The group was walking back to the highway after they heard a gunshot. Lori was looking at the general direction of the sound, worry marring her face. Andrea and Daryl noticed this and they tried to calm her down.

"Just one shot why just one shot." Lori stated still looking towards the woods.

"Maybe they took down a walker." Daryl stated.

"They wouldn't use a gun for just one walker." Lori stated and they all just shrugged it off until a walker appeared and tried to attack Andrea. She tripped and fell to the ground, backing away while screaming. Everything happened in slow motion.

A woman with short hair appeared on a horse to hit the walker, but not killing it. Then a man with long brown hair appeared with a blade and stabbed the walker in the head. Next to him was a shorter blonde haired man with a smile on his face.

"Nice shot there Sammy." Blonde guy said.

"You could have helped me Gab." Sammy stated as he took the blade out of the walker's head.

Everybody tensed up when they really looked at the people.

"Anyway I'm lookin for Lori Grimes, I need Lori." Lady on the horse stated.

"I'm Lori." Lori answered as if this was a normal situation.

"You need to come with me right now. Carl's been shot." Lady said and looked Lori right in the eye.

Lori didn't even think twice. They chatted for a few and the young girl told them to come to a farm with the name Greene on the mailbox. She took Lori and went back to said farm. Everybody just stood there for a few trying to figure out what just happened.

"Well let's get one question answered. Who the fuck are you two?" Andrea asked standing away from Sammy and Gab.

"My name is Sam Winchester and this is my friend Gabriel. We were scouting for some food and saw the Croat attacking you; we are just heading back to the highway for our family and friends." Sam told them and nodded to Gabriel for them to walk to the highway.

Sam and Gabriel started to walk back to the highway with the group following behind him. They didn't do much talking until they finally saw the highway. Sam smiled a little when he saw his brother and Cas talking to a guy and a black guy near an old rv.

"Sam!" Dean stated and walked towards his little brother and hugged him.

"Dean I'm fine." Sam stated as he hugged Dean and saw Bobby walking out of the rv.

"Well looks like you two idjits finally got back to us. Did you find Rufus and Benny?" Bobby asked.

"No but don't worry B is with them and he will bring them back to us." Gabriel said and walked to the impala to take a quick look at the back seat to see a girl with long black hair, pale white skin, long leather boots, short shorts and a corseted top sleeping heavily.

"She is doing much better but she must continue to rest." Castiel said to Gabriel and they nodded. Their little Rose just grew into her powers and it was a tiring process. The only daughter of a Horseman, such a curious creature.

Daryl walked up to the five men and raised his weapon. Dean glared at him but was still relaxed.

"Who are you?" Daryl asked staring Dean down.

"I'm Dean Winchester, you know my little brother Sammy. That lovely ball of fluff in the RV is Bobby Singer and this is my buddy Cas. Oh and the coma girl is Rose, Bobby's daughter." Dean said and pointed to each person

"What do you want?" Andrea asked glaring at the group.

"To help." Castiel stated looking away from the pale beauty to the group of survivors.

"You aren't going to harm us?" Carol asked sheepishly.

"Don't see a reason to. You are trying to survive and so are we and we can help each other. It's human nature." Bobby stated and finally got out of the rv and checked on Rose.

"I'm Glenn." Said the little Asian boy.

"I'm Andrea, that's Carol and this is Daryl." Andrea introduced them all and visibly relaxed.

The group figured that they needed to not only get T-dog to the farm but to find a way to save a girl and get back together. Glenn took a car with T-dog in it while the others camped out waiting for dawn.

Daryl couldn't stand being inside the rv listening to Carol crying anymore and decided to try and track her during the night. As he walked away he heard someone following and turned to see Andrea.

She had told him that she couldn't sleep and decided to help him search. They only took a few steps when they saw Castiel standing at the side of the road staring out into the woods.

"What are you doing out here?" Daryl asked him.

"I am standing guard and keeping watch for when the child returns." Castiel stated.

"Well why don't you come with us to see if we can find her." Andrea stated and smiled a little at him. Cas nodded and followed Daryl into the woods. They walked while Andrea chatted lightly with Daryl.

They stopped when they heard a walker and saw that it was a man who had hung himself and turned because he didn't destroy the brain.

"Got bit, fever hit, world gone to shit, might as well quit." Daryl stated and looked up at the body.

"He had committed a great sin." Castiel stated and sighed.

Andrea started to throw up and spit it out away from them.

"That's what you get for laughin about my itchy ass." Daryl smirked at her and looked back at the walker.

"I can kill him if you wish me to." Cas stated and brought out a knife from the pocket of his trench coat.

Andrea quickly said yes and watched as Cas threw the knife right into the walker's head. Daryl and Andrea looked a little impressed by the skill he showed with throwing the blade. They turned to return to the others.

They didn't see Castiel flick his hands for the blade to return to his hand. He quickly followed the others and made it look like he was there since they started walking back to the group. When they finally got back the others went to bed while Castiel stole another peek at Rose.

Rose was starting to wake up and Castiel was very excited about. She rolled over and looked around. She could tell that she was in the Impala but that was about it. She would have gotten further in her mental search if it wasn't for Castiel opening the door of the Impala and dragging her out.

"I am very glad that you are still alive Rose." Castiel stated and hugged me.

"I can see that Castiel. What is going on?" Rose asked him and looked around for her family.

"We are resting and joined a group. Tomorrow we join the rest of the group on a farm then the men of the group will go looking for a lost girl." Castiel said.

"Sounds alright I guess, I'll just go back to sleep. My whole body feels like it's made of lead." Rose told him and patted his shoulder before climbing back into the back seat of the Impala.