A/N: Hello Pokemon fans, and welcome to the very first chapter of my new Pokemon fanfic: Serene Dreams. If any of you have read my other fic, Serene Phoenix, then you might remember that Serena considered accepting her Pokemon at age 10 so she could "escape" back to Kanto on her own to journey the region with Ash, like they had dreamt? Well, that is essentially what this fic will focus around, but aside from that the fics really aren't connected in any way. This is a Kanto fic (which won't be a rewrite as I think rewriting the same things all over again with an extra kiss at the end of each episode is boring) and thus no pokemon from other regions without good reason. Also for those who read SP and disliked my OC, there will be no Dusk in this fic. I am not saying that I won't use OCs in this fic, because that would be flat out lying, but I won't use them as an obstacle the same way I use Dusk in SP, because at this point Ash doesn't need that kind of obstacle.

Before we start, there are some things that will be different though and I will go through them now. I don't see the reason why some pokemon evolutions would just magically appear in another region while the same species won't have the same lines in this one, so I will use the complete lines for all Pokemon, INCLUDING Mega Evolutions later on. But aside from the Megas, this mainly concerns the lines of Rhyperior, Magmortar, Lickilicky and Electevire, as they are the only ones I can think of straight up that are Kanto Pokemon and received a new evolution in Gen4. The same will also go for Baby Pokemon.

And the final changes that will be made are two that really isn't that important. I feel that 10 years of age might be a little early to allow children to travel alone in a country that have wild creatures that can breath fire, spit acids, cut through trees with one cut and eat literally anything. So I have decided to increase the age to 13, the year when you enter your teenage years. Not that much of a stretch, but it makes a little more sense, since that is typically when you are supposed to start growing up and it might help me feel less awkward about writing fluff moments. The last change is Ash's and Serena's outfits. Since this is Kanto and both of them share a resemblance to the Kanto duo from the FireRed and LeafGreen games, Red and Leaf, their outfits will be more like the ones used by said characters. Thus, Ash's jacket will be red and white, rather than blue and white, he will have black sportgloves instead of green and his Backpack will be yellow. Serena will have a white, sleeveless shirt rather than the black one she naturally wears in both anime and games and her hat will be white, instead of pink.

That was all for now and I hope you enjoy the story!

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Prologue: The Mysterious Package

"Happy Birthday!"

Ash Ketchum couldn't help but grin happily as his mom placed a large birthday cake on the kitchen table in front of him, complete with 13 candles. Today was the day! Today, he turned 13 and could finally apply to the Pokemon League to receive his Official Trainer Liscense. He had been waiting for this day as long as he could remember. It had been his dream to become the greatest Pokemon Trainer ever since he was a toddler and now, he could finally take the first step towards that dream!

Taking a deep breath, he blew out the candles and closed his eyes. Now what should he wish for? The answer could seem obvious since he had a dream he wanted fulfilled but there was actually something else too that he really wanted to happen. Five years ago, his best friend had moved away from Pallet Town and he hadn't heard from her since. It would be really nice to get any kind sign from her, just so he knew that she still remembered him. He didn't even know where she lived anymore. She had never told him. But did he want to see her more than he wanted his dream to be fulfilled? On one hand, he would need all the luck he could get if he wanted to ever make that dream come true. But on the other hand, that dream basically just meant that he would need to train harder, more and better than any other trainer. He couldn't train himself to see his friend. So what should he pick?

After a long, complicated inner conflict, Ash finally settled on what he wanted the most and opened his eyes again, sighing with relief that he had finally decided on his wish. He found that his mother still hadn't moved from her spot and was studying him with a curious glance.

"You sure took a long time making your wish." she commented.

Ash grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of his head, messing up his already messy hair even worse.

"Yeah, I had a little trouble deciding on what I wanted." he admitted before he grabbed the knife from the table and began serving himself some cake.

