Chapter 1 Enigma

A/N: Wrote this simply because I had writer's block.

There won't be any use of honorifics.

Mito Uzumaki took a calming deep breath of the magnificent air around her. The fragrance of the various amounts of flowers, along with the colorful flower of lilies, the lilacs and the sweet scented lavenders filled her senses. She heard the distant waves of the sea clashing against the shores, the cheerful singing of the birds that flew from tree to tree as well as the leaves crashing against one another from the help of the wind. She felt the grass blades that ran through her right hand, the pleasant heat of the morning bright sun that hit her skin, the smooth breeze that ran through her vibrant red hair. She usually tied it up in buns, but this was the exception. Her own hair wasn't long, it just reached her shoulders, at least compared to other uzumaki's.

She usually came here to relax, her own personal meadow that only she knew about. Nearly a 2 hour walk away from Uzushiogakure; a recent village that hardly had a 4 month life span, But one of the very first of its kind; a ninja village. She took in a another breath, she had found this meadow weeks after when construction began. While Mito was more calm and composed compared to other uzumaki's, she did enjoy satisfying her curiosity, she thought a bit of her childhood... but perhaps she was a bit too curious since she did get into trouble when she was younger. Her walks in and around the village were frequent, she found that it was more enjoyable when the elements were around; like rain or snow that would cover the landscape, it sort of added a different aura when it wasn't. Originally, she had found her personal area when a light layer of snow coated it. When spring had came in, she was pleasantly surprised to find various species of flowers blooming. Now she frequently visited here to relieve stress and to simply relax. Being a exceptional sensory type, she would make sure that no one would follow her, going as far to suppress her own chakra.

She stood up from where she sat, making sure to brush off any grass off her kimono. Her white garb was intricate, a white high collared kimono with an obi tied around her waist; the uzumaki crest the back of the obi. She walked around the daisies making sure ever so to take a moment to take in the fragrances of different plants. Her life was fairly mild now, ever since they had ended their- she had to admit- dangerous nomadic lifestyle. It was that she much preferred to travel and to see new sights, she admitted to herself that it was the only thing she missed. That life ended when Konohagakure was formed by the Uchiha and Senju clan and their village was formed by the recommendation of the Senju clan, whom they always had close ties with. She thought about Hashirama, she sighed, she was a bit enamored with the clan leader. Perhaps it had something to do with his personality, which carried a unpredictability she found interesting, she would've thought that the power he wielded would have given him an arrogant personality but she had found that she was wrong.

Since their villages had close ties, frequent village visits were common, the visits were composed of groups. Whenever she had the chance she would always traverse to Konoha, usually to satisfy her curiosity of a different place since greatly enjoyed discovering new things. Except she greatly enjoyed a place to come back to sleep, something that she enjoyed to sleep privately. Now whenever she went to the village it was usually to see the Senju clan leader, and he had very recently taken a slight interest with her - last group she ventured out with- they had a small talk that she greatly enjoyed. They were still acquaintances, and she had a growing crush on Hashirama.

As she found out, Konohagakure was about a one third larger than their own, with large walls and a gate that surrounded them. Their visit would last for several days, and then the trek back home would be made. At the several trips she had been on in Konoha, she had debated on staying there, but she decided not to since she wanted explore it first, little by little to get the most out of the village. 'Some things are best to savor after all...' She was also reluctant to move out of her home, the uzumaki clan was like a family to her.

She narrowed her brow at the sudden chakra she had felt, it seemingly appeared out of now where. She disregarded a sunflower that she had been looking at to focus on searching where the chakra signature was. "What?" Her small frustration at possibly being followed turned to confusion. She turned to the south, whereas the north contained her village. 'It can't possibly...' She looked up in the sky, a figure falling 50 meters from the ground and some distance away from the meadow. "No way..." The figure quickly approached the forest, she heard the distant sounds of tree branches snapping and a muted thud when the figure hit the ground. "Surely whoever that must be..." She sensed that his chakra signature present, but faded into a more subdued state. She stood in her meadow in slight shock at the sudden appearance of the figure.

She stood there for a few more moments before her curious nature got to her. Making sure her Kimono wouldn't let up, she set a brisk pace and traversed for a few minutes to where the person fell. She got cautious as she approached closer to the site, preparing to defend herself at a possible ambush. Her ninja training had told her to return and report this to the clan, but she didn't want anyone to find the meadow or this person to possibly die from the 40 minute sprint to get to the village and back. Besides, she was told that she was one of the best Kunoichi that Uzu had to offer. She approached slowly and saw numerous broken branches and fallen leaves that littered the impact site, she saw a small crater embedded in the ground. At her distance she couldn't see the person due to the depression in the ground, but they were still there. She took careful steps, making sure she would react to any sort of action.

