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Pairings: Jay/Nya/Cole, Zane/Pixal, Garmadon/Misako

WARNING: Sorta an AU fic. Starts off after Art of the Silent Fist, but it will not continue with the episodes. This is my own idea . . .

[A Few Moments After the Power was Deactivated]

(Zane's POV)

She's gone. The shining green lights in her eyes have went out, leaving them colorless and empty. My shoulders are shaking as I hold her close. She's dead. The others knew this would happen; I know they did. The truth burns in their eyes; like the flames that fly from Kai's sword, that burned the Monastery, that explode out of Torchfire Mountain.

"You knew." It wasn't a question. Cole's shoulders slump.

"I'm sorry, Zane," he says, biting his lip. "We just didn't-"

"Didn't what?!" I snarl harshly. I have no idea what has gotten into me. The calm, cool, collected side of me that everyone sees . . . it has gone. I've never felt such anger and emotion before.

"We didn't tell you because we thought you'd try to stop us from shutting off the power," whispers Kai, surprisingly calm.

"Why?! Why would you think I would do that?!" I cry, furious.

"Look," Jay says, "when someone you love is in danger, you'll do anything for them."

"Someone I . . . love?" Instantly my anger fades into confusion.

"Yeah, love . . ." says Jay. "You know, when you like someone a lot . . ." I say nothing. Do I love Pixal . . . ? Unlike walking and talking and cooking, feelings are not something that can be taught. As a robot, I do not understand emotions. My heart is so conflicted . . .

"Why does it matter?" I say out loud. "Why does it matter if I care for her or not? She's DEAD!" The last word I spit out, almost as if I had been choking on it.

"She's not dead, Zane," replies Nya. "She's only shut down. Her power can be restored. When we reboot the system-" Just then, a flash of bright blue light streaks through the sky.

"What in the name of . . ." begins Kai, just as confused as I am.

"How . . ." stammers Cole, his eyes wide.

"The power's back!" yelps Jay, shocked.

"But that's not possible!" cries Nya. "It can't be!"

"My scanners read that there is a 98.202 percent chance that the light is indeed the power being restored!" I shout. An evil laugh echoes through the air, the sound bouncing off each and every wall.

"Foolish ninja!" the voice booms. "You thought you could so easily shut down the power! There was a emergency power system!" The voice interrupts itself with a laugh. "There will be no stopping me now!" The laugh continues, ringing in my robotic ears. Nya clutches Jay's left arm and Cole's right arm in terror. Kai just looks nervous.

"Za-Zane . . ." A different voice speaks to me faintly. It's definitely feminine, so I turn to look at Nya.


"Yes what?" she frowns. "I didn't say anything." My heart skips a beat.

"Zane . . . behind you . . .!" The female voice that I mistook for Nya's whispers weakly and frantically. I whirled around, only to find nothing there. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Nindroids appear again, their weapons held in front of them, their eyes blood red. I open my mouth to speak to my friends when the robots charge us full on. My ears were now ringing with the sounds of battle; sword against blade, fist against face, battle cries against sizzling wires. I feel someone grab my left arm, and I gasp in surprise. I stick out my foot, hoping to hit the evil robot. The pressure on my left limb releases, and I hear a loud thud as the Nindroid hits the floor.

"That must've hurt!" shouts Jay, seeing my foe lose its invisibly as it rubs its head. Another Nindroid charges me, his companion flanking him. I decide to use Garmadon's Art the Silent Fist. When the two warriors come near me, their weapons raised, I quickly jump up into the air. The Nindroids slam into each other, their weapons hitting their opponent's chest. By the time I drop back down to the floor, they are both on the ground, their wires spraying sparks everywhere.

I suddenly feel a strange yanking sensation near my stomach, and I am pulled down to the floor. My head hits with a loud bang as it clashes into the ground, metal on metal. I gasp in pain. The sudden impact causes my vision to go foggy, and I feel my techno blade slip from my hands.

"No!" I cry out, the one word short and desperate. My friends, however, are headed around to the other side of the building, leaving me alone to deal with the increasing number of Nindroids advancing on me. I can only lie there in horror, listening to the invisible robots marching around. Every now and then I feel them smash a weapon of some sort against my skull or chest or limbs, and pain flashes through my body quick as lightning. My vision is still foggy from the fall, and my head is pounding as if it was echoing my constant heartbeat. As my vision clears, I spot a glimmer of gold out of the corner of my eye—my techno blade.

