Chapter 12: Date Night

I plan on updating every Sunday, I hope. I've changed it so they are all 17. This chapter is very long, over the size of two chapters. I wanted to give you a huge Maddian chapter for making up for not posting. Enjoy! THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT, VIEWER DESCRETION IS ADVISED. The start and end of this content is marked with this _ symbol. There will be a brief description of what happened after that point for those who choose not to read that section.

"Rhydian!" I yell. Jana and I run over and try to pull them off each other. I grab Rhydian's hand and he turns around and looks at me. I don't say anything, just breath heavy. His veins slowly start to go away and his eyes start to fade into the gorgeous blue I've come to know.

Ben gets up and dusts himself off glaring at Rhydian. No one says anything and Rhydian just starts to walk away.

"I'll see you guys in form." I say softly and run up to Rhydian and stand in front of him and hit in in the chest. "What was that all about?!"

"He was touching you!" He says looking down at me like it's obvious.

"Listen Rhydian, I'm a big girl. I can handle it myself! I don't need you to protect me all the time!" I raise my voice and his face hardens.

"I'm not going to let some else touch you!" He yells and I just turn around and walk away. "Maddy…. Maddy come on… Maddy!" I kept walking.

I can take care of myself, I don't need him looking over my shoulder for me all the time. I'm an alpha, I can handle myself. I don't need him fighting my battles for me or fighting others for me when I can handle it myself.

I march home and to my room. I slam the door behind me and feel my eyes start to flood.

"You're not going to cry Maddy." I whisper to myself as I walk to my closet. I take out my uniform and set it down on the bed. My hair is a mess from the dirt last night. I go to the bathroom and take a shower. My cuts are gone and just scarred. I don't bother putting makeup on and I put my hair in a bun then change into my uniform. When I go down stairs my mum and dad look at me but I just keep walking and go to school.

"Hey Mads." Tom says tossing a football up and catching it.

"Hi." I say short.

"Ok… What's got you all grumpy today?" He holds the football to his chest and turns me to face him.

"Last night, we snuck out." I look at him and bite my lip. "Ben put his hand on my arm and Rhydian had to be the big hero and attacked Ben. I don't need him fighting my battles for me, I'm a wolf, I can fend for myself." I let my arms drop to my sides and roll my eyes.

"Ok, I get where you're coming from Mads, but think of where he was. He didn't do it to make you mad or to fight your battles for you. He did it because he loves you, he doesn't want to see someone else touching you cause he's the only one who wants to. He's just protective and was trying to protect you." He looks down at me and shrugs. I take a deep breath and let my head tilt down.

"You're right." I groan. "God, I'm so stupid. I mess everything up." I put my head back then put my hands over my eyes.

"No, you don't." I open my eyes and Tom smirks and nudges my shoulder. "And you know what they say… A dog will love you more than he loves himself." He laughs and I drop my jaw but I feel the corners of my mouth turn up and I punch him in the arm.

I walk into form and see Jana and Ben talking to Shan. Ben looks up at me and I turn around and sit down. I hear him sigh behind me then walk away. I stare at the door waiting for Rhydian to walk in.

He doesn't.

By now it's third period and still no Rhydian. I feel a buzz and look down at my pocket. I take out my phone and there's one message and it's from Rhydian. All it says is 'dark room'. I raise my hand.

"I don't feel all that well." She nods and I run out. I put my hand on the door handle to the dark room, but don't open it. So many scenarios are going through my head at once as I turn the door knob and walk in. Rhydian stands up from the couch looking at me. I close the door behind me and march up to him.

"Where were ya? You had me worried, you could've call-" He cut me off by walking up to me and putting his hands on my hips then kissing me. His soft hands pull me closer to him. I feel my shoulders drop and I relax and put a hand on his chest. When the kiss breaks, I put my forehead on the bridge of his nose as he looks down at me.

"I'm sorry." He whispers rubbing his thumb across my cheek. I shake my head and pull away looking into his eyes.

