The footsteps echoed painfully down the marble floor. Each step of the woman's high heels seemed to hurt my ears more and more. Finally the sound of her card zipping through the slot was audible, and the silver stainless steel doors opened.

"Myka...Oh, Myka...You must get rid of those high heels." I sighed, looking down at the dirty wooden crate before me, labeled with a nine on it.

"S-Sorry, President Snow, sir...I-" I brought a finger up, making her shut up. Maybe it was my first quell as the President but that didn't make me any less smarter.

"What's her name, and which Games?"

"Forty-ninth Games. Her name was, er, is Bayle Blanken." I looked over at the crate, then up at the hologram that showed her stats from the previous year. It read that she had died on the second day, and she had gotten off good, with her choice weapon - a bow. She had been found by the Careers and picked off the one boy, but the four boy shot a poison dart at her. SHe had placed 15th. She was fourteen years old. I tapped the glowing white keyboard to see her body scan.

Four foot ten. Weighed eighty-six pounds, and had green eyes. Blonde hair, many freckles, and small features. I turned to Myka.

"Where are the Gamemakers?!" I yelled, just as the doors slid open again and the three top Gamemaker scientists walked in.

"Finally." I sighed and the Gamemakers nodded to me, then turned their attention to the box.

"She's in there?" I nodded. They took a crowbar and lifted off the top. A somewhat not-decent smell filled the room, and I looked down at the lifeless girl.

Her face was peaceful, her eyes closed, her mouth straight yet happy looking. She looked okay. I examined her body, she was still wearing what she had been wearing in her Games. A light-brown hooded jacket with strings. The hood was up. A pair of grey skin-tight pants that read 'District Nine' in white letters down the side, and some brown lace-up boots. It suddenly clicked when I looked at her face, remembering her death. My eyes traced down to her heart, where there was still a hole and a little bit of blood from the poison dart.

I took a deep breath as I held my nose, glancing at Pale Shireppes, the Head Scientist Gamemaker. The second-in-command of the Head Gamemaker. I raised my eyebrows and he nodded to the others, gently lifting the girl from the box and onto the operation table.

"Ready?" Shireppes mumbled, looking at the other two. They nodded and I watched as they turned on a table light and it began vibrating, electricity sparking from it. They grabbed some special tools, each placing one on her forehead, heart, and lower body. The stepped back, clicking buttons at a miraculous speed, and a silver body-shaped thing came from the ceiling.

It enclosed around the girl, and a blinding light quickly flashed, then the system stopped running. I glanced at Shireppes and he nodded, then flipped a switch, the metal thing lifting up. The girl's eyes were wide, and she was covering the place over her heart. She screeched and looked around.

"I won?! I thought Riven...What..?" She panted, scanning the roof. I grinned and approached her.

"Bayle Blanken. You died last year, placing fifteenth of the forty-ninth Hunger Games." I clicked a button as I had been told to to show the girl the video of her death. She watched shocked.

"For the second Quarter Quell," I recited, from my speech, "to show that not everyone survives, we are resurrecting dead tributes from previous Games."

The girl looked shocked. She looked down at her hands, then back up.

"How long was I...dead? A few minutes?"

"A year." She gasped and looked around the room. Scared, maybe. "I have a guest for you," I grinned again, clicking a button as another set of glass doors opened, and the victor of last year's Games, Riven Throne, from district four, and also the killer of the girl, walked out.

"...What?!" She screamed, tears in her eyes as she jumped back.

"I-I'm sorry!" He yelled, holding up his hands and stepping back. "I was only protecting my friends!" Bayle fell to the floor, covering her head fearfully.

"You...didn't...have to...f-find me…" She clutched her hair nervously, her long ponytail between her fingers. "...Why…" The two scientists helped her up, escorting her from the room, probably to some sort of soothing lounge.

"Riven, oh, Riven...How is the pain of seeing your own victims, after they died?" I smiled at the man, who was flushed red. He opened his mouth to speak, stopped, then continued.

"Wh-Why would you do this? It's insane! How long did it ta-" I stopped him.

"She was the 15th tribute we've resurrected so far." I said casually, glancing down at all the broken wood on the floor.

"Who else have you...brought back?" He asked, and I held up a list. "You can read this later, I'll send it to you. It has the resurrected and who we're going to resurrect on it, including who you'll be mentoring." I stuffed it my pocket and walked out of the room briskly, leaving the gaping young man staring as the stainless steel doors closed with a slight whirr.

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