Just something quick I wrote for a challenge on Livejournal community WriterVerse, featuring the prompt 'We don't need peace'.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Harry Potter franchise in any shape and form.

I've seen what peace does.

It lures you into a false sense of security - makes you drop your guard. Makes you think everything is right in the world again; the Dark Lord is dead, the War ends with him, our troubles are over, so let's go celebrate.

They're wrong.

The War's over, but not our troubles. You see, there's a certain thing that's been around even before the War - heck, it's been around even before the First War. It's been growing like a plague, or like what the Muggles would call a termite infestation. Nasty little creatures, those 'termites' - they gnaw away at the wood from the inside until it's all rotten and fragile. It kind of represents the current state of the world, now that I think of it. Perfect and idyllic on the outside, hollow and severely damaged on the inside.

All we've simply done is hack off that broken segment of a chair leg, and saw down the other three to fit. We've replaced one problem with another - we've gotten rid of the broken wood, made the chair somewhat usable, but the termites remain.

You want to know what these 'termites' are? Not those Muggle creatures, but what they represent to the Wizarding World - the unseen and ignored plague of society? Prejudices. The Dark Lord drew his power base from them - even now in death, it still remains. Let's not even talk about prejudices in society - just look at Hogwarts. The new Slytherins are labelled 'sons and daughters of Death Eaters' or 'the next Voldemort' - some don't even know who Voldemort was, or the extent of his deeds.

'Three Houses fought, Slytherin did not' - that's the new phrase going around the castle these days.

One War is over - but another is already brewing. Always has been, like a slow boiling potion; anger bottled, hate brewed, vengeance stoppered. Just waiting for the right time to be unleashed. Ignore it long enough and the cauldron will explode, igniting the sparks and fanning the flames of war anew.

We don't need peace - not yet. Not with the current state of the world. What we need is change; we need to take a good hard look at ourselves and each other, look past the exterior into the ugly interior. We need to get the termites down under control - before they chew through the wood and expose the real problems.

It's always the little things that do the most damage.