She saw a blond young man, around her age. He had three whiskers on each cheek, his rough blond hair hung over his closed eyes which was surrounded by orange eye shadow. His face devoid of any baby fat, leaving a firm jaw. He wore a orange and black jacket, it's zipper partway down, letting the collar run free and showed he wore a fishnet shirt. He also wore orange pants, showing her that he preferred orange colored clothing. '...Handsome...'He was unconscious but somehow peacefully, despite from the height he fell from. She now stood over him, knowing he was really out of it. She deduced from the size of the crater - which was several feet deep - that he had fell even further that she saw him fall. Which confused her because he looked unharmed, other than he was unconscious. One of his hands clutched a black bag that was over his chest, no doubt to protect the contents in the bag. Dirt was strewn everywhere on him, some leaves still in wild hair.

He was still alive, told by his rising chest and active chakra that still hung weakly. She looked to the sky to check of any indication of where he had fell from. 'I never met of anyone who could fly...' She remembered hearing of a person who can, somewhere in the land of earth. She looked back at the blond on the ground and saw the orange marking around his eyes disappear. 'Is that...some sort of Jutsu?' His chakra got noticeably weaker, but his condition showed no outward signs of change. She felt his chakra, which strongly reminded her of chakra of the uzumaki clan possessed. She kneeled down and nudged him a few times, no response. He breathed in deeply and slow. 'He's definitely out of it' She had limited knowledge of anything that involved medicine, she checked him for any broken bones. After a several moments and to her shock, found nothing that he had anything broken. She was immensely curious about this person. Who is he? Where did he come from? Why does he have similar chakra to an Uzumaki? Why did he fall from the sky?

Nonetheless, she couldn't just leave him here. She took the bag he clutched in his hand and set it aside. Preparing herself, she moved the Obi on her waist, letting to tie to the side and quickly tied her hair into the buns. She stood up and slung his one strap bag in front of her and she clumsily brought him on her back. It was clear that he was taller than she was, as his feet slightly dragged on the ground. She shifted his weight around and slouched forward so that his feet wouldn't graze the ground. She groaned that she was going to be carrying him in an uncomfortable position for a 40 minute run. 'He owes me cinnamon buns later...' Making sure nothing was left behind she started in a run to bring him to Uzushiogakure.

Mito Uzumaki stood in front of clan leader, Shin Uzumaki. He stood at 5 feet and 10 inches, 56 years old, despite his age and because of the life force of the Uzumaki's was still considered one of the strongest in the clan. He's very knowledgeable in fuinjutsu, one of the best. He had long white hair that reached midway of his back, he sported a thick white square goatee and moustache that slightly sagged down. He wore the usual attire for when Uzumaki went to battle. A high collared, long-sleeved black garb with the red uzumaki swirl on the shoulders, along with black pants and wearing the grey armor that went down to cover the thighs, with the a black sash to keep the armor in place.

They were a large room decorated with various items; Flowers, stands, the large Uzumaki crest that hung behind him. The building was obviously new from the recent village that was erected. Shin sat on a simple chair behind a large desk that had several papers in a pile. Mito wondered how the situation differs at Konoha, since there was several large clans. There was only one major clan - which was the Uzumaki - and several minor ninja clans that made up Uzushiogakure. It was clear what the leadership that was present here, so she wondered if the clan leaders in Konoha all convened to discuss matters concerning their village. Whatever it was, it was obvious that such meetings would take time, unlike the matter that she had presented to her grandfather.

"Fell from the sky you say?" He spoke loudly. It was something most Uzumaki's shared. She nodded at his question "I see...That is quite peculiar indeed, we'll wait on his medical report, before we decide anything more on the matter" She nodded in agreement. She had brought back the spiky haired blond back to her village, straight to the large building which the clan leader resided. He was immediately brought to the infirmary to be checked out on his current status, and now she had just finished explaining on how she found him. "For now, We'll see the contents that's within the bag..." She approached the desk and gave him the small black bag that she found with the blond and he roughly dumped out its contents. She slightly cringed at the manner. 'What if there was something fragile?'

Shin quickly organized the items that had spilled out, which wasn't much. She quickly inspected the stuff; Several scrolls, ink, a calligraphy pen, A tool pouch, a shuriken holster, Some rice balls and a red cloak that had black flames patterned at the bottom. She controlled her amusement at the last two things she saw; A black and white nightcap that looked like a dog and along with a fat green frog wallet which had some ryo spilling out, 'That's how I'll get my cinnamon buns'. Her grandfather was less subtle, a hearty chuckle escaped from him as he looked at the nightcap. She didn't think that this person was dangerous, or at the least mean any harm to her clan. It was only one person after all.

