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Snake Eyes

When the woman awoke she was hanging upside down, the world around her was blurred, something had been done to her eyes, they felt numb. She could hear someone dragging something behind her. She recognized this place, she was in the museum. She was supposed to be home by now, but she came back because she left something and then…

"Awake already? That's surprising, I'm guessing that you must have used drugs previously. Or else you wouldn't be awake so soon. Built up quite a tolerance." The woman tried to open her mouth, her head was spinning and throbbing in pain.

"Don't try to talk, you can't. While you were busy laying unconscious on the floor, I dabbled a bit with your throat. Now if you're a good girl, then I promise, this will go by in no time at all." Minda laughed as the woman tried to get loose in a panic. It was useless, she had been strung up by chains and bound with a wire saw. Minda walked over to something she had stored in three very large boxes. She carefully opened them with her gloved hand and looked down inside.

The box was filled to the brim with snakes. Her eyes lit up as her hand extended downward into the box, pulling out a beautifully colored green snake with large eyes.

"Well, aren't you just the cutest of things," she cooed.

Will stood in the shower, letting the hot water wash over him. He was in a bit of a daze, he still felt pathetic and ashamed. What was even more vexing was that despite having an orgasm it did little to help ease the heat he felt in his body. Thanks to the phone call from Minda he felt less guilty but he still felt weak somehow. Not once through the whole ordeal had Hannibal reciprocated the feeling, Will felt like a schoolgirl, angry that he couldn't get his partner to get a hard on. He was attractive enough, Hannibal acted more like it was a chore having sex with him. He looked down at his already rising erection. There was no telling how long Hannibal would be cleaning the bed, if he kept quiet enough he could take care of this himself.

"Still energetic I see," Hannibal said. He had pulled the shower curtain away and was staring at Will. The sudden intrusion made Will stumble backward, almost cracking his head open against the tiled wall.

"It's not, I was just…"

"Taking to long," Hannibal interrupted. "It seems you're always in need of my help Will."

Without warning Hannibal pulled Will forward out of the shower, causing him to crash into the man's chest. Hannibal grabbed Will's hair, pulling his head upward forcibly and touched their lips. A small peck before his tongue dived into the other's mouth. Will's legs began shaking and Hannibal slowly slid them to the floor. He positioned Will in between his legs as he kissed him, rubbing and pinching his nipples while his tongue explored Will's mouth. The two separated and Will's forehead rested in the crook of Hannibal's neck, waiting.

Will almost bit his tongue when he felt Hannibal's hands begin to massage his ass. His face went red again, he felt uncomfortable, he couldn't run away this time. Will buried his face in Hannibal's neck, looking down at the man's uninterested member. As Hannibal kept touching him Will slowly undid a few of the buttons to his shirt, licking and sucking at the skin of his neck where his forehead once was.

Hannibal tried his best to contain a laugh and slid a finger over Will's twitching hole. The other man instantly showed how much he was embarrassed by stopping with his attack on Hannibal's neck and burying his face in the man's shoulder.

"I think this might be more effective in getting you to calm down," Hannibal said. It was good that Will wasn't face to face with him, his eyes had turned steely and the smile on his face was sadistic. He didn't give any warning when he shoved a finger into him.

"Ahn!" Was the only noise Will could make as he felt the sudden intrusion. First it was just one finger, then another, and then another, three of them stretching him out and moving inside him. Hannibal pressed down on the bundle of nerves inside him and Will couldn't stop his ejaculation, staining the bathroom floor and parts of Hannibal's suit with his cum. But even then his hardness still wouldn't come down.

"I wonder what else we should do," Hannibal teased. He ran his tongue across Will's cheek, lapping up the tears that ran down them before dipping back into his mouth. He pulled Will's chest up to suck on his overly sensitive nipples, biting harshly on one while he pinched and twisted the other.

"Stop it!" Will pleaded, his head was spinning and the more Hannibal touched the hotter he got. Will was surprised when Hannibal didn't move, all he did was stare at Will, not budging an inch. The only sound was Will's panting. Will looked down at Hannibal, he still looked uninterested.

"You've been looking there a lot lately Will. Care to tell me why?" he asked.

"Because you…you're not even…" Will's face was turning red and he brought his hand up to his forehead to try and wipe away the water that was dripping down his face.

"I just have more self control, unlike yourself." Hannibal brushed his thumb against Will's lips. "Were you expecting something else from me Will?"

Will wasn't good with words and Hannibal knew it, but Hannibal was no longer going to decide how the night was going to end. If he wanted to control Will then he knew that he'd have to want it. Will bit his lip before leaning forward and kissing Hannibal, his tongue running across the other's lip asking for permission. Hannibal let him in, but not so he could guide the kiss, he wanted to distract him. He leaned forward, Will gripping him tight as he laid the young man on the floor. Will wasn't ready to stop kissing, he pulled Hannibal with him as his back hit the floor. He felt Hannibal open his legs wider as he deepened the kiss even more.

