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Chapter 2

Saturday, she smiled, her favorite day was Saturday because it meant she didn't have to see anyone, she had the day to herself, and she had no reason to leave her room. The entire community was at the yearly family picnic. There was a food, music, games and all around fun, fun that she was not allowed to attend. That was fine with her though, she didn't need, nor did she want to be around people who hated her. Saturday was a day where she wasn't hated, it was her day. She walked over to her trunk and pulled out a small television that Emmett threw out because he wanted a bigger one and she was able to take before the garbage men got their hands on it. She waited until she heard her parents and Emmett leave for the gathering then turned it on. They didn't like to waste any power on her so she only watched TV when they were gone.

Her family didn't give her enough credit though after being on the outs for years she learned how to make her life a little easier, she grabbed the cable cord she was able to sneak into the cellar and hook it up and started to enjoy her favorite day of the week.

Half way through a rerun of a Law and Order show, she pulled out her some camp stove and started to cook herself a small meal. It wasn't much but better than nothing at all. She ate her meal as she watched Jack McCoy yell across her television screen. Oh how she loved this show. (AN: I love this show.)

She left herself drift into the world of righting wrongs and putting the bag guys behind bars. It was the life she wanted, to look out for the little guy like no one was doing for her.

The day grew late and as she flipped the television off, her eyes were tired after watching it for hours, she pick the small television and put it away when she heard phone vibrate on the table. There were only a few people with that number, the people she cleaned for and Angela, but neither of them should be calling her, at least not today. She picked up her phone recognizing Angela's number, flipped it open and answered.


"Bella!" was Angela' frantic answer. "Bella help!"

"Angela?" she questioned, her nerves standing to attention at the fear so prevalent in Angela's voice. "What's wrong?"

"Some guys are following me through the woods, I need your help." Angela half yelled half whispered.

"Where are you?" Bella jumped up grabbing her shoes and popping them on quickly and heading for her cellar door.

"I don't know where I am," Angela sniffed. "I was upset, I stormed off from the gathering," she took a breath. "I didn't pay attention to where I was going, I don't know who the guys are, oh my god their getting closer, Bella, please you have to help me." She whispered franticly into phone. Bella could hear male voices in the background.

"I'm on my way, stay on the phone and keep running I'm on my way." Bella ran out of her room and off into the woods behind the house the phone still attached to her ear.

"BELLA" Angela yelled as the called dropped.

"Angela! Angela, ANGELA!" she screamed into phone but to no avail, She pressed redial but to no luck.

"SHIT!" She screamed into the woods, she had no idea in which direction Angela went, she needed help, the only people who could help were at the gathering. 'Dammit' she had to go to the gathering.' For Angela' she thought as she and ran towards the last place she wanted to be but the last place she knew Angela to be, the gathering, she just hoped she would get there in time.

She ran ignoring the screaming pain for her legs as she pushed them to the limits to get to the only person in the world who gave a damn about her.

As she reached, the edge of the clearing where she burst through the opening coming face to face with smiling families all playing around but soon dropped when their eyes landed on her. 'Ignore them' she thought to herself.

"What are you doing here?" Alice Cullen yelled as she spotted Bella. "DAD" she screamed trying to get her father's attention but Bella paid Alice no mind instead she scanned the crowd looking for the Webbers. When she spotted them she ignored those calling for her leave before she ruined their day and ran straight to Pastor Weber. 'Though you would never know by the way he spoke to her'

"You have to help me find Angela." She nearly screamed, before hunching over trying to catch her breath.

"Isabella," The stern voice of Carlisle Cullen came from behind her. "You know you are not allowed to come here, please leave before -"

"I am not here for your stupid little gathering" she sneered at him, cutting him off. "I'm here to help Angela, she called-"

"I don't like you spending time with my daughter;" Mrs. Weber's interrupted. "She is too good for you." Mrs. Weber said her eyes narrowing at Bella. "Do as all a favor and go away."

Bella felt a hand grip her arm tightly yanking her away from the Webbers. She screamed in frustration gripped the man's hand twisted and pushed him off of her. He landed with a grunt when his back hit the ground. She spotted her brother Emmett coming over ready to remove her to stop her from shaming their family any longer.

"I'm so sorry Carlisle." She heard her mother say. "We'll take her and go."

Right as Emmett reached her, she closed her eyes took a deep breath and she sent up a wall of light blue flames to surround her. All chatter stopped no one moved a muscle she was pretty sure some stopped breathing. Bella Swan, Isabella Swan, the outcast of their town, the girl with no powers just sent up a wall of flames in a color that meant she was powerful, very powerful.

"You have powers." Emmett gasped backing up slightly.

"I don't have time for this." Bella let the flame drop and turned to the Weber's. "Angela called me saying she was being followed in the woods by some guys, that last thing I heard before the call was disconnected was her screaming. I need to find her, which direction did she leave." She rushed out the last bit, but she was tired of wasting time. They were wasting so much time already.

"What?" Pastor Weber asked still startled from Bella's display of power.

