AUTHOR'S NOTE: I never, ever expected to write another chapter to this fic. And this will be the ONLY extra chapter, I promise. But, I'm working on a Mondler AU right now and all these ideas keep flashing into my head. This one's been there for a while and I thought, what the heck. Seems like we could use one more missing scene one-shot here, right? Sure. And I think it's kinda hot. ;) Hope you enjoy it!

Chandler had come back for breakfast, with Joey, who had come home from his date about 15 minutes after Chandler left Monica's apartment. Phoebe showed up at Monica's a half hour later.

The morning was spent talking about the wedding. Phoebe wanted every little detail of what happened and kept asking all kinds of questions. Joey was talking about his bridesmaid. Chandler and Monica were trying desperately not to stare at each other and engage in the conversation with their friends. Most of the time, they were failing.

Everyone ran errands after lunch. Monica to the grocery, Chandler to get his hair trimmed and pick up dry cleaning. Rachel called Monica in the afternoon, livid that Ross had abandoned her on a plane to Greece. It was late there and she was staying in the Gellers honeymoon suite for the night. She was on standby for the first fight back to New York in the morning. Ross arrived about 4 p.m. He'd lost Emily at the airport and boarded the next flight back home.

Chandler, Joey and Phoebe arrived about 5:30 for dinner and stayed as Ross lamented his circumstances over and over again. Finally about 8:30 Joey said he'd take a pregnant and very tired Phoebe home since he was meeting the girl he hooked up with the night before over in her neighborhood anyway. Ross stayed until a little after 9, jet-lag finally catching up with him. He decided he would go home, get some sleep, and try to start calling England again early in the morning.

Monica walked him out to the hall. He waved to Chandler and hugged his sister goodbye.

Monica closed the door and automatically flipped the deadbolt.

"I can't believe Emily," she said, coming around the counter and taking plates from the table over to the sink. "I mean, she won't even talk to him?"

Chandler reached for the remaining dishes on the table, placing them next to her at the sink.

"I know," he said, setting down the dishes and moving directly behind her, his left hand resting on her shoulder. "I feel bad for him."

"Yeah..." she replied, but she was now barely breathing and all thoughts began to escape her mind. She could only concentrate on his heat behind her and his hand on her shoulder. He'd come to dinner in a black button down shirt and blue jeans, his hair freshly cut. She'd barely been able to keep her eyes off him all through dinner. All of a sudden he looked unbelievably hot to her - still cute, adorable Chandler - her best friend - but also the sexy man who she couldn't wait to get back into her bed.

And every time she looked at him tonight he was staring at her. She would swear the whole room had to know, but no one hinted at all that they did...

"But," he said in that low, husky voice that had begun to affect her in a way she could almost not comprehend. "I thought they'd never leave…"

She turned to him in a flash and his lips were on hers, his hands pulling her hard against him. She melted into his unbelievable kiss. This was heaven - she was completely convinced. She'd spent all day trying to keep her mind off him, off of the night before and London. But she'd folded his unwashed blue shirt and put it at the bottom of her underwear drawer, never having done anything like that before.

Because of him she was starting to not do laundry?! What was next?

She broke away, feeling her knees go weak and her body heat up at an alarming rate.

"What are you doing to me, Chandler Bing?" she breathed, their lips still touching, her hands raking over his hair and down his shoulders. She felt him smirk.

"Seducing you," he whispered back. "Is it working?"

"Ummm…" she captured his lips once again before he started running his tongue along her jaw line, making her shiver as his lips found her neck.

"Besides, I'm your prisoner," he said playfully as his lips kept finding the place just under her ear he'd learned over the last few days she wanted them to find.

"What?" she muttered, distractedly.

"You locked me in," he chuckled, trailing kisses along her collarbone as she threw her head back.

"Did I?"


"Planning ahead…"

He lifted his face to hers and smiled before kissing her again. He thought if he died right then he'd be fine. Well, a little pissed that he didn't get to complete what was sure to be another mind-blowing night of sex with the hottest woman he'd ever known, but he'd die happy. The night before had been unlike anything he had ever experienced. It had felt perfect having her sleep in his arms until dawn.

She'd filled his thoughts every second of every minute all day long. He felt like he was literally living for this moment with her.

She was wearing a knee length sun dress, in colors of blue that matched her eyes. Her hair was down. His breath had caught when he first walked in the apartment for dinner. If their friends hadn't been there he would have picked her up and carried her to the bedroom right then and there.