"No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have overreacted, you were just trying to protect me." He smiles and looks up holding my face and kissing me again.

"So," he takes my hand and laces our fingers together. "What are you doing tonight?"

"I don't know, why?" I shrug. He lets go of my hand and walks over to the couch. There's a box sitting there with a red ribbon on it. He picks it up and brings it over to me with a gorgeous smile on his face. "What's this?" I ask slowly as a smile creeps onto my face.

"This…" he opens the box, "is what you're going to wear on our date tonight." It's a beautiful strapless royal blue dress with gold around the waist. It's the most amazing dress I've ever seen.

"Rhydian… it's gorgeous." I smile touching it. "I don't know how to repay you for this."

"Go out with me tonight. Not to the moors or Bernie's, some place special." He puts an arm around my waist moving the box to the side of him. I smile and nod. He puts the dress down on one of the lower shelves against the wall. I take his hand and turn to leave when he pulls me back. I look at him with a questioning face. "This wasn't the only reason why I was late." I just keep looking at him until he talks again. "The Vaughn's got a new foster kid. He's our age and is starting school with us today. He came last night apparently, they never told me he was coming. His name is Aedan and I'm supposed to show him around. I'll meet up with ya at lunch?" I nod and smile as he takes my hands and leans down kissing me.

I walk back into class with a huge smile and sit next to Shan again.

"What's got you all smiley, huh?" She smiles nudging me.

"Rhydian's takin me on a date tonight. A real one, with a fancy restaurant and this amazing dress he got me." I can't wipe this smile off my face and I don't plan on doing so.

We make our way to lunch and I smell up and down the hallways the whole way there.

"Have you seen Rhydian?" Jana asks us as we sit down at the table. "I haven't seen him since last night."

"He's here. When he got home he met his new foster brother. Apparently, they never told him that he was coming and he's been showing him around all day. He said he should be here at lunch." I haven't stopped looking around for him.

"How did he not know that he was gonna have a foster brother?" Ben asks playing with his salad looking disgusted. He puts some of it in his mouth then spits it out. "Nope, I can't do it."

"Ugh that's disgusting" Shan says laughing a little causing the rest of us too.

"What is? This?" Tom says leaning over to her and opening his mouth. She slaps him on the arm and we all laugh. She picks up lettuce and throws it at him.

"What am I walking into?" Rhydian turns to Aedan. "I swear to God, I don't know these people." We all mumble things towards him rolling our eyes and he laughs.

"Wow that's nice, it's great to know you have no idea who I am." I say looking up at him. He smiles and puts his hand on my chin.

"You're an exception." He leans down and starts to kiss me until we feel salad being thrown at us.

"Gross, stop it." Tom says and they laugh. Rhydian stands up and turns to Aedan.

"Everyone this is my new foster brother, Aedan. He's going to be in our classes with us." We all wave and he starts to point at us. "This is Shannon, Tom, Jana, Ben and my beautiful girlfriend Maddy." I feel heat rush to my cheeks, it always happens when he calls me beautiful and his girlfriend. It's like it's still not real.

Aedan is almost as tall as Rhydian. He has brown hair that was full and kind of messy, but the good messy as if it was styled that way. He has big brown eyes and is thin. I take a deep breath and I see Jana and Ben do the same. His scent is human.

Rhydian pulls another chair over to the table for Aedan to sit in then he sits next to me. He puts his hand on my thigh and squeezing it moving his hand up. I kick him in the leg and he moves his hand back making a face.

"So… You like football?" Tom asks

"Tom." We all say at once.

"What?" he looks at us with his hand out.

"Yea, I was on the team at my old school." Aedan says as he pulls out food.

They all continue to talk and Rhydian looks at me brushing a piece of hair, that fell out of my bun, out of my face. He then moves his hand down so it was cupping my cheek and he moved his thumb back and forth.

"Come over tonight." He says. "Stay at my house tonight after we get home. You can tell your parents you're staying at Shannon's or something." He shrugs pulling me to kiss him, I immediately kiss back. I bite my lip after I pull away and nod smiling.

