Friendship Is All You Need

I don't even know….I'm in the mood to write this kind of thing. Enjoy

Rainbow Dash hated the rain, and she especially hated it at the time. Rain is what kept her from preforming the trick right. Rain was the only thing standing between life and death, although Dash knew that she was leaning more towards death right now.

Her heart raced as the hard, wet ground was becoming nearer and nearer by the second.

She desperately flapped her wings, but it didn't do very good, because they were broken. The rain fell on her cuts and gashes on her wings and she hissed with every drop of rain that plummeted into the wounds, burning worse than fire.

She gulped and thought about her life while she still could. She had a good one: Dash had 5 great friends who would give the world just to make sure that she was alive. She had won many races, and had two large-sized cabinets full of trophies and awards that she had received. She had countless more achievements, but she didn't have to time to think of them all.

The ground was approaching fast, too fast for her to even think.

Her wings hurt incredibly badly, but she didn't care. She knew that soon she wouldn't feel anything: No pain, or relaxation, just peace.

Images flashed through her mind. Most of them were moments of her with her friends. Just before she could see the individual blades of grass, one last image flashed through her brain. It was of her with her crush-no-obsession Soarin'. She smiled when she thought about his soft blue mane and his beautiful green eyes.

"Goodbye, Soarin'. I love you." Dash whispered as gravity forced her down to her death.

She closed her eyes, and she could feel her back hooves touch the grass.


The last she thing Dash remembered was Soarin' and his charming attitude.

"Rainbow, are you okay?" Asked an extremely concerned voice. "Rainbow, answer me!"

A yellow Pegasus floated down to the ground. She eyeballed the scene laid out before her. Her eyes were flooded with tears.

"Rainbow….How did this happen? Oh, it was all my fault!" She said as she fell to the ground in one big crying lump.


Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were practicing their flying skills -mainly Fluttershy's- when Rainbow decided that it would be a good idea to perform a Sonic Rainboom in the rain. Fluttershy tried to convince her that she would get hurt, but Dash didn't listen. Dash was struck by lightning, and fell to her death.

(Normal time, at Twilight's library)

"I don't know, Twilight. This spell seems advanced-" Spike said, before being interrupted by the door being opened.

"HELP!" Fluttershy screamed, stepping into the library.

"What's wrong?" Twilight asked.

"RAINBOW, FALL, RAIN, DEATH, WINGS, BROKEN!" Fluttershy yelled, weeping.

"Fluttershy, slow down. It's okay. Now, what happened to Rainbow?" Twilight asked calmly.


"What?" Spike gasped while Twilight tried to soak it all in.

"Rainbow died!" Fluttershy collapsed on the floor, in a balling lump of agony.

"Where did this happen?" Twilight asked, finally speaking.

"In the Everfree Forest." Fluttershy said.

"Why were you two in the Everfree Forest?" Spike asked.

"Zecora said that a potion she had would calm the bunnies down because they were out of carrots and I couldn't find any more. I was too scared to go alone so I brought Rainbow with me." Fluttershy said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.