The Delayed DateNight

A Shamy One-Shot by TheShamyPerspective

"Leonaaarrrddd," Sheldon complained from his spot in the living room. "Why can't you bring me to Amy's tonight? You know I hate canceling date nights. The poor thing's probably already cooked dinner and everything."

"Sheldon, it's two in the afternoon. I doubt Amy has already started cooking dinner." Leonard shot back, clearly more than irritated. Sheldon sighed, oh how difficult Leonard could be!

"But Leonarrrdddd," Sheldon continued to whine.

"Look Sheldon," Leonard cut him off quickly with a certain sharpness in his voice that made his roommate fall silent. "I already told you that I can't bring you to Amy's. Penny's sick and I need to take care of her." Oh, of course, it's always Penny, Sheldon thought with disgust.

"But wouldn't you want to spend time driving your best buddy to his girlfriend's instead of taking care of a sick person, mind you, whose apartment is a flat out pigsty?" Sheldon asked innocently in the whiniest of voices.

"Of course." Leonard mumbled sarcastically. Sheldon's face considerably brightened as he flashed Leonard a smile.

"Great!" he said with such enthusiasm. "Now let's get going, we're already five minutes late." Grabbing his jacket, Sheldon walked over to the door, followed by Leonard who also was carrying his jacket and his keys.

As Sheldon exited the apartment and prepared to walk down the stairs, Snickering to himself, Leonard closed the door and locked it, returning to his computer and setting his keys and jacket back down.

Moments later, a loud pounding was heard on the apartment door and Leonard fake coughed very loudly, hoping to get Sheldon to go away.

"Leonard, open up." Sheldon had demanded and Leonard continued fake coughing.

"Not now Sheldon," he said in between coughs. "I'm sick." Leonard heard footsteps go quickly down the stairs the moment he finished his sentence.

"Hello, you have reached the voicemail of Amy Farrah Fowler. I obviously cannot come to the phone right now, for various reasons. I trust I do not need to tell you to leave a message, I assume you are smart enough to figure that one out. However, for your benefit, I will say it anyway. Please leave a message after the beep."

Sheldon listened intently to his girlfriend's answering machine as he lazily walked down the street. He had already heard her voicemail hundreds of times, but for some reason, he listened carefully to every single word that she was saying. Sighing, he hung up the phone and stuffed it into his pocket, just as a round of thunder sounded through the air.

Some time around fifteen minutes later, (now a half an hour late for his Date Night) Sheldon found himself lying on the ground as a group of teenagers kicked him and got on the bus and left. Now with rips and tears in his clothing and dirt all over his face, Sheldon gingerly attempted to stand up, only to fall back onto the ground again. Several minutes later, the rain started to pour.

"No, he's not with me." Leonard told Amy over the phone later that night. "I thought you two had a Date Night tonight."

"We did." Amy replied simply. "But he didn't show up." Leonard could hear the worry in her voice as he paced around his living room, looking for the pain killers that Penny wanted.

"Well, I told him I couldn't bring him and that he had to find some other way to get to your house." Leonard explained while holding the phone in between his ear while he picked up blankets off of the floor and folded them. "I just assumed he took the bus to your house."

"No he didn't and I'm worried." Amy said in a voice just above a whisper. "I'm going to try and call him again." She said before she hung up. Leonard sighed and continued searching for his girlfriend's pain killers.

"Sir, may I buy you a beverage?" A man with a thick beard asked after a few moments of silence. Sheldon had evidently made his way to a nearby truck stop and was now standing near the door, trying to get service on his phone.

"As thirsty as I am, I doubt any drink you could buy me would be sufficient to my standards regarding quantity or temperature. In addition, I do not consume anything other than water and yoo-hoo, with the occasional Diet coke."

"Whatever. I was just trying to be friendly." The man said, shrugging. Sheldon watched as he walked away, his beanie hat bobbing up and down his head as he walked.

"Amy!" Sheldon said, relieved when she finally answered.

"Sheldon, where are you?!" Amy asked worriedly. There was a bunch of noise in the background as Sheldon tried to focus on Amy's voice and why on Earth she was so worried.

"I'm fine, thank you. I'm at a nearby truck stop, due to the fact that I waited for a bus after Leonard refused to drive me to your house for our date night. While I was waiting for the bus, I was beaten to the ground by several rowdy teenagers." Sheldon heard her gasp on the other line as she hurriedly told him that she would be there to pick him up in a moment. He sighed contentedly as he hung up the phone. At least someone wanted to spend time with him.

*a/n hey guys, this fanfic is only intended to be a few chapters, based on a little idea that I had. Let me know what you think maybe? Don't worry, Sheldon will not suffer for long, I promise!