When I woke up again I noticed we were at the farm. I stretched a little and got out of the Impala. I noticed that the others were setting up tents and sitting at a wooden camping table. I walked over to the table and sat next to Dean as he got ready for his long awaited talk with the leader of their group.

A man dressed in an officer's outfit came over and sat in front of us. I tried my best to keep my face straight but I lost it. Dean and the cop looked at me like I was high.

"You don't see it?" I asked Dean.

"Uh no." Dean stated simply.

"Dude he's Woody! Ya know from Toy Story? Oh please let me check your boot for a snake." I screamed and laughed so hard I fell out of my seat. Gabriel and Glen started laughing with me.

The guy who I find out is named Rick just shakes his head at me and continues to the task at hand. He stares Dean down and if we honestly wanted to take the cop series it wouldn't happen. Police were always the bane of Hunters.

"So your group just happened upon the RV and wanted to help out?" Rick asked Dean.

"Yeah, it's what we did before the Croats got loose so why would it stop now?" Dean stated simply enough.

"Croats?" A guy who was bald and had some fucked up nose repair.

"This epidemic is a virus called the Croatoan virus. We only know about it because it happened years ago in a small settlement but because people didn't live so close to each other back then it only took that town. An well it would appear that scientists have been working on the virus since a few hundred years ago." Sam explained.

"An you know this how?" Said a guy with a bald head and a messed up nose.

"We read it in a book." I told them and sat back down on the bench.

I didn't know if we were ever going to tell them the truth about us or our part in the end of the world but it wasn't my call to make. This wasn't just my life but every person we told that would be affected by the choice to talk.

I felt Castiel near me so I stood up and sought him out. It wasn't long to find him; he was talking to Bobby while a blonde woman, a slightly older woman and a young lady with short brunette hair was staring at him.

"Hey Castiel wanna do some training?" I just really wanted to test out my powers and who better to test this out on then an angel of the lord.

"Do you think you are ready for it?" Castiel asked me.

"Yeah kiddo you just woke up from a three day nap. You may not be at full strength." Daddy aka Bobby said.

"That's why it's training. If we start out with just practicing punches then we can slowly get up to full out fights." I explained and stretched out getting ready for the workout.

"Alright lets being with a small amount of power and then slowly go from normal to your full strength." Castiel stated as he walked away from Dad and into a more open area.

"You got it Cas." I breathed deeply and pushed my power level back down to that of a normal human.

Castiel raised his hands waiting for me to strike. When I thought I was ready I lashed out and struck his left hand. He caught my fist pretty easily but I could tell that I broke a finger. It healed instantly but I still felt bad for hurting him.

"You alright?" I asked Cas.

"Yes the wound was small and since it didn't break skin it is easier to heal." Castiel stated and showed that his bruised finger was healing quickly.

"Alright let's keep going." I said and got into a fighting stance. We kept at it for a few until Dean called us over.

"What's up Dean?" Sam asked as we could see all of Rick's group together.

"We need to tell them the truth and I need these three to help out" Dean pointed to Castiel, Gabriel and I.

"Tell us what truth?" Asked Carol.

"Are you sure that this is the right thing to do?" Dad asked Dean.

"Yeah they need to be prepared for the hell that is coming." Sam said understanding Dean's point of view.

"Just fucking tell us." Broke nose said angrily.

"Alright fine you know all those stories you hear about demons, angels, vampires and ghosts. Well they are real, an we hunt them. Hunters have been dealing with these creatures for years and no one outside has ever found out." Dean told them.

Rick's group stared at us then a few started to laugh.

"Are you in some kind of cult or something?" Daryl asked.

"Gabriel, Castiel please show them." Sam said and stepped back a little.

"As you wish." Castiel replied.

"You got it Sammy." Gab said and they both let their angel wings show. Four black transparent wings appeared behind them in heavenly glory.

"Now Rose can you do something?" Gab asked me looking like he really wanted me to show off my new powers.

"Um what do you want me to do?" I asked being a little nervous. It was my first time after all.

"How about you flash to the woods and find that Wendigo. Then they can see it and we can kill it." Dad stated, it seemed like a good idea.

"Gabriel wanna come with just so I have some back up?" I asked a little nervous.

"You got it little reaper." Gab said smiling all the while.

He came up to me and we quickly scanned the forest for the creature. Once we got a lock on it we flashed to it and was greeted by nothing but trees. I could feel it around us but I just couldn't put my hands on it.

"How in all the cloud hopping hell are we supposed to grab something this fast?" I questioned Gab.

"Easy sweet cheeks you're a horseman. Just make a sigil and tell it to sit still." Gab stated as if this was the most obvious answer in the world.

"Okay fine." My eyes glowed for a bit an a black sigil appeared on the ground right were the Wendigo was waiting to strike.

"Well that was easy. Now let's get back to the others shall we?" Gabriel said with his trademark smirk.

I rolled my eyes and flashed the Wendigo to the camp. There in all of its glory was a supernatural creature and he is none to friendly. He hissed and growled and tried to break his way out of the sigil. We looked onto the non-believers and smirked.

"Say hello to Wendigo. They are creatures that were human and got lost in the woods with a few others. The one person then starts to eat the others and after a while they become this. A Wendigo, they are super-fast, super strong and the only way to kill one is to burn it." Sam explained.

"Or do this." I said to them and pulled out some fingerless gloves with brass knuckles in it. Each knuckle had symbols etched into it. I pulled back and the knuckles glowed black and I punched the Wendigo's head off and killed it in one strike.

"Gotta love having a more modern scythe." I stated to Castiel and Gabriel gave me a thumbs up.

"So do you idjits think we're crazy now?" Asked Dad.