Well, hello new territory. It is a first for me to write something for this anime and it is a present for a friend of mine who wished for it. Lucky me, I don't need to buy an expensive birthday present, haha. Anyway, the characters are still a bit unknown for me; I hope I can get them right. And the whole high school thing/drama stuff had never been my strong point. Anyway.

The OC belongs to Karen, she created her. I'm just using it to create this story for her.

Hope you like it, you lovely, impatient dwarf. I thought I might as well share it with everyone - maybe someone else likes it as well. The chapters are going to be pretty short. Maybe, probably, I don't know yet.


She had always dreaded the last lesson on a school day. Time never seemed to pass, her eyes were glued to the clock at the wall in hope it would change anything. But, of course, it did nothing. The girl sighed deeply, her hands supporting her chin as she felt her eyes drop slowly but surely. The teacher never noticed her in the back row anyway. Whether she read a book she brought to school or doodled openly across her notebook instead of taking notes. He only stood in front of the board, preaching on and on about History which had never been her strong subject.

She just wasn't as interested as she was supposed to be. Although every student had a thing like that for sure, for her it was History and for her friend Nanami it was English. It was only her poor luck that the certain black haired girl sat somewhere in the front. Far away from her and her boredom.

Nearly pouting she played with the pen in her hands, rolling it around over and over again while her gaze wandered through the class. A few weeks had already passed since she had entered this high school - or better said academy - the excitement of having new classmates and people had slowly cooled off and the daily activities and habits had settled down.

In the end, her grey eyes had reached her neighbor. A guy who was way too tall for the average citizen and he was still growing. His long legs reached the chair of the boy in front of him. Probably being a hindrance but the poor guy had never uttered a single complain up until now - something she could understand. Her neighbor looked scary.

Right now, in this very moment though, he didn't. He actually had the right spirit in mind. He had cradled his head in his arms, sleeping away the worthless minutes which still plagued them all. If she remembered correctly then he was part of their basketball team. That would explain his height. She had moved to Japan a long time ago, somewhere around the age of six. She had no problems with the language anymore and against the popular belief she settled in just fine in the Japanese culture.

Her mother was from this country here anyway, so her looks didn't really differ from anyone. But her father was just as tall as him - if not taller. She was used to such sights, in Germany the guys were giants, she guessed. But here in Japan he was an unusual occurrence.

What was his name again anyway?


The teacher's voice called out.

"Could please read the next part?"


"Aomine Daiki."

Oh yeah, that was his name. But the blue haired student was still sleeping, merely shifting slightly. Her eyes flickered from the older man who stood in front of the class to her neighbor who was still sleeping as if nothing had happened. That surely wouldn't end well. Even the poor boy who sat in front of the tall teenager blinked cautiously around to the quiet beast. For a second she wondered what would happen if no one would wake him up and he was forced to face the wrath of the teacher whose name she never remembered right.

As if on cue the man frowned and peeked over his book towards their direction.

"Aomine Daiki." He repeated sternly.

The girl was tempted to just let him sleep. He never appeared to be nice, dragging his feet towards his desk day after day. Sometimes she heard him grumble how boring everything was, and even though she agreed with him about that, he had a nasty glare in his eyes. Once he had asked her, 'what she was looking at', as she watched a few birds fly by. It wasn't her fault that he had a seat in front of the window and with that hindered her from finding something interesting outside.

However, if that Aomine messed everything up then the teacher would keep an eye on their little corner and she wouldn't be able to relax in the last lesson anymore. That would definitely be a problem. Determined, she turned towards Aomine, withdrawing her left foot - which the poor boy in front of the soon to be victim watched in pure fear and terror.

It took a single kick to his chair for him to wake up. His seat barely budged thanks to his weight but the force was enough to startle him and quickly he lifted his head. The deep blue eyes blinked rapidly to get rid of the sleep which still clung to his senses, although after he had accomplished that it took him only a single second to register what had happened. His sharp glare was directed at her immediately.