We go to art after lunch. We were given a project a few days ago, to make something related to the city. Of course, Rhydian's is the best one in the class. It's a cliff with the night city behind it. Right now, it's just the outline but it's already amazin. Mine on the other hand is horrible. I have no idea what it is honestly.

"That's it, I give up." I drop my pencil and rest my head in the hands. I feel Rhydian's hand wrap around my wrist.

"It's not that bad if you tilt your head to the left a little, get closer, and close your eyes." I look over at him giving him a nasty look.

"I'm serious Rhydian. This project is the biggest grade of the semester. If I fail in any classes my parents aren't gonna let me hang out with you or me friends and I'll be stuck at my house the whole time until I can get the grades up…" I say starting to stress out

"Maddy…" Rhydian says

"I'm not gonna be able to do anything and I'll never be able to fix it because I just can't draw at all…"


I feel my anxiety level rise and I start to snarl under my breath a little. Rhydian leans over and holds onto my hand.

"Maddy you need to calm down, take deep breaths yea?" I look over at him and close my eyes and when I open them Rhydian turns my face to him and puts my hood up. "Maddy your eyes." He says while doing this. "Maddy calm down. Think of layin in a green meadow with the sun shining remember?" I smile and laugh a little. Rhydian seems to relax and takes my hood off.

Within a few hours, the day is over. I take my dress and Rhydian walks me home and says he would pick me up in two hours. I go inside and my mum smiles at me.

"Rhydian's taking me out on a date tonight," I smile, "he got me this." I take the dress out and she gasps.

"This is beautiful Maddy. You'll look beautiful." She smiles.

"Is it ok if I stay at Shannon's tonight? I promised her girls time, her parents don't mind. We'll go straight to school in the morning." I bite my lip and mentally cross my fingers.

"I guess that's fine." She says after a while.

"Thanks mum!" I smile and run upstairs

I let my hair down. I curl my hair in big curls and pull it back on the top. I put on makeup but not a lot. I paint my nails to match my dress making the tops of them gold. The dress fits me perfectly. It's even prettier on then in the box. I have black heels, which I wore to a wedding once. Once I'm ready I look in the mirror. I feel like a princess, which is rare for me. I smile and twirl around.

"Maddy!" My mum calls. "There's someone down here you'd like to see."

I walk down the stairs and Rhydian is standing with flowers in his hand. He is wearing a blue button up shirt with black pants and a black tie. When he sees me his eyes light up and he smiles. He walks up to me and takes my hand.

"You look..." He looks me up and down. "… Wow…" I look down blushing like crazy and he turns my head up to look at him and he kisses me. "I have a surprise for you." He smiles holding my hand and taking me outside. I wave to my parents then go outside. Parked in my driveway is a limousine. I look at Rhydian and just start kissing him.

"This is amazing." I smile. We get into the back and there's colored lights along the floor and a radio selection. We sit in the way back seat holding hands and looking at them.

"When I first moved here, I thought it was going to be horrible. Then a 'Smelly Girl' said that I smelled like her parents in front of the class. She ended up chasing me through the woods and tackling me down the hill. From that moment on I knew I had to have her. I knew I had to stay. Then I made the stupid mistake to leave, but I came back. It was the best decision in my life. When I came back I realized she was even more beautiful then I imagined her to be. More beautiful than the one I dreamt about. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me." He looks up at me and I just stare into his eyes. A smile slowly starts to creep onto my face but I start kissing him before I can smile anymore. He rests his hands on the sides of my waists and I rest my hand on his chest and arm.

When we pull away were breathing heavy and smiling like crazy. I see city lights behind him through the window. We sit up and I keep looking out the window. It's beautiful, I've never been to the city at night. We drive through the roads until we come to a huge restaurant. The driver comes over and opens the door for us. It's amazing. We walk inside holding hands and he walks up to the counter.

"Um, two for Morris." Rhydian says looking at the girl standing behind it. She looks through her computer and smiles.

