30: Invitation

So Daisuke wants me to go to Takeshi's costume party, just so the two of us can flaunt our wings and inhumanity under everyone's noses, without them knowing that we really are what we look likeā€¦ Sounds like fun. I grin "That is an utterly devious plan and I wouldn't have thought it of you." "So you don't think it's a good idea?" he questions over the phone. "No, I think it's a risky idea but it's not like anyone will figure us out" I snort, "after all, its Takeshi's party, and he's not likely to make the connection."

31: Costume

So many people wanted to know how Daisuke and I made our costumes and how they were so realistic, of course we didn't answer. It felt very strange to be out in public like this with no worry about being seen as we are. And really it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Thankfully Daisuke doesn't seem to have realized that I'm wearing the one set of Krad's clothes that somehow stayed in the world, (don't ask me how that worked though because I have no clue) although it's probably less recognizable without the flowing outer layer that had pink lining (I really need to ask him tonight why the pink.) But the wrap with gold lining is pretty recognizable, so maybe Daisuke just didn't want to talk about it now. Actually that's probably it.
A thought touches my mind 'Satoshi' Oh; it seems that he just didn't want to bring it up out loud. 'Yes?' I send back, fixing my eyes on where he is sitting across the room with Riku the kitsune, who seems to be enjoying the chance to pet his wings. 'That costume looks rather like part of Krad's outfit, is that what it is?' 'Yes, it is.' 'Why?' 'The dream-meetings have changed things, and I remember now that he probably saved my life when I turned fourteen. I was very sick.' 'Oh. Incoming!' "Hey, you seem interested in that wall, is there someone you like there? Oh, I know, you're looking at fairy princess Risa aren't you?" I turn and fix Takeshi with my iciest stare. "No, I was just thinking." 'Can't talk anymore, Takeshi turned up.' 'Yeah, I see. Later then?' 'Later.'