Delia Ketchum frowned when Ash said that he had trouble deciding what he wanted. As long as she could remember, Ash had always been very clear with what he wanted to do in his life. He was going to become the Strongest Pokemon Trainer the world had ever seen, or as he preferred to call it, a "Pokemon Master". She knew for a fact that all up until just 5 years ago, that had all he had been set on and wanted more than anything... Ah, of course, that was probably it. He probably wished that what happened 5 years ago would come undone. And thinking back, she couldn't really blame him. Ash and Serena had been as good as inseparable ever since the day they first met. For the three years they had known each other, you rarely saw one of them without the other. They had been so close that they could have been siblings.

When Serena moved away, Ash had been broken for almost half a year and barely did anything. He would just go out into the forest and visit the places that he and Serena used to play at. Delia had followed him more than once, just to see how he was doing and it had hurt to see the usually so energic and happy boy in such a depressed state. She had tried to cheer him up, but he had been barely responsive to that. The entire of Pallet Town had been sad to see Ash so depressed, even Gary whom he usually had a hard time getting along with.

Obviously, he had cheered up a little since then and at times like today, he was almost back to his old, cheerful self but he still wasn't the same playful little kid he used to be. It was as if he had lost his childish spark when he lost his friend, as if Serena had taken it with her when she and her mother moved to... actually, Delia had no idea where they had moved to. Grace had mentioned that the Kalos Region had the best Rhyhorn Racing League in the world so she guessed that was where she had wanted to come eventually, but she wasn't sure. Anyway, wherever Serena had moved, she seemed to have taken Ash's childish personality with her. Since they moved, Delia had noticed that Ash had been a lot more hardworking in school and he had even began to do extra studies on Pokemon in his free time. That was something she had never seen him do while Serena still lived here and even though she was glad that he had taken his last two years of Pokemon Studies seriously, she wished that it had come at a lower price.

Ding Dong! Ding Dong!

The sound of the doorbell ringing through the house brought Delia out of her thoughts and caused Ash to look up from his birthday cake with cream around his mouth. Both Ketchums frowned as they looked in the direction the door. Delia wasn't expecting anyone and Ash wondered who would be coming aroung this early in the morning. Wondering the same thing, Delia got up from her seat and walked out of the room to see who it was that had rang the doorbell. Ash decided to wait in the kitchen and try to finish his cake so that when his mother came back, he would be allowed to open his birthday present.

It took a little while before Delia returned to the kitchen and when she finally did, Ash was already finished with his piece of cake. To the boy's surprise however, his mother was carrying a cubical box on her hand, wrapped up in present paper and tied with a large ribbon.

"What's that?" he asked, curious as to what the small package really was. It looked almost like...

"It appears someone have sent you a gift for your birthday, dear." Delia said with a smile as she sat the small box down next to the still wrapped up gift she herself had bought for her son.

This caused Ash's grin to grow wider. Someone had sent him a gift? He usually only got one gift and that was from his mom. Well, he used to get a small gift from Serena too when she lived here but... wait, could that be it? Could it be Serena who sent him this gift? Was that why it had come with the post? It would certainly explain why...

"Did it say who sent it?"

Looking expectantly at his mother, Ash was slightly disappointed when she shook her head.

"No, it didn't say. But whoever did send it got your adress so it must be someone you know." Delia said.

That caused Ash to perk up a little. Perhaps there was a note inside the package? If the person who sent the package knew him somehow, then who else could it be? He had never been far outside of Pallet Town so it had to be from her, right? He didn't know anyone else outside of his hometown. Well, he would find out soon enough. First, he wanted to see what was in the present his mom had gotten for him. It had been standing there on the table and teased him all morning!

"Well, I guess we'll find out in a few minutes. First, I wanna see what you got me!" Ash said as he reached over and finally lifted the slightly larger present from the table.

Delia smiled at the excitement Ash showed at opening his birthday present. She hadn't seen him look this energic since... well, before the incident she had been thinking about earlier. She really hoped he would like what she had gotten him. It hadn't been easy to find something that he could take with him on his journey. She wanted whatever she got him to be of help in some way, but at the same time not take up too much space. When you packed your bag for a Pokemon Journey, there was a very limited amount of space to fill. You couldn't pack too much or it would slow you down, but at the same time there was a lot that was important to keep with you.