"So he must be a shinobi" Mito commented. Shin nodded as he emptied the tool pouch, which contained some wire and some peculiar looking kunai. She watched at how her grandfather picked up the Kunai, It was triple bladed with a faint yellow handle. She saw a strange formula written on the grip. "What is it?" She asked. It took several long moments of him inspecting the kunai before the older man answered.

"It seems like a formula similar to summoning... So a space-time formula"

"Really? So he's a fuinjutsu user then?" The writing supplies had hinted that but it didn't really confirm it, he nodded at her questioning. She was glad that she found out something about the mysterious blond.

"Yes... This formula is no simple task, no doubt it needs a trigger to activate, most likely from our guest...whoever he is, he is quite adept in fuinjutsu" He praised him. Which had surprised Mito, since he hardly ever praises anyone. He proceeded to check through the remaining items, some of the scrolls were blank except for one. "Hmm...It seems that this one holds many of the same item" He inspected the scroll and channeled some chakra. The same tri pronged Kunai earlier before popped out of the scroll.

"How many of them?"

"Around three hundred"

"Wow...That's quite the number" Mito commented. One of the medical ninja entered by this time. He was plain looking and forgettable, he was dressed in a doctors uniform composed of white and smelled of antiseptic. He came to step beside her, no doubt to report on the mystery guy.

"Shin" He bowed in a formal matter. " I came to report on our guest" The clan leader mentioned for him to continue on with his report. "Anyways...He's completely fine, no injuries whatsoever, other than the case of major chakra exhaustion. But nothing can be told of his mental status as of currently" Shin nodded in understanding, knowing that they hadn't received any of the machinery to check for any brain damage yet.

"Nothing was found on him?" Shin asked. Prompting a shake of the medical nin's head. "You can go" The doctor turned on his heel and walked out, the door shutting close. Mito looked back to her grandfather, who sported a contemplative look. She opened her mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by him. "You said his chakra is reminiscent of Uzumaki correct?"

"It is"

"Well I don't think that he had any plot against us, other than the kunai he possessed he had nothing that would pose a danger to us" He replied. He close his eyes in a contemplative state. "I know how you are Mito, you're curious about him" She didn't respond for moment. "So, my granddaughter I want you to watch over our guest until he awakes"

"Is that a mission?" She asked.

"Yes...But since he's not a POW, think of it as community service" He replied. Uzumaki's were usually optimistic, and a rowdy bunch, they were quite unusual compared to other larger clans; Like the Senju, Uchiha, or Hyuuga. Although Shin did worry a little, if he turned out to be hostile, he was confident that Mito would be able to put him down. Which he believed that it wouldn't come to past. "We'll want him to be relaxed as possible when he awakes, so I think your apartment should be okay, we don't want him to feel intimidated or escape should he stay in a hospital or a prison" Shin watched her nod a little too fast for her usual behavior, he slightly chuckled as she closed the door.

Mito looked at the blond guy curiously , he was like a puzzle, a puzzle she was eager to solve. Her life was filled null expectation, while she had a calm demeanor compared to other uzumaki, her curiosity had taken over, she liked unpredictability, something sudden and extravagant. Her clan was predicable in her sense, despite being uncommon, her clan was usually optimistic about everything, but also careful. There was something lacking, she couldn't pinpoint what though, and it made her somewhat uneasy. Perhaps she needed a change in her life, something to excite it. Something foreign for her to solve, that would ease her curiosity.

This wild blond haired teen was able to satisfy it, somewhat. He was a complicated puzzle in her mind, an anomaly. She wondered if he continued to be so, or if the puzzle would solved for her when he awoke. His sudden appearance over the sky was something of interest, so did the formula on his kunai. She couldn't lie that she was immensely curious about things she didn't understand and she usually tried to figure out the basics to it and once she figured it out, it would bore her a little.

Over the course of the yesterday and today, she would occasionally watch this handsome blond sleep in the guest room in her home. IV's and such medical equipment was present in the room, to monitor his well being. She knew her skills as a kunoichi was being used here, her exceptional fuinjutsu would hopefully be enough to restrain him, should he be less than friendly. She lived in a two bedroom apartment that only she alone lived in. He slept in a mostly unused bedroom, decorated by neutral objects. Such as an uzumaki flag, several drawers for storage, and flowers picked from her personal meadow.

