly, the Exceed began to drop towards the ocean, twisting and spinning quickly through the air, easily dodging the bullets the men shot their way. Training with Naruto and Cana had taught him how to dodge projectiles. He didn't want to be a burden to Natsu and wanted to be on an S-class mission, so when he asked Naruto to train him, the blond threw a dozen blunted weapons at the Exceed in response. That was the beginning of Happy's training.

"Wait, Happy! Can you drop me in the ocean right about there?" Lucy said, pointing her finger near the side of the boat. The cat-like Exceed nodded quickly and flew over towards the area, still spinning and twirling in the air as they dodged multiple bullets. Lucy felt sick from the flips and spins, but she would hold her own. She had to, if she was to save the girls. They were counting on her!

"You all…sicken me to the stomach," Natsu said in an angry tone. Suddenly, the slavers remembered the dragonslayer that was still in the room and turned to him, immediately pointing their guns at him. Natsu didn't even flinch. "Slaving people…drugging them…and even branding them?! You're lucky I'm not him, or all of you would've been screwed within a second. I'm still sending you to the Rune Knights…" Suddenly, Natsu slammed his fist and open palm together in front of his chest. "-but you're not going there without a few injuries."

Salamander 'tch'ed in annoyance and pointed at Natsu, whose face had become completely serious with taints of anger. "Kill him! Shoot at him." He ordered. The men immediately shot at him at the same time, but Natsu simply turned and flipped out of harm's way without even batting an eyelash.

"So predictable where they're aiming."

Click Click Click Click

Natsu smirked as he landed on the floor. "And they're out of bullets."


(Location: Outside of the boat)

"HA!" Lucy took a large breath to fill up her almost empty lungs and raised her hands.

"Are you alright, Lucy?" Happy asked, dropping low so that he was almost on the water's surface. Then, his wings disappeared as he dropped onto her head. Lucy smiled.

"Yup, I'm fine." She quickly went through the keys in her raised hand and found the one she was specifically looking for. "Open! A door to the Treasure Vase Palace: Aquarius!" Suddenly, in a flash of light, a mermaid-like women with a large vase appeared. She was wearing a bikini and had somewhat long hair. There were multiple jewelry on her body, but the most noticeable was the one that was on er forehead, holding her hair up, giving her a kind of Egyptian look.

"WOAH!" Happy said in surprise. Lucy smiled.

"I'm a Stellar Spiritmage, so I can summon beings from other worlds!" The blonde turned to Aquarius."Now, Aquarius! Use your powers to send the boat back to the port!" The summoned being acted as if it didn't hear for a few moments before responding.

"Tch." A tic mark made its way to Lucy's forehead.

"Did you just 'tch' me? Huh?!" Lucy said in childish irritation, forgetting about her situation for a moment.

"You're such a noisy brat." Aquariusturned away from Lucy and stared at the boat in silence before speaking again with a serious tone. "Let me tell you one thing. Don't ever drop the keys again, I'll kill you," the spirit said in an ominous tone.

"…H-hai," Lucy responded, frightened by Aquarius'irritation and anger. The spirit nodded quickly before –

"ORRAAA!" She swung her vase like a baseball bat. Suddenly, a huge wave rose from the ocean, taking the boat, Lucy, and Happy in its wash.

"Damn it! I didn't mean send me on the wave!" Lucy shouted in indignation.

"Wow, I get to ride on a tsunami!" Happy said with glee, which was completely random. Lucy would've deadpanned and sweatdropped at the Exceed if she wasn't riding an enormous wave currently.

As soon as the boat and the two crashed onto the port, Lucy dismissed Aquarius, although she was slightly irritated that the water spirit was showing off the fact she had a boyfriend. Then, the two quickly ran to the boat, ignoring the outbursts from the spectators on the port, and ran up the stairs and into the room where they were sure that a confrontation was about to occur between Natsu and the slavers.

"-you can't do anything to me. I'm in a legal guild, Fairy Tail! If you harm me, you'll just be punished by the Rune Knights! Besides, brat, it's common courtesy to not get onto other people's boats without permission." Lucy and Happy opened the doors and saw Natsu slowly getting up, his face showing some signs of unease. The Exceed immediately connected it to motion sickness; the large wave would've overridden the medicine Naruto had created for the dragonslayer. However, now that the rocking of the ship had subsided, he should be fine now.