As Ash tore open the present paper, he felt his heart beat in his chest with excitement. When he had finally got the wrapping paper off, he found... a book? Since when did his mom buy him books? Sure, he had began reading a bit more over the last few years, but he usually just borrowed one from Professor Oak's private library. Curious as to what his mom could have had in mind when she bought this book, Ash turned it around to read the title. 100 Useful Pokemon Moves and How to Teach Them. The front of the book showed a pokemon, an Abra if Ash was not mistaken, forming a sphere of green energy between its hands. That in itself spoke volumes of how useful this book could be to any travelling Pokemon Trainer, because as far as Ash knew, the only move Abra could naturally learn before it evolved was Teleport.

"Thanks!" Ash said sincerely as he looked up on his mother with a sincere smile on his face.

"I'm glad you like it." his mom answered with a smile, but Ash was already reaching for the Mysterious Package, obviously unable to contain his excitement and curiousity. Delia couldn't really blame him for it. She too was curious as to who could have sent the package.

Unwrapping the small package, Ash found a clean white box. Frowning, he turned it upside down, and looked at it from all possible angles. Nop, there was no hint as to what was i the box. It was just... a simple box. Without further ado, Ash grabbed the top of the box and lifted it. And gasped. Inside the box, a single red and white Pokeball rested, held in place by a conformation of foam rubber.

"I-is that...?" he whispered as he reached inside the box with a shaky hand and grabbed the pokeball.

His mother didn't seem to know what to think. Who would send Ash a Pokeball for his birthday? To the best of her knowledge, Ash only had one friend who lived outside of Pallet Town and that was Serena, who lived wherever she lived nowadays. But this didn't look like something Serena would send him, and why would she send him anything at all anyway? She hadn't done that for the last few years and Ash hadn't even heard from her since she moved. So who else outside of Pallet would have a connection to Ash strong enough to... wait a minute. No... no, it couldn't be... him, could it? Delia felt a cold fear grip her heart as she looked down at the Pokeball in Ash's hand. Could it have been him that sent Ash this Pokeball?

While Delia was figuring out who had sent Ash the Pokeball, Ash had found a small note that had been hidden under the Pokeball and had opened it up to read. And what was said in the note caused his eyes to widen.

Happy Thirteenth Birthday! This Pokemon have the potential to become the strongest of its kind. I handpicked him myself for you. Good Luck on your journey, my son!

Son? Did that mean what Ash thought it meant? This Pokeball... this note... It had been his father who sent it? How could that be? His mother had told him that his father had died in an accident when Ash was still young! Ash felt his heart beat rapidly in his chest and his mind went highwire trying to process the implications of this note. No... it just couldn't be. Why would his mother lie to him?

Sneaking a peek over her son's shoulder, Delia almost thought her heart would stop beating in her chest. It really was. The one who had sent Ash this Pokeball... eh, Pokemon if you would believe the note had been none other than Ash's father. She swallowed as she thought about the man she had used to love with all her heart. She hadn't heard anything from him since they divorced. Why was he coming back to them just now?

"Why did you lie to me?"

The question echoed through Delia's mind. What was she supposed to say? Why had she told Ash that his father had died in an accident? Back then, she had thought that she did it to protect him from the truth, but the more she ahd thought about it and the longer time had went by, she had began to think that it had been as much an attempt to deny herself the truth as it had been denying Ash the truth.

"Ash... I don't really know why I lied. Your father left us when you were very young and I guess I just wanted to protect you from the knowledge that your father abandonned us." Delia's voice was shaking as she said this. She was usually a cheery person, but the thought of Ash's father always made her sink into a kind of semi-depressed state.

Ash didn't know how to react to that. To protect him? How could lying to him about his own father serve as protection from... anything? Why would she think that? Ash didn't get the reasoning behind it. But well, his father hadn't exactly tried to keep in contact, so he might as well have been dead. Well, whatever the reason he shouldn't ponder it now. Today was the day when he could legally receive his Pokemon Liscense! It would be one of the most important days of his life! Ponder why his mother had lied about a father he never even knew would not spoil this day for him!

