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Chapter 1. Challenge Accepted.

"Inuyasha, I'm going out. Don't wait up for me." Kikyo shouted through out the house.

"Wait. Where are you going? I thought we could stay in tonight have ourselves a movie night." Inuyasha said with a disappointed look on his face.

"Inuyasha your smothering me. I just need to get out for a while." She said while walking out the door.

Its been about two months since she's been acting wierd and leaving for hours on end. And two week since he found out the real reason for it all. Inuyasha came from a wealthy family and hired himself a detective. Kikyo had lied to him in the past so he never truely trusted her. But when he saw the pictures of her in another mans arms he gave up. He thought for so long that he should kick her out but didn't like the thought of being alone. They have been dating for about 3 years and known each other since kindergarten. If it wasn't for him finding out that his girlfriend was cheating on him, he would have proposed. So many thoughts running through his head of what and what not to do about the whole situation but he never acted on those thoughts.

With a long sigh he pulled out his cell and texted the only person he trusted. -Yo Miroku. Anything planned for tonight. I'm suddenly free.-

Waiting for a reply he sat down on the couch and started flipping through the channels on the television. Then his phone buzzed. With great speed he grabbed his phone to see the message. -Hey Yash, Yeah your brother and I are at The Dark Angel. If you want to join us have at it.-

Inuyasha smiled and got up to get ready. The Dark Angel was the most popular bar in the city. It also has a tattoo shop that is upstairs that is hush hush and only certain people know about this shop. Shortly after Inuyasha came back into the living room still pulling on a shirt and headed out the door.

After locking the door and getting in the car the thoughts start flooding his head. He wanted to get back at the bitch that threw away their relationship away. But he wanted to be the better person. He knew that he was hot, that he could get almost any girl, but he has only been with Kikyo. All these thoughts wasn't helping him. With every thought that went through his head made him speed up more to get the bar. He had one mission tonight and that was to get drunk.

Pulling up to the bar he saw a huge line going down the sidewalk and around the building. Finally able to find to a parking spot along side the road he get out and hears the blaring music from inside. Not wanting to deal with the long ass line he walks up to the bouncer nods and walks right in. Being that he is co-owner of the building he had all access and everything for free.

When he got inside he scanned the room and spotted his brother and his best friend sitting in the corner away from the huge crowd. He walked up to the bar and ask for a beer. After getting his drink he walked up to the two men and sat down. "Sup guys."

"Hey Brother, How is life? Same?" Sesshomaru chuckled, slightly tipsy.

"Oh ha ha ha. I'm craking up." Inuyasha said angerly and practically chugging his beer.

"Dude, Calm down. You came here to have a good time. So drink up you have a lot to catch up." Miroku spoke up as he nudged his arm.

"So how's that bitch of a so called girlfriend of yours brother." Sesshomaru said sternly.

"She's still cheating. Nothing new there. How are your guy's girls. Better than mine I hope." Inuyasha said with a ice cold voice.

"Sango is great. Right now she is out with Rin and their friend Kagome for a girls night. That's why we are out. And I was about to call you but then my phone went off when I grabbed it." Miroku laughed.

Inuyasha got up to go get another beer, Miroku and Sesshomaru nodded at each other and they both smirked. When Inuyasha got back and noticed the two men smiling he approached cautiously.


"Kagome, Come on come out with us. Its just me and Rin. No guys." Sango begged.

"Yeah Kagome, Its just going to be us girls." Rin said while jumping up and down.

"But you guys... I would rather stay home." Kagome whispered.

"Oh come on Kagome. You never come out with us anymore." Sango pouted.

"Well that's because everytime I do go out with you guys its also with your boyfriends and I either feel like the third or fifth wheel. You guys are always cuddlely and all that. I get real uncomfortable." Kagome stated.

"We are sorry Kags, We didn't know that's how you felt. But you never know tonight things might change." Rin said while looking at Sango and they both smiled.

"Fine you guys, As long as the boys do not show up. Promise me." Kagome said as she bit her bottom lip.

"Promise. Promise. Promise." Sango and Rin squealed.

Kagome chuckled and got up and disappeared into her bedroom. After a few minutes Kagome emerged all ready to go. "So where are we going? I heard that The Dark Angel was an aweome bar. With great booze and a great place to dance." Kagome said while grabbing her keys.

"No!" Both her friends shouted.

"Okayy, one... OWW! And two... Why?" Kagome replied while seeing if she had any hearing left.

"Sorry Kags, but we can't go there. Rin's boyfriend is the co-owner of that bar. So we know that he will be there. And if he is there then Miroku will be there." Sango exclaimed.

