Well you only need the light when it's burning low

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you've been high when you're feeling low

Only hate the road when you're missin' home

Only know you love her when you let her go

And you let her go

Let Her Go; Passenger

Innocence, a bright and elegant piece of all creatures that is highlighted and praised. Whether it's from the lack of experience or unable to function the knowledge of the tainted outside of the world.

To become strong, sometimes it takes sacrificing that innocence to achieve the impossible. Sometimes, it's in the way. Other times, it can be a strength, to not understand , to forget.

Leonardo felt like he was floating around the innocence; the kind he still possessed. He heard distant laughter and giggles, thunder and running water. And one point he thought he heard crying.

His mind was in turmoil it felt but knew it wasn't. He was merely lost. He couldn't seem to find his way back in this strange and distant blackness that seemed to consume him.

"Leo." A voice, calling for him.

"Leo wake up bro." The voice becoming more Clear. It was familiar and soothing.

He felt his eyes begin to open. It felt like tearing glue off with his eye lids. When he opened them only slightly, he groaned and shut them again, a piercing light stinging his pupils into hiding.

"Leo?" The voice so soft, and so familiar. He opened them again. At first it looked Like nothing more than a black blob in the way of the light. He waited for the light to stop it's searing gaze. The figure coming into focus. The skin green, the body slim but muscular.

Leo's heart jumped as he saw the color of the mask stand out. Orange. The orange band covering over bright blue eyes.

"Mikey.." He grunted out, throat terribly dry.

He saw the smile, the bright smile only his baby brother could hold.

"Welcome back to the living bro." Leo didn't pay much attention to what Mikey just said. He got up as quick as his stiff body allowed him, not realizing where he was or even cared. His brother Was standing in front of him and he was alive. Leo attempted to reach out, hissing in pain trying to move his right side but gave up on the attempt. His left arm snaked out and quickly latched itself around Mikey's neck and pulled him down to him so he could attempt to give the best hug he could muster.

"Mikey. Oh my god mikey..." His

Voice cracking as the tears formed. This was his brother and there was no doubt about it. He tightened his grip, fearing of letting go. His baby brother, little Mikey was here, he was alive. There was no way. How?

Mikey allowed his eldest brother to pull him into the embrace, still partially stunned by the sudden attack of affection.

"Geez Leo what kind of nightmare did you have?" He asked half heartily but got nothing out of his brother but the sudden shake in the elders form which raised concern.

"Um guys! Leo's awake better get in here!" Mikey yelled out, still unable to get out of the vice grip of his brother.

The door opened and Donatello, Raphael, and master Splinter came rushing in to see the scene. It was the only thing that knocked Leo back into reality. He removed himself and looked out to see his family standing in front of him healthy and alive. They all stood and watched their leader sitting there with watery eyes. All in shock. They were all alive. They all stood there watching him like he had just lost his mind.

The sudden sting in his arm reminded him that he was somewhere else. He looked around to find he was in Don's lab. When he looked down at his arm, he saw he was it was in a sling and a patch on his shoulder. He looked up.

"What happened?" His voice hoarse. Mikey noticed and went out to grab him some water.

"We were on a patrol and we got jumped by the foot. Karai snuck up behind you and stabbed you. It was pretty bad. You've been out for about three days." Donnie explained. Michelangelo came back in with the cup and handed it to Leo, who greedily gulped down the water. Leo sat for a second.

"Karai did this?" He asked, mostly to himself. He didn't realize it but his father was watching him carefully.

"My sons, Leonardo and I must have a word." He said. For a moment, Raph, Don, and Mikey just looked at each other before deciding to leave the room. Splinter was left with Leonardo. He took a seat across from his son's cot.

"What do you remember my son?" He asked. Leo licked his lips.

"The spirit of Judgment. He killed everyone. He killed you." Splinter nodded.

"He did. Michelangelo killed us. He killed us all." Splinter corrected.

"You remember?" Leo asked. Splinter nodded.

"My spiritual entity is stronger than any power of a spirit." A sense of pride in his voice. Leo sat for a moment.

"Why is it that it really happened, but the others remember something else?" he asked.

"He changed his judgement."He said. "And do not take that lightly Leonardo. He doesn't just change is mind for anyone." He stood up, and walked over to Leo's cot. "He gave you a second chance." He placed a paw in his shoulder. Leo nodded and looked down in his empty cup.

"He told me I needed to trust in myself, and what I feel would be right." He looked at Splinter. "I need to protect myself before I protect others."

"Do you understand what he meant?" Splinter asked. Leo thought about it.

"Yes, I think so." He looked up. "Am I able to move around?" He asked.

"I believe so. Why?" Leo began to shuffle out of the bed, hanging his feet over the side.
"I need to do something." He slowly got to his feet and made it to the door and looked back.

"Master Splinter. Do you know who brought me to the spirit's attention?" He asked. There was a silence between them for a moment.'