"I don't get how that could protect me from anything, but it doesn't really matter. I just wish that you would have told me." he said as he instead raised the Pokeball he had gotten. The note had said that this pokemon had the potential to become the strongest of its kind. Why would someone he never knew give him such a pokemon, even if that person was his father? And what kind of Pokemon was it anyway? Without furhter ado, he threw the pokeball and in a flash of light, the pokemon was released.

When the light died down, it revealed a yellow mouse pokemon with red cheek pouches and a tail in the shape of a lightningbolt. It shook its head rapidly, as if trying to get its head clear from morning dizziness, before looking up at Ash.

"Pikachu!" it said.

Ash blinked as he looked down at the pokemon he had gotten. A Pikachu? His father had sent him a Pikachu? Not that there was anything wrong with that, but it was just a mouse! Sure, Raichu could be pretty strong and Electric-types in general tended to pack more of a punch than what could be seen on the outside, but it was a mouse!

"Uhm, hi there." Ash said as he bent down to scratch the Pikachu behind the ear.

That would prove to be a bad descision, because as soon as he touched the little Electric Rodent, it gave of a shriek and envelopped them both in a shock of electricty. Ash yelped in surprise and shock as the charge ran through his body and Delia gave of a shriek of surprise and took a step back. After a few moments of shock, Pikachu let up, allowing Ash to fall to the floor in a heap of twitching limbs and fried clothes.

"Oh my Arceus, are you ok honey?" Delia excaimed and was quickly by Ash's side.

The boy in question groaned and coughed out some smoke from being shocked, but otherwise he seemed to be okay. He sat up and shook his head to clear it from the dizziness that had come with getting who knows how many volts through his body.

"Yeah, I'm fine." he said, but quickly turned around to glare at the electric mouse that had caused the problem. "Hey, what was that for?!"

Pikachu just glared at his new trainer, letting his cheeks spark with electricity to warn the boy to stay away. Ash frowned when he saw the hostility the pokemon in question showed towards him. Had he done something wrong? They had only just met and already was this pokemon behaving as if he had tried to hit it. Judging by the look he was receiving from Pikachu, the electric mouse felt threatened by him or at least saw him as not trustworthy. He had read that some pokemon could be hostile towards humans, based on earlier interrations it may have had with other humans. Could that be it? Had his father behaved poorly towards this little guy?

"Hey, I'm not dangerous. Come here." Ash tried to reassure Pikachu and held out both his hands to show that he meant no harm. However, that didn't seem to work because rather than calming down, Pikachu took a step backwards and growled towards him. Ash tried to put on his best smile to try and give a good impression, but it didn't seem like Pikachu would have any of it. He seemed to have made up his mind. According to him, Ash was apparently a bad guy.

"Uhm, Ash honey? Perhaps you should leave Pikachu to himself for a little while? He seems to be a little tense being in an unfamiliar environment. Perhaps he will be easier to talk to after he have gotten a little more accustomed to the new surroundings?"

Ash took a moment to think about it. That did sound pretty reasonable. He cast one last look at Pikachu, hoping that he would see any kind of change in his behavior, but was sorely disappointed. Pikachu was still glaring at him as if he wanted nothing more than shock him again. He sighed and stood up again.

"I guess so. Just make sure he won't run away." Ash said.


In another small town, in another region on the other side of the globe, a 13 year girl was just getting ready for bed. It was only a day away now. In just one more day, she would leave on her first Pokemon journey. But it wasn't the journey itself that occupied her thoughts at the moment, but rather what she had planned to do, once she got to Lumiose City. And particularly, the reason she had made up this crazy plan of hers.

'I wonder if he will recognize me.' she thought as she checked over her bag to make sure she had everything. She had spent the last day preparing her bag for the journey ahead of her. Going on a journey in itself was a very big step but this plan she had cooked up? That was just complete madness. But at the same time, this was probably as good as chance as she would ever get to come back to her real home.