He slept on a plain beige bed and matching pillows and blankets. His gear that he had brought with him was lied out on a desk on the left side of the bed his jacket under it, the side which she sat on. The door was opened behind her. After the first day, she thought that he would've awaken, but he didn't. Her fascination of this odd character continued to grow. Simply because of his chakra continued to grow stronger, and continuously did so over the next day. It was not all, his chakra seemed to rival the relaxed state of Hashirama Senju, already known as one the most powerful shinobi to ever live.

Even if she had never spoken with the unnamed blond, her fascination continued to grow. Once again she wondered if the mystery would be solved right when he awoke. If it did, she would be immensely disappointed. Still, she had taken her clans optimistic nature, that he wouldn't be like a disappointed ending to a clever puzzle. Perhaps he was something she had needed, she liked puzzles that could be solved. Mysteries that kept her on her toes, something interesting.

One thing was his chakra. 'It feels amazing... So warm and welcoming' She had never sensed a chakra so... Happy, so full of life and vibrant. She felt an uncharacteristic faint wave of heat appear on her cheeks. The closest that she could compare was Hashirama, while it carried a pleasant feeling. His was a torch in the darkness, but the blond was a bonfire that radiated warmth. Like his chakra carried a purity to it, untainted by negative emotions and hate. She wondered how such a thing was possible.

Now it was the second day, and she partially controlled her excitement. She began to get impatient for him to awake, she wanted to get started on her puzzle. To her surprise and excitement, his chakra and it's warmth continued to grow.

"Hmm..." Mito felt the fabric of the blanket on her hands. Her head rested against the softness of a bed. Her back and neck ached in protest at the awkward position she slept in. It took her a while to determine where she had slept in her drowsy state. She groaned as she rose after leaning on the bed and she figured out that she had slept in the guest room. She heard some of the children laughing and running outside her apartment. The sun shone through the blinds of the room. She heard the constant ticking from the clock that hung to the right. She looked to see that only an hour had passed since she was in this room. 'I actually slept in here' She looked back to the bed to see the ruffled blond asleep peacefully. It was late in the day as the sun would begin to set in a hour or so.

She stood from the chair and walked out of the room. Her apartment wasn't exactly large, but fairly sizable since she lived alone. She walked out into the hall, her room directly across from the guest room. Her apartment had two small bedrooms, one for herself and a possible guest. She walked down a small hall to enter the bathroom on the right to freshen herself before continuing on with her day. She stood in front of the mirror to gauge herself; her hair had some loose strands that had escaped from her buns, and that her white kimono had misplaced itself. She quickly freed her hair from her tie and gathered the loose strands of her red hair to retie it. Satisfied, she quickly straightened her kimono into a more suitable position and exited the bathroom.

She felt a little embarrassment from her reactions towards the blond. She was worried of his well being for sure, but to sleep at his bedside like a concerned lover? She shook her head at that and continued down the short hall. Immediately at the end of the hall was the exit to out of the house, to her left was the living room and to her right the kitchen. It was her 'home' but she didn't really consider it to be one. Her apartment was decorated with various items but it didn't feel 'homey' to her. Just a place where she slept and ate food in private. Although it did feel more like a home whenever her sister was here. She traversed into her kitchen and grabbed a cup in one the 3 cupboards. She felt a little childish that she was excited for him to awake. She filled her cup with water and felt the pleasant sensation of the cool liquid going down her throat. She sighed as she put the glass down in the sink.

She reminisced about her mother as she walked down to her room. Her words resounded in her mind as she recalled a moment from her childhood.

"My dear daughter" A mother bent down while little Mito ran after her and slammed into her, encasing her mother in a desperate hug, she felt her mother's arms slid around in a near similar embrace.

"Mommy..." She clutched her tightly, some tears escaping from her. "I don't want you to go..." She pleaded. She was dressed in her battle attire, preparing to be sent off on a mission. Mito had heard that the skirmishes between clans had begun to get rougher, and that more fatalities were occurring. 7 year old Mito was worried that she might never see her mother again. She felt her mother's hand run through her hair in a calming matter.

"It's ok dear..." Mito continued to cry as her mother started to hum for her. Slowly, she felt her tears lessen, but the sadness was still present. She looked up in the warm eyes of her red-haired mother. "Listen...I want to tell you something" She said softly. Mito nodded in understanding and listened intently at her next words. "Love, is powerful...It will always beat negative emotions...It can save you from the dark" She smiled lovingly at her. "That's why I'll always be with you because you're a apart of it, did you know?" Mito smiled shyly at her and nodded enthusiastically. She felt the hold her mother had on her disappear, she rose a little and planted a kiss on forehead. "Please take care your little sister for me okay? until I get back?" She smiled at her.

