Margaret's dead. Elsa didn't know whether or not she wanted to laugh or cry. She didn't know the woman very well and what she did know wasn't pretty but the memory, the memory of her soft voice singing and her being rocked…she swallowed. "It's Margaret. She's dead." Elsa whispered to her darling little sister who stared with wide eyes, her hand moving to cover her mouth.

Elsa. You and Anna. Elsa listened again, her sister's mother sounded alien, so…calm. I am so glad she has you. All her life she's never had anyone but me. But now she has you.

"Anora," Elsa said cautiously. "Do you want to speak to her?"

No. If I did I don't know if I'd be able to be this strong. You understand right? What I was trying to say…is that you have my approval. You're a beautiful woman. You need to take care of her like I couldn't now. She may be all grown up-

"Anora! Whatever you're thinking don't! She needs-"

All I've ever did was hurt her! I left her to get raped so I couldn't! The woman sighed. Elsa. I've done so many bad things. I shot and killed Margaret. I'm horrible, I'm doing this because Elsa…I love her still. I want to be with her. And I don't want to be on this Earth anymore. I don't want to make Anna suffer-

"Anora," Elsa slammed her fist into the wall. "Stop talking like that!"

"What is it," Anna asked quickly, "what's going on!? What's wrong with my mom, give me the phone!"Elsa passed it quickly, and the redhead pressed the device to her ear with wide blue eyes.

"It's me mommy!" Anna pressed a button, and the woman's voice rang out loud and clear.

"Margaret and I will rot in hell." And without another word, bang.

For a moment there was nothing, nothing but a dead silence. The knowledge of what had just happened..there was no doubt. The blonde reached out. Anna seemed paralyzed. Her knuckles white around the phone, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Don't touch me Elsa!"She slapped her hand away hard, backed away, tugged at her own hair as if she was trying to rip it out of her skull. And then Anna screamed. And screamed. And Elsa could do nothing but watch.


"What happened then?!"

Elsa smiled weakly, staring across at the woman. Her eyes were scanning the blonde's face, curiosity and worry written on her face. She seemed to be fascinated, consumed by Elsa's story. Elsa peeked over at the clock. It read 2:58. She smiled wide. "What do you mean? We went back home obviously ." The brunette blinked, then she blushed.

"I meant with you and Anna!" She exclaimed, slamming her hands down on the coffee table in front of them. She took a sip from her mug of coffee, then drew back in disgust. "It's damn cold," she muttered.

"I'd love to tell you, but you see…" Elsa stared at the clock again, she stood and began to pull her coat on. "We've run out of time," she winked at the woman who blushed in embarrassment. She coughed, and then the woman adjusted her glasses, peering over at the clock as well. Her eyes ran along it before her head snapped back over.

"Oh my. You're right. As always I'm absorbed with your life story. We've never got to this part." Elsa smirked in amusement, and stuck her hands in the pockets of her coat. This woman never failed to make her smile. She was so interesting, so fascinated with what Elsa had to say. So unjudgemental. She didn't question why Elsa thought it was ok to be in love with her sister, never drew back in disgust while Anna told her, she simply smiled and nodded eagerly, encouraged her even. She had not been what Elsa expected to get as her doctor.

"Thank you for finding my tale so interesting. And thank you for helping me." She headed to the doorway, then paused. There was a smile on her face as she looked back. "See you next Thursday. ..And to answer your question Samantha, I never saw her again." She was met with a stunned silence. She grinned wider, and left the office. She exhaled as she walked down the hallway. The smile fell from her face. It hurt to speak of her. Then she smiled. She was sure Anna was happy now. As long as she was happy, Elsa was happy. She was probably with a nice steady man, maybe starting a family. Five years. She squeezed her eyes shut. She forced her tears back. The cold air bit at her face. She sighed.

"Fuck! When did it start snowing?" She stuck her hands in her pocket, pausing when she felt the paper that lay inside. She breathed and headed to her car. She had given up the excess in her life. Half of the money she made from her business she put into charities, she publicly sponsored an organization that helped struggling rape victims who were finding it hard to assimilate into their normal life routine. In other words, her car was a piece of crap. And she didn't care. She opened the door and slipped inside, pulling out the paper. She leaned back into her seat, and breathed her name. "Anna. I still love you…" She squeezed her eyes shut, and peered at the paper. She remembered that day so clearly, how could she forget it? It was the day Anna left her. It had been cold, just like today. Colder even.

Anna hadn't been the same after her mother died. Elsa noticed, Charlie noticed, everyone noticed. Especially when she snapped at the funeral, she hit Elsa unbelievably hard. Shoved her. "It's your fault. You led him here. Led that woman here. I want you to leave." Elsa had done as told. She had no place at that funeral. No place mourning the woman she caused to die. So she went back home, and whispered her goodbye. Hours later Anna came home. Some part of Elsa knew, knew that Anna was going to leave. Even as the girl was whispering her apologies, that she didn't mean it, she just knew that Anna was going to leave her. And she couldn't find It in her heart to stop her. Stop her from finding happiness, real love. Stop her from leaving such a mental mess.