She had been pleasantly surprised when Professor Sycamore had offered her the chance to receive a pokemon. It was not something she had expected, but nevertheless she had been glad to be given the opportunity. Of course, she had a suspiscion that her receiving a Pokemon was due to her mother's friendship with Professor Sycamore himself, but to be honest, she didn't really care for the reason behind it. She had been given a chance and she was going to take it, even if it meant going behind her mother's back. It wasn't like she had never done that before. It was only that this time, what she did would probably have a slightly bigger impact on her and her mother's life.

Absentmindedly, Serena dug throw her shoulderbag and found a pair of sneakers that she probably didn't need. She would probably wear the same boots all the time anyway so having a pair of sneakers would probably just take up space. And did she really need this many extra shirts? Sure, she wanted to be hygienic, but if she was going to be able to fit a sleeping bag into her shoulderbag, she would need to cut down on her clothes. Three sets of outfits would probably be enough. And this black shirt didn't really look too comfortable to walk long distances in. It was very fashionable, yes, but definetely not a good choice for travelling and camping, she thought as she tossed it aside.


Hearing the surprised cry, Serena looked up from her bag to find that she had tossed the shirt straight at Fennekin, the little Fire-type Pokemon she had chosen as her starter pokemon. The little Fox Pokemon had managed to tangle itself up in the fabric and was now desperately fighting to try and regain its freedom. Seeing the poor little Fire-type struggle against the shirt, Serena couldn't help but giggle as she got up and walked over to her new friend.

"Wait, sit still Fennekin. I'll get it off you." she said gently as she sat down on her bed next to the struggling Fox Pokemon.

Fennekin stopped struggling when she heard her new trainer's voice and sat down completely still, allowing Serena to grab the farbic and gently help her get out of the shirt. As soon as she had gotten loose, Fennekin shook her head and gave a relieved "Fenne!" as thanks to Serena. The honey-blonde girl smiled and reached down to pat the little Firefox on the head and scratch it behind the ears, something that was appreciated by said pokemon greatly.

Serena kept smiling as she patted her starter pokemon. How she wished that Ash could have been there when she picked out her first pokemon. Her smile faltered slightly as she looked over towards her bedside table, where a picture of her and her best friend was placed within a photoframe. The picture showed an 8 year old Serena being hugged from behind by a black haired boy, who had his head hanging over her shoulder, grinning widely while Serena herself smiled happily. Serena felt a by now very familiar sense of loneliness build up in her chest as she looked at the picture and sighed. It had been taken just a few weeks before her mother had decided that they should break up their life and move away from Kanto. It had been a rather abruptly decided move, which only added to Serena's anger at the descision alltogether.


Snapping out of her thoughts, Serena looked down to see that Fennekin was staring at the picture. She had obviously spaced out a little when she thought about Ash and Fennekin must have noticed that her gaze had been locked on the photoframe. As the firefox looked up at her trainer, Serena tried to give a reassuring smile as she reached over and grabbed the frame.

"It's nothing Fennekin. Don't worry." she said as she held the photoframe closer so Fennekin could see the boy in the picture clearly.

The little firefox sniffed the frame for a few seconds, before its gaze locked onto the smiling boy who had his arms around the younger version of her trainer. After staring at the smiling face for a little while, Fennekin looked up at her trainer with questioning eyes.


"You're wondering who this boy is, Fennekin?" Serena asked as she put the frame back where it belonged.

Fennekin nodded and looked back over at the frame. She hadn't known Serena for long, but the mere fact that the picture was so old felt strange to Fennekin. While she was still a very young pokemon, it didn't make sense that Serena would keep an old picture of someone whom she could have taken a new one with.

Serena also looked over at the frame again, thinking back to the time she had spent with Ash in their hometown of Pallet. She hadn't spoken to anyone about it for years. But well, Fennekin was supposed to come with her in her attempt to return to her hometown and search out this particular friend, so it wasn't more than right that she told her why Ash of all people was so important to her.