"Haahn," Will gasped. He bit his lip, he needed air. While he regained some much needed oxygen, Hannibal had already unbuttoned his pants. Will glanced down, eyes blown wide with lust and slight anxiety. Hannibal sensed his slight distress and grabbed his chin, making him focus on him. He slipped his tongue inside Will's mouth, waiting for him to moan before moving.

Will moaned into the kiss and Hannibal thrusted forward, Will could feel it, just how big Hannibal was. He couldn't stay connected to him any longer, with a gasp he separated, a thin trail of saliva keeping them together. Hannibal sensed that if Will was allowed to think he'd want to stop. Obviously not wanting that to happen, he slammed his full length all the way inside Will, causing the man to whimper.

"You came again," Hannibal pointed out, wiping the cum off of Will's lower abdomen. Will glanced down, his ass was hurting him. Hannibal was bigger than he was used to and stretched him to his limit. He brought his lips to meet Hannibal's and Hannibal slammed into him again. There was no build up for Hannibal, no gentle movements, he slammed into Will mercilessly. He didn't care that Will was whimpering, he didn't care that his eyes were watering, and he didn't care that Will was begging him to slow down or stop. The bathroom was full of the sound of Will's moans, his nails digging into Hannibal's back through his shirt. Hannibal grabbed Will's face and harshly slammed it against the tile floor, exposing his neck. He licked his lips and harshly bit down into Will, who would have screamed in pain if his senses weren't already being overridden by pure pleasure.

"That. Hurts," Will grunted.

"I didn't feel anything," Hannibal smirked. He grabbed Will's sides, adding enough pressure to make sure that it would bruise. He took a single breath and slammed into Will again, without warning making Will release a low guttural sound. A few more thrusts and Will was coming with Hannibal.

"Don't keep moving afterward. You'll stir it up," Will begged.

"It's rather cute when you think I'll listen to you," Hannibal smiled.

Will woke up covered in bruises, hickeys, and bite marks. He didn't even try to get up because he had no energy to perform the action with, much less his hips were completely useless at this point. He could hear someone moving around in his house but in the state he was in he couldn't do anything about it. He glanced at the clock, it was five in the morning.

"Awake?" Hannibal asked. Will didn't move, he was slightly irritated at him.

"No," he said angrily.

"Why Will, it sounds like you're rather upset with me." Will grumbled and buried his face deeper into the safety of his comforter. Hannibal moved a curl out of Will's face and sat next to him. He glanced into the sheets, his bruises and bite marks visible.

"I told you to stop and you just kept on going," Will complained. "You didn't even listen to me, not in the least."

"I thought it was merely a suggestion."

"Who's the one that's lying now?" Hannibal leaned down and kissed one of the bruises on the back of Will's neck. He actually surprised himself with how much he was able to hold back, but soon, Will would want him to go further, it was only a matter of time. He'd make sure of it. Will fidgeted slightly at the contact, breathing out slowly.

"You should return to work tomorrow Will. Give Jack and Alana a call, they're worried about you," Hannibal said, fixing his tie.

"Your pillow talk is terrible," Will chuckled into the sheets. He was exhausted, he didn't even know how he was keeping himself awake.

"We can further discuss this matter at our next appointment. I trust that you won't be late any longer?"

"I won't be."

"Good, then I will see you in a few days."

"You're just going to leave?"

"Yes, unless you plan to have me do something else. Although, I wouldn't recommend it, you're probably a bit sore."

"Just…never mind, forget it."

"Now how can I forget when you look so dejected?" Hannibal ran a finger over Will's bottom lip. He would have kissed him if Will's phone didn't go off at that very moment. Will grumbled as he reached for his cell, wondering who would bother him so early in the morning, the sun wasn't even up yet. Jack had called him again but instead of trying to contact Will again, he sent him a text with a single phrase: Another crime scene. Will grumbled again, rubbing his head, he was in no condition to go to a crime scene.

"Work?" Hannibal asked.

"Yeah well, crime isn't very respective of my time."

"I'm only wondering if you'll be able to get up and walk with ease."

"I'm pretty sturdy."

"Of course." Hannibal watched Will intently as he slid out of bed. However, as sturdy as Will thought he was the moment he took half a step forward he hit the ground. Hannibal smiled down at him, not exactly trying to stifle his laughter. Will glared in response and tried again, grabbing onto his nightstand for extra support. He begrudgingly got dressed and made a sort of waddle to the door. He looked back at Hannibal, who was staring at him with the amusement of a child.

"What?" he growled.

"You plan to walk like a penguin the entire day?" Hannibal asked.

