Mysti went over to Barry. "Are you OK?" she asked, worried.

Barry looked at her. "I could kick myself," he mumbled. "What's wrong?" asked the Harlequin.

"What's WRONG?" shouted Barry. "Well, duh-a norn has just died because of me!"

"Barry, that's stupid." Mysti told him. "Shandy was killed by grendels and ettins, not you!"

"I know, but I should have been there to save her."

"Any norn could say that. Nobody knew Shandy would die."

Barry looked at her. "But it's my policy to protect! Didn't you know? All of the norns that warped in had a special assignment. I was one of the three Hardmans that had to protect norns. Stopping the ettins and grendels killing them. I should be killed, because I broke the promise: I would protect norns."

Mysti hugged him. "Don't worry. At least you care a lot. But what's done is done, don't be angry at yourself, Barry."

He nodded. "You are so right. I should be angry at the ones who killed her...." He snarled. "Those beasts."

Kate came over, with Gary. "Hi," she said.

Barry glared at her. "You seem happy."

"No! I'm sad that Shandy got killed." Kate replied.

"Well, I'm going to do a bit of killing too." Barry smiled.

Gary and Kate looked at him in a funny way.

"To ettins and grendels," he laughed evilly.

"OK," Kate said quickly and ran off, Gary following.

"Barry, stop acting so weird," ordered Mysti.

"Um... no!" Barry rushed off into the jungle terrarium.

Mysti sighed. She's have to leave him to it, no way was she going in there.

Meanwhile, in the jungle terrarium, an ettin and grendel were play fighting, practising for when some norns come along. However, Barry saw them.

"Aha!" he laughed. "Your fate has come!"

The grendel got up, as if to say, "Oh really."

Barry stayed where he was, until he heard someone call his name. It was Gary . "I had to come," he panted. "Mysti made me. You are out of control."

Barry smiled sarcastically. "I care sooooo much!" he giggled. "Well you should!" The norn shouted. "I mean it. You don't have to be like this. OK, so you're sad that Shandy's dead..."

"Sad? Hardman norns don't get sad, dear," he said sarcastically. "I'm just getting revenge."

"You don't have to this way, though..."

"And why not?"

"Because..." Gary struggled to think. "Um...because you've got Mysti, and you'll lose her!"

Barry stopped.

"Yeah. She said...if you don't calm down, she's leaving you," Gary nodded, quite impressed by his lie.

"Well...this is more important. I want her to be safe. So what If I lose her?" he smiled nastily at the grendel.

Gary looked at the floor. He had no hope, no hope of turning Barry back to the Hardman he was before. Now what?

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