"His name is Ash Ketchum and we used to be best friends before I moved here."

At this, Fennekin looked up at her trainer in surprise. Serena hadn't always lived here?

"You see, I originally lived in another region named Kanto, in a small town called Pallet Town. Back then, Ash and I were neighbours and we always did everything together. My mom was always busy with her carrieer as a Rhyhorn Racer so I often lived at his house too, when she was away at tournaments for a week and stuff like that. Some people even went as far as to call us siblings."

Here, Serena made a pause. Yes... they had been like siblings and sometimes Serena still wished they could have been siblings for real. Then nothing would have been able to separate them. As much as it hurt to admit it, Serena had often found herself wishing that Delia could have been her mother instead of Grace. It wasn't that Grace didn't love her, because somewhere deep down Serena knew that her mother really did love her. It was just... she had a very hard time showing it. Delia was everything that Grace wasn't when it came to being a mother. She was kind and caring, she always took the time to listen to what her children, Serena included even though she wasn't really her child, had to say and she always had the time to help out if she was needed. Not that Grace wasn't caring in her own way, but she never had the time to show it. And she never listened to what Serena said. She was always busy with something, be it Rhyhorn Racing, cooking or preparing for an important meeting or party or whatever. Serena had always felt more at peace when she was staying at Ash's house and that wasn't even including the fact that she got to spend time together with her best friend.


Oops. She had spaced out again. Did she always do that when she was thinking about her past? Shaking her head to clear it of the distracting thoughts, Serena looked down at Fennekin that was sitting in her lap, looking up at her with curious eyes. It was as if the little firefox was trying to tell her to continue on with her tale. So, after taking an extra moment to consider how to put it, she did just that.

"But then, my mom decided that we should move to Kalos and leave Kanto behind. I didn't want to go, but as usual she didn't listen to a word I said. One day I was playing happily with my best friend and just a few days later, I am forced to pack all my stuff and leave everything I know. That was 5 years ago."

By this point, Serena felt her eyes tear up slightly at the memory of her mother telling her that they were moving. For her inner eye, she saw Ash's shocked face when she told him the horrible news. She still remembered the tears they had shed together and their shared anger against her mother. It was still to this day one of the worst moments of her life, if not the worst of them all. Sure, she had received a few scrapes here and there and had even managed to land herself in the hospital one or two times while playing in the forest when she was younger, but that time when she had to tell Ash that she was moving away and the day when she sat in the car and saw Pallet Town, and Ash, disappear behind her... that pain had been even worse than all her many scrapes, bruises or injuries she had received in her life put together. It had felt like her chest would tear itself open, as if her heart had been split in two. She remembered that she had cried all the way to the airport, where her mother had told her to at least try and stiffle her cries to keep up appearences. That of course had only served to increase Serena's anger, but she had complied with it.

"Ever since then, I haven't really felt happy again. Sure, there have been times when I have felt happy over a certain event or thing, but I haven't really felt that I have enjoyed my life the way I used to. I just miss him so much and can't stop thinking about the promise we made to each other when we were still kids." Serena said as she thought about all the times they had just sat together and talked, discussing their dreams for the future and what they hoped to achieve. They used to sit up late at nights when Serena stayed at his house and try to imagine how their future would turn out. They had it all planned out. They were going to travel the Kanto region together. Ash was going to challenge the Gyms and Serena was going to... well, she had just wanted to travel around and see all the pokemon in the world. When she had mentioned that to Professor Oak, the old man had smiled and said that she should strive to complete his special trainer tool, the Pokedex. So that had been their plan... Ash would become the strongest trainer in history and Serena would become the first trainer to complete the entire Pokedex.

Fennekin looked up at her trainer. Being a very young pokemon, this was the first time she had seen a human cry. Or well, Serena wasn't crying out loud, but the streams of water sailing down her cheeks... they had to be tears, right? Fennekin wasn't sure if humans could cry. She had been born and raised at the lab and the only humans she had constant contact with were Professor Sycamore and Sophie, the caretaker. And neither of them had cried at any point. Did humans cry? Well, it sure looked like they did... But what was she supposed to do? Remembering that Sophie used to pat her when she herself was sad or hurt, Fennekin moved over and began rubbing her head against Serena's arm.

