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Chapter 20

Gabby's POV

Being confined to a white-walled windowless room for nearly three weeks is not as bad as one might think. Once you get past the lack of human contact, the suffocating silence, and the lack of a proper restroom it's not that bad.

The light sensitivity and dizziness went away about a week into my imprisonment but it took a few days more for my head to finally quit throbbing. The nausea has never gone away but it's only been a couple weeks, and it's entirely possible that it's more related to anxiety than the head injury.

I am taking a nap, since the only thing I can do these days is sleep, when the door opens. In comes the man that I have come to recognize as Dr. Stephens, Jeanine, Eric, and Carl.

"Roll up your sleeve Gabriella," The doctor instructs, coming to kneel on the floor next to my cot.

I quickly jerk my arm away, "Why?"

He pulls a packet with a needle and two vials from his pocket, "I need another blood sample."

I take a deep breath and look away as he jabs the needle into a vein on the inside of my elbow. As soon as I feel the needle slide back out of my arm, I turn back and face the group gathered before me. "What's the special occasion?" I ask as the doctor packages up the samples.

"How right you are my dear, getting right to the point," Jeanine replies as a predatory smile finds her lips, "The doctor here has informed me that you are recovering quite well, in fact you are well enough to join your friend in the lab to help us learn more about your divergence and how best to control it."

I feel my face go white as the full weight of her comments sink in. I find my gaze landing on Eric; he stares at his shoes and refuses to make eye contact with me. The only sign that he is aware of my presence is the fact that his knuckles have gone white from the fist he is making.

"Get her up," Jeanine orders Carl.


I am sitting on the edge of the trey that goes into the MRI machine, I was lying on the table and they were about to turn the machine on when a lab assistant came running in to get Jeanine and Eric. I look up at my sole remaining companion; Carl is leaning on the wall opposite me, checking his gun.

"Carl," I say quietly, he looks up and the slowly pushes off the wall to walk over to me. "So listen, you're my friend, right?" I ask softly as soon as he is next to me. He nods and I continue, "So, be honest with me, what exactly happens now?"

"Gabby, I..." He starts, but I cut him off.

"They experiment on me until Jeanine has a way to control everyone in her way and then I die, right?"

He shifts awkwardly, "Right."

"It's not too late, you know," I say softly.

He studies me for a moment, "Too late for what?"

"For you to get yourself on the right side of this battle before it's over."

"Gabby, I don't," He pauses to think over the rest of his reply, but the door opens before he has a chance to continue.

From the moment Jeanine waltzes back into the room, I am all too aware that something very bad is about to happen. She seems almost… excited; and it's terrifying.

I look to Eric, hoping his expression will shed some light on what is about to happen, or at least how apprehensive I should be, but he looks just as confused as I feel.

"Well, Gabriella, it seems your blood test yielded some very interesting results," She says with a thin smile as she pulls on a rubber glove.

"O-Oh, what do you mean?" I ask, trying my best not to sound as terrified as I feel.

"It seems that you had a rather high concentration of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in your blood," She pauses for a moment before continuing with a disappointed look, mistaking my shock for ignorance. "As you may not be aware, the hCG hormone is used to detect pregnancy."

She continues to chatter on, excitedly explaining how this is a rare opportunity to study the effects of divergence on the unborn fetus and how the trait was passed on from mother to child, and worst of all that this might present an opportunity to develop a way to stop the spread of the "genetic defect known as divergence".

As much as I tried to listen to the Erudite leader's plans, I find my attention drawn to the man behind her. Eric's grey eyes are twice their normal size, his mouth is hanging open a bit, and his face is as white as the walls of my cell.

I watch as the wheels in his head continue to turn, until finally his jaw snaps shut and he blinks a few times until his pupils return to normal. The look of absolute terror on his face is replaced by something I haven't seen in quite a while. Determination; he isn't going to let her hurt our baby.

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