"Seriously!" She screamed ready to tear her hair out. "Let me make it simple for you! If you don't help me your daughter… your only daughter is going to be attacked by a group of unknown males, so do the math!" She looked them both dead in the face. "Where did she go!"

"Carlisle" Mrs. Weber let out a choked sobbed looking to her leader as her husband John wrapped his arms around her. "I don't know what direction she left."

Carlisle turned to the group. "We need a search party, Angela Weber is being attack. We are going to look in every direction leading away from here and away from town." He quickly picked up a few men out of the crowd including his son Edward, her bother Emmett her father Charlie, John, and a few of the other men. "We need to find her quickly, everyone else stays here and hold tight we will find her and bring her back unharmed." He said to Cathy Weber.

When Bella started to head off with them but Carlisle stopped her "Bella, you're not coming with us, you need to stay here." He said.

"The only person who has ever given damn about me in the last seven years is out there in danger and she called me for help, I'm not staying back." She shot back.

"This is not a request it's an order, you are to stay behind until we come back."

Bella rolled her eyes and let out a dry laugh. "You can't tell me what to do Carlisle, you are not my leader, I have never taken an oath to you." She turned and took off in to the woods.

She ignored then as they called after her focused on finding Angela, at least with the others behind her they can cover a wider search area. She jumped over logs, ducked under tree limbs all the while scanning for any trace of Angela. She knew these woods well, often spending copious amounts time alone, she knew most trails and how to find her way out from multiple directions.

She could hear the others running behind her as they fanned out to find to Angela. She heard a faint scream come from her left and quickly switched her course and ran towards the sound.

She busted through a small clearing and found Angela huddle on the ground she was incased in a small orb of ice barely shielding her. There were four guys standing across from her only two were attacking her and from the looks of the cracks in the ice Bella got here just in time. Angela was opening crying and her clothes were torn all over her body, Bella could already see bruises starting to form along her body.

The men were young, looking a little bit older than she was, they were laughing as one of the guys held up a chunk of earth and sent it flying to Angela breaking her shield.

"Hey!" Bella yelled drawing their attention from Angela to herself. She their momentary delay and went straight on offence. She ran forward jumped did a spinning kick sending two fire balls their way hitting two of the guys square in the chest knocking them down as the flame danced around their chest. She slid ducking out of the way of and oncoming chuck of earth, then quickly jumped up did a flip jumping out of the way of another chuck of earth, she swung her leg around send a wall of flame towards the earth elemental sending the flame into his arm burning them. He dropped to his knees screaming.

"Angela run!" Bella ordered, she heard the others coming into the clearing. She changed her stance as the man sized her up. She watched Angela run pass her.

"We were having fun." He said nodded to Angela, behind her.

"Well fun time is over." She never took her eyes off him.

He let out a laugh and sent a gust of air towards her wrapping her body in air lifting her high off the ground. She heard Angela scream for her but paid her no mind. She reached out her arm and let two twin jet streams of fire out as she spun the flame grew and take control over the wind turning it into a spiral of flames. She dropped to the ground the flames whipping around her body. She moved her arms shooting the flame back towards him incasing his body in flames. He fell to his knees in agony. She took a few deep breaths then with a wave of her hands extinguished the flames, but the cries and whimpers still rang from their bodies.

She ran over to Angela ignoring the stares from the others and pulled her in to a tight hug.

"Thank You!" Angela cried hugging Bella tighter. They stayed like that for a few seconds before Bella pulled back and inspected Angela for any other injuries, her top was barely hanging together, she had scratches along her body from their hands, her skirt was ripped and barely hanging on. Her legs had fresh scratches on them and her shoes were long gone.

"Did they…" Bella whispered turning back to the men ready to continue on.

"No," Angela shook her head and Bella dropped her hand. John Weber rushed towards them and took in his daughter state of dress. He took a sharp intake of air then took of his coat and wrapped it around Angela's body.

"Thank You." He nodded to Bella hugging Angela closer to him.

"We need to take you to the hospital." Carlisle said, "Them as well." he pointed to the four men lying on the ground all with different degrees of burns across their bodies. "It looks like they will need medical attention as well."

"Bella?" Charlie stepped forward. "Why, didn't you tell us you had powers, honey? You should have let us know."

Bella shook her head. "So you could treat me like you should have instead of how you did."

They avoided her eyes there wasn't much they could say.

"Bella," Carlisle took a step forward. "We were wrong you are worthy, you are one of us, and you are part of this community."

She let out a bitter laugh. "I will never be a part of your community. You all treated me like crap and for what…because I was different, because my powers didn't manifest before I was ten. You casted me out treated me like scum and that would have never changed if this didn't happen." A light dusting of flames graced her body. "Your views of me might have change, you might see me in a new light, but your light is as dim as ever." She paused. "Remember something; I only came here for Angela and her alone. I no longer want to be a part of your 'community'" she spat the word at them. She looked to her father and brother "None of you mean anything to me what you saw today changes." She turned and started to walk away, Pastor Weber and Angela following.

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