"Ah…right, there was that. Look at me in the eyes, mage of Fairy Tail…" Natsu said seriously without a single ounce of unease in his voice. The dragonslayer stared at Salamander closely, ignoring the men rushing at him from the front. Lucy was about to summon a spirit, but Happy stopped her.

"Don't worry. Natsu is a mage…an extremely strong mage," he said with pride in his voice.

"Natsu's a mage? A strong one?" She asked in surprise. Happy smirked as he nodded his head, his eyes shining as if he knew a secret that the blonde girl didn't. Suddenly, Natsu disappeared inside a cloud of smoke. The two men charging at him stopped in their tracks in surprise. Natsu, taking advantage of this moment, gripped one man on the side of the head in a vice-like grip, and then slammed it into the other charging man's head. They both dropped to the ground unconscious.

When the smoke cleared, all that was left was Natsu back in his original form with a visage of clear anger on his face. "I've never seen you before!" Natsu said accusingly.

Two of the men behind Salamander sharply inhaled, recognizing Natsu immediately. Lucy did as well, recognizing the scarf and the rosy-colored hair; if any girls interested in mages or magic didn't recognize those characteristics, then they were completely out of the loop.

"Bora-san! I recognize him!" Both of them said in surprise. "Bora" turned to the slavers behind him.

"What the hell! Don't say my name now!" He said, berating them for their idiotic mistake. If they were caught now, there was no way for them to get off easily.

"Bora…Bora of Prominence. He was banished from a mage guild called Titan Nose a few years ago." Lucy nodded her head slowly, still getting over the shock of having eaten with THE Natsu Dragneel, the Flame King of Fairy Tail, a part of the generation of elites.

"I don't care if you're good or bad…you used our name, and I can'tforgive you for that!" Natsu said as his magic levels began to rise. Bora, however, seemed to regain his bearings and suddenly shot a large blast of fire at Natsu, completely covering the dragonslayer in flames. Bora smirked, thinking it was over. None of the others agreed. Lucy was worried, but not nearly as much as she would have been for any other person; Natsu was named the Flame King for a reason. If anything, she was more worried for Bora and his slavers than anyone else.

"Disgusting…is this really fire? It's worse than Naruto's medicine. Even Naruto made better fire than this when he first started learning it as a new magic," Natsu said from inside the flames. Slowly, the flames seemed to circulate around the dragonslayer, slowly dissipating until it flowed into his…mouth? "Whatever, I'll eat whatever I can get."

"What the hell! Is he eating fire?!" Everyone shouted in surprise except for Happy, whose smile was widening until it was similar to a Cheshire grin.

"Haaa…itadakimasu…but that still sucked." Natsu said with a tone of disgust in his voice; the awful fire had left a bad aftertaste in his mouth. It even smelled bad. Natsu changed his facial expression back to serious concentration as he breathed in a lungful of air, his magical energy rising. "Let me show you realfire! Fire Dragon's…"

Bora and the men behind him were stuttering in their fear; some were trying to run away from the pink-haired mage. Either way, there was no way for them to get out of range of Natsu's calculated attack. Red and blue flames started to flick around Natsu's mouth, licking around the air, swirling and increasing in mass until it exploded forwards in an explosive velocity of red and crimson.


The blast shot forwards, plowing through all of the men and through the boat, even moving past the port and to the ocean, cutting through the water and creating a semicircular area where the water was cut out. When Natsu had finished with his attack, he shot forwards on the balls of his feet, rushing straight at Bora with his fists aflame.

"Salamander's Iron Fist!" The punch connected solidly on the blond man's solar plexus, knocking the wind out of the man as he went flying into the air, breaking through the ceiling, taking pieces of wood and metal along with him.

Lucy was still staring n shock. One of Fairy Tail's elites was here. She had metand eatenwith Natsu Dragneel! The only way her day could've been better was if –

"Come on, we're getting out of here!" Nastu shouted at Happy as he grabbed Lucy's hand and rushed out of the ship. As soon as the small group of three got out of the ship, they bolted for the streets. Well, Happy was flying while Natsu dragged Lucy in tow as they saw the Rune Knights just coming into the scene of destruction. They weren't there for the destruction; only the ship was destroyed, although the ranged fire attack Natsu had let out had gained the attention of the Rune Knights as well. However, the main reason they were at the port because they had heard news from an unknown source that Bora was the one hosting the party and had immediately become suspicious.