Mito walked slowly down the hall, taking each step carefully as she hummed a tune that her mother would do whenever she was put to bed. She recalled what her mother had said before she left. 'Love... Love will always beat hate and save you from darkness' It was one of the last words that her mother as had passed down to her. At that time... She was reassured that her mother would return, only to be devastated at the news that she had fallen. Nonetheless, she carried on with her mother's wishes. She cared very much of her sister, and it took a long while before she realized what kind of love her mother had meant. 'The love of a family...' Not just from her sister. Her mother took strength of her own family, of her two daughters. She couldn't remember her father as he had died when she was young, but her mother had reassured her that he was a great man. She vaguely remembered the love she had in her voice and the sadness that was it as she talked about him. Mito wondered when she would have children of her own as she opened the door to her room.

She felt a slight change of the warm chakra radiating from behind her. Not one to leave her curiosity be disappointed, she closed the door to room and went directly to the guest room. Although his chakra had fluctuated several times before, she thought that there would be no change this time. Since the one earlier today was more pronounced than this one. She opened the door and suddenly found herself looking at impossibly blue eyes. His eyes widened...'In fear? or-' "You're really beautiful y'know" He blurted out hoarsely. She looked at him for a moment 'So...bold' she thought to herself. He started to cough roughly and he clutched as his throat, and Mito realized he would need something to drink.

"I'll return soon" As she quickly exited the room. She felt her excitement as some of her questions would be answered. She quickly grabbed another glass from the cupboard and filled with it water. She felt an unfamiliar sensation on her cheeks. 'I'm I blushing...again?' she realized as she was subtly bouncing as she finished filling the cup. This time she slowed down on her pace to return to the room where the mysterious blond sat in. It wasn't that she wasn't called beautiful by other men, in fact there were many who had called her that, but never did she ever respond to it or react that way. Perhaps it was how he had said it, it wasn't a simple courtesy or him trying to flirt. He had said it with conviction, his voice and eyes told no lies or... carried an emotion that made her uncomfortable. It was innocent, and he truly believed in his words. She made her way into the room.

She saw him looking down and breathing shallowly on the bed. He looked up and their eyes met for a moment before he caught the cup of water in her hand. "Here" She said to him as she closed the distance and handed him the glass. He eagerly took and nodded in appreciation, he disregarded his manners as he completely poured the water straight down his mouth. Loud gulping and trails of water running down his chin and neck from his inability to drink the water quickly. She watched him curiously as he quickly finished the rest of the water.

"Wooooah" As he wiped away the moisture on his chin. "God, that was amazing" He sputtered. Mito was a bit amused at his actions, a slight smile on her face. He looked at her and she saw mass confusion in his cerulean. "So...uhh...Where the hell am I?" As he scratched his neck.

"In Uzushiogakure" the red haired said calmly to him. It didn't seem to lessen in curiosity and only increased his confusion.

"Yeah...that didn't help at all, no idea where that is... In fact..." He replied. Mito heard no form of worry in his voice, showing her that he was either unconcerned or hid it well. She did the confusion grow within his eyes. She thought she might start out simple.

"What's your name?" She asked softly. Trying to sound as comforting as possible. He looked at her for a long moment. It seemed his ocean blue eyes sort of had a piercing element as she attempted not to break his gaze.

"Damn...I don't even know that either" He replied, sounding defeated. His eyebrows furrowed, as in pain. Mito felt the need to help him, to comfort him from his confusion. She could tell that he sounded genuinely believed in his words.

"Do you not remember anything at all?" She asked. Now she was definitely curious about the strange and -she had to admit- handsome character.

"Well...The last thing is...falling from the sky" He chuckled. "Although how I got there, I got no clue" Mito was amazed at how relaxed he was, like it didn't bother him at all.

"That's okay" she replied happily, something unusual as she would mostly reply in a more calm demeanor. Her curiosity had gotten the better of her, she was glad that the mystery would keep going. That the puzzle had actually grown in size, rather than solved. "I'm Mito Uzumaki" She smiled at him. Which he had responded with one of his own, which made her heart stutter for a moment, not that she noticed.

"Hi!" He replied happily. She heard the loud grumbling of his stomach, He scratched in neck in a embarrassed manner. "Heh, I don't suppose that you have anything to eat?" He asked. Mito thought about the options. 'I suppose I can cook something up, and try to get something out of him' she didn't really know if it would work. 'Or we could go to a restaurant' If he could recognize anyone or anything. Certainly he had never been around here, she had never felt such a unique chakra before. She could never forget something like that.

