It was a normal day for you. You just finished your grocery shopping for the week and you were heading home. You decided to to walk because your car wasn't the best at the time. Besides it was mid spring and nice day for a walk outside. You were calmly walking until something with great force hit your shoulder causing you to drop your grocery bag and spill all that contains inside. You look around to see what jerk did that. It was a man. A tall, skinny looking man probably in his early 20's with a sorta ginger coloured hair running. He was wearing a plain white button up shirt and black pants. And you believed that he might have been bleeding (or might still) judging from the huge red stain on the side of his shirt (HE HAD SCRATCHES AND SCARPS SOMETIMES CAUSING HIS CLOTHES TO RIP). You notice the man is carrying something in his arms. "HEY!" You screamed trying to get the man's attention. You start running after him. The man takes a quick look to his side and sees you. You quickly see his face long enough for you to get a look. He had a sorta long nose and glasses that were at the berg of falling of his noes, they also seemed a little cracked. He had some bruses and scratches all over his face. But the weird thing you noticed was his eyes. Huge pure blue orbs that seemed to light up a little bit. He looked at you in horror and started running faster. So did you. " NO, WAI-". Before you finished the man had fallen over an obstacle in his path. The man fell and grunted in pain as he fell to the ground. You see the man yell in pain as he try's to get up. But seemed to not have the force, the push, to keep going and soon after collapsed on the ground and released the object that was in his arms. You ran as fast as you could to see if you could help the man. Once you got their, you look at the man." HELLO? ARE YOU OK?" No response. His cheek rested on the pavement and his eyes were closed, he was unconscious. His face had a worried look on it. You soon check on the thing the man was holding. It was a women. Probably in her early 20's too. She had long brown hair and it was up in a pony tail and her bangs were out. She was wearing a light blue shirt and with some jeans. She had bruises and scratches everywhere. And her clothes were ripped to. But the clothes were ruined by a huge amount of blood coming from her side. You check to see we're it was coming from. You found a large cut starting from her ribs to her stomach. You heard a yelp of pain from somewhere. You look behind you and you see the man crawling towards while holding his side were the the blood stain was,noticing it got bigger. "Is s-she ook-kay?" The man asked. The man showed a face of pain and discomfort. "Um, she not worse from when you had her. I think." Then he slowly got up, body shaking. "Um, do you need an ambulance?" You asked. "NO! Uh, I mean no," the man answered. "Um, we need to take her to a safe place and fix her up.I take you to my house i have some stuff to help, it's not so far. Just follow me." You started running to the direction your house was in. The man lifted up the girl and followed you.

You got to the front door you were gasping for air. The man looked like he was about to pass out,he had bags under his eyes and his legs were shaking and he was gasping for air too. You quickly open the door and ran to get a first aid kit. When you got back the man had placed the woman on the couch.
I brought back some bandages, alcohol and just in case a needle and thread. You looked at the woman's wound. You disinfected it and sewed it up (you had no medical experience but some how did it). "Ok your turn." You said then getting some alcohol on a napkin dabbling it softly on the less severe wound the man had. You began dabbling,he flinched but then suddenly relaxed. " Wheatley." You looked up to see the man staring at you with a kind face. "Srry?" You said blushing a little in confusion then look at what you were doing again. "My name's Wheatley." He answered looking back at his wound. He had an accent, it sounded British. " Um, I'm (Y/n)." Wheatley smiled. You took a quick glance at the woman.

"Is she your girl friend?"

"WHAT?! NO! No...Well. Uh?"

You chuckled a little.

"What's her name?"

" Uh, Chell."

"What happend?"

"She... Uh, she got hurt."

Wheatley laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"Well I now that. Clearly. But how did she get hurt?"

Wheatley looked to the side. Not showing any eye contact. It was quiet for awhile. After I finished wrapping up everybody. I looked at the clock.


You finally spoke, " Do you guys live close to here?"

"Um, no"

" Do you have a family or friend that can pick you up?"

" I don't have a cell with me. But yea. Do you mind if I use yours?"

"No go ahead."

You point to a small home phone on the small coffee table in the kitchen. While Wheatley was fiddling with your phone you suddenly see Chell move. ' She's awake ' you thought.