Desmond had Demeter open the door. "Oh I'm shaking in my boots," Cain said and Desmond sent him a look. Shaun was at the door. He still had too much white in his hair and barely resembled the man Desmond had known five years ago now.

"Hey," Desmond said.

"Hello," Shaun said.

"What do you want?"

"Well," Shaun said slowly, "I assume you don't mean the warming of the planet and for our species to not be all murdered-

"Shaun," Desmond sighed.

"What's he doing here? I thought everyone was agreed he wasn't invited to our super secret club," Shaun pointed at Cain.

"I actually invented the super secret club thanks," Cain said idly.

"We're doing special snowflake stuff, what do you want?" Desmond said every inch as sarcastic as Cain and Shaun.

"We need you at the comm," Shaun said.

"For what?" Shaun didn't answer right away. "Shaun?"

"They told me not to tell you."

"Who did?"

"Ezio and Hawk," Shaun sighed. "They just told me to come get you."

"Because they know if you tell me I won't go," Desmond said.

"Prooobably," Shaun agreed nodding. "Look just c'mon. You can be mad or annoyed or whatever at them after. Its important."

"Like how important?" Desmond asked, he wasn't moving an inch without a damn good reason. The sense of foreboding was overwhelming now too while Shaun was so close. If he went with Shaun something bad would happen.

"We think we found a way to disrupt the Adjatevs," Shaun said.

"I'm listening," Desmond said.

"We aren't sure though. We need you to come do something."


"Remember the whole joke you made about special snowflakes?"

Desmond sighed and then looked down at Cain, who shrugged. "Fine," he told Shaun, "I'll come with you."

Cain stood up, "You're not invited," Shaun told him.

"Excuse me?" Cain asked.

Shaun swallowed, "You can't come."

"Says who?"

"Its okay," Desmond said, "it'll be fine," he told Cain.


"Seriously. I can still take Shaun, he isn't that scrappy," he gave Shaun a smug grin and Shaun rolled his eyes.

"Fine," Cain said but followed them out of the room, Demeter closed and locked the door behind them. "Don't forget who's in charge," he reminded Desmond.

"Yeah I got it. Lead on Shaun," he told Shaun and followed him away from his room and Cain.

"Why you hanging out with that guy?" Shaun asked him once they were well out of ear shot.



"He's not so bad," Desmond said.

Shaun looked at him, "Desmond, I've seen him kill Altair at least once a week for nearly six months. He's crazy."

"Don't knock it till you try it," and Shaun looked over his shoulder to scowl at Desmond.

"I'm bering serious," Shaun said.

"So am I," Desmond said. "I'm a bit cracked myself, and so are the others."

"But they aren't murdering psychopaths," Shaun said.

"Cain isn't a psychopath," Desmond said defensively. "He's just—

"Just?" Shaun prompted him.

"He's lonely," Desmond said.

"Like that makes it any better," Shaun huffed and they boarded a lift.

"I'm surprised you aren't in love with him honestly," Desmond said.

"Why should I be?" Shaun adjusted his glasses irritably.

Desmond hesitated a second, "You know what Cain is?"

"Immortal? Yes yes we all know," Shaun made a shooing motion at him.

"Cain's over a thousand years old," Desmond said and he saw Shaun have to absorb that. "Imagine all the stuff he's seen. How are you not all over him and sucking his dick to hear his first hand accounts?"

"One," Shaun said as the lift stopped, "I have never sucked dick for information. Two, he's scary, mate," Shaun said.

"He's pretty chill once you get to know him a bit," Desmond said. They'd entered the 'Assassin' part of Demeter, where Desmond didn't go. His father oversaw this area so he had no reason to visit. Here plans were made and a large chunk of the humans had started to migrate towards since the Ilythians had shown up, afraid and seeking refuge with people who had a chance against them. "What are we doing here?" the dark premonition he'd felt kept weighing heavier in his stomach. He was about to face whatever his vision had been, Shaun had merely been the messenger.

"You'll see," and Shaun led him to one of the doors and opened it. At first he thought it was a command center. Then he looked a bit closer and realized it wasn't a command center; it was a training room.

Other than the holodeck table in the middle of the room the main feature in the room was a padded, red, reclining, chair. Several glass fans stuck out of the head of the chair and there was a high tech cuff on one side. Desmond recognized it on sight and all the hair on his body stood up on end and he got goosebumps: the Animus.

"If this is your idea of a joke I am not laughing," Desmond told the people in the room which numbered his father, Rebecca, Ezio, Hawk, and Clay. Basically everyone important.

"This isn't a joke," Ezio said.

"I'm going to humor you all here; what do you want?"

"We have a solution," Andrew said.

"A what? Don't we normally have problems?"

"We're problem solvers," Ezio said, trying to get back in control. "And we found a solution."

"Then why don't any of you seem particularly pleased with yourself," and Desmond knew what Ezio was going to say, but he was playing along with them.

"It involves the Animus," Desmond winced a bit, "You need to get in it."

Desmond's smile was splintered at best, "Yeah right. Not happening," he folded his arms across his chest.


"It isn't happening," he said seriously.

"Its important," Hawk said.

"Yeah? How important?" he challenged.