"We can go eat somewhere of your choosing" She suggested.

"Man, I'm starving" As he pushed the blankets off him. He immediately tried to stand, only to fall straight to floor.

"Are you alright?" As he attempted to stand. She was at a loss on whether to help him or not. If he would be grateful for such a thing or if he would feel like it was an insult to his pride.

"Yeah" As he shakily stood up on his feet. He stood at least 2 inches taller than her, whereas she stood at 5.7. Mito remembered that he had a jacket, his snug fishnet shirt was slightly distracting to say the least. She walked over to the desk beside the bed as grabbed the jacket under the bag.

"These were found on you" She mentioned to the items, and she gave him the orange and black jacket. She hadn't touched it at all since he was placed here by some doctors and shinobi.

"uh-Thanks" As he put on the jacket. "Should I take the bag?" He asked, pointing towards the said item. She thought about it for a moment, what would the situation be now that he was awake?

"I think you can leave it for now" She replied. They would need to visit her grandfather later on, they would figure out the situation by then. He nodded quickly as zipped up the jacket partway, and he checked to see if it really fit. She looked at him in shock, as he turned slightly to look at his back. 'That's the Uzumaki crest... Could he be a Senjju? Or from Konoha?' While the Senju wore the crest in their friendship, there was talks that they were going to add it to jounin uniforms in Konoha. It was odd, it looked like an ordinary jacket and she hadn't heard of the crest being used as fashion. While the Uzumaki was known for their fuinjutsu they weren't that famous as to be used apart of everyday clothing, other than the fact that the crest might hold something of value to him . 'Could he be an Uzumaki?' There was many questions that she wanted to ask him, she restrained herself before she fire them off and possibly scare him away.

"I think I-I'm ready now" Mito caught the slight stammer, but ignored it for his sake. She nodded at pointed at the sandals under the table, he understood as he went to put it on.

"Now I think you're ready" As she walked out of the room with him trailing behind.

"Do I really like orange this much?" he commented sourly. She peeked behind her to see him looking at the his clothing of choice. "I don't think..." He seemed to be knocked out of his thought process for a moment. "No wait...I think orange is an awesome color"

"Hm" She was amused at his sudden direction in opinion. She could easily tell that he was about to insult his taste in color. Although it did slightly interest her at one other thing being confirmed; he liked the color orange. Insignificant really, but it was a small piece that would make him up. "Is there reason why?" She asked. They had reached exit from out of the apartment and she reached down to the mat to grab her own sandals and went to put them.

"I wish I knew, but I like the way it looks on me" He replied. Mito looked up at him for a moment, he was peering at various decorations strewn in her apartment. For a flicker of a moment, she saw a some fear in his eyes before it dissipated and he turned to look at her as she finished putting on her sandals. "You have really pretty hair y'know" He complimented. Staring straight at into her eyes, he had said it so nonchalantly, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. She was entirely unprepared for such a sudden and unusual compliment as she felt another blush flash on her face.

"No one really, compliments on my hair" She stated, trying to get rid of the blush. He simply shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Well I don't see why" He merely waved away her comment. "It's only the truth" She could almost feel the sincerity in his words, no matter casually he said it.

"I see..." She turned away from him to open the door, and hide herself from him. "Thank you...I suppose" She opened it for him while he went on ahead. She locked the door and joined him outside, by then she had gotten control of her blush. She silently berated herself at being so flustered at such a comment. The sun was about to set and the sky was beginning to darken, purple clashed across the sky. She took in a breath of cool air and she led the way down a hall, the right side filled with doors that entered other apartment while the left had a rail and showed other villagers on the streets below. The blond followed silently behind as she walked down some stairs.

They reached the open street when Mito saw a couple or two going for a night out. The blond ended up standing beside her, and at her realization it very much looked like they were going on a date. 'I don't even know his name...Nor does he' She couldn't just back out now, she proceeded on her with the blue eyed man following beside her. She noticed that he looked a bit anxious as his posture was slightly rigid than before while she was in her apartment. She recalled earlier before being distracted by his compliment. 'I guess he does feel a little...scared' She guessed that he had hidden those emotion by distracting himself. With her as a victim, somehow... she didn't feel a slightest bit insulted. He was in a unfamiliar setting, and he didn't even know himself. She felt a little a sorry for him and she made the attempt to converse with him.

"So" She said, trying to catch his attention and which he immediately looked at her. She could see a little relief in his eyes, like he had begun to be overwhelmed. "Since, we don't exactly know where you had come from, how about you get to know me?" She suggested. Where was she supposed to start with him? Ask him the same questions and hope there's something that comes out of it? She thought that she might as well make him more comfortable around her, and help him distract himself.

