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Chapter Seven: The Masked Man and the Nindroid

(Lloyd's POV)

I force my heavy eyelids to open. I see a dirt ceiling above me. Around me are warm, comfortable, blankets and beneath me is a surprisingly soft mattress. I cough, feeling something in my throat.

"Whoa there, son!" cries a male voice. I spit out water over the side of the bed onto the wooden floor. I can feel my eyes watering . . .

"Dad?" I croak out weakly, spitting up a bit more water.

"You're dad's gonna be fine," says the man. He approaches me slowly. He has a strange metal mask over his face.

"Why . . . why are you wearing that?"

"My face can't be seen," the masked man replies.

"Why?" I cough.

"You don't want to see my face," he says. "It will only get you into more trouble."

"I . . . I don't understand," I whisper.

"Don't worry about it, Lloyd."

"How do you know my name?!" I scream suddenly, jolting in place in an attempt to lunge at him. My head spins a bit, and I end up collapsing into the pillows.

"Because you've met me before," the man responds mysteriously. I'm so confused.


"Dad!" I shout as Father comes into the room. He walks up to my bedside and strokes my hair.

"That was a very clever plan, Son," he says soothingly. "But you need to think everything through. If it weren't for this kind man, we'd both be dead now." He lets the reality of the situation sink in. The man sighs.

"Would either one of you like some tea?" he asks.

"Yes please," I nod.

"That would be perfect," Father smiles, "Thank you." The man leaves the room.

"I wonder if the others managed to cut the power," I sigh. Father places a hand on my arm.

"No matter what, I'm sure they're okay."

"The power? You mean the power in the city?" The masked man enters the room again, to tea cups in hand.

"Yeah . . ." I look at him uncertainly.

"The power's still on," the man says softly.

"What?!" I exclaim. "How do you even know?!"

"I have my ways," the man replies vaguely. Father sips his tea.

"Have you seen the Ninja?" he asks the man. The man shakes his head.

"No, but I've seen quite a few airships come by. But there was one that was different . . . It was incredibly large and had a lot of other ships surrounding it."

"That doesn't sound good." I move my still damp hair away from my face.

"Son, the others will succeed. I have faith in them. When have they ever failed before?"

"A few times," I whisper.

"But it's always turned out alright in the end, hasn't it?" Father's green-grey eyes study mine. Slowly, I nod in response.

"Yeah . . . it always has . . ." The masked man speaks up suddenly.

"Should I tell them?" I jolt, and Father turns around to face him.

"Tell us what?!" I demand.

"That ship . . ." he whispers. "They had a prisoner."

"A prisoner!?" I shout. "Who?!" The man's shoulders shake a bit.

"I've left him alone again . . ."

"Tell us!" I scream. The man looks straight at us.

"What you're about to see under my mask you have to promise not tell anyone, not even the others." He says this with such seriousness, it was almost scary.

"O-okay . . ." I stammer nervously. He takes a deep breath and slowly removes his mask . . .

(Pixal's POV)

I can't help but gasp in surprise when Zane steps out from behind Kai. He looks at all of us with such an expression of pure hatred, no pity in his face at all.

I'm shocked that Cryptor would ever do such a thing. Is this better or worse than death?

There's a horrible feeling in my artificial stomach, like I've swallowed a rock.

"Zane! What have they done to you!?" cries Kai, struggling to move from where Zane holds him in place.

"Silence, you fool!" Zane snaps. "Or this blade will go through your throat!"

"Zane, let him go! Please!" begs Nya, stepping forward. Her eyes look watery, like tiny dark blue lakes. Zane looks at her.

"Let me think . . ." Zane gives her an evil smile, " . . . no."

"Ass!" spits Kai. "You're not Zane! You're just some copy, aren't you?"

"I SAID SILENCE!" Zane screams. He presses the katana closer to Kai's throat. A tiny drop of crimson appears against the Ninja of Fire's tanned skin.

I turn to look at Jay. He just stands there in shock, not speaking. I see one crystal-clear tear drip down his blooded cheek as he just stares at the Nindroid next to Kai.

"Hey, Pixal," Zane suddenly says. "I didn't break my promise, did I?" He smirks evilly. My eyes widen.

("I'll come back for you! I promise! I promise I'll come back for you!")

"You cruel bastard!" Jay suddenly screeches. "Look at her! You're breaking her heart!" Zane shrugs.


"What do you mean, so?!" yells Nya. "LOOK AT HER, ZANE! JUST LOOK AT HER!"

Zane's blood red eyes study mine. They're almost emotionless: the little emotion that's left is anger.

"Z-Zane . . ." I stammer. Emotions I've never felt before are flooding over me. I feel a sudden tugging sensation pulling me towards Zane. In this moment, no matter how evil he is, some part of me wants to walk up to him and stand by his side. But that would be betraying Cyrus Borg and everything he's done for me. I know too much; siding with Zane would give the Ninja a great disadvantage.

Zane pulls Kai back to him, keeping the katana close to the Fire Ninja's throat.

"Is there something you wanted to say, Pixal?" he sneers. I take a step back, shaking my head and saying,

"Yes." This does not compute. How am I saying no and yes at the same time? Nya and Jay are watching me expectedly. Kai's hazel eyes are fixated on the sword touching his throat. Perspiration is dripping down the side of his face. He has a look of pain etched across his face.

"Let him go!" I finally shout, balling my hands into fists.

"Make me!" Zane taunts back. I reach down to the ground and pick up a sharp piece of glass. I hold it above my chest, my artificial breathing quickening.

"Let him go, or I'll stab myself," I say firmly, trying my hardest to keep my voice steady. My hands, however, are shaking like crazy, and I almost drop the glass. Zane gets this uneasy look on his face.

"You wouldn't dare," he says, laughing shakily.

"Try me," I whisper, bringing the glass closer. Zane looks shocked. For a brief second, his eyes flash ice blue again.

"Pixal . . ." he breaths, and then his eyes return to their dark blood red. Zane shakes his head. "Fool!" he screams at himself. "I must show no weakness!" I can feel my shoulders shaking.

"Zane . . . please . . . come back . . ."

"Zane is gone!" Zane snaps. "You're stuck with me!" He laughs, pushing the sword at bit closer to Kai's throat.

"You won't be able to defeat us!" yells Jay, balling his hands into fists.

"Is that so?" Zane jeers. "Oh, you poor, heartbroken Ninja. I know all your weaknesses, Jay Walker! I know how you fight, I know what you fear, and I know your GREATEST WEAKNESS!" Jay jumps in front of Nya.

"Leave her alone!" he screams, brandishing the bottle in front of him again.

"I also know that you won't hurt me!" Zane mocks. "I'm your 'brother', so you wouldn't dare! But me, I have no mercy!"

"Zane Julien!" I suddenly shout. "If you're still in there, please, come back! It's me, it's Pixal!" Zane sneers and looks straight at me.

"You poor, poor thing. If only Zane was still around to tell you that he loved you." He spins on his heel, a black cape whirling out behind him. He suddenly disappears in a puff of dark smoke, taking Kai with him.

I collapse to my knees and let out a cry of despair. I choke briefly, my shoulders shaking, my artificial heart pounding. Something wet and black splatters onto my leg, I reach up towards my face and touch my cheeks. Again, something black appears on my white fingers.


I'm crying . . . I'm crying for someone long gone, someone so close, yet so far away. I've decided now if this terrible situation better or worse for Zane than death.

It's worse. It's so, so, much worse.

I hear voices around me, blending together as one, all shouting my name.

The world spins and everything goes black . . . just like Zane's heart.

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