I am so sorry everyone. These past couple days have been a roller coaster for me. First I was in the hospital found out that I have a hernia. Yay me. Then on top of that I was almost done with chapter 12 and I didn't get a chance to save the chapter and my computer froze and shut down on me which in turn deleting anything that I had. I almost cried. But now I have a good opportunity to possibly make the chapter better.

Here is a poll. And I would love to hear from all my readers.

1. For them to "get it on."

2. Inuyasha tells her the whole truth and reveals a deep secret that he is a half demon? And how should her react. (Maybe she already knew?) Opinions people. lol.

3. More teasing and something happens yet again.

4. Kagome realizes that they are moving to fast for only actually meeting twice. And wants to slow down.

Once I get a good number of votes and the chapter done this will be deleted and the chapter will be put up.

Can't wait to hear from everyone. And if you don't want to put your vote in a review just private message me. I don't mind. (:

Love you all. Have fun.