"Okay" He nodded in agreement. "So how did you find me?" He questioned. "I remember seeing nothing like a village around before I hit the ground...At least I think I do"

"I was...At a personal spot, when I sensed you in the sky"

"Really? What's the spot?" She took a careful moment before she decided to answer him.

"It's a beautiful meadow, with all various species of flowers" She replied. "You can hear the waves crashing against the shore as you look at all the color in the field" She got a hold of herself before she blabbered on.

"Wow..." He replied."Wait you said 'sensed' how did you do that" he asked curiously. Mito made a right turn on the street, they were getting closer to the restaurant area.

"I'm a sensory type shinobi, It's what I can do" She replied.

"Cool...I'm I a ninja too?" He asked. Avoiding a small child that ran in front of him.

"I think so..." She replied back to him. Remembering seeing the gear he had in his bag. She heard a whispered 'awesome' from him. Mito saw several more couples in the crowd, all heading towards where no doubt she was heading. 'I can only hope that no one recognizes me' She never had a boyfriend before, caring for her sister had been a top priority before and so was being a shinobi of her clan. Except now her sister was old enough to live on her own and all the fighting had begun to die down drastically since the forming of ninja villages. If she was recognized by one of her friends with a handsome young man, it would spread like a wildfire since she was known as being sort of a prude. Even her own little sister had begun to comment on that, saying how she needed to find a man. Mito shook her head at that, there was already some talks that she had begun to flirt with the esteemed Senju clan leader. Much to the delight of her sister.

"Can I ask you something?" She nodded. "Why are you helping me?" he asked. She looked at him as they made a left turn on a street.

"You looked like you needed help" She replied. He didn't look convinced.

"Nah I don't think that's it" He waved her off.

"...I thought that you might've gotten hurt, so I brought you here" He didn't reply straight away. Making her relieved at the stop in his questioning.

"...I don't think that's all of it" She nearly wanted to sigh in exasperation, before she reigned it down. "I mean, you could've just dropped me off at the hospital right?" She had nothing to say, she could only nod at being caught.

"I was ordered too..." She didn't like that answer at all. Although she did try to sound as convincing as possible. She hoped it was the last one in his questioning, she regretted trying make him more comfortable by getting him to know her. He also had this cute smug smile on his face.

"Nah that's not it either" He replied, a grin on his face.

"What!?" She replied rather loudly for someone like her. He was starting to infuriate her. 'Why doesn't he take the hint?' She definitely did want to talk about why. She got in control of herself before she yelled like that. She quickly looked around to see nobody had noticed the calm Mito slightly yell out in anger. "Why do you keep pestering about it?" She replied sourly.

"Huh... I don't know really, I guess that's the way I am" He replied, no change of his personality that she basically just yelled at him. He still had this wide smile on his face. "I mean, you were so friendly when you didn't have to be" He added. She sighed as they continued to walk, returning to her normal self.

"How would you know something like that? What if I was feigning?" She asked curiously. He scratched his chin as he contemplated.

"I guess... I just sorta know" He simply responded. "It's all in your eyes" She was a bit stunned by his answer. She didn't think that he could simply tell just by looking into someone's eyes. She had wanted to know him, this mysterious person she just began to talk to barely an hour ago. She wanted to know about him but she didn't want to let him know too much about herself. She never really opened up to anyone else but her sister. She couldn't just lie to this person, since he somehow could tell them apart just by looking into her eyes. She definitely couldn't handle at NOT looking into someone's eyes while they conversed, it just wasn't proper.

"I was curious about you" She admitted. She felt a little embarrassed at that, she could almost imagine him laughing at him at such a lame reason and for him to call her out on another lie.

"Yeah! I guess it's not every day that you see someone randomly fall out of the sky huh?" He chuckled. As they continued walking on. She looked him wondrously. 'You really are...odd' They turned around another corner. "Hey, are we close? Starving here." As he patted his stomach.

"One more turn" She replied.

"Wait!" She felt a hand on her shoulder, and she resisted glaring at him as she turned to look at him. It seemed he was oblivious to social etiquette or didn't care about it. She ignored it since he was suffering from amnesia, luckily the hand came off as he pointed towards a direction behind her.


"There's a ramen stand"

"What about ramen?" As she turned to look at the direction he pointed at. 'No...' He pointed towards a particular ramen stand titled. 'Whirling ramen' .

"It's just that...I think that ramen would be amazing right now..." She turned to look at him, and saw some slight drool at the edge of his mouth. He quickly got in control of himself and turned to look at her. "Can we?" He asked.