"Oroku Saki." That was all he needed to hear. When he walked out he was met with wide blue eyes.

"I killed you?" Mikey asked in a small voice. Leo was taken back, not too sure how he should tell his little brother about what had happened and got an idea.

"Come with me Mikey. I have to go talk to someone." He said, pulling on Mikey's arm out the door.

The night was crisp and clean, echoing the sounds of the busy street of the lively city. Karai sat on her porch, looking out at the lights that twinkled and shied away. She shifted lightly, and looked down at her phone to see no calls from Leonardo. It's been days. Although she did attack him and injured him, there was no way he would be angry over it. She had him wrapped around her finger tightly and secured. He must understand this was all business. The relationship they shared was behind the scenes at all times and no more. Nothing could be brought up or shared. It was just one of those things where it had to bended to work.

A thump behind her gave her a sense of relief, recognizing it so well. She looked behind her to see Leo standing there with his arm still in the sling. She did feel a tinge of guilt but not enough to show.

"How are you feeling Leonardo?" She asked, Standing up.

"I'm okay." he spoke honestly. She smiled at him with her mischievous smile.

"What do I owe the pleasure?" She asked. He took a breath and walked over to her. She was expecting him to wrap his arms around her, show her affection with kisses and sweetening words.

He placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her sad eyes.

"We need to talk."

As they sat, he explained to her everything that happened, all with his brothers and the Spirit of Judgement. He told her what he had to do, what he lost. And most importantly, who caused all of this.

"Your father knows, and he tried to destroy me by taking everything I had away." He looked at her to see she was looking out to the night sky, not paying much attention anymore. Yes it was a lot of information, but it had to be said.

She swallowed hard, gripping at the pavement of her porch which they sat on. She looked down.

"What do you want to do Leonardo?" She asked quietly. He brought his hand up and placed it on her cheek, turning her head to face him. When their eyes met, he kissed her lightly, pulling back only slightly.

"I love you Karai. I can't lie about that. But I made a prior commitment and because of that, I need to do what is best for me." He pulled away a little and watched the small glimmer in her eyes.

"We're in two different worlds you and I. A fantasy of running away and loving you, can only stay a fantasy. In reality if we stay together, it would only burn. I can't give you up. So I want us as friends. Do you think we can have that? A friendship?" He asked. Her lips parted only slightly, getting ready to respond.

"I would still have to hurt you." She whispered. He smiled sadly and nodded.

"But it will be easier for me to forgive you if I knew we weren't something more. So, can we?" She laughed.

"You Leonardo are the most kind, and noble ninja I have ever met." She held his hand. "And I understand what you are doing is right and are only trying to make everyone happy." She pulled back away.

"But in my world, I want a fantasy like that. And if you don't want that as much as I do, then I don't think a friendship can sustain." She admitted. He just smiled at her.

"I understand." He stood up, offering a hand to stand her up with him. "This world is a cruel place, especially for people like me." He looked out. "When I was with you I felt like I was normal, and for the longest time I thought that's what I wanted. To be like everyone else. To go out, to have fun, to love." He looked at her. "But I've learned I was made like this for a reason and that reason is for me to find out for myself and I can't be pretending I'm something I'm not. I will always respect you Karai. Thank you, for giving me a chance to feel like I was normal." And for a moment they stared at each other.

"Goodbye." Was all he said before jumping down from her balcony and onto the ground. He stood there against the wall of the alley way. A love will always be sacrificed. A heart will always burn. But that's what this world is. There is no princes and princesses and evil dragons to slay. He belonged on the ground and she was in the air. She will always be his queen; always. But, he has his world as well.

A thump caught his attention. He saw Mikey standing next to the dumpster. He looked sad.

"I'm sorry Leo." Pity. Michelangelo always offering some type of condolences to him. Leo smiled and walked over to his brother and wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

"Thank you little brother. For keeping that secret of mine." He said, walking him and Mikey over to the man hole.

"Well I just thought you deserved to have a little get away. I mean, being a leader must suck sometimes." Mikey admitted. They both jumped down into the sewers.

"Sometimes it can. But that's something I took. I chose this life style.I shouldn't try running away from it." Leo said. Mikey ducked his head down, feeling bad in a way. Leo placed a hand on his shoulder.

"But thank you Mikey." Mikey observed his brothers face. So rare has he ever seen Leo so...relaxed. Mikey smiled and punched his brother's arm, making him laugh.

"So tell me more about this Spirit guy. I mean he sounds like he made me a bad ass!" Mikey exclaimed.

They walked home together, talking along the way. Love is a tricky thing to deal with. It blinds you, and makes you do crazy things. But love comes in different shapes and sizes. Love for a significant other, and love for your family. A balance must be found, or something will be lost.

Leonardo finally understood and for now will work on who he was, and what he wants with life. And maybe, later down the road, he and Karai may cross paths and a fairy tale could begin.

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