Clay took over here, his blue eyes fixed right on Desmond. "Tens of thousands of years ago there was a human-proeathan war. It decimated the world and nearly wiped humans off the planet. Then there was the Toba catastrophe and while it crippled the proeathans it didn't stop them. After the Toba incident however the humans gained an edge and they attacked the capital of the largest proeathan nation-state; Atlantis. It fell and the tide turned in favor of the humans. Something about the Toba incident changed the tide of war. We need to find out how what happened and why they suddenly got an edge over the proeathans and how. Its probably the only way we'll even get close to Atlantis."

"That doesn't explain why you need me," he said. "I'm not the only one alive who had ancestors from back then," and no one denied that.

"We can't," Andrew said.

"And why not?" he glared at his father.

"It isn't like we haven't tried," Rebecca piped up quickly before Desmond burned a hole through Andrew's head. "We have. Clay was the first to volunteer. Unfortunately, it didn't work, he has ancestors from that far back but not the ones we need. We tried others but as it is going that far back is ridiculously dangerous and only someone with a block to prevent the Bleed could safely access those memories. The further back you go in your DNA the more latency there is, and the more glitchy and volatile the Animus gets. The Bleed cuts deeper that far back. Sticking some normal person into the Animus to get eighty thousand years back just doesn't work."

"Did you try?" Desmond asked.

"Of course we did," Andrew growled. "He lasted about six seconds before he kicked himself out. Repeated incidents led to the same results. Normal people can't access those memories."

"And what about Clay?" Desmond asked Clay.

"I, sadly, am not compatible. I do not possess the genes required for the person we want. We attempted to use Jake as well, but he doesn't have them either," Clay said with a frown.

"And you think I do?"

"We know you do," Rebecca said slowly. She hesitated and then continued, "Andrew volunteered, just to see if it'd work. He could sync into the person we're looking for. He desynced almost as soon as we figured that out though."

Desmond blew a harsh stream of air from his mouth, "So if he can then I can. So lemmie ask; who are we trying to look at?"

"Adam," Rebecca said.

Desmond blinked, "Adam? Like-

"Adam and Eve," Clay said.

Desmond didn't say anything for a second then he said, "So you all know Adam basically died like well before the end of the war right?"

The looks on their faces was priceless. "What?" Clay asked.

"Yeah. By the time Toba happened; Adam was dead. You want to find anything from Toba you'd prooobably want to talk to Eve."

"How do you know that?" Hawk asked.

"I have proeathan friends remember?" Desmond asked giving them all looks, "I know shit."

"Regardless. We need you to get in the Animus," Ezio said.

"Why do you think I'll do that after what happened the last time I got into that thing. Do I need to remind you it almost killed me?" Desmond demanded.

"You have a block," Hawk said, "You, Jake, and Clay all have one. It keeps the Bleed at a minimum or shuts it of all together like in your case. It should be enough to keep whatever Bleed going back that far will bring to manageable levels."


"If required Altair can manipulate the block to be stronger. Nothing's going to happen to you Desmond."

"No shit, cause I'm not getting in that thing," he said.

"Desmond, be reasonable-

"No," Desmond said, looking at his father, who'd tried that bullshit. "No offense Rebecca but that thing nearly killed me."

Rebecca frowned, "Its actually the only reason you're still alive," she said. "When… when you fell into that coma it was the only thing that stopped you from going brain dead."

"Which wouldn't have happened in the first place if I hadn't been in the Animus," he reminded them. "I nearly died in that fucking chair. Nope, not happening again. Find someone else."

"There is no one else," Clay said. "I don't have the right genetics, neither does Jake. Andrew could briefly sync with Adam, meaning he could sync with Eve too, and that means you can sync with her too. No one else can handle it," he frowned.

"No one else?" Desmond asked.

"We've tried, Desmond," Rebecca insisted. "I've tried everything to try and stabilize the Animus further. The cut's too deep. Only someone who's gone through what you three have could handle it. We've had at least a hundred people sit in this chair, try to sync with Adam. If they can its for a second, half a second. The longest we got was ten seconds and that was from Andrew. There is no one else."

Desmond said nothing at first. No one else. Just him. He was the only one. His eyes widened as he remembered something. "No," Desmond said, a plan forming quickly. It was a stupid plan. An incredibly stupid plan, but shit he was in charge here. "There is someone else," he said.

"Who?" Ezio asked.

"I have a clone," and the most devious little grin came to Desmond's face. "Remember? I'm that asshole with the sob story clone."

"But we have no idea where he is. Even if we did Altair would never risk someone going and getting him," Ezio said.

Desmond looked at Ezio, "Altair's not in charge. I am," and Ezio's face dropped. "And I know how to find him."

"Yeah? How?" Hawk asked.

"Demeter," he called.

"Will you ask Cain and Lucy if they have any information on the location of my clone?"

"Yes, one moment," and they waited. "Lucy says she knows, Cain says he might."

"Awesome," Desmond said. "Ask her to come here please. We need to plan."

"Very well," another pause, "She said she's on her way-

"And she is not happy you interupted her breakfast," Pluto chimed yes.

"Oh well," Desmond sighed. "But she's coming?"

"Yes," Demeter said.

"Excellent," Desmond said grinning.

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