"ZANE!" The feminine voice shouts again, her voice sounding strangely monotone. Her voice seemed almost robotic, yet I detect the tiniest bit of concern in her voice. Robotic . . . Suddenly, it occurred to me just how foolish I'd been. The power's back on, and that means . . .

"Pixal!" I shouted back, my voice loud and desperate. My knees are shaking as I attempt to stand. I put both my hands in front of me, and push down on my palms. I'm on my hands and knees now, panting as I tired to suck oxygen into my burning lungs. Pixal's pleas for help only worsen as I finally pull myself to my feet. My techno blade . . . if only I could get to my techno blade.

Now that I'm standing, my vision has cleared and the throbbing in my head has reduced. My eyes focus in on Pixal, who is standing about 30 feet away from me. She is approximately 12.8 feet away from my techno blade.

"Pixal!" I call. Her bright green eyes, reenergized and full of light once more, study me. "Do you believe you can retrieve my techno blade?"

"Zane I-" she begins, only to be suddenly cut off by her own scream echoing from throat. However, it was quickly silenced, as if someone slapped their hand over her white lips.

"Pixal?!" My voice is full of confusion as I try to take a step towards my techno blade. "Pixal!"

"Do not move another inch or she gets it." I jolt slightly when the fierce voice growls at me from seemingly nowhere.

"What?!" I ask, my voice trembling slightly from the pain that still shoots up my legs every time I strain myself to move.

"Do not move or she gets it," hisses the evil voice. My computers than register that the voice I am hearing now is the same one that was laughing at us earlier, taunting us, telling us we failed. In the moment that I am thinking this, he shuts his invisibility off.

He's another Nindroid, but he looks slightly different from the others. His hood has more detail, and the deadly red axe that he holds to Pixal's throat seems to glow. His other hand is clasped over Pixal's mouth, cutting off her means of speaking to me.

"Who are you?" I ask furiously.

"I am General Cryptor," he hisses. "You will soon learn to respect me."

"Never!" I snarl, balling my hands into fists. Cryptor laughs.

"Oh, you poor Ninja! I can see you are weak and unarmed. What a treat." My eyes narrow. "This, of course, leaves you with two choices. I'm assuming you now what they are?" I'm pretty sure I do, but in case I am wrong, I decide to fake it.

"No," I whisper, the quavering of my voice only making the lie more convincing.

"Very well," Cryptor laughs, "than I'll inform you."

"Do it." My voice is firm, all uncertainty gone now. I am not afraid. For if one of the options is what I think it is, then there's a 56 percent chance Pixal and I can both escape. Cryptor smiles.

"The first option is for you to try to grab your precious techno blade over there in an attempt to defeat me, which will only result in the removing of her pretty little head." He pushes the red axe closer to Pixal's throat. My heartbeats seem heavier now, more like an elephant's footsteps then a soft footfall. Thump, thump, thump, thump . . .

"Your other is option is . . ." He waits to finish, only causing my anxiety to worsen. The elephants are running now. Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

"to surrender." My head begins to spin. No. No. No! I feel trapped. It hits me then, the truth, the terrible, horrible, unbearable truth. There is no Pixal and me.

There is only Pixal or me.

"I'm sorry." I whisper. "Pixal . . . I am so, so sorry . . ." Cryptor looks smug. He thinks I'm choosing the first option. I am Zane Julien. I stand for peace, freedom, and courage in the face of all evil. I will not let an innocent soul die because I was afraid to make my own sacrifice.

"I surrender." Cryptor briefly looks shocked, but then the corners of his mouth turn up into a smile.

"I should of known . . . Soldiers, cuff him!" Two Nindroids come forward, and they pull my arm behind me back. They lock handcuffs around my wrists, and they pinch my skin. Too tight. There is no way I could escape. One of the copters comes up to the railing, and my "guards" drag me backwards onto it. Cryptor jumps on near me, leaving Pixal alone.

"Zane!" she screams.

"I'll come back for you!" I shout. "I promise! I promise I'll come back for you!" The wind seems to take my words away, and I am not sure whether or not she heard me. She stands, one arm outstretched towards me, her lips forming the letters in my name. I blink back tears as I am taken away, watching as Pixal becomes smaller and smaller until she is a speck on the horizon. Then I bow my head and close my eyes. The truth hurts. In this case, the truth is simple.

I have failed.

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