Atlantian High

Okay so I LOVE this couple and adore them as characters in the show :) This is AU so yeah :) Please enjoy.

Summary: AU; Okay so this story is all about (Ronan + Shepard); they are not in the military or on Atlantis, this Fic is High school based. There high school students; Ronan is a senior and John is a freshman; so ages are (John – 16) (Ronan – 17 nearly eighteen). Other character's involved as well (Teyla, Rodney, Lorne, Elizabeth, Zalenka, Carson, Jenifer, Sam Carter, O'Neill, Teal'c, Jackson, Woolsey, Michael, Ford and OC.

Okay so Shepard is kind of different in this story he is very OCC; but it was needed to make the story work, Shepard is branded as a nerd, he is smart but doesn't like to show it; he is shy and quiet; whereas Ronan is the complete opposite, he is loud popular and the star of the football team; he has a large group of friends and is loved by all; Shepard likes his small group and tries to stay out of the way of bullies.

Shepard is humiliated by one of Ronan's friends, friends one day; Ronan feel's a strange connection to the boy so helps him, Ronan quickly falls in love with the shy boy; but Shepard is wary of the 'school stud' being so fond of him.

There will be other pairing's later on or already happening in the beginning I don't know yet; ill make them up as I go, but the main one is (Shepard + Ronan).

Warning's: Yaoi (Gay relationships); bullying, Michael bashing cause I hate him as well as minor Ford bashing, I actually like him but I needed a bad guy so yeah. Uh Yuri couples (Girl on Girl); lots of fluff and lemon (Sweetness and Hard core action). There will be sex very early on in this story! If any of this offends please go away :).

Ah and also M-Preg is common and not considered weird in my made up world okay :).

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate Atlantis or its Character's; although I wish I did, I just enjoy using them for my own strange imagination.