The Delayed Date Night: Chapter 3

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"Amy," Sheldon called from the bathroom. He had heard her open the door to get his clothes off of the hook, but he hadn't heard her exit at all. "Are you still in here?"

"Yeah, Sheldon," Amy replied casually, gathering towels that she had stuffed in her bathroom closet that she needed to wash. "I'm just looking for something. Sorry to bother you." she apologized before exciting the bathroom, his clothes in her arms.

Carefully navigating through her apartment, Amy took the armload of Sheldon's clothes and her few towels with her into her laundry room. She dumped the clothes and towels in a basket before carefully picking one at random and taking it gingerly in her hands; studying the material carefully. After she felt the pockets for items and made sure they weren't inside out, Amy placed the pants into her laundry machine, along with the rest of his clothes, until she came to his shirt.

He had worn his favorite flash shirt, now damp and cold. Amy brought the shirt to her nose and inhaled his sent for a moment, committing it to memory. True, she already had one of his shirts (she had put it on rice Sheldon a while ago) but it was starting to lose his sent already. Amy prayed that one day she would be able to trade the shirt in for a different one so she would never forget his scent.

Once Amy had put all the items in her washer and started the cycle, she sighed and made her way back to her living room. Her small apartment was dimly lit and frankly beautiful, and Amy couldn't help but plop herself down on her couch and sink into a light sleep.

Had it been anyone else, Sheldon probably would have let them sleep. However, this was Amy, and Sheldon was at a cross roads.

On one hand, he wasn't sure why, but he was fascinated by Amy sleeping; the way her chest rose and fell slowly, and the way her cheeks flushed slightly while she was sleeping.

On the other hand, Amy was sleeping on her couch, which, very plainly, had terrible lumbar support. Sheldon didn't want her to wake up with a crick in her neck.

Biting his lip gently, Sheldon moved carefully around the perimeter of her living room to her laundry room. He had called her name several times in the past twenty minutes, when it finally dawned on him that Amy wasn't coming to cater to him. Sheldon had put on his towel and went to see why Amy was ignoring him. Turns out she was just really tired.

With some difficulty, Sheldon had managed to quietly make it to Amy's laundry room without getting too much water everywhere. One more obstacle remained: How was he going to get his stuff out of the washing machine and hold his towel up? Plus, his laundry had now been soaking in its own water for far too much time than he normally would leave it in for. His clothes wouldn't be nearly as soft, AND he'd have to wait for them to dry before he could put them on. They had already lost so much time on their date as it was.


Well, that wasn't supposed to happen. Sheldon had tried opening the washer while holding his towel, but dropped it, causing quite the loud noise; causing Amy to wake as well.

"Sheldon? Amy called hesitantly, sleep evident in her voice. Sheldon quickly bent down and picked up his towel, not realizing that Amy could see his full backside. When he turned back around to face her, her face was flush red.

"Are.. are you o-okay?" Amy stuttered, swallowing hard. Sheldon gave her a puzzled look, but nodding curtly and moved towards her slowly, clutching onto his towel for dear life.

"I'm fine, thank you." Sheldon replied with a small smile, and Amy gasped at her stupidity. How had she forgotten about Sheldon's clothes?!

"Oh, Sheldon, I'm so sorry! I had completely forgotten all about your clothes! Let me just quickly put them in the dryer!" She told him before trotting over to complete the task. He's going to hate me now. Amy thought.

"It's quite okay," Sheldon said quietly, standing awkwardly in the middle of her living room in nothing but a towel. Quickly, Amy came back into the living room, her face turning flush once more, before she hurried off to her room to grab him her spare robe so he wouldn't feel so exposed. Sheldon loved how much Amy knew him. It almost made him feel more comfortable being in a singular towel around her.

"Here you go," Amy said, out of breath while handing Sheldon the robe. He took it with grace and carefully slide an arm through it, making sure to keep hold of the towel, and repeating the action with his other arm before completely wrapping himself in the robe. It was really soft and smelled amazing.

"Thank you for the robe, Amy." Sheldon said after a moment of silence. With the robe tied securely around his mid section, he moved slightly closer to her and looked into her eyes, a small smile plastered on his lips.

"No.. No problem." Amy asked, seemingly dazed. This behavior puzzled Sheldon. Should he ask her about it? Should he just disregard it? While he pondered the situation, he eyed his tea on the other side of the room, wondering if it was still hot.

Amy must have seen where his gaze went to, because she immediately offered to make him new tea.

"That won't be necessary," he said with a smile. "You've already done so much for me as it is. Please allow me to do something for you. If it's not too much trouble, I would like to request permission to cook and prepare a meal for you, instead of going to our usual take out place." He smile genuinely in her direction and Amy's heart skipped a beat. He wanted to cook for her?

"Sureā€¦" she replied softly, returning his smile.

"Great." He replied, before returning to his usual emotionless expression. "Now I must request that my clothing finish drying immediately, in order for us to properly have enough time for dinner." He stated before walking back towards the bathroom.

"I'll get right on it." Amy said sweetly, even though he was almost in the bathroom. Amy knew he could still hear her.

Time to finish that laundry. Amy thought before slowly making her way back into her laundry room.