"Right this way Mr. And Mrs. Morris." She says holding menus and walking down the hall.

I smile like crazy when she says that and Rhydian squeezes my hand. I like the sound of that, Mr. and Mrs. Morris. I like the thought of spending my life with Rhydian. He's my alpha.

We get a table outside on the balcony. There's small candles on the table and fancy glasses. The view is amazing, you can see everything, the smell is amazing too. Rhydian pulls the chair out for me and I smile at him sitting down. He pushes me in then goes to his seat. There's a live band playing inside but we can hear it perfectly.

"So, my lady, how are you liking it so far?" He asks picking up his water and drinking it.

"This is amazing Rhydian! How did you afford all of this? I have to pay you back somehow." I say reaching across the table and putting my hand on his. He shakes his head and puts the water down.

"I'm taking you out on a date, meaning I pay and you don't worry." He smiles. "I've been saving up for a while to take you on a date, ever since I got back. I was just always too nervous to ask you out." He moves his thumb on top of mine and I smile slightly.

"When we first met, I immediately liked you." I say looking down. "Even though I had a funny way of showing it. I was always taught that any other wolfblood on our territory must go, but when I found out that you were in foster I got happy. I don't mean that to be offensive. I was happy you weren't in a pack and that you could stay." I put my water down. The waitress comes and we order our food.

"The night of your first transformation, I knew I had to take care of you. I wanted to, but it was mostly instinctual. When Shannon and Tom had you trapped I thought I failed you. When you ran away, I blamed myself. I was the one who taught you eolas, it was my fault. Then when we were trying to find you I used eolas until I lost you. I kept telling them to keep driving because I had a feeling. Your parents job is to protect their cub until someone else can. Protecting you is my job now Maddy. It's my instincts. Seeing someone else touching you makes me go crazy inside. My instincts tell me that I need to stop them because it's my job." His eyes stare into mine. I can't take the soft smile off my face as I feel my eyes fill with happy tears. "I love you Maddy."

"I love you more." I smile

"Not possible." He squeezes my hand.

"Yes possible."

We talk and talk as our food comes to our table. This whole night is the best night of my life. Everything is perfect. We laugh, hold hands, talk about our future and dreams. I've never met anyone as amazing as him. The food here is amazing too. I got steak and Rhydian got a hog roast. Once were done eating he gets chocolate cake sent to our table. Before I can start eating Rhydian moves his seat so he's next to me and holds my hands.

"I love you. I want to spend my life with you. I want to promise you that I will never look at another girl, think of another girl, or be with another girl. I will keep every promise and keep every secret. I will always return to you and love you no matter what. And one day, I promise to propose to you." He pulls a small box out of his pocket. "Will you promise me that too?" He opens it and reveals a gorgeous ring. There's a bigger diamond in the middle with two more on either side. The band is silver and inside says A Wolfs Heart. "You have my heart Mads. A wolfs heart."

"I promise." I say as happy tears run down my face. I've never felt this loved before, by anyone. He takes the ring out and slips it on my finger. It fits perfectly.

"One day I'm going to get you the most beautiful engagement ring you've ever seen." He says holding my fingers. I shake my head.

"Don't think about that right now, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, behind seeing you. Thank you for being my best friend, thank you for this." I put a hand under his jaw and pull him to my lips.

As we make our way outside to wait for the limousine I feel small drops of water land on my arm. The rain starts to pour down from the sky and I look at Rhydian holding my hands up and looking up. My hair is soaked and my dress is clinging to me. I laugh and look up at Rhydian. His blond hair is laying flat on his head and his shirt is stuck to his chest. He walks up to me and puts his hands on my waist looking down at me and I put my hands on his shoulders.

"This wasn't supposed to happen tonight." He laughs looking down at me. He takes a hand full of my wet hair and pushes it out of my face then traces my jaw with his fingers. My smile starts to fade as I look up at him. I step closer and move a hand onto his neck. I pull him down so our mouths are almost touching.

