District One Awakenings

Constance Von Trapp

Last alive as she plummeted to her death off a cliff with a broken neck last year.

"ENVY! I'M SO SORRY, BABE!" I screamed. Any second now, I would be impacted by the ground and killed. I hated Riven; he had killed us all. I noticed that air wasn't whipping at my hair. I wasn't in pain. My hand reached to my neck. The broken, bumpy feeling wasn't there, but what felt like a cotton patch was there. Slowly I removed my hand, opening my eyes.

I saw a silver room around me. I slowly sat up, looking down at my hands. They were only slightly scarred now. Was I dreaming? No, this was real. I looked around to see President Snow and three people - a man, and two women - in lab coats. They were watching somewhat tiredly.

"What's going on..? Is Envy here..?" I looked around. "Envy?!" The man approached me, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Constance. You were placed second in the previous Games." I gasped.

"What?! How?!" I gestured around the room, feeling shock building up in my chest.

"For the second Quarter Quell, we are bringing back dead tributes." I screamed loudly, shaking the man and violently kicking. A Peacekeeper grabbed my shoulder, pulling me back.

"No! Where's Envy?!" I felt teardrops gathering in my eyes. "Tell me something!"

"Constance." The woman with glasses stepped forward, and I felt the President glaring at me. I was going to be stubborn until I got what I wanted, even if my heart just started beating again. "...as you hit the ground...the baby, unknown to you, and you were carrying...was killed on impact."

A screamed escaped my lips and I started kicking. Tears streamed down my refreshed face. I tore away from the man holding onto me, rushing to look for something sharp. Someone grabbed me again, holding me by the arms and bringing me through the silver doors. I was thrusted through some glass doors, into a nearly identical room as the previous, except it looked like a jailcell.

A boy and a girl were in there. I stared at the boy; I recognized him. We had betted he'd win, he was in the forty-sixth Games, he was for sure the most deadly tribute out there. I looked around the room again, seeing a few doors. One said "relaxation center." The other said "training" and the last said "recovery." The girl sighed.

"The other tributes are in there. How was it, watching me die?" I stared at the girl hard. I realized that she was the nine girl from my Games. I wiped a tear from my face.

"Bayle Blanken." The girl nodded. "I remember...Riven got you good with that poison dart…" I sniffed again, examining the small tear in her outfit.

"How did you like it when Riven threw you off that cliff?" So she knew. I sat next to the boy.

"I just want to know where Envy is. Does anyone here know?" I bit my lip as the girl, once again, nodded. The boy seemed to be evilly daydreaming, no doubt trying to decide his bloodbath strategy for his second chance.

"He committed suicide after you died. The, uh, people told me." I shrieked and grabbed her, trying to throttle me. I heard the boy laughing, so I backed up, glaring at the girl.

"Sorry, bitch."

"You better be." She brushed herself off and headed to the relaxation center. I looked at the boy, who was now penetrating me with his eyes.

"What's your name?" I asked, looking him directly in the eyes. I smiled menacingly and I noticed the tears in his shirt, along with the huge bloodstain. He had been stabbed to death ruthlessly by the two girl in his Games, allowing her victory.

"Daniel Van Grimm. So...what's your name? Because, I like your attitude." Of bloodthirsty boys, this kid surely knew who he was looking for.

"I'm Constance Von Tripp. I call killing Bayle in the bloodbath."

"With pleasure." The Careers, or at least the start of them, were forming. We grinned at each other.

"I can't wait."

"And your point is? I think all of us can't wait." Daniel laughed.

"I just want to prove my point...I'm gonna come back and kill that two bitch. She killed me in the final two, and that is just not cool." He growled. I grinned and stood up.

"Grimm, you better get ready. These Games are gonna kill." I laughed at my pun and he laughed back, then his serious face came back on as he headed out to the training center. It was empty. I guessed that the Careers hadn't been mostly...brought back.

I headed to the throwing knife station, where an instructor got up.

"You competed well last year," he complimented, and I ignored him. I imagined my favorite death; the meek little girl from twelve. I had gotten her into a corner of the rocky terrain of last year's arena. It was during the bloodbath. She had hit the rock and shrieked, backing down onto her knees and practically praying to me not to kill her.

"Please! I-I never did anything to...to you!"

"You existed." I laughed, bending over and grabbing her by the neck. She gurgled out a scream as I repeatedly slashed at her arms and stomach, causing her to bleed everywhere. When her body looked like what seemed to be just a bloody mess, yet still breathing and trying to escape, I shoved the knife deep into her little throat. She screeched as I laughed, dragging it in a circle around her neck. When there was only about an inch of skin left, I took the knife out, dropping her body. I took a step back, throwing the knife into the small spot, and her head rolled off, hitting a rock.

"Envy! That was for you, babe!" I smiled, yelling at the sky. Then, I rushed for the ten boy.

I smiled to myself, throwing it into the dummy's neck, right where I had hit the girl with my knife.

"Good luck, tributes," I smiled to myself. "You're gonna need it."

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