"Does ramen sound better than; fresh red bean soup, sizzling grilled chicken, seasoned fried rice and grilled salmon with miso paste and a whisked egg" She frantically tried to formulate appetizing dishes, so that they wouldn't go there. He stared into space, as she finished. She thought that had accomplished it.

"Nope... Ramen does sound better" He stated. "Come on, let's eat" As he crossed the street to go ahead without. It definitely seemed that he was ignorant of social etiquette. 'He's really stubborn' She sighed as she made her way to 'whirling ramen' He had already made his way inside the stand. It was small, it had flaps that separated the outside and a few chairs that the unnamed blond sat on. She didn't hate ramen, it was a bit too 'low-class' compared to what she regularly ate. It wasn't that she hated the place, in fact, there was someone that she visited all the time in there. She didn't want to be seen with him, to be mistaken that she had a boyfriend. She ventured inside and sat herself beside the orange clad man.

"Ah Mito" A thin middle aged man by the name of Kenji appeared from the back. He wore a white apron and had short brown hair and had a small scar running down his left cheek. He looked more welcoming rather than intimidating despite this. He was the owner of the small ramen stand.

"Good evening Kenji" She replied out of courtesy. She saw him look back and forth between the blond at her several times. He luckily made no attempt at commenting on this and continued on with business.

"What can I get you two?" He asked. She breathed out a quiet sigh of relief, she was thankful to him, she was already going to get enough torture from the next person that would inevitably show up.

"Miso pork ramen" The blond replied after looking at the menu in the back for several long moments.

"Same here please" Mito added. It seemed Kenji couldn't help but make a little jab.

"One bowl or seperate?" She looked at him for a moment, willing down a blush. "Separate I'm guessing" As he went to the back. After a minute or so she waited impatiently for the next person to arrive. The cerulean eyed her curiously but she ignored him, she wanted to know more about him and she hated/loved that he had amnesia. She wanted to know what kind of skills he had in fuinjutsu, since it was enough to impress her grandfather. She wanted to know his name and how he came out of the sky.

Soon a red-haired teen popped out of the back. Her long red hair was tied into a bun to keep it out of the soup. She wore a white apron with a green short sleeved shirt, she was fair skinned like her and also shared the same eyes; black and pupil less. She was slender and was several inches shorter than her and had a more rounded face. The teenager's face instantly brightened as she saw her. "Mito!" As he rushed to put down the soup. As she soon as she did she leaned from across the counter to try and plant a hug, which she had to complete.

"Hello Emi"

"So where were you?" She asked. As she stepped back from the hug, she looked at the blond beside her, still waiting for his ramen that hadn't been set down in front of him. "dates, right?" seeing the blond beside her.

"He's an acquaintance" Mito replied to her. He paid no attention as he look hungrily at the ramen that was out of reach.

"It starts off that way, next thing you know you're married" She made her way to the blond. Who had only noticed as she walked in front of him. "I'm Emi, Mito's sister!" She let out a hand, which he completed the handshake.

"What's up? I don't know my name though"

"Weird..."She shot at a glance at Mito, which Mito mentioned to the ramen. "I guess I'll talk to you later" She handed down the ramen, and left to the back

"Yeah" The spiky blond said as he snapped his chopsticks. "Finally" Surprisingly, he waited for her to grab hers. 'It seems he's not entirely oblivious to it after all'. As she prepared herself. "Itadakimasu!" He yelled out. She silently watched as he dove into his ramen, her being impressed forgotten as he ate his food like a starved dog. She reasoned to herself that he hadn't really ate anything filling lately. She ignored him returned to ramen and ate hers quietly. She thought about his energy and attitude which was filled with positivity, like his warm chakra was of any indication. She felt the need to be beside him, to feel his chakra. She was immensely curious about him, the way she had complimented her red hair. Which actually made her feel pretty, despite all of the constant compliments other men made towards her. It felt like she could actually believe in him. He had energy, but it actually made her feel like her outlook had brightened. He actually made her blush several times today. She turned to look at him, she could lightly compare his personality to Hashirama right now, he was positive but he had several outlooks that she didn't know if Naruto would share. She wanted to know more about him.

"Is something the matter?" She asked. Seeing him slow down on his eating. He looked down at his soup for a another moment.

"Huh..." He turned to look at her. "My Naruto" He replied. 'A ramen condiment?' She remembered that she actually came out to see if he could remember anything, she was far too concerned with it looking like a date.

"Hello Naruto" She smiled. Which he easily beat with one of his flashy grins, she noticed that it made her heart flutter pleasantly. She realized...She actually wouldn't have minded if it looked like a date.

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