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He was bound, gagged and locked in a trunk.

But even worse, he was apart from his twin.

Tears rolled down Kaoru's face as the rocky road caused the car to bounce. The duct tape over his mouth made it difficult to breathe, though, so he tried hard to stop himself from crying to avoid suffocation. But it was almost futile; he was locked in a car driven by violent strangers and didn't know where he was going or what was to happen to him.

He suddenly heard sobs from behind him. It was then he remembered who was also trapped in the trunk; Haruhi had worked the tape off of her mouth with her tongue and was now openly crying. Kaoru wanted nothing more than to take her in his arms and try to comfort her, but unfortunately his arms, like hers, were bound tightly with rough rope behind his back.

At least Hikaru's safe…for now, that is…until they find him too!

This thought unleashed another round of tears from the younger Hitachiin. Hikaru had gone home sick earlier that day. The rest of the hosts had stayed after the club meeting to clean up and go over their plans for the coming week. By the time they were done, it had begun to snow heavily. Not wanting her to have to walk home in that weather, Kaoru had offered Haruhi a ride home, which she gratefully accepted.

However, when the limo arrived, Kaoru got this uneasy feeling as they got into it. He however brushed it off as Haruhi recited her address to the driver. But when the driver made a turn down a deserted road, the uneasy feeling came back to Kaoru.

"Excuse me, but where are we going?" he asked. His driver had driven Haruhi home plenty of times, and this was not the normal route.

"Just sit back and relax, I'm taking a short cut," The driver said. It was then Kaoru got a glimpse of the driver's face in the review mirror and gasped.

"You're not my usual driver!"

It was then the driver stopped the car and pulled out a gun, aiming it at the boy's face. "Listen up, you little rich shit. You both will be silent and still or things will get ugly. Got that?"

The two first years exchanged frightened glances before Haruhi nodded her head yes. After a moment of hesitation, Kaoru did the same.

The driver put the gun away and continued driving. Without even realizing what she was doing, Haruhi reached for Kaoru's hand and held it so tightly that it cut off circulation.

The driver made a few more turns before slowing down. In the darkening outside world, Kaoru could make out two men dressed in pinstripe suits and sunglasses standing in the snow. The driver parked the car and got out, came around, and opened the door for his captives. Still holding onto Kaoru, Haruhi took the first brave step out of the car, with Kaoru in tow. The men immediately came over to them, grabbed them and bound their hands and feet with rope before gagging them with duct tape and shoving them in the trunk of the limo. They put up no resistance.

Now here they were, trapped in a hot trunk, not knowing what was to happen to them. Haruhi had not stopped crying since she began. Kaoru on the other hand was able to compose himself. He lay there, listening to her body-wracking sobs.

Don't cry Haruhi. Kaoru thought to himself. I'll get you out of this…I just don't know how yet…

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