"I wouldn't want it any other way." I start to kiss him. I use my other hand to mess with his hair. His hands roam lower as he pulls me closer to him. The sound of tires rolling bring us back to reality. The driver gets out and opens the door for us. We climb in sitting back down. Rhydian has his hand on my thigh and the driver closes the door.

(Don't read if you are not comfortable, I will tell you when its over)

As soon as the door shuts Rhydian turns and holds under my jaw with one hand and pulls me in to kiss him. He pushes me back so he's leaning over me. My foot is on the seat next to his hips and my knee is up. I let my hands get lost in his hair. He uses his other hand to pull his tie off and unbutton the top of his shirt so it's not buttoned on his neck. I put my hand on his shirt and pull it closer to me. He moves the hand on my cheek down to my chest. I wrap my leg around his waist and push myself closer. He starts kissing down my neck and a slightly moan. I let my hands roam all over him. He moves back to my lips but I move away and start kissing down his neck and biting him at times. I hear him let out a small sound he was holding back. He moves one hand up my leg and pulls my thong down. He takes it off and puts it in his back pocket. I move my hand to his belt and he grabs it.

"Not here." He whispers against my lips. I nod and he pushes part of my dress down to hold my boob. I move my hand down so ones on his butt and the other is in front. He moans again but louder and I smile against his lip.

The rest of the ride is us teasing each other. When we get to Rhydian's house he goes to the garage and sees no cars.

"No one's home." He smiles taking my hand and we walk inside.

I turn him before we walk into his room and start kissing him. He reaches down and pulls me up holding my thighs. He walks back and kicks the door closed then turns dropping me on the bed. He crawls over me as I unbutton his shirt then push it over his shoulders. He turns me over and unzips the back of my dress then kisses down my spine. I turn over and he holds my waist kissing up my stomach. I pull him up and start kissing his neck and shoulders while I undo his pants and take them off with his boxers. Both of his arms are on either side of my face. He moves his chest down then comes up to me and follows through with the rest of his body. He pulls the covers over us and lays over me brushing my hair out of my face and looking at me. I smile and he leans down kissing me again. My nails scratch up and down his back as he grips onto me. After a while we spin so I'm on top moving to him. I lean down and start to kiss his neck. His hand is on my waist and the other on my chest.

The door starts to open and Rhydian's eyes shoot open. He spins us so I'm behind him and he sits up. I press myself to his back and wrap my arms around him. Aedan walks in and turn around quickly.

"Uh, sorry." He says facing the door.

"What do you need?" Rhydian says putting one hand over mine.

"Art supplies, I saw your drawings and assumed you'd have some. I'm behind on the project so I was going to work on it tonight." He says still facing the door.

"They're on the desk, you can look." Rhydian says pulling the bed sheets up to cover me. He holds it up around me and pushes me behind him even more. Aedan looks over at us to see where Rhydian's pointing. He walks over to the desk and takes the pencils off it.

"Thanks." He says quickly as he leaves and shuts the door behind him.

Rhydian turns back to me and moves the covers off me. He traces my body with his fingers sending chills down my spine. He rubs his thumb over my scars then kisses them

"Shall we continue?" He asks looking up at me. I nod slowly and pull him back down to me.

(Scene is over)

Rhydian falls asleep next to me laying on his chest with his arm around me and his head facing me. I smile and play with his hair. He looks so peaceful. I spin around and close my eyes. I feel him move and his arms pull me into him. I fall asleep in his arms.


For those who chose to skip:

Things get steamy between Rhydian and Maddy on the way home. When they get there Rhydian realizes that his foster parents aren't home. Maddy and Rhydian start to make out in his room and it quickly escalates to more. A few minutes later the door opens and Aedan walks in on the two. He needs art supplies to work on his project. Rhydian protectively covers up Maddy. Once Aedan leaves they get back to what they were doing.

I hope you enjoyed my super long chapter! It took a lot of time for me to write but it was totally worth it. I have a ton more ideas to put into this story including a school trip and Rhydian getting arrested! Stay tuned for more!