And now, the way she moved her hands through his hair and around his body when they kissed was driving him insane.

"You're good at that…planning ahead," he said, pulling her away from the kitchen and toward the couch. It was her turn to smirk against his lips.

"You have no idea…"

His hands traveled down past her waist and across her backside and he gasped. She giggled.

"Shit, Mon," he mumbled, so turned on at this point he was afraid he wouldn't make it five more minutes. She was going commando.

"Planning ahead," she murmured.

She inhaled sharply as he suddenly grabbed the top of her thighs just below her butt and lifted her off the ground. She threw her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, which automatically pushed her dress up, their lips never parting. He turned and softly, yet forcefully laid her on the couch, moving on top of her, his erection painful again his jeans.

She moved to free him, unbuttoning and unzipping as fast as she could.

"Condom?" she asked, breathless.

"Back pocket," he whispered in a ragged voice, grinning. He could plan ahead, too…

She grinned back, reached both hands around his ass and found it. Pushing his jeans and boxers down just far enough, she ripped the package open. Shaking, she put it on him, desperate to have him inside her.

The moment he was ready, he entered her and they both let out moans of pleasure. Her orgasm came at the speed of light and she went crashing over the moment he entered into his.

When it was over he collapsed on top of her, both of them almost fully clothed, except where their bodies met. Breathing heavily he tried to move off her, but she held him close. He melted into her, burying his head in the crook of her neck.

"Oh my God," he said, once they'd both caught their breath, pushing himself up slightly and staring into her eyes. He'd never wanted anyone like he wanted her.

"I know," she whispered, staring right back at him and feeling the exact same way.

Monica woke up in her bed when she'd heard noises in the kitchen. At first she thought they'd slept til morning, but a glance at the alarm clock confirmed it was the middle of the night. Chandler wasn't next to her.

They'd moved from the couch to the bedroom and resumed lovemaking until exhaustion had worn them down. It seemed to her that sleep was the only thing that stopped them from wanting each other again and again. The profound need to be together was just too much to fight.

Slowly she left the bed and pulled her robe on, wondering what he could possibly be doing in the kitchen. Quietly she opened the bedroom door and what she saw brought tears to her eyes.

Chandler was at the sink in only his boxers, finishing up cleaning the dishes. He continued on, not hearing the door open as he reached up to put some plates away, his back to her.

She stood still in the dark and watched him, amazed that such a simple act could touch her so much. This was her friend, the guy who knew that waking up to dirty dishes would have made her go crazy. So he got up in the middle of the night to wash them and put them away.

And it was then that she knew.

She knew whatever this was would last as long as he wanted it to last, because she didn't want it to end. They knew each other so well, their friendship making everything easier than it would have been with anyone else. He knew she'd be appalled that the dirty dishes were left overnight. She knew that if they continued he would eventually freak out, because that's what he did. But she promised herself that she would be patient. Because this was worth it. The man cleaning up her kitchen was totally worth it.

As he put the last of the dried dishes away she quietly closed the door and tip-toed back to bed, taking her robe off and placing it back where it was. She wasn't going to ruin the surprise for him. She wiped her eyes and feigned sleep. Moments later she heard him come in and climb back into bed with her, pulling her to him.

"Ummm…where'd you go?" she asked, sleepily.

"Nowhere," he said as he kissed her hair. "Go back to sleep."

She sighed.

"Real life starts again tomorrow," she said, sadly. "Work. And Rachel will be home in the morning…"

"I know," he murmured as she turned to face him. "We'll have to start being more careful then."

He looked at her expression in the dark, holding his breath. He wanted to be with her - but only her. He didn't want their friends finding out. He wanted to keep it between them. Because what was happening between them was better than anything he'd ever known and if the pressure got to be too much he'd do something to ruin it, he was sure. But he could show her a side to him that he only wanted her to see, if they kept it between them.

"We will," she said, smiling at him. "We'll find a way."

He kissed her softly.

"I'll set the alarm for seven," he said quietly. "Then I'll go get ready for work. Joey either won't be home or won't be awake by then."

She nodded as he reached over to set the clock.

"What time is Rachel's flight due in?" he asked.

"7:45, I think," she said. "She should be back here before 9."

He nodded again as she snuggled into his embrace.

"Good night, Mon," he said, wrapping his arms tightly around her.

"Good night, Chandler."