"Oh ok. That's fine. You guys didn't have to try to make me deaf. I do want to hear the music." Kagome laughed.

As they made their way to the car they were trying to make up their mind on where to go that had both great music and booze. They all knew that The Dark Angel was the best place to go but if they didn't want to be bothered they had to go somewhere else.

"How about Nightshade? " Kagome suggested before she turned her car on.

Rin and Sango looked at each other with worried faces. Nightshade was the second most popular bar in the city and they were The Dark Angel's competitor. "Sure." They both said in unison.

They drove off to their destination ready to start their girls night. After about ten mintues of driving and thirty five minutes of dancing in line while the muffled music blared outside. When they finally got in they headed straight for the bar, did a few shots and got some special drinks and walked away to find a seat.

"This place is nice." Kagome yelled over the music.

"Its ok. I mean its not better than The Dark Angel though." Rin said defensively.

"Oh that's right. I'm sorry Rin. I forgot." Kagome apologized.

After they found good seats they decided to order more drinks. "Don't worry about paying Kags we got it. We want you to relax and have fun tonight." Sango shouted.

"What are you two up to?" Kagome asked.

They both smiled and replied "Nothing."

Thats when Kagome realized that there was something up. But she didn't care she needed this night to let loose for once in her life.


A few beers in and the guys were beginning to have fun challenging each other to go stupid little boy stuff that wouldn't get them in trouble. But with the situation that Inuyasha is in they didn't really include him but he wasn't going to have that.

"Hey where is my challenge? You guys are avoiding me like the plague. I will do anything you guys throw at me." Inuyasha said with a cocky grin on his face.

"Are you sure Yash? What if we make you have to pick up one of the slutty girls here in the bar and take them to your house?" Miroku said jokingly.

Inuyasha froze not knowing what to say to his friend. He has always wanted to get back at Kikyo but they were only thoughts. But it was a challenge he would have to do it. He never backed out or down from a challenge. Just when he was about to answer his friend his brother spoke up.

"Wait Mir. That's to easy. We all know that if went up to any drunk or tipsy girl here he could get to go home with him. So how about he has to get to know a girl through only text message and it has to be someone that he has never met." Sesshomaru smiled after taking a drink of his beer.

"But how can I get a number if I can't meet them." Inuyasha questioned.

"Well you see we have a number and believe me she is hot." Miroku said slyly handing him the number.

"How am I to know that this is a girls number? What is her name?" Inuyasha asked.

"Her name is Kagome. And if you don't believe me, text it and find out. And once you find out you can accept or not." Miroku exclaimed.

Inuyasha did want his friend said, he texted this so called Kagome because he didn't trust his brother and his best friend when it came to girls. He got out his phone and punched in the number Miroku gave him, and sent a text. -Hello. Is this Kagome?-

As Inuyasha waited for a reply he got up and got another round of drinks. And his phone buzzed when he got back to his seat. He opened the message -Hello. Why yes it is Kagome. Who may be asking?- For some reason he didn't buy it. So his reply was -My name is Inuyasha and may i ask for you to send me a picture of yourself as proof.-

Seconds later Inuyasha's phone goes off and when he looks at what made it go off he sat there in awe. There was a picture of Sango and Rin which he knew were dating the two men that were sitting with him. And right between them was a unknown woman that was breathtakingly beautiful, with a smile that warmed his whole body more than what the alcohol has already. He then saw that there was a message attached to the photo, so he opened the message and read -Any other time I wouldn't send a picture to someone I don't know but you see I'm drunk and I don't care anymore. But anyways I think your name is cute. But I think you owe me. Picture now. Please.-

Inuyasha laughed. He went through his pictures and found one that had him, Miroku and Sesshomaru and sent it to her with a message with it too. -Well you are beautiful. I would really like to get to know you. Would you be willing to be friends?- Moments later he got a reply and chuckled. -WOW. You are hot. And yes we can be friends. I can't wait to get to know you Yashy.- She already had a nickname for him. He texts back a short reply -Well I'm out with the boys so talk to you tomorrow gorgeous.- He sigh and then realized that he was ignoring Miroku and Sesshomaru.

"So I'm taking it that its a yes." Sesshomaru chuckled.

"How could you guess. Challenge Accepted my good men." Inuyasha stated.

They all laughed and had more drinks enjoying their night out. Inuyasha couldn't wait to wake up in the morning, not caring that he might have a hang over but to be able to text the beautiful woman and to win the challenge. And so it begins.