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Ginny stood in front of the great table where the teachers used to sit, legs spread apart, arms firmly at her sides, and a fiery glint in her eyes. She faced the group like a true leader. She wasn't a little girl anymore; this war had changed her. It had changed them all, and forced them to face a danger from early on.

" I am proud to be standing here with you all. There are no other people I would rather fight among than those in this room, both students and staff alike. You know why you are here; you have bravely chosen to fight for what you love, even if you fall. We have united into one league, one body, with one purpose. To defend the place we have all called home for many years. Hogwarts." Her voice seemed to fill the room with an aura of confidence. A murmur passed through the crowd, but quieted down quickly enough. It seemed as if everyone wanted to hear these words more than anything else. The silence was expectant. It was as if this was their battle hymn, the call to action.

"Whenever you feel as if this battle we are fighting has already been lost, just remember all the people who love you and are counting on you. Recall the place that you call home, that you wish to return to. Re-imagine the faces of those you love. You will feel a great awakening in you, as if a warrior is arising. It is hope. Hope that you will see your home again. Hope that you will see a wizarding world free of the abomination that threatens us today." She spat the last couple of words.

"And, most importantly, it is love. The lover's embrace, the mother's lullaby, the child's laugh. It is the reason to keep fighting. It is the reason we have held strong in these trying months. When you are grieving the fallen, just remember who they were, and what they died protecting; those they love, Muggles and wizards alike. This fight isn't just about the magical community; it's about the world and all those in it. So will you stand with me and defend everything good and right in the world? Will you come to Hogwart's defense in its darkest hour?" She stared out into the crowd, daring anyone to say otherwise. Someone, in the back, shouted;

"FOR HOGWARTS!" And, to Ginny's amazement, a deafening roar shook the Great Hall, strengthening the hearts and resolve of those who stood strong, ready to face the Dark Army.