Feeling the soft touch at her arms, Serena snapped out of her thoughts and looked down at her arm, where she found her starter Pokemon rubbing her head against her skin. The little firefox gave a cat-like purr and looked up at her with its big, orange eyes. Despite the tears still being visible on her cheeks, Serena couldn't help but giggle at her new friend's attempt to comfort her. She didn't know if it was because Fennekin's fur tickled her skin or if it was because she appreciated the gesture, but Serena reached down to lift the little Fox Pokemon off the bed and hug it close to her chest.

"It's okay Fennekin. Or at least it will be, thanks to you. I got a plan." she whispered in the little Fox Pokemon's ear, causing the furry ear to twitch and Fennekin to look up at her trainer.

"You see, now that I got you I will be allowed to leave Vaniville and journey around Kalos. But there is an airport in Lumiose City, which isn't too far away from here. We are going to take a flight back home, back to Kanto. Is that okay with you?"

Fennekin blinked in surprise but then eagerly nodded her head. If she could help, then she would be happy to do it. They might not have known each other for very long, but Serena was already the best friend Fennekin had ever had and she wanted to help her in any way she could. And travelling to a different region sounded interesting. A little scary of course, but interesting. Serena gleamed up at this and immediately went into telling Fennekin all that she remembered about Kanto and Pallet. She told her stories about how she and Ash always managed to cause trouble back when they were kids and all the moments they had shared and what she hoped to accomplish now that she was going back home to Kanto again.

The two was so engrossed in their talking that they didn't notice the door stood ajar, nor the pair of blue eyes that was looking sadly at the two as Serena finally talked about Kanto, something that she hadn't willingly done since they left the region 5 years ago. Not wanting to disturb her daughter when she was finally opening up to someone, even if it was a fire sneezing fox, Grace closed the door to Serena's room and made her way back downstairs.


Unfortunately for Ash and Delia, it appeared they had been wrong when they hoped that Pikachu would open up after getting used to his new surroundings. As soon as they turned their backs to him, Pikachu had attempted to smash the window to escape and it was only by catching him and rolling him up in the tablecloth that they managed to keep him at least decently contained without needing to resort to returning him to his Pokeball. After a little while, they had tried to give him free reign again, but the electric rodent had made yet another attempt to regain its freedom by trying to escape up through the chimney and once again, they had only barely managed to reconfine him. The same process had repeated itself no less than 5 times over the forenoon and so far 2 times already since lunch. Ash was currently sitting by the desk in his room, trying to fill in his application for an official Pokemon Liscense to send off to the Pokemon League, but he found it hard to concentrate as he kept glancing at the electric mouse that was sitting in the corner of his room. After lunch, Delia had gone over to Professor Oak's laboratory and explained the situation and come back with a kind of glass capsule that they had currently locked up Pikachu in to keep him from escaping or hurting either them or himself. It pained both Ketchum's to resort to such meassures, but there really wasn't much else they could do as it stood. If this kept up, they would have lost Pikachu by the end of the day.

However, desperate meassure or not, it bothered Ash a lot to have the little yellow rodent just sitting in his capsule in the corner and glaring at him while he was trying to concentrate. He really wanted to befriend the little Mouse Pokemon, but so far he had not made any progress. There was nothing wrong with a Pikachu and though he had doubted its power a little when he had first seen it... well, let's just say that Pikachu had proved him wrong. His dad, whoever he was, definetely knew what he was talking about when he said that this Pikachu could become the strongest of its kind.

After a lot of sighs and nervous glances, Ash had finally managed to fill in his application and close the envelope. It had only taken him 3 hours... It was already getting dark outside and Pikachu looked as hostile as ever.