"Aomine Daiki." The teacher repeated once more and with that saved her from the boiling anger of the titan.


"Continue to read."

"The hell I know what to read."

The elderly man lifted a single eyebrow of his, his lips dropping into a frown. It was obvious that her neighbor was not on his list of favorites. To her surprise though, the man in the front kept his cool, clearing his throat before he leaned back against his desk.

"Then I consider giving you extra work if you're not able to read the second passage of page 32."

She could hear Aomine growl. A deep sound which rumbled in his throat - about to climb on his tongue before he lifted the book in front of him instead - obviously against his own will. A few seconds passed as he flipped through the pages until finally he settled it down and opened his mouth to read the text out loud.

She couldn't help but hide her face behind her hands, turning away from her blue haired classmate. She was definitely grinning, lucky enough to have escaped his nasty attitude while her face was burning in something like embarrassment, slight fear and thrill. She had dared to kick his chair and survived that. He had glared at her with those sharp eyes of his and she survived that as well. Nanami would never believe her.

She wasn't sure if he would ever really dare to hurt her - but she was scared of him to some extent nevertheless. That's why she already gathered her things slowly but surely. Ready to leave the room to escape his upcoming wrath, she wasn't stupid enough to wait for him to strangle her. That guy had muscles beneath that uniform, muscles which had enough strength to kill her at least twice.

And as she had gathered the last notebook with her hands, the long awaited bell rang. Relieved and eagerly she grabbed her bag and stood up. In between the other students which hurried to get to their clubs or to return home she fought her way towards the second row of the class. The teacher dismissed them only half-hearted by the sight of so many teenagers who already rushed out of the room. He was one of the few who didn't enforce a formal greeting and goodbye. He turned back to his own documents instead.

"You're free after school, Nanami?"

Her friend pushed her pencil case into her bag and casted her a quiet look.

"You're blushing again, Mia."

The girl groaned and pressed both hands against her cheeks. "I hate that..." She grumbled, pursing her lips in distaste. "...it always looks so weird."

Her friend merely smiled, already used to that complain as she brushed her long black hair over her left shoulder to make sure it wouldn't get tangled up with her school bag.

"I'm free. What do you want to do?"

Mia finally glimpsed towards the back. Just in time to see the certain pair of blue eyes, narrowed into slits. With his height he was able to look over a handful of their classmates' heads, throwing her a glare to make sure she didn't forget that he was probably still not thrilled about being awoken like that.

"Run for my life." She replied hastily, turning back towards her. "You're in?"

Nanami's eyes widened slightly, her mouth opening without a word coming out. But after a short hesitation she shouldered her bag, standing up.

"Count me in."

And just like that they rushed out of the classroom.

"You did what?"

Nanami stared at her with a disapproving look, clutching to the milkshake in her hands. The girl on the other side of the table fidgeted beneath her stare, the blood rushing back into her face to her dismay. Maybe they shouldn't have stopped at the diner on their way back after all...

"Well, technically I saved him from extra work...?"

Nanami pushed her hair out of her face, sighing heavily before she started to suck on the straw of her drink.

"You do know about his reputation, right?"

"Stuff like that really exists?" Surprised Mia leaned onto her elbows, chewing on a fry.

"Sure does, he's pretty well-known in the basketball area. Through what's more important is that he is known to have a pretty short temper. You shouldn't annoy him."

"He probably forgets it anyway." Mia countered, supporting her chin with her left hand. "He threatened my little sanctuary."

"I'm sure your marks are threatened on daily basis."

"Hey." Mia frowned. "I'm not that bad, I just can't listen to this teacher...he's always so...you know..." As if it would help explain her point, she drew a circle with a fry into the air. But for her friend it was obviously enough because she nodded in understanding, a thing they both agreed on in an instant. With a sigh of defeat Mia pushed a few hair strands out of her face, her free hand checking the hair clip on the back of her head.

"He's probably forgotten it by tomorrow."