"Wait, where are we going?" Lucy asked. Natsu turned around to face her and smiled.

"You wanted to join a guild, right? Why don't you join Fairy Tail?" Natsu said, a bright smile on his face that showed his small canines. Lucy widened her eyes before a wide grin made its way to her face.



(Location: Train)

The trio was heading back on Magnolia on a train, but Natsu was starting to show signs of motion sickness, meaning that the medicine was wearing off.

"What's wrong, Natsu?" She asked in concern. It didn't make sense to her how he seemed to be in pain when he hadn't even taken a hit.

"Eeeeehhhhh…" Natsu groaned in response, his hands rubbing his stomach slowly.

"There's nothing wrong with him. He just has motion sickness. It's a side effect of being a dragonslayer," Happy said from next to Natsu with a smile on his face. Lucy raised her eyebrows; that was a magic and term she had never heard of before.

"What's a dragonslayer?" She asked in interest. Happy looked at Natsu before looking back up at Lucy.

"A dragonslayer is what Natsu. He was trained by a dragon, and it's the only magic that can kill a dragon. It's why he was able to eat fire back on the ship against Bora," Happy explained. Lucy's eyes widened to extreme measures when she heard the word dragon.

"He was raised by a dragon?!" She said, shock lacing her words. The cat was lying, right? Dragons didn't exist…right?

Instead of denying it or saying that he was joking, Happy nodded his head.

"Yup! He was looking for his dad at the town, but he wasn't there. Well, it makes sense, I guess. How could a dragon be in a town and not be noticed?" he said rhetorically, a smile still on his face as he mused to himself. This would've been the time Lucy should have been freaking out that Natsu's dad was a dragon, but she was more surprised that Happy and Natsu even assumed that a dragon wouldn't have gathered massive attention from a town; for Kami's sake, that would gather the attention of the whole world!

"That's…nice, I guess," Lucy said with a sweatdrop.

"Aye!" Happy said with enthusiasm before hopping onto Natsu's stomach and making himself comfortable before he began to snore. The blonde stared at the cat-like talking being before pulling out a magazine from her bag. It wasn't exactly new, but that wasn't the reason why she kept it. It was a somewhat old magazine since it was about two years old, but it was Lucy's favorite since it had her favorite articles and pictures of Fairy Tail. In a way, it inspired her to become stronger.

Finding the right page, Lucy smiled as she stared down at the picture. There were seven people standing in front of the guild, each person with a different kind of smile on his or her face. Erza was standing off to the side with her armor glistening in the sun, a smirk on her face. However, she seemed to be irritated at something occurring to her left. Laxus was in the back of the group since he was the tallest, but he was almost laughing at the two in front of him. Gray and Natsu were punching each other, their arms a blur in the picture. Mira was on the other end of the picture. She was the only one smiling with a bubbly personality; she was wearing a white sundress. And finally, Naruto and Cana were smiling, but it seemed as if they were deadpanning at the group while the camera flashed for the picture.

It made Lucy laugh so hard when she first saw the picture. Flipping to the next page, there was an in-depth article on each of the seven teenage S-class mages of Fairy Tail. They were dubbed the generation of elites, the most powerful generation…the King and Queens of Fairy Tail. She took a short moment to read each of the descriptions.

The Generation of Elites:

Naruto: the Storm King of Fairy Tail.

Youngest S-Class Mage in the history of Fiore, achieving his rank by the age of thirteen. An extremely powerful mage with versatile abilities, he has taken out dozens of dark guilds singlehandedly, bringing down the rate of crimes noticeably. However, no one has seen this handsome mage for nearly two years. He was ranked first for the mage women and girls would like as their boyfriend for a period of time; currently, he is sixth, still a high contender for the top spot despite his long disappearance.

Cana: the Cards Queen of Fairy Tail.

An expert in the use of Cards Magic. This brunette mage is more than she looks, so don't let her cute looks fool you. Her looks completely belie her strengths. How strong is she? She is an S-Class Mage, having achieved her rank at the age of sixteen, one of the youngest mages to ever achieve that rank. An interesting thing to note about Cana is that she cannot drink alcohol; whenever she tries to grab any kind of alcoholic drink, the liquid moves away from her. She assumes that Naruto (look above for a description) placed a seal on her, preventing her from even going near any kind of alcoholic beverage.

Natsu: the Flame King of Fairy Tail.