She only wished the girl said goodbye in a different way.

"Dear Elsa," Elsa muttered sourly. "It's not you, it's me. I can't deal with whatever this is anymore.. I need help. And so do you. And we're not helping each other. In fact, we're making each other worse." Elsa laughed, threw the paper aside, she had memorized it, she didn't have to look at it. She started up her car, shaking her head. "I'm leaving cause I have to, not because I want you to. I'm not going to tell you where. I don't want you in my life anymore. And I want out of yours. I will always love you, please understand that. I'll always belong to you. But I make you sick. You…make me sick. So goodbye. Xoxo…Anna." She laughed out loud. What the fuck was she doing with her life!? Nothing. Nothing because she needed Anna still. She had gotten her help. She had seen her psychiatrist!

She exhaled. She missed her more than she could describe, it was like a piece of her was missing. She pulled into a Dunkin Donuts, putting her car to a stop, opening her door. She didn't care if Anna was her sister or her lover. She just missed her. She bought a hot chocolate, smiled, the girl at the cash register blushed and flirted, so she didn't hesitate to pass over her number. The girl was pretty cute. Maybe she'd be the one that could make Elsa forget Anna. The ice blond waves goodbye and walked towards the exit. A person turned around the corner outside the door, and slammed straight into her.

Heat seered her skin. She gasped, her hot cocoa spilling in torrents down her chest and hands. "Holy shit I'm sorr-" And there was silence. Elsa stared. It was…"Elsa…" Anna stared at her. Her eyes widened. Elsa didn't say anything. I make you sick. You…make me sick. She shoved past the woman, threw her cup down. Shit, tears bit at her gaze, glazed it. She wasn't going to cry. She couldn't. Not after so long. "Elsa! Wait!"

Elsa walked faster. "Stay away Anna!"

"Don't run from me! Please!" Anna caught up to her easily, grasped her wrists. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I came back for you, to you but you weren't there! I wanted us again." Elsa exhaled. She squeezed her eyes shut. Her heart hurt. It hurt so much. She didn't want to go through that again! Not when she was finally healthy, finally dating, finally able to get "penetrated." She shook the woman off.

"I can't go back to-" She gazed at her again. Her heart skipped a beat. She was more beautiful then Elsa remembered. Her face was pink with the cold, hair tied back in two braids, eyes brilliantly blue, teal in the afternoon sun. She had on these cute little earmuffs and her scarf was so cute too…"I can't. I can't go back to those thought-"

Anna kissed her then. It ended as soon as it started. Her lips were unbearably soft, moist. Snow glittered on her eyelashes. "You're pretty cute. Call me sometime," Anna giggled. Elsa squeezed her eyes shut, and the girl kissed her again, leaning up, wrapping her arms around her neck. Still no tongue, so intimate and romantic. "We should go on a date. That'll be our first date won't it?" A figure appeared through the door, and the cash register hurried out.

"Umm, m'aam," the girl stammered, passing her a new hot chocolate. Elsa took it and thanked her, the girl beamed. "Call me somtime." And then she was gone. Anna blinked, glancing between them. Elsa stared at the coffee, at the number markered on the side. She glanced at Anna who seemed to deflate.

"I finally find you and-"

"We need to talk. A lot. About a lot. Where's your car, let's met somewhere."

"I live down the street now…my daughters and I just moved in." She smiled weakly.

Elsa blinked. "Daughters?"

"I did something I regret after I left you, Elsa." Elsa opened up her car door.

"Get in. I'll drive." Anna didn't say anything. But she did as told.


"Who is this mumma?" This girl was absolutely stunning. So young, so innocent. They were only four or five.

"This is a friend," Anna beamed. "Meet Elsa."

Elsa smiled wide at them, "Hi, it's very nice to meet you," She kneeled, shook their little hands. Their eyes seemed bright and blue, freckles on their face. Their hair was as ginger as Anna's. It was definitely her set of kids. They were perfection. "What are you two named?"

"My name's Margaret," one of the twins stated, and beamed, "dat's Anora."

Elsa stared. And then she laughed, long and hard. Anna gazed at her, seeming troubled. "Well then, it's very nice to meet you!" They both nodded and giggled. Elsa stood, buried her hands in her pockets. She gazed around. What had Anna done with herself? The house was crap. Not even a house, an apartment. And so messy, the neighborhood so dangerous. "I've got to go now. Remind mummy-" she pulled out her business card, set it down on a table with a lamp. "to call me."

"It's a date," Anna whispered after her. "Elsa-"

"I love you. I always will. Let's talk more some other time.I have things I need to do." She left. The weight of the world lifted from her shoulders and she breathed. It felt so good! She laughed. Then she took out her phone, dialed quickly. There was silence, then an answer.

"Elsa, what is it, are you ok-"

"Sam. Are you still at work?"

"Yeah, why did you have a breakdown-"

"We just need to talk. I'll be there in fifteen."

"…Okay, I'll be waiting! I hope you're okay."

Elsa beamed, drove off in her car. She saw Anna, her two kids waving. "I'm beyond okay, Sammy. I'm perfect. I'm in heaven."


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