The Delayed Date Night: Chapter 4

*a/n hey guys, sorry for such the long wait, I don't really have an excuse this time though… So, Amy's had to do his laundry for quite some time, huh? Anybody ready to see this date night in action? Great. And Guess what, this fic's rating is going up to T. Before I go any further, I'd like to address the fact that I stated that this would probably be the last chapter of this fic. I take those words back, because I have no idea if I'm going to continue this after. And by the way, I don't own this show (disclaimer)

It was nearly impossible for Amy to focus on something as simple as laundry with the knowledge that Sheldon stood mere feet from her in his bathroom, probably naked. The thought sent a shiver down her spine.

Still, she tried as hard as she could to keep her gaze on the laundry instead of the bathroom door. Sheldon would surely find it creepy if he came out to find her staring at him.

Everything was going fairly well, a shirt here and a sock there, delicately placed into the dryer with the exact about of fabric sheets, as to not make her boyfriend too drowsy. Next went his khakis, and before Amy knew it, she was holding his most intimate piece of clothing in her fingers, his tidy whities.

The size of them shouldn't have surprised her so much; after all, her boyfriend was a fairly tall man…

Before she could continue day dreaming about Sheldon and his body, Amy carefully tossed the undergarment in the dryer along with his other clothing and gently shut the door. She barely had time to press the start button before she heard shuffling behind her and turned around to find Sheldon standing right before her.

He was clad in her robe like he had been before, except now, the tie around his waist was slightly looser than it had been. His hair was also more tussled and his face looked more flushed. Amy thought it was such a turn on, to be honest…

"Your clothes… they should be, done… in, in like… a… half hour…" Amy stuttered, avoiding Sheldon's gaze. She felt her own face flush as she cleared her throat and moved past him to sit on the couch. She was feeling a little light headed and she needed time to collect her thoughts.

"Thank you." Sheldon replied curtly, giving her a nod. Unfortunately, he followed her to the couch and sat beside her in his spot, which was far too close to her in her opinion. She went over there was some space, and she certainly wasn't getting it with him sitting so close. She could practically feel all the heat radiating off of his body from his shower.

Swallowing, Amy managed to turn her body to face Sheldon and she focused her eyes on a section of the couch cushion.

"You're welcome. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go… freshen up, for dinners… feel free to start making it…" She had plans in mind, but she certainly couldn't tell Sheldon that. He was making her dinner after all; in fact, she should be feeling guilty about doing such a thing while he was there. It wasn't her fault that she was human and had needs…

"Very well then." With that, Sheldon got up and walked to the kitchen, but not before giving Amy a full view of his buttocks. It hadn't been intended, but when he had heard the near silent 'hoo' that escaped her lips, he couldn't help but smirk.

When he turned back around, Amy was gone.


Ten minutes later and two very short relieving sessions, Amy stood in the bathroom, clutching the bathroom sink as she panted and gasped for breath. She certainly knew how to take care of business; she only hoped that she hadn't been too loud...

God, she had forgotten about Sheldon's Vulcan hearing. He had probably heard everything and was most likely planning a lecture to give to her about the importance of waiting for self abuse until she was alone.

To her utmost surprise, Sheldon did none of those things. Instead, he raced past her the minute she stepped into the kitchen and locked himself in the bathroom.

'What is his problem…?' Amy pondered while looking around at all the things Sheldon had gotten out in order to prepare their dinner. He looked to be about half way done, and Amy had to say that she was impressed with what she saw thus far.

Even though she knew they probably wouldn't be dry yet, Amy walked over to the dryer and peered in the clear glass. She watched intently as his clothes tumbled 'round and 'round at a comfortable pace. The sound seemed to ease her nerves and before she knew it, she was sat on the ground in front of her dryer with her legs crossed. For the first time in forever, she had forgotten that she was wearing a skirt.

Sheldon came out of the bathroom close to ten minutes later, with the knot tied tighter around his waist than it had been before. Amy looked up at him curiously, just in time to see him swallow and avoid her gaze. His hair was still ruffled and his face flush.

"Uhm, Amy…" He said while scratching his neck. Amy was confused but kept her gaze on him.

"Yes?" It was only when she saw Sheldon swallow a second time that she realized that she was wearing her skirt still, and that by sitting cross legged, he could see up it…

She used that to her advantage.

"Would you like to… help me make dinner?" It sounded almost like a plea in order to get out of something that made him uncomfortable. Amy knew him better than anyone, and wasn't going to let him get away so easily.

"But weren't you the one who said that I've done so much already, and that you were going to make me dinner?" She asked innocently, seeing how much she could tease him.

Sheldon squirmed in his spot and his blush deepened even more than it already was. Still, he nodded and whispered a "yes," all the while, avoiding eye contact with Amy.

Alright, she had seen enough. She laughed quietly before standing up and walking to the kitchen, making sure to give Sheldon a nice view of her backside as she went.

"I'm kidding, Sheldon. Sure I'll help you with dinner." He was at a cross road though, he had told her that he would cook her dinner. Now with her helping, it wasn't going to be as special.

"That actually won't be necessary." Sheldon assured her in the most confident tone that he could once he regained his voice. Amy looked back at him with a puzzled expression and a raised eyebrow, almost as if daring him to explain to her what on Earth was going on.

"I told you earlier that I would cook for you, and that's what I intend to do. In addition, this was intended to be a surprise, although, you've probably already seen too much of it for it to be a surprise…" Amy knew his words had a hidden meaning, but she just wasn't sure what that meaning was.

So, she did what she would have done any other day, she nodded and took her respective seat on the couch to allow her boyfriend to finish cooking for her.

What was peculiar to Amy was when Sheldon started singing a song under his breath. She remembered him saying on many occasions that he didn't sing, so what had gotten into him?

Even more surprising, she knew the song. Actually, it was her favorite song. She recalled telling him one time about it, to which he replied that he had no clue what she was talking about.

If that was so, then why was he singing it? It sounded to her like he knew it fairly well.

"The story of my life, it's very plain to read… It starts the day you came, and ends the day you leave…" Amy was completely astounded at how well Sheldon could sing, but she couldn't help but wonder where exactly he was going with this. She knew the meaning to that Neil Diamond song, and she knew the message he possibly could be trying to convey.

Leaning back into the couch, Amy closed her eyes as she peacefully continued to listen to her boyfriend sing quietly while he prepared their meal.

"The story of my life, begins and ends with you. The names are still the same, and the story's still the truth."

Amy couldn't help the next words that slipped out of her own mouth.

"I was alone, you found me waiting, and made me your own…" To her surprise, Sheldon didn't stop singing after she had.

"I was afraid that somehow I could never be the man that you wanted of me..." Could that possibly be how he was really feeling? Amy couldn't be sure, but she decided to take another chance and continue singing.

However, before she could, Sheldon beat her to it.

"You're the story of my life, and every word is true…" He paused then and was quiet, but continued as if he hadn't ever stopped. "Each chapter sings your name, and each page begins with you."

Amy was at a loss for words. He sounded so clear and confident on the last part, and she couldn't help but fall even more in love with him than she already was.

Lucky for her, she had already had similar thoughts before, so this one didn't freak her out as much as it initially had. Still, she clearly couldn't tell Sheldon, he would do more than just freak.

Or would he?