"Why are you being so hard on us, Pikachu? Is it because you don't like us?" Ash asked while looking at the Electric Rodent.

Pikachu gritted his teeth (which really wasn't that threatening) and let sparks of electricity rain from his cheek pouches (which was all the more threatening). It wasn't hard to read between the lines and say that for whatever reason, Pikachu flat out hated humans. And at the moment, Ash and Delia in particular found themselves at the receiving end of that.

"Ok, maybe that was a stupid question. But please Pikachu, can't we just turn over another page? I really just want to be friends with you, but that is kind of hard when you are attacking me all the time."

The electric rodent showed no interest in his suggestion and since he couldn't do anything to hurt Ash because of the glass capsule, he instead opted to snort and turn away. Seeing that he wouldn't get a positive reaction out of the yellow electric type, Ash sighed and stood up. Without a word, he made his way over to his closet and opened it before he began to dig around for something. After a minute of looking through the closet, he pulled out a few blankets in different colors and tossed them to the ground before he left the room. After a few minutes, he returned with a large cardboardbox, a scissor and a roll of duct tape. Despite his dislike for the boy, Pikachu couldn't help but perk up with slight curiousity. What was Ash up to?

Now having gathered everything he needed, Ash took his things and went over to the corner that was furthest away from his bed and began working. He whistled cheerfully while he cut the cardboardbox (*insert Pokemon Theme Song here*) and then he began taping it up so that it resembled... a doghouse?

When the cardboard-doghouse was finished, Ash went over to retrieve the blankets and crept into the little house, obviously trying to make it comfortable in there with the soft blankets. He then went back downstairs and came back with a bowl filled with Pokemon Food that he sat down in front of the little Pokemon house.

"Let's take it one step at a time then. I am going to let you out of that capsule for now while I run an errand for mom. If you behave and is still here when I come back, I will let you stay out until I get any reason to return you to your capsule. Ok?"

Pikachu didn't know what to think abobut Ash's sudden change in behaviour. Ah well, it didn't matter. If he was going to be left alone for a little while, then he would have a golden opportunity to escape. So without a doubt, he nodded his assent and allowed Ash to come over and release him from his glass prison. As soon as he was free, he shot straight towards the makeshift Pokemon House and took cover within its (not so) protective walls. Ash looked at the hosue that now housed his first own pokemon for a moment before picking it up the envelope that was still resting on his desk. Just as he was about to leave the room, he turned around.

"I will be right back, as soon as I have sent off this letter and dropped by Professor Oak's lab to pick something up for mom."

And with that, he left Pikachu all to himself. He did close the door, but if Pikachu really wanted to escape he knew the electric rodent wouldn't have any problem blowing its way through it with a Thundershock. He closed it more as a way of showing that he really meant stay there, in the room. Feeling his heart beat in his chest with fear that Pikachu would actually be gone, Ash made his way out of the house, wishing with all his heart that Pikachu would still be there when he got home.

Back in the room, Pikachu peaked out from his little makeshift home and studied his surroundings. All clear. Ash was gone and it didn't look like there was anyhting that could possibly stop him now. Not wasting any time, he darted across the room and jumped ontot he windowsill, using his tail to open the window. The window swung open and he breathed in the fresh air of nature. He was close to the forest. This was it. He was finally free!

However, the moment was ruined by the growl that came from his stomach. Grimacing at the feeling of starvation that overtook him, Pikachu turned back towards the bowl of Pokemon food that was placed in front of his makeshift home. He hadn't eaten decently for quite a while... perhaps it wouldn't hurt to just finish off that bowl before he left?

He cast one look out the window and saw that the sky was darkening. It would soon be dark outside and he didn't have anywhere in particular to go if a storm should rise up. And even though it hurt to admit it, those blankets had felt pretty comfortable... perhaps he could stay here, just for the night? To get a little fed and a good night sleep before his sweet escape? With that thought in mind, Pikachu jumped down from the windowsill and made his way over to his makeshift home. 'Just for one night.' he thought as he took his bowl and burried himself underneath the comfortbable and warm blankets.

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