Title: In Bloom
Part: 2/6
Notes: Sorry this took so long to get out. I was lacking any proper inspiration. Some teasing bits of Pete/Kitty-ness for ya'll!

Rushing through the hall, phasing through anyone and anything in her way, Kitty made it to The Professor's office in record time. She'd even beaten Kurt, who'd ported into the room seconds after she seated herself in front of the large desk where Professor Xavier sat.

Scott entered the room a few minutes later, still in his pajamas, hair mused, glasses on slightly crooked. In another time; another place, Kurt and or Kitty would have teased Scott to no end about his appearance. But, this wasn't the place.

Ororo and Logan stood quietly off to the side. Professor Xavier was frowning slightly as he glanced up at the clock, waiting for the others to arrive.

"They don't care." Kitty said.

"Kitty, that's not true." Scott said.

"No. Kitty is right." Kurt said. "They have all gone on like Rogue was never here at all."

"That is not fair of you to say that of the others." Ororo's voice was full of gentle reprimand. "They simply have other ways of dealing with what happened than the three of you."

Everyone was silent. Jean and Evan entered, followed by the New Mutants and Hank. Kitty frowned when she saw no sign of Pete. She'd scarcely seen him in the past few weeks.

Everyone grabbed a seat or remained standing, waiting for word on their stray lamb. But, minutes ticked by and The Professor hadn't uttered a word.

"Professor..." Scott started when Pete entered.

"Sorry I'm late." He smiled. He walked over to the desk and handed Professor Xavier some papers. His gaze settled on Kitty and The Professor glanced over the papers.

"Thank you, Peter." The Professor said, but Pete had already left the room. "I have a location where Rogue may be."

"What? That's great!" Kurt hopped out of his chair excitedly. "We will go get her, then, right?"

"Yes. We will go do our best to bring her back." Ororo stated, face glowing with happiness.

"Myself and Logan will go to bring her back." The Professor stated. "Everyone else will stay here."

"But... I wanna go." Kitty said.

"So do I." Scott said.

"Me too." Kurt frowned.

"Maybe she won't listen to you guys. She might listen to us." Kitty whimpered.

"Yes, you are right, Katherine. But, she may feel more pressured to return, even if she is not ready to. Besides, you all have school to attend. You three will be returning starting tomorrow."

"But..." Kitty, Scott and Kurt started.

"No 'buts'. We will do everything we can to bring Rogue back home."

Kitty hung her head. Didn't they know she wouldn't come back if at least the three that cared the most for her went? She'd think they blamed her for the woman's death. She'd think they didn't care enough about her to go to try and bring her back.


Kitty dragged herself into the mansion after a painfully laborious day at school. She loved school. Learning new things, seeing places she knew she'd one day go. But, today, she'd just wanted to be home. She'd wanted to wait angrily and impatiently by the phone, waiting for a call from The Professor or Logan to tell her that they found Rogue and she's coming back with them.

She knew that wasn't likely. It was wishful thinking. It was a new venture for her. Sure, she always gave the appearance of happiness and positivity. But, those walls crumbled after Rogue left. All that there was left was the real Kitty Pryde.

Hurt that her parents looked at her with fear when they realized what she was. Angst ridden over a twenty year old who'd never see her as anything but a child. Once saddened over the fuzzy blue elf's defection of attention. Cynical about and slightly doubtful that Professor Charles Francis Xavier's pretty dream would actually be excepted... let alone ever come true.

Maybe that's why she and Rogue got along just a tad better than they did with the others. They both felt that way, though it had always been unspoken between them. No matter what anyone felt about "The Dream", they would only ever praise it through the roof.

"Hello, Luv." Pete greeted her at the bottom of the steps in the foyer. "Something troubling you?"

"Not really." She smiled weakly. How did he do that? He managed to melt her insides with a single glance. "It's been a while since I've seen you."

"Yeah, 'bout that, Ducks, I meant to tell you before I left, but, I never got the chance. I went to New Orleans, to ask that bloke you and Rogue stayed with if he knew anything about where she was. Charles didn't want to tell the others because he didn't want to get their hopes up."

"But, why'd you go? Mr. Logan, Ms. Monroe or Mr. McCoy could have gone."

"I volunteered because I wanted to help. I didn't really know Rogue, but, I see how her being gone is effecting you." He cupped her cheek with his smooth warm hand when he said that. "I see how sad it's making you."

"Oh." She squeaked.

"I just want to see you smile again." His voice made her shiver. His thumb was moving in little circles on her cheek, moving closer and closer to her lips.

She opened her mouth to say something, but, no sound came out. Pete was moving closer and closer to her... his hand left her cheek and wrapped around her neck. Heart pounding so hard in her chest, she could swear it'd be like those cartoons where the guys see some vixen-y cartoon girl and their hearts bulge out of their chests.

Kitty shut her eyes when she felt his lips gently over hers. It wasn't their first kiss, and probably wouldn't be their last. But, it was so exhilarating each time. Maybe it was the sense of danger Pete radiated. Or maybe it was the fact that if they got caught, they'd be dead meat. "Maybe it's because I'm insanely in love with him." She thought.

Kitty's eyes snapped open when she realized what she'd just thought, only to feel herself smack into the ground, her face smashed against the hard-wood flooring. "Huh?" She lifted herself up and turned to face Pete. Her face burned bright red. She'd just phased through him mid-kiss.

"Luv? Are you..." He didn't even get to finish his question, because Kitty made a mad dash upstairs, and locked herself in her bedroom.