This exuberant mage never runs out of energy, always running around with a smile on his face. His likes are his close friends, which consist of his team and his pseudo-family, Fairy Tail itself, as well as other things such as food, training, and fighting. It was said that for a time, Natsu was not able to walk correctly due to a certain prank Naruto played on him. However, there is not enough evidence to prove that this is true. Natsu received his rank at the age of sixteen. An interesting thing to note is that, like Naruto, he is also a contender for the top spot of a mage the female population would like to have as their boyfriend.

Gray: the Frozen King of Fairy Tail.

The perfect archetype of cool, calm, and collected…and naked, which is a definite plus for the women. Gray is an mage that specializes in the art of Ice Make. Because the training in his earlier years required him to be immune to cold, even freezing temperatures, he has gained the habit of constantly stripping at random times, even missions. According to Natsu, a "weak rival" of Gray, the Ice Make mage stripped during a fight against an A-Class mage and still came out on top.

Mira: the Demon Queen of Fairy Tail.

Now the bartender of the most powerful guild in Fiore, Mira used to be an extremely powerful mage. Her strength and power were at phenomenal levels before she suddenly stopped going on missions and decided to become the barmaid of the guild. The reason? Nobody knows…or no one is willing to reveal the secret behind her action. It is an unsolved mystery that is waiting to be revealed to the public some day in the far future.

Erza: Titania, Queen of the Fairies.

Fairy Tail's strongest woman mage…at least according to the majority of the guild. Erza was the second youngest person to achieve S-Rank in the history of Fiore, passing it at the age of fifteen! Extremely powerful, extremely beautiful…and extremely strict. The last part was stated by every single one of the S-class mages in this list; each of them stated the same word: disciplinarian. But there is a cute side to her it seems, so not all hope is lost for those of you men out there. Here's a secret: she likes strawberry cheesecake. Just make sure no one drops her cake.

Laxus: the Lightning King of Fairy Tail.

An aloof mage that is tall and proud of his strength…is what he seems to be on the surface. Laxus respects strength, and according toeverymage in Fairy Tail, he respects Naruto and Gildarts. A powerful mage with the ability to use lightning, he has built a fearsome reputation, having never failed an S-class mission, usually completing them with surprising ease.

Thank you all for reading this special on Fairy Tail's Generation of Elites! And many thanks to Fairy Tail for allowing our company to take photos and interviews of the mages stated above.

Lucy sighed in content as she closed the Sorcerer's Magazine, letting out a small chuckle before she looked down at the sleeping figure of Natsu. Natsu, S-class mage of Fairy Tail, one of the elites of the new generation…and the Flame King of Fairy Tail.

The blonde leaned back in her seat, suddenly feeling the drain from the day's events. Nevertheless, she was extremely happy that she would finally be able to join the guild of her choice. Looking out the window to her right, she saw the horizon turning a flaming orange as the sun went lower and lower, crawling down the peak of the mountain until it ever so slowly disappeared from view.

She was asleep before night fell.


(Location: Somewhere in Fiore)

"Hmm…I want to eat some ramen." A blond figure was walking along the path of a forest with no actual sense of direction, just walking calmly down the path. He seemed to be contemplating his thoughts on food before he sighed. "Man, it's been months since I've had good ramen…"

Suddenly, the blond did a slow turn, taking in all of the surroundings of the forest before yelling at the top of his lungs.

"DOES ANYONE HERE HAVE RAMEN?!" His voice echoed, reverberating in the forest multiple times before slowly disappearing.

"ROARRRR!" Naruto sighed as he raised a palm to his forehead in disappointment.

"I didn't think so."

Chapter End.

Omake: Natsu's Training

Natsu stared at Naruto with squinted eyes.

"You have got to be kidding me. I'm not doing that. Even I'mnot thatcrazy!" He shouted at the blond. Naruto just stared back without a care in the world, holding up a seal in plain sight of the dragonslayer.

"It'll help you get stronger," Naruto responded, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Natsu pointed an accusing finger at the blond sage before suddenly running away.


"It'll make you stronger. Come back here," a voice said a few meters behind Natsu. The pink-haired mage turned around to find Naruto lazily chasing after him, the seal held tauntingly in the air. Natsu blanched before turning forwards and screaming for dear life.


"Why are you running away, Natsu?" The blond asked with a fake innocence.

"SCREW YOU! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" Natsu screamed back, not willing to turn around for fear that Naruto would catch up those precious meters.

"Here you go."



End Omake.

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