"Who's fault do you think that is?" If Will could have run he would have, but that was next to impossible. Hannibal offered to drive him to the crime scene but Will quickly denied the help. Not that he needed it, Hannibal just liked watching him fidget. The two went their separate ways, both promising to meet up at Will's next appointment to discuss things further. As Hannibal drove home he stopped in his garage, leaning against the car door as he stepped out. He slightly wished he had been invited to the crime scene, he was interested in what Minda had managed to create.

Will walked toward the crime scene and was slightly surprised to see the animal control unit there, they were carrying snakes, a lot of snakes. The crime had been committed in a museum, the guard had been killed in the process as well. He stepped inside, following Jimmy until they reached the exhibit. The amount of snakes that littered the floor was awe inspiring.

"Careful not to touch, the little guys are the big and venomous kind," Jimmy warned, as a snake slithered slowly through his legs.

"They're obviously used to human interaction if they're not biting us on site," Will added.

"Up and at it?" Jack asked. He was standing next to Will, who was currently avoiding eye contact at all costs at the moment.

"Everybody needs some me time every once in a while Jack," Will explained.

"Right." Jack shooed everybody out of the room for Will to do his thing. As the last set of footsteps walked away from him Will closed his eyes.

He could hear them, the snakes being released one by one with the greatest of care. The woman wasn't dead yet, she had been chosen carefully, to witness this moment. Her light hazel hair had been dyed a darker brown, like earth, that's why it was still wet. She was hung upside down to dry, vocal cords already severed to not ruin concentration.

Will eyed the security camera in the corner. They were useless, he had nothing to fear. The main generator supplying power to them had already been turned off. Even the back up generator was of no concern, they would find a truck crashed into it, the keys being lifted from the body of the dead security guard.

He had interrupted the scene, for that he earned a punch to the throat and while he was doubled over in pain, a spear lifted from the exhibit straight into the eye piercing the brain. He was dead instantly, but the work wasn't done. With the dagger that had been from the same exhibit, the gut was cut open, intestines hanging out, the blood and meat enticing the snakes and they slithered toward the body.

The woman hanging upside down watched in horror as the bloodied dagger made it's way over to her, finding a place in her neck. The head was separated cleanly with one single stroke. It dropped to the ground with a thud, the snakes slithering toward it.

The separated head was dragged on the ground by the hair, leaving a bloody trail behind it. Now it was time for the makeup. The cornea of the eyes were carefully removed, replaced by the eyes of a snake. Next the head was shaved, but not with an electric razor, with a sharpened knife. The flesh of the head had been cut as well, making spaces to fit the dead bodies of snakes into them. Once they had been sewed in, the head was placed in the center of one of the shields which had been displayed in the center of the room, replacing the ancient greek vase that once stood there.

Will crouched down, to look at the blood on the floor, something had been left behind. He glanced at the body, no longer dripping blood. It wasn't here, it was with the head. With a gloved hand and a set of tweezers he opened the woman's mouth, the tongue had been split like a snake and the teeth had been sharpened to a point with a few of them removed to more resemble the reptile. It wasn't here either.

"Why are you walking funny?" Beverly asked him. Will jumped at the intrusion, the silence in the room now broken. He hated it when she did that.

"What?" Will asked.

"I noticed you walking around like you do and you're walking funny. Sprain something?"

"That's just...I'm looking for something, the killer, left something behind. But I don't know where it was hidden." Beverly stared at the self made Medusa. There was something off about her hair made of snakes.

"It's here, you see these snakes are all the same, but not this one. This inland taipan over here, has two heads, it's the only one with two heads. I'm guessing that she put something in it's mouth. Though just taking it out without the proper equipment and anti-venom on hand would be reckless, we'll have to wait until we get her back to the lab," Beverly said.

"See anything we can use?" Jack asked.

"She might have left us a note or clue behind. But since all these snakes are venomous we should wait until she's back at the lab," Will answered.

"She? So we have a gender, how did you narrow it down?"

"I didn't, I'm just guessing. This feels like a woman, a very smart and strong woman. She was able to cleanly separate the head from the body without so much as stalling. But why is she doing this? Who is she playing with? Just what exactly is her intention with these theatrics?"

"We'll find out sooner or later, glad to see you're back." Jack patted him harshly on the back, making will slightly take a step forward from the force. Jimmy and Brian were busy naming off the different types of venomous snakes that were being carted away while Beverly followed Will out.

"You feeling better?" she asked.

"Is my absence such a large gem of gossip?" Will wondered.

"You can't be as weird as you are without people gossiping, it's unnatural."

"I suppose it is."

"Does it have something to do with the reason you're walking funny?" Will didn't respond, his face immediately went red, he pushed up his glasses and got into his car. Telling Beverly that he'd see her later that day. Beverly smirked as she watched his car go by. She looked down at the notes she had taken, writing down the name of the painting that had inspired the killer this time, Medusa: Caravaggio.

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